Hi there, and a Universal Reading 2 Dec – 9 Dec 2018

2 December 2018
As a human being I am pretty well shot.
There is really no emotional cushion or padding to buffer my negotiations through the world.
It is my faith alone that gives me the ability to continue here among humanity.
Perhaps it always was.
I am a loner.
I do not mind that.
I like my own company.
I have a gift , and I do consider it a gift, of loving others and feeling of their potential and true selves.
I thought about changing the rating on my page.
I have no other intention than to give the world another perspective and if I swear while doing so, that is not going to offend me.
Words are only symbols and if that is the form of expression that needs to be released then so be it.
This has been a powerful year for me.
A lot of extremes and something that I know I have been preparing for throughout my life.
I will think back on the year 2018 as the year the world, and everything in it, died for me.
I do not speak English any longer, so be careful what you make of that statement.
It seems I cannot be in a group of people, or even one on one, and communicate.
We have no common ground, even though we may use the same symbols and language.
It takes listening with one’s heart and eyes and ears to the Spirit to communicate truly.
Most have no desire to take the time for such “Nonsense”.
Do this page will be my platform for my testimony and my work.
I heard it said once that work is love in action and I like to think of what I do in that way.
I did finish a book this year.
Saving Christ; It’s in the Cards
I even sent a book proposal to a publisher, but my journey sucked the heart of me right out from under me and I had no emotional strength left to promote it.
Nonetheless, I will continue as long as I have breath left in this shell.
I hope to complete another by Christmas.
I am not concerned overly about the editing and that may offend some.
I know it is not in my best interest as a marketer of my own goods.
But that is not my objective; the making of a buck that evaporates and needs to be replenished.
My objective is to save a life.
One life.
A life of which we all are a part and to which we all owe all our existence and our devotion.
My faith fits in no singular religion and has components of most of the major religions of which I am aware.
I study continually.
It has become a lifestyle for me.
There is no show I watch or conversation I have or walk I take that does not teach me of eternal principles and the perceptions of humanity and God.
I have another story that must be told of how I got to this place on the other side of the world.
Really the focus will be why, in hindsight, I believe I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as Mormons) at 27 years of age and why at 62 I have no place there.
To these things do I commit my life.
As a mother of six live births and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I do not take on this lifestyle without some uncomfortableness.
I have great compassion and empathy for their circumstances and, while the world would offer me many roads that appear to be of more help to them, I cannot in good conscience veer from the path that I believe the Holy Spirit prepared me for and leads me on.
Like others who have chosen to serve the whole rather than individuals I have no doubt that plenty of derogatory attitudes and statements will come my way.
But as long as the angels sustain me and I have worth here in this shell, I will be about My Father’s Work and will rely on His sustaining Hand.
My gifts are primarily in the kinesthetic and cognoscente realm, with occasional audio that frightened me.
So I am not a seeker of signs and my philosophies and understandings come with a lot of prayer and pondering.
I have learned to trust the witness of the Holy Spirit as my guiding light.
To me sight alone is illusive, whereas the feelings of spirit are true guides.
I am aware that my religious and personal history will be distasteful to some.
My language and my willingness to read Tarot cards, for instant, will turn off many others.
My goal is not to find a demographic I fit in, though I know very well that if I would define an audience I would have a better chance of getting my message out.
I believe it will either be churches or colleges.
Perhaps I would be more suited to the realm of what it looks like when somebody goes off the deep end or takes their faith too seriously.
You know, sort of an example of the “religiously insane”.
It matters not the labels, nor the duration of time I am given.
I know that I know what I know and that it serves you, me, and God to share it by whatever means I am able to.
Everything has already been resolved.
We just have to do our part to wake up to it and then share that witness with others so their path may be lightened and lighter.
I plan to prepare a routine weekly program that may be counted on now that I feel I have a bit more stability in my life emotionally.
I can only do my best and that is what I commit to.
Tsunami’s hit all of us if we live long enough and sometimes that is the norm.
I am talking about emotional tsunami’s.
The more I understand about life the more I believe that it is the norm.
(I do recognize that some of us have physical tsunami’s or horrific criminal tsunami’s. My personal journey has been more on the emotional side so it is to that I will primarily speak.)
I also believe that we have taken on the task voluntarily and that we have the tools, aids, and guides to see to our task.
The body and all of its trappings are the camouflage that we must get through to achieve our divine calling.
It is often referred to as the ego.
This word ego, like God, have some really strong meanings in the minds of those who hear them, but I would ask you to breath and make a space where the Spirit may teach you what I am trying to share, rather than jumping to conclusions and dismissing what I have to share.
There are subtleties that Spirit longs to share with us if we are only willing to give Him a chance.
May God’s will be done and we be able to weather the storm that will kick up as together we endeavor to gently waken the sleeping Christ.
Universal Reading
For the week of December 2 through December 9, 2018.
Archangel Power Tarot Cards by R. V.
Knight of Ariel
There is a lot of work to do, just deal with it.
The details will give us focus and will reveal the plan, each has their part.
We are watched over by the Holy Spirit with benevolence and confidence in our success.
19 The Sun
Life is wonderful!
We thrive through the power of our minds uniting.
We each have the power to inspire success in one another!
Look for, and be aware of
Eight of Ariel
Take pride in doing excellent work!
Perfect practice changes unrewarding habits.
There is always something new to learn.
Keep your eyes and heart open to the possibilities!
King of Gabriel
Keep your eyes on the big picture.
See your experience with the eye of hindsight and magnify your understanding.
Let it inspire the motivation that comes from genuine concern for others.
Personal leadership is expected and wanted.
Do not be afraid of your own creativity or opinions of others.
They may well be looking to you.
20 New Beginnings
Starting a new life.
It begins with you and your choice of perspective.
A forgiving and compassionate review of personal and world past is required to move forward.
This is your moment.
You have been prepared (and preparing) for this very time.
We know there is work and we have a guide.
Take heart, there is joy and the valiant traveler walks in it.
Take pride in excellent skills of observation and assessment, being open to opportunities to grow as directed by your own inner voice.
Set your eyes on the big picture and do not be afraid to lead by directing your own life and thoughts.
You have been prepared for this very moment where the past no longer harms or holds you and possibilities are endless.

Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~

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