From a reading for October 26-November 1st


Power-Hunger will use manipulation to see that you comply with their view of the world.

It is manipulative and coniving.

It can be found behind a smile or even in an embrace.

We need to be able to see it in ourselves when we do not allow others to have a voice and a view or idea or opinion.

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Accepting the Atonement is the number one goal of this existence.

Only the Atonement understands what freedom is because it gives it to everyone and not just one individual or one group.

The Atonement would have room not only for freedom and tolerance for every sentient being on the earth but for every being outside of earth as well.

When we meet, we want to meet in awareness and the mindset of the Atonement. This means if meeting together causes a sense of division let it go.

When meeting with others when we stand in the witness of the Atonement we acknowledge them and are willing to allow them to be heard and to express where they are right at this moment.

I want to speak of that quote “Where two or more are gathered, there God is.”

I declare that is referring to bodies and bodies are not real and cannot be “in God”. Only our minds and hearts can be in remembrance of God.

And all it takes is ONE INDIVIDUAL’s MIND to connect to the Whole of Christ and influence it.

That is why worldwide prayer and meditation unites us and is effective because the power is sent in our thoughts and intentions.

This shows that we are connected, gathered, and together in the mind, our thoughts as nothing else can.

Taking care of me represents taking care of the Whole.

This would suggest that perhaps meditation alone would be a greater influence than being a professional speaker to thousands IF ONE IS IN THE CORRECT RIGHTMINDEDNESS of the Atonement.

And we can be there in all that we do.

It is in our hearts and minds that we can stand for what we believe.

Here God will be welcomed and His power and guidance will be felt.

This is my witness, in the name of Jesus for Christ’s sake, amen.

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