Reflections on an emma-interview-1889 pdf

I spent 30 plus years as a Mormon. from 27 years of age to around 57 years of age. I have not attended or considered myself a Mormon for about four years now. That influence is huge on me though, and I like to research things if they come to my awareness. While looking up something else on Google this Emma Smith showed up. I studied diligently throughout those years and history was a huge part of that study. Nauvoo was a place I felt extreme peace in. Not with the living so much, but with those who had passed through there so many years ago.

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by her son, Joseph Smith, the third.

You can read her comments about polygamy and spiritual wifery in the upper part of column three on page one.

First column, page one, near the bottom you will see the inference made that this could be looked at as her last testimony on the issues discussed. I did not read this during my 30+ years in the church, though I did read extensive works in the church and Lucy Mack Smith’s (mother of the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.) autobiography that I purchased at the RLDS (at that time, so it was called) Visitor Center in Nauvoo.

If all that polygamy stuff occurred, I believe that, it happened under the radar of Emma Smith.

It was not something acceptable to Emma’s sense of right and wrong and it was not something she allowed in her consciousness.

I believe the condition of her staying in the church would have been to become one of Brigham Young’s wives. This was not meant to be, they had never gotten along, perhaps because of his willingness to accept the concept of polygamy. They parted ways.

When one gets beyond the emotional need to just believe that others are telling you the truth, you have the option of listening to your own voice and the dictates of your own conscience.

Real, but not. Life is to be taken for its metaphoric implications. Anyone who believes that this is truly life is crackers, as far as I am concerned. Myself included.

In this world of illusion we have many experiences and so much information to pick from, to decide what we believe is best.

We must seek to know ourselves. That is our truest gage. That is a voice we must honor.

I personally still believe The Book of Mormon. In other words, I believe the events occurred and were recorded as best as those who witnessed them could with the purpose and intent of those recordings being to lead people of the future to a witness of God.

The stories in that book taught me to seek to recognize and listen to that voice within me who walks with knowledge of all time, past and future, and is in the presence of The Father of Christ.

However, I also believe, the way they were recorded was according to the perceptions and biases of those who recorded them. This does not mean they should be removed as credible. It does mean that they, like all other stimuli, needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as they say, and we want to maintain the willingness to have the Holy Spirit teach you of the truthfulness of things.

The only complete truth is that God IS and all around us testify of Christ, his Son, born to bring joy to the heart of God, which he absolutely does because what God wills, occurs.

We appear stuck in a place of trauma and struggle because of the creator of the illusion we live in, who is the Son. He needed a place to bear witness of his sin and deserving of punishment. Knowing these things are not based in truth, we came to experience and to redeem, just as Jesus did.

We are easily overwhelmed and distracted by the fear that over-whelms us. False evidence appearing real. Yet, we still remember, on a deep sub-conscious level that all is well.

All experiences that I have seen of our ancestors suggest that we ought to let go of the trauma of yesterday or it will plague and disrupt the joy of today. This will mean different things to different people.

This is a journey we each volunteered for. It is also a journey that none of us can fail at. All things testify of Christ. Not the religion, but the Son of God, brought into being to bring His Father Joy.

I have truly enjoyed the journey. What an incredible ride!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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