The Energy of the World Is Powerful Right Now

I just want to hunker down and breathe.

It is powerful, and there is a part of me that just wants to go into hibernation, as far as the world goes, and stay in my witness that God is in charge.

Little things have been going amiss here at home. I had a couple of deaths in family and what felt like family. But I am not allowed to mourn with others. Then again, mourning really is a singular occupation because we each process it differently.

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Self-maintenance has been my lifestyle.

I know serving, and I enjoy it, but I find that self-care is what is required of me lately.

And that will be enough.

To hold steady in my witness of the atonement in a world that seems so distraught is valuable in and of itself.

Forgiving the hysteria and confusion that we find ourselves in and grateful for those who reach out to lift our communities and spirits.

I want to follow the prompting to send a cheerful note to a lady that I know is shut in at a care center and not able to have the regular visits of her son.

Following those promptings allows us to lift others and ourselves at the same time.

Here is the belated reflection that I did for this past week (19th-25th) and what I learned:

Once we understand the atonement ourselves, we want to understand each other so that we can help clear away their feelings of unworthiness of the joy being offered by the universe.

That is the offering that I extend to you as I write my posts.

We do this as we live our lives as fully as possible following the promptings of the Spirit within us.

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We each have individual and specific gifts for the time that we live in. We can choose not to use them or recognize them, but we each have them.

To stand in the witness of the atonement and forgive the error of separation and all the consequences that come from that error is huge and is enough to change the world.

Beyond this there is something that each of us has that can be offered to the world. It may be something that looks solely like self care. If it is done with the witness that we are all one. Can that be a bad thing?

Some of the greatest talents that have ever been have been outliers. People willing to do what they do because of an inner drive, not for show or wages or recognition.

Follow your inner guide and embrace the magic of whoever you are in this incarnation because you bless us ALL when you do.

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Time was given by God to humanity to clear up the error of separation and betrayal, and to clear the consequential guilt, because none of it is possible.

Time will disappear in the way that we look at it today, as we step into the atonement and embrace the miracle of forgiveness found within it.

The atonement truly erases all sorrows and offenses, past and future, because it dwells only in love.

Guilt creates the fear that locks us into a state of future and gives us a past that we fear we will be punished for.

Remove guilt through the atonement and you live in an eternal NOW.

That is the only way to heal what is wrong with society, anything else is only a bandage that will need to be replaced over and over because it cannot heal what ails our souls.

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As you bash others, you bash yourself. And vice versa. Yet, we do not bash anything other than the monsters our egos believe we have created in our fearful state. Uplift others and you uplift yourself.

I know, you can say “but what about so and so who did such and such”?

That, you want to let go of.

Now, I know you have to live in the world, and while others demand to live from the ego, you will need to keep a safe physical and psychological distance.

Yet, while doing so, you are able to stand in the witness of the truth of the atonement and know that they are loved and a part of yourself whatever their ego manifestations may be.

You can also stand in assurance that there will come a time when they realize the atonement as well and will be able to stand beside you in that witness.

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Do not let what you see define what you believe!

You have an inner witness of truth and Wholeness. Lean into that. Let it comfort you and bring you peace.

This is my hope and prayer for you, in the name of Jesus, for Christ’s sake, amen.

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