I wanted to do a universal reading for the Christ Consciousness to see where we are and in hopes of giving comfort to a fearful world. This is who I am today, in my heart. May someone hear it who cares and is willing to look beyond the illusion.

5 Card Spread by Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter
1st Restating the Situation
This card questions our means of communication. Who have you felt prompted to contact?
(Curiously, my studies this day found me committing to one form of communication above all others. I posted my notes from my studies below the reading. It speaks of the ultimate attraction of The Father to The Son and how the Holy Instant reveals it and so much more.)

2nd Personal Ego
This card invites you to reach out in love. May I suggest to reach out in remembrance of the love of The Father for the Son? Which is present when you look in the mirror or anywhere else.

3rd United Christ Ego (Christ’s Consciousness, if you will)
This is a reminder that all things change. (In this place of Mystery and Illusion.) It is the unchangeable that we want to seek if we would stand on solid ground wherever we may be. This card suggests changes for the better. Thus, a good omen for the Whole, which how could it be otherwise, for God is in charge.

4th Messages from the Guides, Higher Self, Master’s, (for me it’s Jesus)
The Hawk
Messages to be delivered to aid us in our quest. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to receive what is being delivered. Perhaps in our quest for “The Age of Benevolence”, meaning kindness among those who make up The Body of Christ, which is all of us and has nothing to do with “accepting Jesus” in the traditional sense, but would include him in The Whole Body of Christ.
*Caveat here; I do accept the teaching of Jesus. I just no longer accept them in the same way they are traditionally taught. And I do see him as the first to walk here on earth and accept the love that The Father offers The Son. He is my Lord, my Brother, my Friend.

5th Messages from the Divine Whole or Ultimate Outcome
The Wind Faery
Our thoughts and words create our reality. This card also invites intellectual analysis. Where do our thoughts travel? Are they negative or in remembrance of the Love of God for His Son?
By the Holy Spirit we will be gently led back into full remembrance. This is something we can speed up by being an active participant in.
Choice is always present. How we view our situation or the situation of the neighbors, the country, or the world is always up to the individual. You are an important part of the whole. Do not deny or give that up.
Give thanks for being able to remember the Father’s Love for His Son and Forgive the Son for his confusion. We are heading into a beautiful place. God Speed and Blessings for us all!

URTEXT Study Notes *The notes preceded by an asterixis are mine, not from the text.

URTEXT pg 315
Beyond the poor attraction of the special love relationship (*This especially speaks to the romantic partner, but it includes all other relationships as well that we would feel has “special” meaning.), and ALWAYS obscured by it, is the powerful attraction of the Father for His Son. (*This refers to God, The Father and His Son, Christ, which together, with Jesus, we are.)

There is no OTHER love that can satisfy you, because there IS no other love. (*To deny this love is to block love in all of our relationships. Outside of this the EGO seeks special relationships for what it believes will bring personal gain.)

This is the ONLY love that is fully given, AND FULLY RETURNED.

Being complete, it asks nothing. Being wholly pure, everyone joined in it HAS everything.

It is impossible for the ego to enter into any relationship without anger,
for the ego believes that ANGER MAKES FRIENDS. This is NOT its statement, but it IS its purpose.

For the ego REALLY BELIEVES that it can get, and KEEP, by MAKING GUILTY. This is its ONE attraction.

An attraction so weak, that it would have no hold at all, except that NO ONE RECOGNIZES IT.

For the ego always SEEMS to attract through love, and has no attraction at all to anyone who perceives that IT ATTRACKS THROUGH GUILT. (*This gives me more understanding about the “clicks” and the feeling of not fitting in. What is going on is that if we are not willing to yield to the guilt format we will be excluded and shunned.)

The sick attraction of guilt MUST be recognized FOR WHAT IT IS.

For, having been made REAL to you, it is essential to look at it clearly,
and, by withdrawing your INVESTMENT in it, to LEARN TO LET IT GO.

No-one would choose to let go what he believes has value.

Yet the attraction of guilt has value to you ONLY because you have NOT looked at what it IS, and have judged it as valuable COMPLETELY in the dark.

As we bring it to light, your ONLY question will be why it was you EVER WANTED it.

You have NOTHING to lose by looking open-eyed at this, for ugliness such as this belongs not in your holy mind.

The host of God CAN have no REAL investment here.


God Bless


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