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Day 19 Urtext ACIM pg. 22 Christ, the Whole Consciousness Being Aware of Itself

28. Miracles honor man, BECAUSE he is loveable. *Take that in for a minute. Humanity is loveable. That means you. They dispel illusions about himself and perceive the light in him. *You are not the unworthy, nasty you sometimes think you are. They thus atone for his errors by freeing him from his own nightmares. *synonyms for atone: make amends · make reparation · … Read More Day 19 Urtext ACIM pg. 22 Christ, the Whole Consciousness Being Aware of Itself

Washington and Back

I have been a Mormon for a long time. I buy in bulk and stock up on all the necessities. As a 60 plus woman who lives alone, I still hoard, as my daughter mentioned after helping clear my apartment (chuckle), when I went to the state of Washington to be near my mother whom I had been told was dying. I had never … Read More Washington and Back

I Believe It Is Okay To Feel Lost Sometimes

I feel a bit lost. I admit that. Do I stay in Washington state, near my mother and some siblings who have decided my visiting mom is detrimental to her welfare or do I return to the Midwest and focus on my writing while being able to see six of eighteen grandchildren and 1 of 4 great-grandchildren? As a homeless person of the past … Read More I Believe It Is Okay To Feel Lost Sometimes

Musings to Prime the Pump…

It is in forgiveness that the flood gates of love are released and here is where happiness is found. Let go of all attachments and all illusions and fall into the comfort and joy of forgiveness. Heavenly Father hold me in thy hands as you allow me to remember. Let me not be overcome by the fear of nothingness. Jesus shows us that he … Read More Musings to Prime the Pump…

There Are Kindnesses All Around

I just had to add this footnote and say that I do know that there are those who do kindnesses all around us. And I am grateful for that. I have many in the branch (congregation) that I attend at church currently. That does not keep me from seeing a universal illness that needs to be addressed and come down with an impact that … Read More There Are Kindnesses All Around

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