I had the opportunity to look at a business opportunity recently. It sounded promising and I was in hopes that it would be something that I could do. One of the key things that the preliminary introduction to the company included was for you to make a list of six things that you would do or want in your life if money were no object. It was fun to dream.

Here is my list:

  • To see my children and grandchildren more often.
  •  To help with their educations.
  • To travel and promote my books and theories.
  • Purchase a nice motor home for traveling.
  • Create my non-profit to teach Freedom Principles.
  • Establish a healing Farm/Ranch/Get Away.

It was fun to consider and these things have been in the works for many years actually in my heart and travels. I found out that the company was promoting the sale of health drinks made with green tea. Green tea is not acceptable with the Word of Wisdom. End of story. Not the end of my dreams but the end of that road. You want to have dreams and reach for them, just be sure that the course that takes you to them does not throw you off course to your ultimate destination.

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