So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are

Part One

Like a shadow or a fly on the wall. That is how I feel in life so many times. It could make me feel left out or alone. Loneliness is something I did not feel when I was younger, it was more a sense of not being able to speak a similar language. Or hiding from the truth that I lived each day and thinking others could not see it. You might say my loneliness muscle was distracted by the need to be with the family that I loved, along with the fear of what might happen if anyone found out.

It was in the Salt Lake Valley that I saw loneliness in the faces of people and empathized with that energy. Sadly, it was in a community that professed to know so much about God’s love and compassion. It was an eye-opener for me because my witness of Jesus’ presence when I thought of him was significant.

Shunning I understood. Exclusion even. …. The look on my baby sister’s face that was sort of a puckered pout that said I am so sorry that I belong here and you do not. I saw that one a lot as a child. She was six years younger than me and was six herself when I no longer lived at home with her.

That look was on her face the last time I saw her in person, at least before her mom died. Only she was not a child any longer. It was a memory I never wanted to bring to recollection, much less manifestation again.

We all have a role to play for Christ. We agreed to it before we came. We have no one to blame for our experiences other than ourselves for understood and choose the circumstances that we would go through.

That fly on the wall has a significant purpose and place in humanity. It gives support and buffers others who are going through their agreed-to circumstances. This, too, is part of the agreement that we had.

There are so many willing to reach out and assist us, even (or maybe especially) when we feel alone. People have been sent to help us through our challenges.

They may be physical or non-physical. They may have lived on this earth previously or not. We can feel them and receive comfort and encouragement from them if we will give them a chance.

Spirit will tell you the why’s if you are willing to listen and trust the voice and understanding that comes to you. Friedrich Nietzsche said ‘He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.’ I bear witness that if you learn to trust the still small voice inside your mind and heart you will have an understanding and the potential to receive the peace of heaven. I say potential, only because, your willingness to accept it is required.

More than this, we are heavenly, divine beings of energy that are not capable of dying and our inner being knows this. I believe these roles we have played that we call lives will someday make up the full character of the awakened Christ. This Christ who is the source of our greatest joy.

Till next time, Namaste~

God Bless Us Each and Every ONE






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