A ghost in an environment that flows around me. This is how I feel.

I stand here as one identity and watch an incredible dance of life, destructive life, all around. It seeped into my consciousness a bit at a time. I had thought maybe it was only our family. Turns out that the same oddities that I observed in my home of origin are occurring in the world in a multitude of scenarios. People, hurting inside, striking out at others or themselves and allowing others to abuse them.

I believe that this is the cause of mental health issues and I do not believe it is an isolated or occasional thing. I believe we all live there and we have moments of ease perhaps, but I truly do believe that we are the ghosts that are haunting a reality that does not exist.

The connectedness that we long for will not be recognized until Christ is recognized in one another. The diversity of interests, talents and experiences is so great today that we will need to find that which hold in common if we want our society to function as a whole.

That commonality is The Christ that is each of us. Acknowledging him in ourselves and others will allow us to overcome the pettiness of envy and strife and give us a reason, a united front of protection. Protection from the negativity and self-abuse that Christ feels capable of and punishable for.

He is perfect, he is worthy, he is innocent for only God and His Love have any claim to truth. He is you and me united. The monstrous caricatures that we have made of ourselves and the ways that we hide from and shun one another will melt away as we see Christ in one another and respect the fact that we are One.


As Children of God, we have an inheritance and a place that cannot be usurped.

We have forgotten this and instead buy into the idea that we have fallen.

That in itself is our fall.

This belief that it is possible to step outside of God’s grace or His will.

Guilt and shame cause us to attack one another and ourselves.

We are living lives given by Christ so we could have experience that He/we desired.

Yes, and we will learn.

But this is not the meaning of life. It is the meaning of the illusion.

The meaning of true life is to bear witness of the Love of God for His Son.

I have had the privilege since I was a young child to live in the presence of God’s Love. I am not saying others have not had this privilege, for indeed, I believe that we all come from that place and we see it or refuse to see it according to the plan we have established before we became flesh and blood.

Either way, I hold it as a life-saving privilege and believe it envokes our sense of gratitude, even if we do not acknowledge God’s existence.

This is an assignment that we have all had. Acknowledging God’s love for His Son.

We will each tend to it. Granted some will be sooner and some later.

All will come to understand, and The Son will not truly waken, till the last one does.


The two extremes above allow for us to share.

It forces us to go inside to survive. To find our own inner strength.

It allows us to recognize the self in the other.

We think aloneness is sorrowful because we think we are separate.

This is the cause of all human suffering.

In time we will all come to understand and time will lose its meaning.


Till next time, Namaste~

God bless us every One!


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