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Universal Reading for 18 February through 24 February 2019

I read because it gives me access to the consciousness that seeks to lift and develop humanity’s ability to recognize the Divine within themselves. From the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid Letting Go Let go of demanding … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Lament; the Obligation to Share What She Knows, Even if She is Emotionally Fragile

I am not interested in making money off of this page. I have never had money to speak of and that has its advantages. Would I be up for the challenge if that were to change? Emotionally I am hamburger. … Continue reading

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Universal Reading 10 Dec – 16 Dec 2018

Universal Reading For the week of December 10 through December 17, 2018. Animal Tarot Cards by R. V.. Queen of Winter Leopard “All your life experiences have prepared you for this moment of truth! It’s time to declutter your home, … Continue reading

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