*I apologize for the length of this entry. There was overlap in the corrections and instructions of Jesus and I did not want to separate it. Approx. 4500 words. I think I stretched my post to the maximum and it scrunched up some spots, but I do believe you will find it readable. I hope this serves you.
20. Miracles are an industrial necessity.
*Bearing mind that what is being spoken of here is within the illusion. Yet I suspect, that Jesus is referring to something that is perhaps a bit more real.

Industry depends on cooperation, and cooperation depends on miracles. (see page 8)

*Cooperation. Being a loner myself, I stand and literally live by the works of thousands of others. Cooperation alludes me. I rarely understood the instructions or desires of others and I often had a different vision of how to achieve the results they had in mind. I could obtain a goal, but the route I would take could perplex someone till after the fact.

*Of course, collective cooperation into truth would need the miracle of a united mind of the Whole Consciousness of humanity. I suspect the multitude of miracles would have an extending effect as shown in the next few words.

Miracles are cobwebs of iron.

*This did not get into the future editions of ACIM. I will not be noting everything that did not get into future editions. I just happened to look this up in the 1985 edition and it was not there, unless I missed it. Point is, that Jesus and Helen where two strong personalities learning to synchronize their understanding of symbols and language.

*Helen was sort of embarrassed by the first part of the book, but to me, it makes it all the more plausible or possible.

*Looking at this statement I took it to suggest the web of connection that we have as a whole in the consciousness of the Son. Jesus will discuss it further.

They unite human frailty to the strength of God. (see page 7)

*They would need to refer to the cobwebs, since iron would not be a plural. I love this statement, “They unite human frailty to the strength of God. That analogy resonates very beautifully with me and the way that I envision miracles connecting and strengthening humanity, fragile piece, by fragile piece. (The see page 7 and 8 -above, are not something we have privy to but obviously mark a portion of the manuscript or its shorthand notes.)

(add for 21. HS considered changing “iron” to “steel”. Correction: No. Steel would not be a better word. Steel is very useful but it would have to be tempered by fire. Iron is the raw material. The point of miracles is that they replace fire, thus making it unnecessary.)

*Here is a lovely example of clarification and cooperation between Jesus and Helen, his scribe. He brings in point #22 and after clarifying that, he goes on to reflect back on the imagery of #21 as they have it so far.

22. Miracles are natural expressions of total forgiveness.

*Bear in mind total forgiveness is not something that humanity takes to naturally. So that is not what he is saying. Clearly it is that miracles are natural expressions of total forgiveness.
Through miracles, man accepts God’s forgiveness by extending it to others.

*This seems to answer two question(s). #1 How does man receive God’s forgiveness and #2 What is the usefulness of forgiveness to humanity. Again, we are still sorting out words and understandings. Further into the course we understand that God has no need to forgive, because no error truly took place. For the moment though, Jesus is speaking to Helen where she is and has a means to understand, even if it will need to be tweaked later.

The second step is inherent in the first, because light cannot tolerate darkness.

*The second step would be “the extension to others”. And this part, my friends, leads me to wonder if true forgiveness has been extended or received as yet. Because it would bring the light that would end the need of time. Here we would recognize that forgiveness or acceptance of light will not be forced on anyone, so there is a place in the united consciousness where, at least the appearance of two realities seem to exist, light and dark.

*The miracle and awakening, as I understand it, is realizing there really is only light and sharing that, which could be looked at as God’s forgiveness (at least temporarily), will remove all darkness eventually.
Light dispels darkness automatically, by definition.

*Hence the seeming duality, as long as darkness exists.

pg. 16

*I suspect it could have been meant as EXPLANATION/INSTRUCTIONS

Miracles are associated with fear only because of the fallacy that darkness can hide.

*This is that false duality noted. Darkness, too, is often what is referred to as sin.
Man believes that what he cannot see does not exist, and his physical eyes cannot see in the dark.

*Sounds like a child who covers his eyes and declares, “You can’t find me.”`
This is a very primitive solution, and has led to a denial of the spiritual eye, which always depends on light.

