Some random thoughts…Consider NOW and What It Means To You…

Between life and prayer in general, combined with deep meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) I find myself constantly in flux and growing in understanding. I know that a real principle of growth is the sharing of what we are learning or have witness of in this moment of now so here is where I have been recently:

Quantum physics says…that an atom only has order when it is observed does it not stand to reason that a being greater than us knows us?
And if he is watching us it would be because he believes in our ability to become something incredible?!!

My definition of love, as I understand it, from my study of life, & scriptures = “believing in someone’s ability to overcome all obstacles to truth and eternal life and assisting in that accordingly”
I believe that this is God’s definition of love. (Feel free to disagree, it is just my opinion after my 57 years of asking about it and I could be wrong.) Yet really;
What if we approached all our relationships with that belief and attitude?
If this were the focus of our marriages what would they be like?
What about the relationship with ourselves, our children, our extended families, and those we work, socialize and fellowship with?
God has faith in us or he would not have created us. He believes in our ability to accomplish our purpose and task…do we??

My Life Perspective continues to evolve; I embrace NOW which for me is:

N = not the illusion…which is basically all that we have been taught in this world since our conception, especially that I am as yet…or even that the other truly is…only God is and all that is manifest to our senses is for us to be able to learn of him and find our way back to him…this is given substance only as we truly care to engage with and serve our fellow man, regardless of who they are or may behaving like at the moment…it is in honoring these principles that we show true honor to our parents and love for ourselves…God must be in his proper place and be absolutely everything to us…regardless of the distractions of our senses or our thoughts…

O = everything and everyone…literally…me included here…to not acknowledge me or embrace me spiritually, emotionally and physically, and be aware of my thoughts (good and bad) and Heavenly Father’s view of them (which does have a judgment of good and bad, as taught in the gospel of Jesus Christ) is to defy my own potential of existence and waste my probation on distractions and lusts of the moment so that I return to God empty handed, not having accomplished what he sent me to do

W = the upside down M representing the Millennium which to me represents my ability to draw heaven to earth as I purify myself and align myself with Christ and become a part of preparing our hearts for his return…a serious work which we were all called to do…”many are called but few are chosen”…the chosen part has to do with our desire and willingness to put for the effort to fulfill our creation and to work our salvation through study, pondering, prayer and application…it is not a competition with anyone other than the self…growth is upheaval…it is moving and growing and “uncomfortable”, but it does not have to be painful…unless we fight against the growth…

I am not looking for the easy path or a place of comfort; for I know in this life that is death there must be the opposition for there to be growth. I will not shun it. I will not hide from it. I will seek to have eyes that see and ears that hear so that I may repent and prepare for the coming of the Lord and the day that I stand before my Heavenly Father and acknowledge what I have done with the resources that he gave to me.

You cannot hate mankind or yourself or your mother or father or men or women or children or …etc. and love God or Christ. It does not work.

A true friend is one who leads me to think more of Christ rather than of them. That is the kind of friend that I want to be.

We are often of one of two minds:

1. We deny the true self by shunning God and parents we deny ourselves of the presence of love which is the ability to overcome all obstacles placed in the way of our progression.


2. We are just the opposite and accept a form of love but live amongst those who have denied it and are in the perpetual struggle with them and their reign of their false realities. This often creates blame issues towards self and others and still denies us of true love; which is God’s belief in us that we have the ability to overcome all obstacles placed in the way of our progression.

There is no right or wrong here, it is just the human condition given to man by God for the fulfillment of his purposes which is to bring to pass immortality and the eternal life of man.

Because we do one of these two things and do not walk purely before God as his children we have need of one who would do this with a pure heart and awareness that would maintain that connection with God and be heir to his power and authority. We needed a Savior, Jesus Christ. Likewise we need, as Christ said, to be reborn unto the spirit and die in the flesh….on a spiritual level….as this is where eternal life lies (though not without a body of flesh and bone)…we must master and bridal the passions of the body and the mind and put them in subjection to the spirit and God’s will. Christ did this completely. He was tried as only a god could be, but he was in the flesh and would suffer all the pains of the body and mind, yet he lived what was taught in Mosiah 3:19.”For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.”

Baptism is a symbol of the journey we are willing to take in this life of overcoming the flesh and putting the spirit in charge of our lives. It is only the beginning of that journey which lasts a life time, maybe longer.

Forgiveness of others is also a must. Otherwise we lock ourselves in the affairs of the world and look not to heaven for our hope and salvation.

Power over secret combinations (or the world and its trappings that seek to bind us to it ) is in the witness that man is not as yet. That man has no significant substance other than what God allows us, that which enables us to repent and grow. Secret combinations overwhelm us through flattery and manipulation of our minds and our bodies and the lusts thereof. When we understand that man simply is not (in any eternal sense, it is more or less illusion and a test for God’s glory) we will not fall victim to the flattery and addictive traps that are laid for us by the adversary and his followers. He and his followers have never had a physical mind or body and do not know the ability of the spirit to over ride them but you and I do, as does God. The spirit of man is strengthened by study and adherence to the word of God and the Holy Ghost will be welcome in your presence and will guide you. You will be given power to perform miracles by faith on the Lord, Jesus Christ as you study and live by his word.

Of these things I testify in Jesus name, amen.

May God direct you and bless you with all he desires to give you.

May we have the desire and courage to choose the right and eternal life through Jesus Christ.


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