Universal Reading 17 June through 23 June 2019

Animal Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

Two of Winter Dachshund Dog

There may be two ways to go. Have we not made the choice or rather the decision to pursue what is real instead of what is false?

Procrastination, business, or apathy only prolong the stalemate and do not embrace the truth of what we are.

We are being invited to receive the the truth and let go of the false-ego that holds us captive. This is the bit of stubbornness in the Dachshund saying let’s get this thing moving.

Nine of Autumn Ragdoll Cat

You may be in a place where you are able to relax and enjoy life a bit. You deserve it!

Ragdoll Cats literally hang like ragdolls when picked up, hence the name. Having peace as life takes you where it will is a gift for those who know who they truly are and that they are being taken care of no matter what comes their way.

While in a relaxed and meditative state you may have an inspiration about a new business or path that could be very successful!

Ragdoll Cats also get to be very large suggesting your new adventure could turn into something very big!

Is it embracing the Christ within you and in those that you see? Opening the door for the blessings the Universe so wants to share with you?

Nine of Winter Sea Lion

“Your worries and fears aren’t real, they’re fueled by focusing on the negative, which gives power to that which you’re afraid of. Stop worrying, let go of fear, and everything will be okay!”

Sea lions are known as the cross between the dolphin and the dog. Intellectual and emotional. Fear needs to be tempered by intellectual contemplation.

I know that I have had an excuse to be fearful recently as someone dear to me has removed themselves from my life. Are there “bad” things that could happen? Sure there are. Does my worrying about it make any difference in whether they will happen or not? No. But it does effect my experience in life. It can weigh on me.

Certain challenges will be faced in life, but why not look at it as an opportunity for growth and expansion? And if you are going to visualize, why not visualize a wonderful outcome in any seemingly fearful event. Maybe our thoughts do bring type of energy to matter. May as well make it positive energy!

King of Spring Katanga Lion

Power and courage shine in the regal Katanga Lion. We think of lions as leaders and yet, they are just big house cats. Intelligent and willing to be themselves while being very loyal and faithful to those they choose to let into their circle.

We are invited to step into the role of leader as we recognize The Christ within ourselves and receive the Atonement, knowing God’s Children do not fall from His Grace.

Let others know that they are included in your circle of concern and respect. It will be seen and felt by the way you carry yourself. And by the way that you meet the bumps that are presented along your pathway.


Whatever it takes to get this moving, do it!

Enjoy the moment. You have worked hard to get here. And while in that relaxed state listen to the inspirations that are presented.

Waves will make a lot of noise, you will be tempted to be fearful and focus on negatives, but you have a choice. You can choose to embrace the moment and the affection and blessings one step at a time.

Step up! Stand tall! You are of Divine and Royal heritage! Your place as a leader is questioned only in your mind. God knows who you are and he is proud of you. Make no mistake in that. No matter what the shadows may be telling you, you are on course and doing well. Move forward with confidence. You are The Son of God!

Wow, this reading is certainly reflective of the life that Christ is living within my heart.

I pray this serves to lift you up and lighten your path as well.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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