It is in forgiveness that the flood gates of love are released and here is where happiness is found.

Let go of all attachments and all illusions and fall into the comfort and joy of forgiveness.

Heavenly Father hold me in thy hands as you allow me to remember.

Let me not be overcome by the fear of nothingness.

Jesus shows us that he overcame the body and the illusions it creates, it cannot hold us in bondage any longer. There is no need to pay a debt for an illusion. We are the masters of our destiny.

The psyche ego must be overcome as well. We each have a responsibility in that yet it will only take one willing to be vulnerable enough to allow God full reign in their being with their eyes wide open to bring about the Shift the whole of mankind is waiting for. I believe we each have the potential to help with this process whether we understand it or not.

It has been an educational and emotionally moving few months. As I put out my testimony so as to allow for greater understanding I know the items that I need to put out there. My ego and even my common sense says read things through, polish them up, give them the best you have, and the Spirit says just put it out there, this is not about perfection this is about showing the process of growth and renewal…those who need it will understand it those who could care less will turn away from it…it matters not what others do but that you do according to the dictates of your own heart and conscience with righteous intent and let others be responsible for themselves….besides I have so much to show you and time is not something that lasts forever…

With that I will proceed. I have a 4 part You Tube that I will put out on my Christa-Ann Godsdaughter channel that I did in November of 2014. I will be putting up my 4 part series on Makeup as a reflection of my life story. I also have The Evolution of Christa-Ann which is a book I wrote as my spiritual life took off in releasing me from the cocoon and illusion of this life. And I want to divide my first book Portrait of a Harlot/Saint into 7 segments so it is easier to digest for the reader. Again, I would love to edit and polish it but the Holy Ghost says no, just get it out there and so I will do it. Lord, give me courage to overcome my doubts and fears and trust in your guidance…in Jesus name, amen.



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