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We Have More Power Than We Think

The world is not going to change functioning on the same plane that it does at the moment. We have to think outside of the box. And why not give what Jesus has to say a chance? Why not join him in the Atonement and stand united in the witness that we are children of God and that God is our defender and provider? … Read More We Have More Power Than We Think

Universal Reading 27 May 2019 through 2 June 2019

Archangel Power Tarot Cards by RV, Read by Yvonne This is not “fortune telling”. It is a request for guidance such as one would seek through scripture study. I read for the Christ Consciousness and the egos that follow Spirit (this is specifically in the second card). The third card represents the ego of the Whole Christ Consciousness and the final card is counsel … Read More Universal Reading 27 May 2019 through 2 June 2019

So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are

Part One Like a shadow or a fly on the wall. That is how I feel in life so many times. It could make me feel left out or alone.¬†Loneliness is something I did not feel when I was younger, it was more a sense of not being able to speak a similar language. Or hiding from the truth that I lived each day … Read More So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are

Independence: Freedom from bondage inside or out.

No one takes away our freedoms, we believe it is possible…and so it is. Or seems to be. Do not be confused by what appears real in this world. You come from a higher place and are gently awakening to who you truly are. Praises and gratitude to our Creator. It may be through initially acknowledging Him outside ourselves that we find Him and … Read More Independence: Freedom from bondage inside or out.

Habits for Maintaining Freedom

I was a Mormon for thirty years. There I developed routine study habits of scripture, prayer, and journal writing. This practice serves me well currently, even though I no longer feel that I can live under the umbrella of that guidance any longer. Moses said “I would be glad if they were all prophets.” and indeed we are. This is no sacred privilege for … Read More Habits for Maintaining Freedom

A Few Days In…

A few days into the Workbook of A Course In Miracles and I am having the most interesting experiences. One is that I find several occasions come up in the day that seem to seek to wrestle me away from the concept that I am working on for the day. These are items not unfamiliar to me and ring profoundly of things that I … Read More A Few Days In…

Meditation Update…

There are a couple of things that I notice that this intense (Holocync) meditation does for me. One is to challenge my short term memory, which can get me into some difficult spots in the moment of my temporal life, but those things pass and the gains are so significant that the challenge is bearable. Another is to block my emotional reaction to very … Read More Meditation Update…

The Evolution of Freedom

It is one thing to obtain freedom for oneself and quite another to live free among people. Especially people with varying capacities and understandings of freedom. I have never been more grateful for the standard works (the scriptures) in my life than I am now because without them I would be so lost. Even though I have read them over and over they are … Read More The Evolution of Freedom

Sustaining Others While Honoring Your Own Witness…and a Caution About Meditation

A few days ago I wrote this on my description for my “Courage To Be God’s Daughter” program on blog talk radio: “I have been to the temple recently and seen the new film. The Spirit continues to pour out his enlightenment and I am beginning to feel that I must hold back on what I am learning as I read and share my … Read More Sustaining Others While Honoring Your Own Witness…and a Caution About Meditation

Meditation 3

This meditation journey is very exciting! It is as wild as any roller coaster ride and at times as pleasant as a lazy day on the beach! All of it is joyous because it celebrates life! And life, is worth celebrating even with all its ups and downs, its ecstasies and its horrors. With the “stuff” that meditation can cause to surface hidden in … Read More Meditation 3

Family Continued… We Are Here To Work It Out And Testify of Christ

Functionality in this earthly realm is not the ultimate state that the human being is able to achieve. To stop there in the place of “comfort” or lack of “stress” is a sad state of affairs. We were sent here to do great things in the name of the God who sent us, even as Christ was. Even more sad are those who live … Read More Family Continued… We Are Here To Work It Out And Testify of Christ

Family…Just The Beginning

Family statistics or circumstances do not need to define us. Neither does our personal history need to define us before God, even though it may to the world. Some of what you will see here may not be easy to read. Remember they are just circumstances in a life. I do not need to claim my circumstances as my identity as a child of … Read More Family…Just The Beginning

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