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Reflections on an emma-interview-1889 pdf

I spent 30 plus years as a Mormon. from 27 years of age to around 57 years of age. I have not attended or considered myself a Mormon for about four years now. That influence is huge on me though, … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Lament; the Obligation to Share What She Knows, Even if She is Emotionally Fragile

I am not interested in making money off of this page. I have never had money to speak of and that has its advantages. Would I be up for the challenge if that were to change? Emotionally I am hamburger. … Continue reading

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Hi there, and a Universal Reading 2 Dec – 9 Dec 2018

2 December 2018 As a human being I am pretty well shot. There is really no emotional cushion or padding to buffer my negotiations through the world. It is my faith alone that gives me the ability to continue here … Continue reading

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