62 Urtext of ACIM pg 44 and 45 You ARE Able to Hear the Voice of God

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments *.

3.Another type of distortion is seen in the fear of or desire for “spirit” possession.

The term “spirit” is profoundly debased in this context, but it DOES entail a recognition that the body is not enough, and investing it with magic will not work.

Jesus acknowledges that “spirit” is a significant something, but that this reference of “spirit” possession is demeaning to what it truly is.

Jesus notes that the request shows an understanding that the body itself is not who we are and that the “tricks” i.e. magic that we do with our thinking will not make it so.

Spirit is “unseen” by human eyes typically and does not have a solid form. Though it is possible that it has weight because the difference between a dying body and the body of one after the spirit has a measurable difference.

I, personally, am not so quick to accept that this “spirit” being that we have after the mortal dies is our true self either. Because what manifest-able (such as the weight that shifts after death) is not real, but only part of this dream or delusional place we have for a time.

It is not something that disturbs my testimony in the present. I know that my true essence has “being” with that which is real.

This recognition ACCEPTS the fact that neither 1) nor 2) is sufficient, but, precisely BECAUSE it does not limit fear so narrowly, it is more likely to produce greater fear in its own right.

This reminds me of the “spookiness” we sense about things that we cannot see or understand with our physical senses.

It may be the secondary off-shoot of not believing we are in God.

Endowing the Spirit with human possessiveness is a more INCLUSIVE error than 1) or 2), and a step somewhat further away from the “Right Mind.”

Yes, a secondary step, as I stated.

The Spirit, written in this form. With a capital as in a proper noun, would be the Holy Spirit.

As Jesus says, to suggest that the Holy Spirit has human possessiveness is silly in the extreme.

What would God need to be possessive about when He has all that there is?

Well, that is what we are doing to ourselves as well.

But then again, we are the Children and God IS God, the Father.

Projection is also more likely to occur, with vacillations between grandiosity and fear.

Projections is finding the fault of our circumstance, to be outside of our own imaginings.

Now, do not misunderstand this. In the illusion the attacks will come, because we have believed it is possible to be out of the presence of God.

Jesus is saying that we vacillate between thinking ourselves beyond God’s reach to being afraid of His imagined wrath.

“Religion” in a distorted sense, is also more likely to occur in this kind of error, because the idea of a “spirit” is introduced, though fallaciously, while it is excluded from 1) and 2).

The “spirit” that religion speaks of is not real, in that, it is not an essence of the body or possessions. Therefore it tends to keep God in His place and humanity, and the rest of creation, in another place.

God IS, that is all that there is. So there is no place that He is not present, except in the delusional thoughts of the Son.

Witchcraft is thus particularly apt to be associated with 3), because of the much greater investment in magic.

Number three was “spirit” possession, which uses the imagination of both the sender and the receiver to produce the magic.

It should be noted that 1) involves only the body, and 2) involves an attempt to
associate things with human attributes.

Jesus said that two was seeking to transfer the desire to possess a person to the ability to possess things.

The human attribute given here is because of the false belief that the body can be possessed in the first place.

He is basically saying that neither the body, nor items can be possessed.

The point is you simply are and you have all that you need or desire within your ability to beacon it, once you accept that you are, indeed, the Son of God.

Three, on the other hand, is a more serious level confusion, because it endows the Spirit with EVIL attributes.

Here we are talking about the Holy Spirit, and this is our direct connection to the Father.

This means that we are giving God, evil attributes or characteristics.

This accounts both for the religious zeal of its proponents, and the aversion (or fear) of its opponents.

We have basically created a “monster” out of our creator and, truly, out of ourselves.

Both attitudes stem from the same false belief.

This is NOT what the Bible means by “possessed of the Holy Spirit.”

Possessed of the Holy Spirit, is to be attuned to or open to the inspiration and instruction of the still small voice that is within each of us.

This voice is our connection to Father, He is able to see all that we are, as well as who everyone else is.

He is different from Jesus. Even Jesus listens to the Holy Spirit. It was an important teaching at the time he was on the earth, in that form.

It still is today, as shown by our Urtext ACIM.

It is interesting to note that even those who DID understand that could nevertheless EXPRESS their understanding inappropriately.

He will explain exactly how, next.

The concept of “speaking in many tongues” was originally an injunction to communicate to everyone in his own language, or his own level.

Remember how the Holy Spirit speaks to each of us in his own language, and according to our personal experiences?

Jesus does this as well, as we have seen with Helen and Bill.

From what I have seen, all those beyond the veil do the same, though they do attempt to get the channel to “see” beyond their current understanding.

It hardly meant to speak in a way that NOBODY can understand.

Oh, my goodness! It is true, I went to such a church when I was in my teens.

It is easy to get caught up in the “magic” and “emotion” of the moment as you hope that you will be delivered from the pains you have been through, or receive a connection with Divinity.

This strange error occurs when people DO understand the need for Universal communication, but have contaminated it with possession fallacies.

Amen. We want to have that connection, and it is there just waiting to be acknowledged. Once you do acknowledge Him though.

Those still in the illusion of separation think you are rude, crazy, or “too big for your britches”.

“Little Miss Goody Two Shoes”, is how the world looks at you.

“You are to be beaten down and put in your place!”

“For none can know the will of God!”

And, trust me, if they cannot take you down, they will take your children down.

Such has been my experience, anyway.

So they claim, but it is not true!

The fear engendered by this misconception leads to a conflicted state in which communication IS attempted, but the fear is allayed by making the communication incomprehensible.

Jesus is doing so well in communicating to Helen and Bill what I have witnessed for a lifetime.

Sadly, it is not something that either of them had really participated in. Helen was a Jewish Atheist and Bill an agnostic.

Did Jesus know that someday someone would read this that knew what he was speaking of?

I believe he did. Or if he did not, the Holy Spirit did and that is why Jesus was prompted to speak of it.

Bill and Helen were interested in the ability of those outside of the physical realm to be able to speak to those here, obviously, since Helen was doing so.

Ken coming into the mix was hardly any wiser in spiritual things.

He mocked Helen’s comments and notes, instead of pondering them in his heart and trying to understand what Spirit was trying to get them to understand.

I am thinking specifically of the time Judith spoke of Helen saying that there would be special things that year.

Everyone thought and hoped it would be reconciliation between Helen and Bill.

It turned out to be the fireworks at a holiday celebration.

The Holy Spirit first needs to be heard, and then He must be “listened to”, so that the understanding of what He is communicating grows within you.

Then you develop a desire to listen to nothing else but Him. Of this, I testify.

It could also be said that the fear induced selfishness, or regression, because
incomprehensible communication is hardly a worthy offering from one Son of God to another.

So instead of coming closer to God and one another, they were joined only by the belief in a false witness that speaking in the gibberish of “tongues” makes you more spiritual and worthy than others.

Apparently, the world has yet to understand the witness of the Holy Spirit.

I am going to do everything within my power to bear witness of Him/It.

You know, I am not sure which it is.

A personage without a body, or an umbilical cord connecting us to the mind of God. It matters not, to me, either way.

I know that voice and I honor it, to the best of my ability.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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