Multiple Part, Personal Message, Part One

I feel impressed to do something a little different today.

I am going to do the Universal Reading, but I am also going to share a personal reading and a bit of a NDE (near death experience) that I just read because it calls to me in such an incredible way.

Here is the NDE link:
I do not know why it is so long. They are not usually.

This NDE is not my story, but June’s words struck me powerfully as I reflect on where my thoughts have been this past week and I do not believe in coincidences.

I will let you read the whole record; it is powerful. Recorded here are the quotes that hit me so powerfully. I gratefully acknowledge © 1998-2019 NDERF, Jody Long & Jeffrey Long, MD. All Rights Reserved. for all their work and dedication.

This event happened, to June, in 2006. This is the same year that my world crumbled on all sides and in every way, accept for my health. In 2018 the bit of what was left of the world, I had thought I was in, crumbled. Out of the ashes great things come. 🙂

*This next sentence was what I grabbed ahold of me first. I am just fine with being on my own, but I sense the isolation more now than I ever have. I have no desire to mingle with the so called “living” in their delusions, I am very happy alone, because I know it is not real. At the same time I know that I am here to do something significant, whether others agree, or understand, or not.

June said, “I understand my strength and my willingness to always do what I feel in my heart to be correct no matter the compromise or sorrow it may cause me, even if it leaves me isolated.”

She went on and I relate to this so much:

“I am consumed with the feeling of love and that it is something I am destined to do but the relief of being here is so enticing. I become aware of the sense that I will return again sooner than I realize and the compromise I make now will be worth the sacrifice of this unexplainable moment. I have a knowing that going back is a determination I made for myself long before now. I feel profound sadness as I consciously decide to go back to my miserable life.”

*The “unexplainable moment” she speaks of may be this life that seems so long to us at times.

June continues:

“I feel a loving send-off and the sense that these presences are giving me a sort of inspiration that I can accomplish what I am supposed to alone. I feel that I can do it. A knowing that I chose to do this already and that I didn’t finish. The presences’ give me a strong feeling of validation and that I will remember that even if I am alone, they will be waiting for me when I complete the mission. They fill me with love and encouragement as I consciously agree that it won’t take too long and I’ll be back. I accept that I must return to the ambulance not because I want to but because I am obligated to for some purpose.”

*Remember, in reality we cannot be alone, any more than we can be separate from God. It is only in this world created to allow Christ to manifest how he messed up, does separation seem possible. I do include the spirit world with this statement as well, for even in spirit while connected to this world we think there is some form of separation from the Father of Christ. And yes, I know the love the NDE’s speak of, but I believe there is something even greater that Christ will wake up to and we will all be with him, because we are of him, to be embraced by Eternal Father.

*The time element of the spirit world is spoken of here, as is the concept of time in this physical plane.

*What struck me with force was that this witness speaks of something that I believe is true and that is that this world is required to run a certain course. Yes, there is free will, most of which was given when we agreed to come here. And there is some variance that we have here, but we also agreed to angel companions to keep us on track in case we try to drift too far to our agreed role.

*If you agreed to a troubled life, angels will help you stay on track, likewise for a more simple life, etc.. Just as she got to be with someone she had loved for many years, but it did not work out. That was not what she had agreed to, though she would be with him for a time. (You have to read her story to get this part fully maybe.) We cannot blame others for what we are living. We agreed to it beforehand and it definitely has a purpose.

*Then I went back in review and read this, which was just above that first sentence that grabbed me. This was powerful.

“I feel a sense that it is a choice I am free to make. I allow myself to drift in the vortex with a sense of pushing the boundary to the event horizon. I become aware of the knowledge that I am a warrior, of sorts, a Being meant to make others uncomfortable and assist in a needed change but a feeling of needing the answer. I don’t know what I am supposed to do or how.

*A warrior, of sorts! A Being meant to make others uncomfortable! Do you ever feel like that? I know I do.

*Two parts here are really important. 1. “I allow myself to drift in the vortex”, this being, where we are in the world, in a place separated from that place of eternity and true being. Drifting suggesting what we have started to understand, which is none of us really know what we are doing here.

*2. “a sense of pushing the boundary to the event horizon.” In other words, our personal discontent with the way things are in world has an influence that is 3. creating something that will be occurring. It reminds me of labor pains as the child is preparing to be born.  To assist in the needed change.

*Do you feel isolated? Like you are being polarized with everything and you find greater comfort in being alone than you do in the company of others? You are not alone in this feeling. It is being talked about in many circles that I see online.

*Can I be so bold as to suggest that this is exactly what we signed up for and that if we just chill and let it roll. Do not get caught up in the emotions of guilt or what else can I do. Give out good vibes where you can and just breath and let things be otherwise. If it means you are isolated, that’s okay, do not think that this is an unacceptable thing. Remember what June said:

“I understand my strength and my willingness to always do what I feel in my heart to be correct no matter the compromise or sorrow it may cause me, even if it leaves me isolated.”

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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