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Makeup or No Makeup That Is the Question… ;) Part 3

In the mind of the one who has the opportunity and gift of being allowed to forgive another, lies the choice of freedom that every human being must someday come to recognize and receive. It is in forgiving others that … Continue reading

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Keep the Ultimate Destination in Your Sights

I had the opportunity to look at a business opportunity recently. It sounded promising and I was in hopes that it would be something that I could do. One of the key things that the preliminary introduction to the company … Continue reading

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If You Choose To Fly (Be Free)

You just might end up an outsider for a while, maybe permanently. Is it worth it? YES! If it means life, then the answer is a resounding YES! The reality is, that it is possible to “fly” and live at … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Social Media Pitfalls and Making Wise Choices

I am beginning to see facebook as a mass psychological warehouse that has the ability to guide our consciousness into the light as well as into the dark. With its ads and suggestions it can direct us and test us. … Continue reading

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