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The View From Where I Stand Now

NOW, in the moment, the present, I had defined it in 2014 as No illusion, All-encompassing, the W is to me, an upside down M to bring from heaven Christ’s Millenial Reign that I had been taught throughout my Christian … Continue reading

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I Want To Share What Brings Me Joy

I have found something that allows me to be in the world and not be of it. Simply stated it is Christ. Not the cross, the punishment, and the scales of justice that you might envision if you have listened … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts…Consider NOW and What It Means To You…

Between life and prayer in general, combined with deep meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) I find myself constantly in flux and growing in understanding. I know that a real principle of growth is the sharing of what … Continue reading

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