2007, that is when I noticed the attention of an older man at the singles group I attended. His attention was special and loving. He was a warm, big-hearted family man, whose loving wife had passed several years before. We had chats and visits through email and on the phone. He touched my heart in a special way.

A family is something that seemed to have alluded me and yet, in my conversations with him, I felt so welcome and cared for. I told him so. And it was not just fatherly affection or friendship on his part. I know the signs of a man who has a physical/romantic interest in me. I even wrote a special poem for him. One of the few romantic poems I have ever written. He backed off when I shared it of course.

He would not bring himself to acknowledge what we had, not even on a visit some 2 years later when we kneeled across the temple altar for the proxy marriage ceremony. I sensed a lot of things that day as well, but we never discussed the previous affection. It seems that friends we would remain even though the conversation was no longer to be enjoyed.

Ten years later and a few weeks ago he crossed my mind in a casual thought, not once, but two or three times. Out of the blue it seemed.

And then, just a day or two after my return to South Dakota I saw an email from a source that I am no longer attached to. It was the announcement of a funeral for this dear person. I was startled but I did not look further at the email that evening, though I saved it with a star.

The next morning I went to locate it and it was gone. I thought maybe I had not saved it after all and looked in the trash, but it was not there.

I know that those on the other side have access to electrical energies and computers. I was not supposed to have gotten that email but I believe he wanted me to know where he was and that he was nearby if I should need him.

This understanding was whispered to me in the language of knowing that I have come to recognize as the Holy Spirit. And I do feel my friend close by and I feel the comfort that I felt so long ago in his company.

It gives me comfort and assurance at this time in my life to know that I can be aware of these things and that I can know by the power of The Spirit within me that I am on the path that I am supposed to be on according to God’s design.

I double checked for his obituary online and it was there. I was on the road back to the Midwest when he passed over. The timing, the meaning, and the reminder of; who he is and what we were is sweet and precious to me.

The signs of those on the other side are all around us. And they want to make their presence known. It is a joy and great privilege to be aware of these things and the special people that have been in my life that seem to have left but are ever so close.

These kinds of things have been prophesied of and need to be embraced and celebrated.

Till next time, Namaste~

God Bless Us Each and Every ONE

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