This meditation journey is very exciting! It is as wild as any roller coaster ride and at times as pleasant as a lazy day on the beach! All of it is joyous because it celebrates life! And life, is worth celebrating even with all its ups and downs, its ecstasies and its horrors.
With the “stuff” that meditation can cause to surface hidden in the sub-conscious it is challenging to stay alert and discern what is old thought patterns and what is new. I learned about the subtle concept of negating (nullify; make ineffective.”alcohol negates the effects of the drug” synonyms: invalidate, nullify, neutralize, cancel)

That means the inclination to cancel out something that we do not want to recognize is another form of being “unconscious”. Rather we want to be in the moment and let it have its place in our awareness and just observe. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that this negating or denying the existence of something/one else is not okay also. Christ teaches that we should pray for our enemies and do good to them who spitefully use us. The gospel shows us that we run to addictions and sin to void out things. Meditation shows we use many things good and bad to avoid being in the moment and dealing with what is including situations and people.

The problem with this behavior is that it separates us from God and it can lead to a physical manifestation in illness and disease. If we will take our pains and challenges and turn them over to Christ and ask what he would have us to do I believe that the Holy Ghost can inspire us to know how we can bring the greater light of the gospel into the world. It may be through a note or teaching, or a kindness shown and I believe it would always include prayer for the love of God to be felt in the situation and by all concerned.

Life is a wonderful journey! It is meant to be experienced! It is a gift, each and every moment.


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