A Book Begun September 27, 2017 completed March 14, 2018


By Debi Simmons
Debra Yvonne Simmons
Deb, Debbie, Debra
Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

Copy write. No portion of this intellectual work may be copied without the express, written permission from its creator.



To each member of the Christ Consciousness and “All That Is”.

I believe there is a path we agreed to before we got here. The Christ Conscience and our ego agreed to this journey prior to our experiencing it in the flesh. That said I know that we are not defined by that path. We can stay in it and accept it “as if ” that is what we are. And it may seem as if it never ends. This is not true, however, because we are of God, as is everything else.
The place of the confused ego is one of lack and decay; of have’s and have-nots. We have so much more power in our lives than we understand. Our ability to endure and to grow is incredible. Sadly, our ability “to seem” to cause ourselves harm is great as well.
The astrology chart gives you a sort of map that can show you who you are and give you ideas for how to use your natural gifts to best fulfil what your heart desires, as well as what some of your challenges may be. Even this does not define us truly. It only suggests possibilities because of this particular life and moment.
The length of our fingers and the size of our nose, while giving some identification for understanding the role that we took on here at this time, does not define who we intrinsically are. No demographic or circumstance can do this. We are Children of God, as a Whole we are The Son, and multiple possibilities of existence without God. Our consciousness is one of many that make up The Son or Creation (which is currently in an illusion or state of fabrication or untruth).
My study of A Course In Miracles, after a lifetime of study as a Christian (including 27 years as a non-denominational Christian and thirty years as a Mormon), has led me to understand that we may have just been very confused about who is our Father and who is our Grandfather.
Love is of our Grandfather, as well as being what we are and all that we are able to truly create. The Son got confused and thought He had offended His Father. So as The Son continued the process of creation we took on the parental attributes of feeling sinful and worthy of death (along with any other amount or form of torture we were capable of receiving). We have both the opportunity for joy in reality and hardship in the temporary state of illusion we find ourselves in.
Let me give an example of what I mean. While helping my eight-year-old granddaughter get ready for school she got upset with her puppy because he did not show affection in exactly the way she wanted him to. She huffed and puffed as she got ready to go and I said that she had the chance right then to decide if she was going to take anger with her into the rest of her day. I pointed out that she could choose love if she wanted to. It would be her gift to herself for the puppy would be happy come what may. She had gone clear to the car and shut the door, while I waited by the front door to her home. Suddenly she opened the car door and shouted, “Wait, I want to say goodbye!” Hugs and kisses were given, even putting a special play toy in the kennel, she went to school in a cheerful state. One where she would walk in peace and not in grumpiness stubbing her toe on every nuisance that crossed her path.
Sadly, she does not carry that into every moment of her life. However, as Gramma, I allowed her a witness of the gift of knowing how to nurture herself, regardless of what is going on outside of herself. This is what I wish to offer you. A reason to create a place where we are generous with others so that the universe might pour generosity back on your/our plate.

My message is simple. Perhaps, so simple it will not be easily heard.
You may not see the world the way I do.
Or you may have those persons, situations, or societal attitudes that you have decided are responsible for the insanity or that at least bring it about. That is all right.
I do hope that you will hear me out and at least give my perspective a chance.
I offer it only as a possibility, worth serious consideration.
To greater understanding for us all!


My Disclaimer

I believe that tending to the welfare of humanity is the greatest work that one can be about and this is my objective.
I may be crazy as a loon and just trying to find another way to hide from the pain of loss and PTSD that this world brings us.
I leave it to you to decide for yourself, my peace remains either way. Namaste~

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