A few days ago I wrote this on my description for my “Courage To Be God’s Daughter” program on blog talk radio:

“I have been to the temple recently and seen the new film. The Spirit continues to pour out his enlightenment and I am beginning to feel that I must hold back on what I am learning as I read and share my testimony of these works and living a life with the courage to be God’s daughter.

It is not that what I understand is not true or in line with the doctrine of Jesus Christ, it is that the witnesses that I am receiving are tying together many other truths not usually acknowledged outright in the gospel and I may use language that is unfamiliar to the mainstream of the church.”

This makes people who are living by the “culture” of the church very uncomfortable.

The next morning I wrote this: The night before when reading the scriptures the Spirit was so strong and the witness of the depth of the meaning of the word of God was profound. I found myself in awe at what I understood. This morning I awoke and had witness of some deep principles. It just melded together like gelatin. These were teachings of Christianity and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and some what might be called “new age” interpretation. I could see the truth in the whole of it and there was no conflict. It was very delicious to my soul. Now, my dilemma is, how do I share my programs without bringing these into play as well? I do my programs guided by the Spirit and include to the extent that I am able the teachings I am receiving along the way.

When people live by the culture of the church and not by the Spirit there are some definite challenges. They may hear only half of what you say and make judgments quickly, being unwilling to “listen” to what is being said and when a person is in a position of leadership it makes it all the more difficult to function in the organization. Often times these scenarios take place “behind the scenes” and others are not aware of the miscommunication which leads to the one being misinterpreted feeling all the more isolated. Except for the fact that they are aware of their relationship with the Holy Ghost it would seem quite impossible and has characteristics of the very common illness of our generation and perhaps past ones as well, of verbal and emotional abuse which leaves the one feeling they have power over the other and the other feeling they just might be a bit “crazy”.

We want to bow to Christ and give him our all. We do not do that to mankind. Joseph Smith Jr. taught that “As you increase in innocence and virtue, as you increase in goodness, let your hearts expand, let them be enlarged toward others; you must be long-suffering and bear with the faults and errors of mankind.” (HC 4:606) May I suggest that this counsel would be very good for times such as these? To expand out hearts so that we do not “throw in the towel” and walk off in a righteous huff or even seek to insist that they listen and understand when the Spirit whispers that they are not able to receive what you have to share.

I fear also, that the discourse among the saints may continue that the disciples had in Mark 9:33-37, where they discussed among themselves who was the greatest. It breaks my heart that I be involved in a discussion of this sort at all because we are all one and not separate so we ought to work together to fulfilling the will of God to his glory not to ours. But I am afraid I cannot control the thoughts or heart of another.

We are to sustain our leaders and it is important that we understand the meaning of this. Here is the dictionary meaning of sustain: 1:  to give support or relief to 2:  to supply with sustenance: nourish 3:  keep up, prolong 4:  to support the weight of :  prop; also :  to carry or withstand (a weight or pressure) 5:  to buoy up <sustained by hope> 6a :  to bear up under b :  suffer, undergo <sustained heavy losses> 7a :  to support as true, legal, or just b :  to allow or admit as valid <the court sustained the motion> 8:  to support by adequate proof :  confirm <testimony that sustains our contention> It would be helpful to look this up at lds.org and see what the apostles have taught on the topic. I believe it is possible to sustain our leaders without yielding up our witness from the Holy Ghost. I am grateful for this witness and it sustains me through this time as I transition into a place where I can do the will of the Father among the children of men

I wish to set forth this caution about meditation. It is a powerful tool and will be used by the adversary with as equal “strength” as it can be used for good. The intent of the meditator must be purification and cleansing from worldly misconceptions and a desire to witness the will of God. Anything else, including the idea of “doing what no one else has done” or at least that few have done, will lead you on a path to the adversary’s fun house of illusions that may entertain the carnal mind but will have no real lasting value in knowing who you are and who God is and who he may be in your life if you accept his only Begotten Son.

(Begotten, not only by DNA, but by obedience to the commandments and principles of God and of true life and existence)

May God bless us in our journey to serve him.



1 Comment on “Sustaining Others While Honoring Your Own Witness…and a Caution About Meditation

  1. I am so looking forward to General Conference next weekend for the counsel of the brethren and the ability to raise my hand and sustain the leaders throughout the church!


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