*Whoa, the spiritual eye gives us reference to that which is felt rather than seen with the human eye. This would give us insight, as well, to the “form of light” that Jesus is referring to. This reminds me of when Jesus “He who has eyes, let him see.”

Remember the Biblical injunction: “May I never forget that THINE eye is ever upon me, beholding the evil and the good.”

*Again, Jesus is speaking to her from a duality, which he discounts later in the course, and immediately in the Workbook.

There are two stages, one lower and one higher, which are involved in the escape from darkness: 1) the recognition that darkness CANNOT hide. This usually does entail fear.

*The lower stage recognizes that darkness cannot hide. The first step to over-coming darkness.

2) The recognition that there is nothing you WANT to hide, even if you could. This brings escape from fear.

*The higher stage or second understanding is … there is nothing you want to hide, even if you could. Both stages require a cognitive understanding.
Corrections re pt. 21 cobwebs of iron “This is upside down as stated. The part about ‘uniting human frailty with the strength of God’ is all right, but the explanation stops too soon.

*Here Jesus is reviewing that previous analogy.

If iron is the ‘raw material’, cobwebs can’t become the iron.

*I did not visualize cobwebs becoming iron, rather cobwebs made of iron. This may also be a good example of channel-er and channel-ee having a discussion with oneself.

That is only the way it seems, because cobwebs are associated with the frailty & iron with strength.

*Do you get a sense of the ease and comfortableness that Helen has with Jesus? Miracle expose the “raw material” that make us up and reveals our connectedness which the cobwebs suggest. Yet the metaphorical understanding of cobwebs being frail is large with Helen at this time.

If you look carefully at the phrasing, you will see it is reversed (one point already tells you that miracles reverse the physical or lower order laws.)

*And reveals that strength is the place we come from.

The raw material, iron, is heavy but crude, & stands for the body, which is a crude creation.

*This begins to put a whole new spin on the metaphor, with iron having an unsatisfactory standing.

The cobweb concept is closer to how the body should be regarded, i.e., as an airy & temporary home, which can just be blown away with a slight breeze.

*This same metaphor can express the temporariness of the body.

21. The point should read “A miracle reawakens the awareness that the spirit, and not the body, is the altar of Truth.

*Here, the entire wording is changed and it can be found as #20 in the 1985 edition. This shows the effort that was necessary for Helen and Jesus to take to learn to speak to one another and it could reflect on why listening is so important when we speak to others, so that we get the correct meaning.

*It could also be used as a guide to the study of any written word in the reflection of various meanings and leaving the mind open to the influence of the Holy Spirit to confirm its meaning or application for you at any given time.

This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle.”

*This being the awareness that the spirit, not the body, is the altar of Truth. Understanding a new paradigm, i. e. “the recognition that leads to”, gives us the miracle from where we stand now, even though it truly only reveals what always actually has been.

22a. A miracle rearranges the order of perception, and places the levels in their true perspective.

*Wow, chills. Bottom line there is only God, and nothing is separate from Him. We have forgotten this and have created a menagerie of levels or understandings that do nothing but confuse us and frustrate us to the point where we do not even look at what we are doing to ourselves or where we truly are.

This heals at all levels, because all sickness comes from confusing the levels.

*Clear enough. Ultimately we find there is only one level and that is in God.

(Tell B. about the idea (which is still to dim to HS) that the reason is not that you (plural) distantiate, doubt, or cannot believe. It is more of a reaction formation against a pull which you both recognize is so intense that you are afraid that you will be uprooted.

*These dear people, Helen and Bill, where very practical and professional. They knew the knowledge and norms of the day and had maneuvered them very well, as shown by their prestigious positions in the college. What a challenge they faced, as they were given the psychological tools that would take them, from an insane process of making confusing nonsense out of a non-sensical world to the clarity that defined the divinity of all humanity and all of creation! I suspect that the word uprooted could be exchanged with driven completely mad. And for doctors of psychology, this was not a light matter.

But remember that a cobweb is really stronger than the iron, if you see it properly.

*The cobweb being the truth that there is no division among humanity and no separation of humanity from God or Source or whatever you want to call the creator of all that IS.

This fear is also why you couldn’t get the point straight.)

