There was a young man with a orange wrapping talking about smiles and not worrying. I have looked at this instruction from a lot of directions and I have tried to implement it at various times of my life.

These are some comments that I had thought to put on that post but I want to make it clear that ALL GOOD has its place and should be respected and given thanks for.

So instead, I thought I would put the post here and send out the energy that way.

I wish that the results of a SMILE where always good.
I have learned that deceit can lie behind the smile.
Betrayal. It can hide the one who has sold his soul for the illusions of the world.
As a woman I know that a smile can give others, men and women the wrong impression.
It can give the impression that you are to be used by them to fulfill their fantasies and delusions.
For some of us a smile upon our face is like an invitation for someone to knock it off our faces.
As any child in the presence of unhappy adults can attest to.
Smile has lost its savor for me while we roam in the sphere of mental illusion we are so fond of.
Yet truly one day the Child will be able to smile and The Father will be allowed to show forth His love.
Where will the discoveries come from if we turn away from that which offends and only offer a smile? Jesus said pray for those who spitefully use you. This keeps us aware and, at the same time, hopeful.

Now, I am not against smiling. I am just saying that we ought not to teach it as an end all be all. And let us respect people’s experiences. Sometimes things just hurt. That does not mean they have lost all hope. I wonder if we would not ease the challenges of the world if we were to let people be where they are emotionally? Understanding that Christ is the creator of this world helps us to lay it at His feet and forgive that which simply could not be as well.

We are so loved! This is my witness!

Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~

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