Universal Reading 4-10 May 2020 The Atonement May Be Yours Today

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. We are not separate beings as our bodies would suggest. What we do to one another, we do to ourselves.

Bashing another, or sharing in the bashing of others, is an attack on ourselves.

Lifting another or encouraging another, is to encourage ourselves.

That is why when we accept the Atonement for ourselves, we cannot help but ignite the reminder of the truth in others.

Do not expect to see the results of this right away, however.

At the same time, do not doubt that it has been extended and received.

Jesus is the traffic controller, as far as, the timing of the connection.

Remember he has the whole Universal Plan at his disposal and knows how each person is to, effect everyone else.

And, what that means, in the big picture.

2. Each of us is vital, in the Atonement of the Son of God.

To recognize our part in the Universal Plan and give thanks for it, ignites in others the desire to seek their own part as well.

The only thing that may be mandatory, is the acknowledgment of the Atonement, in one’s life.

This is what the miracle, taught by Jesus in A Course In Miracles, is.

(Do not mistake this to suggest you can do as you please. As #1 signifies, we effect our “being” through our thoughts and actions.)

3. The Atonement is NOW.

As difficult as this may appear to humanity as a Whole, at the moment, this is exactly what Jesus has been trying to get us to understand.

Acknowledging God and your place in Him as His Son is not really all that difficult, once you let go of the guilt and shame, you believe, must be carried by the Son because He left the Father.

This allows us to forgive ourselves for the belief that this could have happened and once we accept it for ourselves it is not so difficult to forgive others.

Blame, revenge, envy, etc., all wash away as the Spirit bears witness of the Son of God in you and in others; as well as in all creation.

We do not need to worry about time, past or future, because all time is in the NOW.

This is why everything can be changed, and nothing needs to be feared.

You are God’s Son and nothing can alter this.

You can deny it, but it does not make it real.

4. We will not be forced. Likewise, once we are willing to receive, nothing will be held back.

As the Son of God, you believe in what you create.

The sorrow, trauma, and lack in this world are the result of belief in the Son’s separation from God.

This is simply an impossibility.

Once we let go of that belief, it will spread like wild fire across all creation.

Those who have finished their roles here, will move on.

And others will move into their lives willing to discard what no longer “fits” in their idea of healthy, safe, benevolent existence.

Time will still have its place, for a while. Then, perhaps, humanities perception of time will alter.

Joy and gratitude will become a normal state of humanity, and it will look nothing like what we think of it today.

Governments, education, employment, families, communities, everything will be redesigned for the creativity and blossoming of the Son of God, until the final awakening.

That will occur when the last of those who thought they had separated understands the Atonement and accepts it for himself.

I do not expect that to be any time soon, but then again, I have no clue when or who.

I do believe that Jesus has an idea, generally.

Because of our freedom to choose along the way, it will not be known till it is played out, I suppose.


What we do to others, we do to ourselves, because we are ONE Entity.

It is vital that we invite others to seek to know themselves. We do this by partaking in the miracle that enacts the Atonement.

The Atonement is in the NOW.

In receiving it, the past and the future fall away, though there will be an individual process for each to do this.

The Holy Spirit guides you in this.

It may well involve seeing things as they really are, instead of as you thought them to be.

In other words, justified behavior (behavior you made excuses for before) may be understood as cruel and inappropriate.

We will see ourselves, and others, as we have really “pretended” to be, and the only thing that will allow us to cope with that will be the acceptance of the Atonement.

Each will give up the belief in this world, as it currently is, and being open to an entirely new one, internally.

Those who say they wish to create a new world externally, are on the wrong path, as it cannot be forced on anyone.

It must be done internally, by each of us, through the direction of the Holy Spirit.

This is why we must learn to trust ourselves, and not listen to outside voices, about what is right for us.

Again, it must be requested, personally.

We must allow ourselves to be prepared for this awakening, individually.

It is the guidance of the Holy Spirit that allows that for each of us.

This will be a very individual happening for each person, and we do not want to compare each other or make judgement(s).

Once it starts, it will continue, and time will be shortened by thousands of years of suffering, that, otherwise, would have otherwise taken place.

And so it is.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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