*I can respect this. I suspect that most of us will need to cross that line if you will.
By the way, it is not true that you are both just scribes.

*Key word in this sentence is JUST.

You might remember that the Scribes were very wise and holy man and are even sometimes spelled with a capital S.

*Scribes. Jesus knows his scriptures and holy writ.

If you want to go further, you might change the meaning of ‘just’ from ‘merely’ to ‘honest’, a term used in the Bible in association with ‘might’ or ‘strength.’

*Look at that definition! Honest to be looked at as with might or strength. Love it!

Tell B. you couldn’t make that pun if the original phrasing had been singular.

*The flow of the concepts that Helen received were given to her in her own thoughts but derived from another source, Jesus. Pun again is signifying the ability to joke around with Jesus. Both Helen and Bill were scribes as she recorded the info in a modified Gregg Shorthand, which she read to Bill, who typed it as she transcribed her notes. In truth, you and I depend on them being “honest” scribes, with both integrity and strength and courage to bring forth this work for us.

(HS aside about liking / ???assumption failure more.)

*She is teasing Jesus, showing us a bit of her personality. What she had assumed was in error, had been her thoughts and she liked it more. Teehee. That they were “just” scribes and not as important to the work as Jesus was.

Answer: It was cuter, but this one MEANS more.

*Can you feel the affection and familiarity in his answer. It was cuter, (able to give one a chuckle), but this one MEANS more. Jesus is so willing to work with us where we are, yet he will not neglect his objective of giving us every tool we are willing to receive to meet our objectives.

The REAL reason you don’t like it is because it refers to you in a very lofty position. 

*Busted! He is acknowledging her embarrassment at being a part of this at all.

This makes you nervous.)

*Sweet. How Jesus knows us and empathizes!

-pg. 17-
Correction: And don’t lose sight of the emphasis on cooperation, or the NOT SINGULAR.
*The fact that Helen and Bill were to work on this together was, I believe, very important to recognize. Jesus needed both of them to work together to bring this about. Curiously, that is the very thing that brought them to this assignment; lack of cooperation.
That point about “industrial necessity” should read “corporate”, referring to the body of Christ which is a way of referring to the Church.
*I suspect that this is referring to “20. Miracles are an industrial necessity. Industry depends on cooperation, and cooperation depends on miracles.”
*Jesus defines it as the church or body of Christ. I think a more realistic way to refer to it would be to acknowledge the Christ Consciousness or the united psyche of humanity. The other words suggest a religious organization to current accepted meanings, and the Course itself states it is not a religious organization. Rather, it suggests all of humanity are a part of this being. That being without dogma or labels.
It is literally the workings of the united psyche of humanity.
*Another example of the communication process and journey that Jesus and she and Bill are on.
But the Church of God is only the sum of the souls he created, which IS the corporate body of Christ.
*This is the total of persons that Christ sent out of himself. It incorporates all of humanity and again, does not mean a religious society.
*Corporate suggesting that we are one group.

