I Believe In God

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmon·8 min read

And I believe I am His Child.

I am glad to have this witness within me.

A “living knowledge” that I am a part of the Great I Am.

My idea of what exactly that means has evolved over a lifetime but whatever it “looks like” I know there is a Creator, and a Son (gender not required).

And that this is the one relationship that is vital to our existence individually and collectively.

This is a reflection from Mama’s Christmas Carol that gives structure to my life at this time. I do a Universal Christ reading regularly to see what Spirit would have us reflect on with a prayer that it may serve somewhere according to Father’s Will with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I give its message into the hands of Jesus to share it with those who are ready to hear if it will assist.

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Be thankful that PTSD will not leave.


Post-traumatic stress disorder just might be one of our best friends, at least within Time.


Because it keeps us mindful that there “Has got to be a better way!”

*Disclaimer: I am still researching this man’s story and life’s work. I suspect there is much more to it than what has been revealed. I do not “see” the Course In Miracles the same way others do and I hold that right. What I share here is according to my understanding at this time.

A man who had been instrumental in the work that would allow the bomb to be dropped on Japan (he did not know the significance of his work until after the event) said these words about 20 years later in his work as a professor of psychology. He was William (Bill) Thetford, an assistant to bringing forth A Course In Miracles.

How we were engaging with one another was a huge focus for Bill. Isolation had plagued him as a child so he had time to develop an inner life and confidence in an inner guidance system which he utilized throughout his life. Whether he fully met the potential of this, even with his great accomplishments, is something that I question.

It was being one of the assistants to A Course In Miracles that gave Bill Thetford his opportunity to manifest the peace he so longed to see in the world. His energies were taken up with forgiving those immediately around him and it required a lot of his attention.

It occurs to me that PTSD might be changed to Post-Traumatic “Separation” Disorder. Because that is what we are really dealing with. The consequences of belief in the idea that the Son could separate from the Father.

Of course, for that to occur in the flesh it certainly made sense that the Son of God would need to divide Himself and make space for a female to continue the Manifestation of the Error. No wonder “she” ranks lower in the fearful ego-mind.

Thus Time and Space came into being, temporarily. To allow the Son to remember who He is and Whose He IS. Because He never left God nor was ever forsaken by Him.

PTSD will not be removed while we are in Time but it can be forgiven and seen as the cause of the mental illness that plagues humanity. As such it may be the impetus to finding resolution to the mental illness as well.

The Holy Spirit will use this PTSD to your advantage if you will allow Him to gently lead you back to your “senses”. Back to your place within God.

And let it be noted that Post-Traumatic Separation Disorder does not exist within the Atonement. Eternity and heaven await you and can be lived while you are here on the earth as your light will lift others to remember their place in the Kingdom of God as well.

The first error is the belief in the ability of the Son of God to Separate from the Father. This needs to be kept foremost in mind.

It is not only the “first” error. It is truly the “only error” and, in my opinion, the only one that needs to be corrected or “forgiven”.

After that is done the ride is “fairly” easy. Despair and fear no longer have a hold on you.

Oh, you might be frustrated. You might be very sad over choices that you or others make at any given time. But forgiving the error of separation eliminates the attachment to this world as it presents itself at the moment.

You cannot lose what is not real and what is not real cannot truly harm you.

Do you want to know where the error of separation gives me the most grief?

It is in relationship to my family.

I can easily be “business-like” with everyone else. Western society has taught me this with the fundamentals of “polite society”. It has been more difficult to see my children and grandchildren in an “associate” identity.

As my grandchildren are becoming adults I am realizing, that I would be wise to treat them like I would a stranger. Pleasant, courteous, kind, but separate.

Now, wait a minute, didn’t I just say that separation is a false narrative.

And how can I do this to my own KIN?

The consensus is still that God’s Love and blessing come from obedience and not from inheritance. My beloved grandchildren were raised to face a world that believes in lack and separation from God. I must acknowledge this and then hold them in the place of love and forgiveness within my heart otherwise I leave them without my witness of their innocence. I cannot take them from the world and into the Atonement, they must do this for themselves.

