A few days into the Workbook of A Course In Miracles and I am having the most interesting experiences.

One is that I find several occasions come up in the day that seem to seek to wrestle me away from the concept that I am working on for the day. These are items not unfamiliar to me and ring profoundly of things that I have had to consciously gain a new perspective on in my search for sanity in my own life. The idea that they are being brought forth to me now is reminiscent of the learning that I have had by the Spirit that says that when I bear testimony I will be tested on the very thing of which I testify.

They are simple things really. I am in a new job and it seemed that things were just going amiss over and over. Things that in the past I would have emotionally said this is too much and would have walked away from. But in the recall of the lesson of the day that what disturbs me has no meaning and that I am seeing something that is not there allows me to simply observe and even chuckle at the silliness of it.

Similar things are coming to my awareness in a multitude of relationships that I have. I am able to observe and see the challenges but I do so only with curiosity as to what the Lord may be teaching me and not with attack or defense toward the other individual.

I have decided to back off of my Holocynk meditation while doing this Workbook. I will continue the meditation CD’s that I have but I will not go on to deeper levels because I do not want to deal with the upheaval that comes with the meditation. I want to be able to record what is happening and to get my book on existence written.

My schedule has pulled me away from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also although I do a couple rounds whenever it should cross my mind. I find the understandings from ACIM has given me different language to use in my EFT work.

I do hope to get back to my Blog Talk Radio programs shortly. I am especially looking forward to reviewing the NDE (Near Death Experience) testimonial notes that I have in regards to the gospel of Jesus Christ and what I am finding in ACIM.

I had started some work in hypnosis about the same time that I obtained ACIM and I did it for a month and have decided that I want to focus on ACIM rather than continue to pursue the fascinating study of hypnosis, NLP, etc. I feel that ACIM is allowing me the stretch that I enjoy in my personal spiritual and intellectual practices and that I need to allow myself a bit of stability or neutrality in the rest of my life.

As stated earlier my relationship life or the relationships in my life have taken on a new meaning and I cautiously, but steadily seek to maintain them with integrity to myself and in relationship to what their meaning to me is before God. I understand that I am speaking in a peculiar form or at least it feels that way to me. But I so desire to record what I understand to the best of my ability because I believe that this work is important.

An understanding of freedom from the point of view of Our Heavenly Father is my goal in this work. I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and specifically in the doctrine given to us through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I do not believe that ACIM contradicts with it, though I do believe that the power and gift of discernment is needed in its understanding. ACIM states that it is simple though and belief is not a requirement for the process to be successful and I will give the benefit of the doubt to that truth and not discourage anyone from pursuing it. I will encourage reason and discretion though for there could be many places where the mind could easily take leave of itself. That is my impression anyway given my past experiences with the adversary and the ego. The pure in heart have no need to fear. And if the fullness of what is written in ACIM is true then we all have so much to gain by this study. Even if we get side tracked or stuck for a bit it is not a permanent thing. For the great truth that God is all there is and His will is what will be done in reality is comforting and reassuring.

A couple final notes that I wrote on my bulletin from church on Sunday:

  • Seek godly discontent. Beware the temptations of supposed “freedoms” that cause you to believe your actions do not have consequences or that you can take from another in any form and not lose something of yourself.
  • I want to have godly sorrow for my sins, not guilt. Godly sorrow is food for repentance. Guilt is food for fear and hides us from love and forgiveness.

May God watch over us all and may we look to Him and live.

General Conference coming up….these people are given by the Lord to guide us through time, we would do well to listen to and reflect on their words and how we might apply them in our lives.



Peace to the world…Namaste

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