When I question if I am in the right place and did I follow the Spirit’s direction I simply need to look out my window at the three trees, double my arm-width, that stand as sentinels and give me courage.
My feet step in the soft, plush grasses behind the small parking lot and I feel the breeze and admire the well-kept garden in the back of a neighbor’s blending grey 2-story that says, “We are near but not in your back pocket” I feel comforted.
I am still getting my bearings in my new apartment. I have been without a permanent residence since the end of March and I have to admit there is something about stability that allows one’s shoulders to relax just a bit.
The emotional toll that the events of those months have left is yet to be understood. Northwestern USA has an attitude all its own or does the Midwest have the same attitudes, just in different guises? Then there was being made aware of “family” members whom I had not heard from for 50 years and putting my own children, grandchildren, and myself through an emotional ride none of us was expecting.
I have chosen to take an early retirement so that I may focus fully on the work that I feel so impressed to do. My writing and testifying of Christ as I know Him, the Holy Trinity and what that means in the world that we function in here in the flesh and beyond.
Some may think I am “sitting on my laurels” but they would be wrong. I am a self-starter and a writer. I write to learn and understand the world around me. I read ravenously.
And what a crazy world it is! I believe there are answers to our questions and I believe they are found in The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.
I did a card reading shortly after moving in that gives me courage. I hope to continue my weekly  universal readings now that I am in one place. I do not wish to read for individuals online because I do not feel that is not my calling and there are so many who do this so well. I prefer to stay focused on reading for the Christ Consciousness that is the whole of us. I sincerely hope to see “the shift” in my lifetime.
My reading is from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.
It was done, by me, for me when I moved in, however I believe it is appropriate view it as a universal reading as well.
First card/the situation is The Novice….how true, as new-be’s in the world of recognizing the Christ in ourselves and in others we will be taught and get stronger as we allow ourselves to be teachable. Where is the teaching? Everywhere. Books, conversations, media, the point is to listen to the master teacher (the Spirit) and allow His teachings to take place in your heart and mind. Sometimes it has to sit a bit before the information is clear or certain. No worries, it will come and soon we will be novices no longer.
Second card/ the personal ego is The Cow…I love this one because it reminds us that we are cared for and nurtured and our physical needs will be taken care of. This reminds us to do our part in “tilling the soil” and understanding what it is that we really want also.
Third card/the Whole Christ Consciousness ego is Birth-Rebirth..we, as a race are preparing for a transition the likes of which has not been seen since the beginning of time. New life, new projects, a new way of looking at things, we got this! (It can feel like a pain but it is sooo worth it!)
Fourth card/from the Guides is The Mystery…Life is not understandable a lot of the time. Its okay, there is a plan. You have been given the tools you need. You cannot do it wrong. Just remember the joy along the way. Be humble and things will be shown to you. Do not be afraid to look behind and see how far you have come. A journal is a great tool for this.
Fifth card/Source guidance &/or probable outcome is Trust…Trust that things are happening the way they are meant to…getting caught in the traffic today may have prevented you from having an accident, not getting that job may mean something much better is around the corner….do not let the fear of what-if take possession of you. You came and you are meant to have joy, whatever the circumstances, so look for it and trust that you signed up for this. Remember, you have angels willing to assist if you will give them a call. Do not be too shy to ask.
You will note a change up-coming. I have always been aware of names and the events of this past spring have been so significant for me that I will be putting my book up not under Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter, but as Debra Yvonne. I will be writing more about each of those names, so keep an eye out.
Till next time,
God bless us Every ONE

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