Universal Reading
For the week of December 10 through December 17, 2018.
Animal Tarot Cards by R. V..

Queen of Winter
“All your life experiences have prepared you for this moment of truth!
It’s time to declutter your home, clear away situations that aren’t working for you anymore, and disengage from people who create more drama than happiness.”
As you do this understand that you are able to truly walk away from no one. We are all One. We affect one another and our thoughts toward one another, even if separated, effect one another. Nothing can interfere with this. It is an eternal, universal truth.
So, as you declutter, be sure to do it with love.
Share your unneeded belongings with someone who will benefit from them and give them with joy.
Let go of the entanglements of relationships that are sour and do so as gently as possible while sending forgiveness and positive energy as you go your seemingly separate ways.
Do not hold onto the baggage of a grudge. Lay it in the lap of Christ’s Guilty Conscience and forgive the innocent Son of God for believing He needs to suffer.
Let the Holy Spirit transmute your emotions. You might send them into the earth where she may likewise transmute them into something positive in the world.
This suit happens to represent thoughts. This is where what you choose to do really matters.
Humor that is insightful and generous good-nature helps you be resilient, like the leopard.

King of Winter
Humpback Whale
“At this time it’s very important that you communicate clearly, be objective, and act as professionally as possible.
If you need advise, seek out the most experienced expert you can find.”
Be impartial and unemotional.
Wow, this reminds me of what I am doing with my writing. Though the content could be powerfully emotional, I am able to write it the way I am because I am being impartial.
It is just a story. An awareness is is different than being entangled or even engaged in something.
Your life is just a story that you agreed with Christ’s Guilty Conscience to fulfill. Joys or sorrows, you materialized are “simply” His desire to be punished for an impossible transgression.
Now utilize what you have learned from life to deliver The Son.
Prove His innocence by letting go of all misconceived notions about life and let Spirit guide you into the light.
Once again this is thought process. Whales are thought to be able to communicate with other whales thousands of miles away, even as they are considered rather solitary in their life styles.
What you are thinking is sending vibrational currents throughout the world.
And you do not even need to know what you are thinking to be doing so. This is why seeking to understand yourself is one of life’s greatest opportunities and rewards.

Eight of Winter
“It’s so easy to convince yourself that you’re trapped when you really aren’t. Trust that God will lift you to new heights and give you greater self-confidence if you affirm your freedom.”
Along the same lines as the other two cards and Winter/Thought as well.
Maybe the letting go in relationships has more to do with where we think we are rather than where we truly are. What if we spoke freely (and kindly) as ourselves and let “nature take its course”? Then do not beat yourself up and second guess yourself if it becomes obvious you need to part company.
Eight is an action number. Perhaps suggesting that our thoughts and actions need to go hand in hand?
Live your life fully moment to moment free of the illusion of the trap, if only in your heart, and sing the song of forgiveness for none can stifle the Son of God.

Six of Autumn
“Your success and prosperity have allowed you to pay off debts, acquire wise loans, or receive a grant or scholarship. In return for Heaven’s blessings, be sure to share the wealth with others through donations of time or money to reputable charities.”
Six is harmony. In ACIM Jesus teaches that giving is receiving. It is important that once you have claimed your own space and identity that you are willing to let others have the same. Abundance is something that is shared and transient, not hoarded and stock-piled.
The Autumn suit is Earth or temporal things. To share our abundance in whatever means we have is to give thanks and witness that we are One and not separate.
Doubt not that you have much to give to the Son of God. Forgiveness itself of the impossible has no monetary equivalent. Time, a smile, a compassionate look or squeeze of the hand, material things, and financial assistance, when able, will simply return to you multiplied. Be sure to give in faith. It is not your responsibility how others use what you share.
The intent of the developer’s of this deck suggest that this card needs to nose about for truth in those you give to. In ACIM we are taught that giving is always done to the self anyway. Do not get caught up in thinking you have to judge other’s intentions.
If your gut says “share this”, then do it. That is an inner guidance given by Spirit that you can trust. Do not worry about the outcome.
Like a writer or any other artist, your responsibility is simply to be your best, which is what the other cards in this reading were asking you to become aware of.

17 The Star
17 = 8 = Action
“You are about to take a big leap forward with your life. Worry will be replaced with optimism, fear with hope…and joy is coming home to roost!”
The orange feathers of the oriole symbolize a positive future on the horizon.
Letting go of the baggage of thoughts that bind you to the false world of separation and challenge will leave you free to see The Son of God in all that you experience.
We are on the verge of stepping into a very beautiful place. Don’t let headlines cause you to tremble and despair. You have not been forgotten and your Heavenly Father desires to bless you. Open your eyes to that witness.

A beautiful message of hope and love for The Son of God, the Christ Consciousness that we are.
Feminine thought in Queen of Winter to put one’s house in order.
Male thought represented in King of Winter understanding our ability to communicate across seemingly large divides.
Then action in our thoughts represented by realizing we are not in the cages we have devised in our minds and trapped as we suppose.
The material manifestation of understanding these principles comes as we share our gifts and talents with those in our realm of influence.
Which I must say, even clarity in our own minds, moves all of us into a higher frequency of compassion and acceptance of self and the Whole.
Then the promise that we are on the path to a brighter future as a society.
Do not confused by outward appearances. It is how we respond to appearances that will make the difference in the world and we are going in the right direction.

This is my witness,
Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~

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