Reflections November 16-22, 2020 It Feels Like the Eye of the Storm

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

This Week Feels Like It May Be The Eye of the Storm

But at least I can write again. One step at a time.

Now, you all know that I am just doing what I have to, to stay afloat in this world that is getting curious-er by the moment, right?

I can only write what my heart feels at the time and I do my best to make it uplifting and see that it is done with the integrity of the Spirit within me.

It is going to sound different to you because everybody lives in their own world that they have created in their minds.

Because of that we should not take it lightly when we are able to interact with others in a positive light. That is something that we need to give thanks for, imho.

Thank you for spending a few moments for reflection with me.

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This is the reading from November 8th to the 15th.

Everything at once, all is NOW! Any action releasing His Story impacts NOW!

Forgiveness will release so many things.

If you can release the need for vengeance, revenge, blame, shame, and all the rest that weighs us down you have given yourself and the rest of the world a great gift.

You do have to accept where others are and be mindful of that.

If they are trapped in those negative things we just want to love them from a safe distance.

Remember the past like a comedy show, or a horror show if that is what it was, but do your best to see it for the illusion that it is in the construct of a mind gone delirious because it believes it has left its source of strength.

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Because that is what our lives are at the moment as we believe that we have fallen or separated from God.

I sometimes find myself talking in the voice of the other person to have the outcome I desire. I let it flow and there is always the concept that they appreciate what I am trying to do on some level. What happens is that it lets the emotion that I am struggling with calm down.

Writing, nature, visualizations, these all can help as we let our hearts know that we are in a safe and loving place. Use the tools that come to mind and do not be afraid to ask your angels to recommend some.

Though PTSD will not leave in this existence (at least not permanently) that is a good thing because it alerts us to our error of the belief in separation and that is how we want to see it. The Atonement is what makes it bearable.

It can serve as a reminder that God would not leave us in a place of sorrow or distress.

Wait, what am I saying there?

I am saying that we could see sadness as a gift and we could express it and share it in that way, if we were standing in the Atonement where we know we are all One and that God has not forsaken or forgotten us because we have left Him.

This will not mean you do not have challenges. It means you will not be overwhelmed by them and that they will lift quicker.

It is similar to how the sting of death is not quite so bitter when you know that you cannot die. Your body will complete its mission but you continue on. (Not as a ghost, as a fully functional consciousness to create further experiences.)

Thinking of sorrow or stress and its reprecussions as a gift may seem like a kick in the backside if you are having nightmares from a tragic incident but I assure you that from the place of the Atonement this would be a real possibility. It gives you something to hold onto when the whole world caves in.

I would think that seeing PTSD as the gift that it is would certainly give the people who understand Law of Attraction and Oneness a way to honor their witness in the world of suffering as well as those that they interact with that do not have those understandings as yet.

And for those who do not understand and say that you should get over it or shove it off, that is not for them to decide. Your path is yours alone and others do not have a right or reason to question it.

You are not separate. Bash another, you bash yourself. Lift another you lift yourself.

Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it?

I find myself putting myself down, especially as a mother of adult children.

Let’s see, how many flaws do I have?

Sometimes it is a bit unrealistic and sometimes you just have to say “Yes, I was a lousy mom.” There is a difference between stating a fact and beating yourself up about it or anythings else.

Own up to your personal weaknesses.

We all have them.

And then have a good belly laugh! Hahahahaha!

And give yourself a hug!

Now, remember to do that for others that push your buttons and mess with your head. ❤

You can use the things that you are learning to give all of creation a different perspective on life.


Now would be a good time to write that book that you have been putting off.

Somewhere in the cosmos there is someone who needs to hear about life from your perspective.

Seriously, and one of the most important people just might be you.

You would be surprised at what writing a book can do.

There is a sense of accomplishment.

There is also an incredible amount of inner growth that comes from putting in written form what is swirling around in your mind.

And do not be surprised if it does not open the door to a new side of you.

You will grow and develop at a super-warp speed if you commit to journaling or finding a way to put down your deepest thoughts.

Do not worry about making lots of money from it, though, I suppose that can still be done in the world. However you choose to do it, just get to it! You will be glad that you did!

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Could 2020 be the year of the explosion of the written word?

PS If it fits, use it. If it doesn’t that’s cool! Whatever you do be kind to yourself!

So glad you joined me!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now!

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons·5 min read

To exit “The Matrix”, we have to let go of the story of our lives, and history. “See” their impossibility, and acknowledge At-One-Meant. The Atonement Is NOW.

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