To think I am able to do otherwise is to leave myself and them hurting. And this is not of God.

Between God, the Father, and His Son there is no separation but with those trained in constructs of the world, and while we are here, there is separation and we do ourselves no courtesy to deny this.

Those who manifest here are either victims of the original error or are on an errand to correct it, and to do so, they also are affected by the original error.

Our society is currently set up to support this opposite: That bodies can be connected and united but that “minds” and “souls” cannot.

We do have the ability to turn this around. We simply need to see the need for it by recognizing the original error.

Stop trying to get “togetherness” and “connection” through making “peace” with the body or bodies and instead, connect through the heart-mind witness of the Atonement with God which will draw others to do likewise until we are all of ONE MIND.

Seeing other’s errors and forgiving them will heal them and ourselves.

Having forgiven the original error of the belief that the Son could separate from the Father is sufficient to unleash the miracle that Jesus speaks of that is in each of our subconscious.

This miracle he would like us to give permission to him to utilize in undoing the need for time.

So many want to control the directives of their miracle capacities.

They want to use them to achieve “their” goals.

When all they really need to do is “feel” what they want to “feel” from any manifested goals they believe they desire on earth and allow Jesus to orchestrate the universal energy to bring that to pass.

You do not want to tell him what kind of car you want but how you would feel if you had that car and what it would allow you to do or access if you had it.

As a Son of God, you have that power within you, by inheritance, and have but forgotten. Jesus remembers for you an unlocks that which will fulfill your greatest and deepest desire. If you will allow him to do so.

This cannot be manifest though if you would begrudge anyone else the same blessings. This is why forgiveness is a requirement for personal fulfillment.

It is in Grace that you (and your brothers) stand as a recipient of the Atonement.

In grace, as in the reflection of the image God had of you as He created you, as The Son, and all thoughts that proceeded forth from the Son without number or definition are ALL perfect, pure, and innocent. Even though they may not be perfectly “real” as yet because of the fearful ego-mindedness that created them. *With the Atonement they are made sure and whole.

This is your inheritance. This is your “being” as ordained by God before the foundation of Time.

This is what God made of you and only what HE has made is valid.

You may not be able to “fix” them but you can “believe in them”.

And the best position to “believe in them” from is from the state of atonement. Here you acknowledge the error of Christ in believing that He could separate from the Father and then you forgive EVERYTHING that has “seemed” to have happened because of the ERROR.

That means also that you “see” Christ in everything and in EVERYONE.

The Universal Plan is completed. From the Beginning to the End.

You just need to accept your part in it by accepting the Atonement and then you can move out of it and into eternity.

No force is allowed here! No one will be manipulated into accepting the atonement! It must be received willingly!

Ironically, all you really need to do is to desire that this be so and the Holy Spirit will take you the rest of the way.

UNLESS you INSIST on doubting your own essence. Which, is what created the false-identity or reality, in the first place.

His Story is not your story. You are living Christ’s nightmare of confusion. Which has already ended.

The premonitions that we get are memories of what has already occurred and we just have not let go of it yet.

There are many ways that life will show us this is true if we give it a chance.

No one has enough information EVER within this existence to be held accountable for what occurs here or for even being responsible for what occurs here. It is about time we look around and see the truth to that.

It is time for Alice to “wake-up” from Wonderland!

Gossip versus Concern

Illusion = we “use” people’s situations and emotions to enhance and/or explain our own situation.

Atonement = we “see” each other as ourselves and we seek to lift and support them as we are able.

Even within a group, we can choose to acknowledge these truths in our own hearts and become the “light of the world” by stepping into our true role as/in Christ, the only begotten Son of God.

The only adversary is our mind that believes that anything besides God’s Perfection is possible.


With the political unrest in the USA, I was a bit hesitant to put this up.

I thought that I might at least change the title. Then again, if it got someone to read it who was in a huff who also allowed the Holy Spirit just a tiny allowance to interpret what they were reading, maybe it could bless someone’s life and make their load a little lighter.

I cannot determine what is in another’s heart or mind. I only decide for myself.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com

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