I have found something that allows me to be in the world and not be of it.

Simply stated it is Christ.

Not the cross, the punishment, and the scales of justice that you might envision if you have listened to people who consider themselves Christians or watched Hollywood depictions.

I am speaking of Christ, the whole body of humanity, and all that it perceives.

I am speaking of The Christ that Jesus was teaching us about as the Whole of Creation. (I do not believe that it was himself alone that he spoke of as savior, not by any means.)

I am speaking of the Son of God, known in those terms so that we, as human beings, might have the opportunity to have compassion for Him.

That we might feel the love that a father would have for his son and seek to bring Him the comfort and light of His Father’s love.

The nightmare of Christ’s Conscience is found in the past and in the fears and worries of the future.

You and I in the present moment, that which we are able to own completely, have the ability to deliver the Son of God into the remembrance of His Father’s Love by embracing ourselves and all around us as it truly is, a gift from God.

And yes, I am speaking of the sad or troublesome things (even torture, if you must go there) as being a gift from God. An opportunity to tell The Son that He is loved and has been delivered.

Whatever I am seeing around me; whatever sorrows or longings the past holds, whatever rewards or fears are foreseen in the future. They are a dream/nightmare/illusion that Christ imagined in the mega/micro-instant of His creation.

They have no hold on me. They will not condemn nor deliver me. They simply are part of the confusion of a god at his birth which brought to pass the impetus of creation and all the diverse magnitude that this entails.

My part in the past or the future is that of deliverer and savior to The Christ by recognizing Him in all of it and reflecting to Him, continually, the mirror of forgiveness, gratitude and love.

I do this by staying in the moment filled with the fullness of joy knowing that is the power by which He was created and what His inheritance is.


After over four years of study of A Course In Miracles, I have been led by the Spirit to listen to some other teachers interpretations.

I knew the Holy Spirit and walked with Him before I found ACIM. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit led me to the work as a distinct show of mercy and compassion in giving me something to digest and hold on to during the months before my daughter’s death. Much of what I found in ACIM had already been taught to me by the Holy Spirit through my earthly experiences and His subtle teachings.

I also knew that I needed to go through the course without anyone else’s input.

I have been through the entire book over twice now and I still love the review of the Workbook, along with the rest, even though I walk in the presence and under the direction of the Holy Spirit moment by moment. The Spirit can teach me things of greater depth as He did with the scriptures that I studied over 50 years.

I can tell that I do not understand or teach ACIM the way that others do, some for nearly 40 years.

That does not make my witness incorrect.

I also know that what I share comes along with others who have done tremendous work in multitudes of fields and genre’s and I would not have been given the ability to understand what I do without their work, the world being what it is.

I seek to bear witness to the world that we are the ones with the power and it is in recognizing Christ that we tap into it.

What I share has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the state of mind or consciousness, specifically awareness and focus.

I do know that I must speak my truth moment by moment and allow what is meant to be, to be. This work is much bigger than just me and we are so close to understanding what we need for deliverance.

Today I understand that I need focus on the present and on the Son of God. I am not so sure I could do this so well if I had not done so much work on my past and worked for years on things like goal setting and time management.

It reminds me of the yogi who bends and stretches every part of the body and mind with the goal of releasing each if only for a moment in search of that place called Nirvana. Brothers and sisters, I have found the way to lead the masses to Nirvana. I am grateful for the chance to bear witness of this possibility that could change how we look at ourselves and each other.

I am able to walk forward to whatever life holds because I know I will seek to walk moment by moment and give all that I am to the remembrance of The Son of God and His Father’s love.

Till next time,

God bless us every One, Namaste~




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