Please invite the Spirit for interpretation.

I have been focusing on the Millennium since January 2014.

I hoped to bring it into place before my daughter died. It was not meant to be.

My daily meditation includes the healing of the entire Christ Consciousness that I know as All that Is the Creation (the Son).

It began with Oracle and Angel Tarot Cards and has turned into a reading from my book for the Christ Consciousness and the healing of the Son.

With gratitude for my being able to offer this moment of reflection I bare witness of the Hope in Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, for Christ’s sake, amen.

Power Hunger

Power hunger, also known as unrighteous dominion is one of the ONLY three temptations of humanity. (The other two are addiction and depression.)

When we stand outside of the knowledge of the Atonement, we believe that it is possible for others to control us and for us to control others.

We believe that it is possible to take from others and gain something for ourselves.

I have been studying the concept of criminal mentality for a new book and am seeing how we like to put all our guilt into one person or “movement” and that reveals our “illness” as a society and defies our Oneness. It is like the Soul of Christ having the measles.

We have yielded to the temptation of the belief in lack, which also culminates in guilt and shame.

Humanity does this in many forms.

Even believing that your opinion of another can affect who they are. Or that anyone’s perception of you can affect who you are, is a form of unrighteous dominion, by denying your own power as a child of God.

This could be at the core of the imbalance of privilege and personal power across our race and that of all of its inhabitants.

It’s core is believing you can be altered by another’s influence.

Basically, the Atonement owns that you are the Creation of the Creator and all else is as well.

In this understanding you can forgive the confusion, even as its evidence is glaringly revealed and that you rest assured that the light will come on in all of Creation eventually.

Standing in you own space and owning the Atonement with Jesus and anyone else who joins you is where your power is.

We invite illness of the mind and body when we close our hearts to others and are unwilling to see the suffering in the world and desire to relieve it.

This lines up with refusing to see the Atonement.

Jesus is the only one who recalls the place of absolute Oneness, because he was first to leave it.

We can rely on and trust his witness as we choose to accept that we have a universal creator and that we are each a part of the Son.

When we do not do this we lock ourselves up and this creates the dam that affects our mental and emotional clarity, as well as damming up our bodily energies which can lead to illness.

You physical body is not your identity. It is a costume you have chosen for this time.

We are trained to keep the body alive above all else.

But what about the Spirit?

Of ourselves, and of our children?

Our bodies will come and go, our spirit is eternal.

So much spiritual blood and energy runs through our streets while we pay homage to the body and the image (idol) that we wish to project onto the world.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you. This is a solid promise.

Shove off the cloak of guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

Guilt, shame, and embarrassment only serve to weigh us down.

Self flagellation is not helpful in uplifting the personal spirit or humanity and creation as a whole.

Accepting the Atonement that Jesus has been telling us about comes with the comfort of the Holy Spirit that calms the heartache and gives us strength to carry the burden of what we MUST be willing to look at in our society.

We must be willing to forgive ourselves.

Each us has played a part in this (Jesus, too), and we must forgive the whole of creation for visualizing, “creating”, or imagining a reality that simply could not be.

Then breathe, and walk into your joy whatever that means for you.

This is the fabric of meekness, for strength of character underlies the ability to see what must be seen, before it can be erased and removed.

It also brings with it humility as we see our part in the manifestation of Separation and in the desire of the heart becoming singular to standing in the Atonement and inviting all to join therein.

The energy of God’s love permeates this attitude as it can through no other perception because it is a perception of the truth.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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