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Family…Just The Beginning

Family statistics or circumstances do not need to define us. Neither does our personal history need to define us before God, even though it may to the world. Some of what you will see here may not be easy to read. Remember they are just circumstances in a life. I do not need to claim my circumstances as my identity as a child of … Read More Family…Just The Beginning

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Today Part Two

Pain is there, underlying all that I do, because ever since I have received the sure witness of God’s love for me he has also given me a love for all mankind…actually I had accepted that portion of his love as a child of neglect and abuse, deciding to love rather than hate…it was me that I did not allow to live or be … Read More Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Today Part Two


“Enlightened” Born into a world of abuse and neglect, where abound the traps of self pity, addiction, and self contempt. Through Christ I am healed. The era of the pit of “the carrot” and “the dole” has ended. I will be the leader I was put on earth to be. 50 words…that was what they asked for. Tell us your story and why you … Read More “Enlightened”

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