Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. Jesus was the first thought of Christ. That may make him the god of this world.

I am serious and listen for a moment before you think you know what I am saying.

First thought (or manifestation in spirit form) in a space/place that is based on the Law of ATTRACTION.

Yep, I mean just that. The first one of us to really have exposure to this protocol.

He would have designed the world as he understood it.

As first thought, he had the error in his craw. In other words, he had the concept that the Son of God could be separate from the Father.

In this, like any good big brother would do, he thought it, made himself the hero of the program and instituted the “will of Christ”, that being a scenario where the Son had parted from the Father.

Paul tells us Jesus is “the author and finisher of our faith” in Hebrews 12:2. Jesus states that he “IS the Atonement” within the first 50 pages of Urtext, ACIM.

Somewhere in the subconscious of humanity is both a glitch and the remedy to the suffering we experience in this time/space delirium.

I personally think that there may be 143,999 of us who agreed to help him correct this situation. As a part of God, we could have multiplied ourselves, however many times was needful. This is not beyond my ability to believe. And that may be where the 144,000 that will get into heaven come in the Jehovah Witness philosophy. I do not know, this is just something that I sort of play with. I looked into the religion for about six months when I was fifteen or so. 🙂

That number and the idea they have about holidays always stayed with me. I like being in a state of celebration ALL THE TIME.

I do not like having days that create obligations that I feel “guilty for” if I am not prepared the way I want to be, and make people “feel bad” about, if they do not get to participate or get as much as the next person.

I think it opens the door for manipulation, and we know how commercialized things can get!

Today, I have my nativities out all year around and decorate only lightly through the season.

Whatever brings you joy or makes you feel happy, gifted, and loved ought to be in your awareness all the time.

I do not shun them entirely, and I have more fun with them, now that I do not feel like I am competing with anyone.

At the same time, remember that these things are only symbols of the magnificence that you truly are as a Child (and eternal part) of God.

Bottom line, what does it mean if Jesus IS the god of this world?

It means that the only way out of what is not pleasant is HIS WAY, the Atonement.

In the Urtext ACIM he teaches us that this is the undoing of the error.

In others words, knowing that what we have made in this world, that is not of love, is reflection of the error and not real.

We can each stand in the joy, love, and witness of the Atonement TODAY.

We cannot do it for another, but as we do it for ourselves we can light the remembrance of this truth for others.

You cannot force it, and do not think it has not been done if you cannot see it.

Jesus has the reigns when it comes to when a person is ready to receive the Atonement, partly because he knows when that person has completed the things he agreed to that will help others get to that place as well.

Jesus must be acknowledged, not as a religion, but by all religions because he is the “god of this world”. The first one to step into the confusion.

As such he needs to be forgiven and thanked, at the same time, as well as welcomed into the fold and body of Christ, as part of the WHOLE.

Christ, again, in this context, has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the energy or aura or persona of the extension of that which IS, and without which nothing else will ever BE in truth.

2. Shove off guilt, shame, and embarrassment. You do not have to save others or subject yourself to abuse or debasement of any sort.

That’s it. Bottom line. Treat yourself with respect and do not “mingle” with those who make you feel “less than” in any way.

Do not fall for how wonderful they are according to their perception. Listen to your own heart and inner voice. You will not be misled.

Now, be courteous to others, just do not be a mat they can wipe their feet on.

3. Remember the first error and see others who “mess up” as not understanding that. This will allow you to forgive them for the impossible with no problem.

What was the first error?

It was that the Son of God could offend or separate from His Father.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” from the preface of A Course In Miracles.

4. Everything is happening NOW.

You are solid and real because God made you.

However, what humanity has made in the spirit world or in the physical world is not.

This includes all the confusion that Jesus, the god of this world, allowed to be here.

It will be corrected and honored in love once humanity and all of creation have received the Atonement; the undoing of the error.

Your future and your past are still yours to manipulate.

You can see your history as Christ’s Original Confusion Manifested and your future as blessed, with your Power and Perspective Manifested here in the Moment.

All is healed in the Atonement.


Jesus, as first thought of Christ, may just be “the god of this world”. And he will show us where the “exit” is.

Guilt, shame, and embarrassment have no place in a Child of God. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

The idea that the Son of God could offend or separate from the Father was the “first error”.

Everything happens in this MOMENT; all is NOW. Be the Atonement NOW.

Join Jesus in the Atonement and welcome others by extending the same forgiveness you have received.

We got this people! The world is blessed!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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