Correct to read: “A Miracle makes souls one in God, and leave in the next part about cooperation.”
*This challenge that Jesus is having in communicating exactly what he wants to convey reminds me of NDE’s and their witness of the telepathic way we communicate where there is no confusion and ideas are shared, complete and whole, without needing to use words, which are just symbols and can create confusion between two parties.
Further Correction: “God” should read “ Christ”.
*Like in scripture study it is confusing for God is acknowledged as Christ, as likewise, you and I are included with the same pronoun, even though that makes many uncomfortable or outright angry, it does signify the truth that only God IS.
*For the purposes of linear time and humanities general understanding at the moment, it is interesting to note that Christ is to be used in this statement. “A Miracle makes souls one in God,”, A Miracle makes souls one in Christ.
*After allowing the identity of the individual to be recognized, this is the next solidarity humanity needs to recognize. That united we are THE CHRIST. Jesus is stating here that the Miracle brings that to the awareness of the individuals that make up Christ.
The Father and the Son are not identical, but you CAN say “Like Father, LIKE Son.”
*Not identical, but “Like Father, LIKE Son.” This, by reason, extends to each of us as part of The Son. Just as an oak seed grows into an oak tree. We are a part of the original.
(Remind B. to get another notebk. I don’t give up as easily as HE does. If I cld. get YOU to listen, which was a miracle in itself, I can get him to register. He should appreciate this more than anyone else, having had some trouble with this problem himself.)
*A personal note for Bill. Note Jesus patience and maybe witness of Bill’s impatience. Do you hear the respect and familiarity with which Jesus speaks to Helen? “If I cld. get YOU to listen, which was a miracle in itself, I can get him to register.”
*Register definition: register with. register something with someone or something. to record the existence of something with someone or something. This is what Bill’s assignment was, to record the existence of something or bear witness.
 “Lord heal me” is the only legitimate prayer.
*Note that this is not the only legitimate communication with the Divine, because Jesus had told us to wake up and say “Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.” See Page 13 of URTEXT. Could it not be another way of saying the same thing?
This also means “Lord atone for me,” because the only thing man should pray for is forgiveness. He HAS everything else.
*Humanity has everything. “Lord atone for me,” this does not mean Jesus, it means Christ. Now I may be saying something contrary to other teachings here, but this is what I understand. This is the verbiage that got Jesus in trouble with the religious leaders of his day. It is simply a matter of the confusion of the pronouns. For we are, in fact, individuals within a single identity. Christ.
*Note here that forgiveness is the only thing needed. And forgiveness for what, our great sins of existence? NO. Forgiveness for forgetting or believing we have separated from God. We have everything because we are (of) God’s own being.
Now take this personally, and listen to Divine logic: If, when you have been forgiven, you have everything else, and If you have been forgiven Then you have everything else.
*I suspect that the personal relationship and oneness that Jesus feels with the Whole of Christ, makes it nearly impossible for him to speak of Him as separate.
*Also, his note of “take this personally” shows Jesus’ ability to read the hearts of humanity. Their witness to themselves, which would be received by the Holy Spirit, who is the deliverer of all true communication, was vital to them receiving the Course, and having it witnessed.
This happens to be the simplest of all propositions.

*Proposition is a statement or assertion that expresses a judgment or opinion. He would give her scientific/analytical mind, an equation.

IF P then Q
P Therefore, Q
The real question is, is P true.

*I am going to be so bold as to give the meaning to P and maybe Q as well.
*P = God, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.
*Q = We are of, in essence, are God. With the same will, attributes, and powers.
*The real question is, is God and HIS omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence true.

If you will review the evidence, I think you will find this inescapable.

*Can this be disputed? God is or is not. And if HE IS, then we are OF HIM.

I went on very personal record to this effect, and I am the only completely True Witness for God.

*I would love to have Jesus tell us more about this. His connection to the closest entity or energy that is source or God was as close as any had ever had in all time. This may also have been a bit of what Helen saw as bravado in Jesus. His life was certainly given entirely to the expression that God, he was and God, he is. In fact, he hung upon the cross for this expression and the jealousy that it aroused in those of his day.

*This is also what humans, in their current state of understanding have such limited ability to “get”. It is the Miracle and the Forgiveness that allow the human psyche to receive it.

*What gets forgotten, in my opinion, by those who currently teach ACIM is that until all have this witness within them we will still be playing out the roles that Christ gave us of personal suffering and scarcity. These personas that we contracted to do, will not be released until all have received the Miracle and acknowledge the Forgiveness.

*This is what we could teach the next generation and those that are here about the world they live in. So instead of focusing on goals of achievement, focus would be on extending awareness of Forgiveness.

You have very right to examine MY credentials—in fact, I urge you to do so.

*Jesus respects her reservations.

You haven’t read the Bible in years.

*He also knows her and what she knows of him. He shows acceptance of this, yet they are able to work together. This may have been important to their particular work given their individual personalities and eccentricities individually. By “they” I mean Jesus, Helen, and Bill.

Special Explanatory Note: As soon as you (H & B) have entered the second phase, you will be not only willing to enter into communion, but will also understand peace and joy.

*Did they come into this level while in the flesh for more than moments at a time? Is it something that they are still learning about on the other side? Will the second phase be when we all accept the reality of what we are?

