Please bring the Spirit for translation.

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Allowing the Holy Ghost to take care of the future by releasing your hold on fear allows Him to clean up the attachment and trauma that existed in the past.

Today I understand that Jesus is the one who is orchestrating a lot of this. While the Holy Spirit keeps us on top of what is most vital for us to understand, in the moment, according to our willingness to receive it, and according to the outline of the Universal Plan.

Jesus knows how and where all the dots connect together with each of us. I suspect he even is aware for which life, or dimension, the energy of the Miracle is needed first, in this place we refer as time.

This is another reason why we want to walk in faith, knowing that we are doing a great work, even if we cannot see it at the moment.

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The body is not your identity. When it is, it becomes an idol that replaces God. Think God first, then take care of the body as an instrument of communication.

This was big news to me as a former “traditional” Christian. It really made sense once I looked at it though. Nearly everything we do or think about in some way rotates around the comforts of the body.

All the ordinances that were in the Mormon church in the temple and outside of it (at least in 2015 when I was last a member in good standing) had to do with blessings that would apply to a body, a perfected body in the afterlife, mind you, but a body nonetheless.

I am not saying there is not validity in this, any more than I would of any other belief system within the illusion. But do not confuse the body with the “being” which is you.

The idea of levels (terrestrial, telestial, and celestial) is still judgment based on the scales of justice established by the belief that the Son can separate from the Father.

The Father does not love one part of the Son greater than another, nor does He bless one and not another.

Choice is said to be the criteria that divides us. God Is has no alternative. You Are has no alternative. Choice is an illusion of the ego that believes it separated from the God that it is.

I am saying that I seek to have the Creator’s understanding in all of this. I want the big picture. The biggest that I can get and that encompasses all of creation and includes all that we have ever been in form and without.

I know that the divine can only give us what we are willing to accept and receive. Another way of saying this is that the reception of the witness of truth will only be as good (or high) as the channel. Like a radio station, it must respect the laws of the individual receptor.

I still believe that Joseph Smith, Jr. received information from Jesus pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however, the Son was not created to follow one of its parts.

That would be like the body following the thumb. It does not work like that. Each part plays its own role and benefits the whole.

Likewise, we do not want to follow anyone, including Jesus. We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, as the Son in our creativity and expression however we are inspired to do so by the Wholly Spirit.

I am now very aware of its limitations as a cult that defies what was truly trying to be taught there, which is to listen to the Holy Spirit and have a life in God as Jesus did and does.

Any time we give up our authority or autonomy, we create a cult. When we allow someone else to define what we are before God or each other, we create a cult. A cult is that which steals (with permission) the autonomy or authority from an individual to establish its being.

Whenever we put another above or below us, we have created a cult. It is almost a requirement of the ego and is why we must rule or submit in our relationships on the earth. You might say it is the reason we desire relationships at all.

To have an autonomous relationship does not serve the ego and becomes boring quickly when it does not yield to the manipulations of hierarchy.

Do not feel badly if you cannot maintain a relationship. Duality was never meant to be in the nature of the Son. Sexuality is going to alter. The idea of “connection” is going to change. Eventually, the body will not be needed to establish one’s identity.

That is the same thing that Jesus is trying to get Helen and Bill to understand in the Urtext, especially the first hundred pages or so, for A Course In Miracles. To be guided by the Wholly Spirit.

This is your identity: “Instead of “seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven” say “Will ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,” and you have said “I know what I am, and I will to accept my own inheritance.”” Page 95 Urtext ACIM

In this reference, Jesus is asking us to put our spiritual lives as a priority. This is our natural state and inclination. Look at a little child, the body is not their first concern, they must be taught this and indoctrinated to their cultural forms of caring for the body first.

We are “naturally” voices of the Father’s Love for the Son and the Son’s Love for the Father. That is why, in our true state, we glorify Him in all things and receive all that the Father has. Jesus wants this for us, as he has been able to receive it for himself.

Not only this but we leave out care for our energetic bodies which Qi Gong and Tai Chi do well to address. Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine covers much of this as well. Acupressure is a form of self-healing that could be taught for the benefit of the individual and society.

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Our universal PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) need not be feared but looked to as the gift that it is. For it is the witness of the trauma humanity (ego) imposes on the Son of God that will spur the individual to accept the miracle Jesus offers through the atonement.

Why is it that we must reach the maximum extent of suffering before we are willing to turn away from a belief in this world of dysfunctional abuse and trauma?

That is due to the wiles of the ego that keeps us off balance and willing to accept half-truths and non-answers to real questions that, put to any test, would give very simple answers for how humanity can step out of this humiliating situation.

The belief that anyone else can impact a god beside himself, without his permission, is laughable. Yet that is exactly what the ego tries to convince the Soul of a Child of God. Namely, you and me.

I know that I am laying out a lot of heavy principles here that people may not have considered or maybe been aware of, but we have to stop being willing to drink only the milk of the gospel of Jesus and look at the meat of what we have been called upon to do.

Our egos can no longer rule. They must take their proper place within that which recognizes our divinity and worthiness before God and all of Creation.

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Another deep, yet key thing to Time and altering our way of thinking, is that everything is really happening all at once. All lives, stories, deeds, everything encompassing His Story is happening NOW and any action releasing the impact of His Story (through forgiveness) affects NOW, as well as the past and the future.

Kindness is not lost. A prayer or desire for the healing of humanity, in any form, will not go unanswered.

Time will lose its hold on humanity as we step into the witness of the Atonement.

There are many blessings and experiences open to the possibilities of what lies ahead for humanity.

I fear only that we will be so excited, to step into some of those futuristic opportunities, that we will not take care of the task at hand.

That being to get everyone on the same page, or at least a majority that recognize the illusion created by our current perspective of separation from God and one another.

I know that people think if they read the Bible once, or the four gospels, that they know Jesus well enough to have heard all he has to say.

I cannot agree. Jesus is a guide and elder brother. He is the first who had consciousness outside of the Whole. He has acknowledged his healing and invites us to do the same. Hand in hand we will stand before our Creator and receive the witness of Christ as ourselves.

I have relied on my relationship with Jesus to be able to function in the world. Like any relationship, it involves more than a passing glance and judgment. If we are to be whole we must unite and allow all their autonomy.


Release fear by acknowledging your place IN God and recognize the still small voice of the Wholly Spirit that leads us to lift humanity.

Your body is a temple for the Soul that knows and praises God. Do not make the body you or you make it an idol that denies your personal power.

PTSD and the challenges that cause it can be turned into “gold” by allowing them to raise your consciousness to the place where your sorrows throw you completely out of the world and right into your true identity as Children of God in heaven on earth.

Let time be your friend by witnessing that you have all you need regardless of what appearances may be. Visualize this with all your senses. Feel it in your meditations. Extend it to your brothers and sisters. You are all His Son and you are all cherished.

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This is my witness and my faith. It grows as Spirit sees I am willing to receive understanding. Take what fits leave the rest. But do ponder something daily that leads you to understand that which you are.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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