I read because it gives me access to the consciousness that seeks to lift and develop humanity’s ability to recognize the Divine within themselves.

From the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid

Letting Go

Let go of demanding that life give you your desires and let it show you what it will reveal. It does not mean to let go of dreams. It means to let go of the anxiety that things are not happening at the pace you want or in the way you want. We miss so much and place such burdens on ourselves when we do this.

Humanity is so that it might experience joy. Do not let your expectations hide this from you. There is so much to enjoy. Take a breath and feel the truth of this. And if you are beyond the breath, just chill and let the witness come to you.

Allow the joy to flow into your life by letting go of grudges towards circumstances or individuals that could not be what you wanted them to be. As we do this we will allow ourselves to see the wonder that is before us.

As a society can we do this? Can we allow the joy to come to the masses as it was intended?

The Fire Faery

This is a card that speaks of the spark that turns an idea into action. Creativity and movement toward your dreams. The Fire Faery bears the gift of energy to complete the actions necessary to bring about your dreams.

She also brings the gift of illumination, casting out the confusion and shadows to show you where you are and where you want to be.

The Queen

Reproduction, earthly pleasures, friendship, and having the eye to see beauty, these are the things the Queen brings. Setting boundaries, clearly and gently are part of her dignity and gift to humanity. Not the rebuffing that separates, but that invites association and reconciliation.

Power for the whole is increased when we unite in empowering the individual.

Have fun and celebrate your personal value and worth. Self-respect and regard are intrinsic in the celebration. Behaviors and habits that demean or degrade self or others are not part of having fun, even if they do give us a fix or numbness for a bit.
This ideology is a powerful ally and the card represents a powerful omen.


Another action card. Look inside and be sure that you allow your voice to be heard, if only to yourself.

Then consider those you interact with. Is there something left unsaid? This may be for those here or who have gone on ahead. It may be those guides and angels that wait to assist you in your life dreams. Do not hesitate to speak to them and trust that they will respond.

Being open to hearing others and yourself is an important part of communication. For this we need to take the time to be still. Nature, music, even rote chores (those things that we do not have to think about to do) can give us the stillness the reunites us to the subtle messages that are all about us.


Let go of that which takes away your joy. Whether it is expectations, grudges, or alliances to those things or places or even people who no longer serve your growth and joy. Let it all go in peace and ask the angels to be with all, to their highest good.

Action is inspired within you now. You have let go of that which holds you back and may see the steps necessary to go where you truly want to go.

Dignity and respect allows life to blossom and prosper wherever it may be. Healthy boundaries are appropriate, even as we recognize that there is no true separation among us, no matter what physical or psychological distance lies between us. True power lies where each have a place in the union of the Whole.

Communication can be intensified through meditation and prayer as we still the many voices and seek for what is really being said or what really needs to be said.

I pray this serves to lift you a little higher and give you courage to feel the joy you were born to experience.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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