Your commitment is not yet total.

*Commitment to the course, commitment to Jesus, commitment to working together on this? Each of these were strong components on this work that would take seven years to complete.
That is why you still have more to learn than to teach.

*There is a learning curve to all new, and even newly remembered, information.

When your equilibrium stabilizes, you can teach AS MUCH as you learn.

*Ah, I can relate to this. It is why when I found ACIM I had to take a two year sabbatical from teaching online. As you incorporate an insight it becomes second nature, like riding a bike or driving a car. It then becomes automatic and a part of you. You also move within that sphere of behavior or understanding as if it were a part of you, you have confidence.

This will give you the proper sense of balance.

*i. e. it will become more comfortable.

Meanwhile, remember that NO EFFORT IS WASTED.


Unless you remember this, you cannot avail yourself of MY efforts, which are limitless.

*WHOA, and here is a wonderful description of our potential relationship with Jesus.
We have the ability to utilize the efforts that Jesus has been making on our behalf throughout his existence. Let me tell you that I believe beyond a doubt that he has given the most on our behalf. I believe this because I believe that he was the first of the thoughts of Christ. He was the first of the thoughts of The Son. He is the first of the 144,000. He had the closest relationship/connection/communication with the Head of the Matrix, Christ. So as we make an EFFORT, Jesus meets us because we are then “on the same page”.

(Have a good day.)

*Jesus had a personal and amiable relationship with Helen and Bill. Maybe it was like we do in customer service today. “This has been grumpy, but you have a good day okay?” Maybe a bit of both?

Since only eternity is real, why not use the illusion of time constructively?

*This place we call time is not real, it holds the trauma The Son thinks it is possible to place on himself. Jesus knows this and asks us to step up in faith. Faith is believing what cannot be seen. In faith we may make the effort to meet Jesus half way in pulling ourselves out of this. The Holy Spirit will guide us, as we will allow him to.

You might remember that “underneath are the Everlasting Arms.”

*Deuteronomy 33:27 (from looking on Google the quote)
King James Bible. The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them. Christian Standard Bible. The God of old is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

*Jesus is reminding her of her Jewish heritage and perhaps an oft referred to scripture. Another way of asking her to trust him.
BIBLICAL QUOTATION: “ If you are ashamed of me before men, I will ashamed of you before God.”

*I suspect that this is a further plea to get her to cooperate with him. It does not appear she was just a blind accomplice in ACIM.

*King James Version Luke 9:26 – For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and [in his] Father’s, and of the holy angels. Matthew 10:32-33 – Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

(HS ? of misquote.) is interpreted as a threat ONLY as long you remain in the first step. (see bottom of p. 6 for steps.)

*If Helen was able to recognize a possible misquote, she must have been at least familiar with the New Testament. At any rate, this was not going to work with Helen.
What it REALLY means is that if you are ashamed of me (or embarrassed by love), you will project and therefore make it impossible for me to reach you.

*Jesus share the true meaning or intent. If we are embarrassed by love, we will project and separate ourselves from him or at least seem to.

*Online dictionary: VERB (*I took the closest meaning. Look at the synonyms.) estimate or forecast (something) on the basis of present trends. “spending was projected at $72 million” synonyms: forecast · predict · estimate · calculate · gauge · reckon · expect

*My example of the kind of projection that stops Jesus from being able to help us. = “There is no hope for the world.” Or “No one will care anyway.”

*I would add assume to the synonyms. And we know what that makes, haha, an ass out of u and me. Hehe. I am sure you get the point.

Make every effort you can NOT to do this.

*Obviously if we project a negative outcome or even an unrealistic positive one where we deny the suffering all around us, we stunt our growth.

I will help you as much as you will let me.

*This I have seen in so many places throughout my life. The divine can only give us what we are willing to receive. Help will not be forced on us. If you do not allow your mind to be open to receiving complete answers, you will not get them. You will only get what you are willing to receive. Let that sink in, please.

Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~
If you have any questions or comments, as long as they allow us all to have freedom to interpretation, please share. Thank you.

Click to access acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

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