We Are The Christ, We Are the Salvation of The Son

There is no other way to look at the doctrine of Christianity than this.

We are not separated, we are a whole.

We cannot be isolated, no matter how alone we may feel.

Ego is threatened by the coming of Christ.

Each ego believes in separation and death. There is neither.

The misunderstood use of the pronoun “I” by Jesus has left the world in confusion for 2,000 years.

Christ is the only one worthy of the word “I”.

Christ is the Whole of Us, not the singular.

When we use it, we use it correctly for “I am the Christ” is a statement of truth for each of us.

Yes, each and everyone.

We are reflections, components of, parts of, manifestations of, a bewildered Christ.

We are a whole. The ego in its confusion will attempt to convince us of our singularity.

The confusion of Christ at how He could “Be” and not have offended God is the core of the confusion humankind has about its identity. This is the basis of all attack of self or of the supposed other.

Yet all that we do (yes, our thoughts create our actions and our actions affect the Whole), all that we are is part of The Christ.

I, you, it, the, an, a, each and every pronoun and article represents a portion of The Son.

In time, all will come to understand this.

When each does, time, as we understand it will end and only true “Being” will be.

All learning is healing of The Self, even in the contrast.

In time, there will be no more learning and only knowing.

The Christ in me greets the Christ in you, Namaste~

Till next time, God Bless!


Michael Jackson’s We Are The World kept running through my mind as I wrote this and during the review of it the day after when I published it.

I watched the halftime at the Superbowl that year and saw the children who gathered to participate.

Mankind thinks expansively and outside of himself. I sense a call to go inward and find the truth.

What I present is a synopsis of my study and observation at this time with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as my Chief Guides.


Twitter users, I can no longer put anything on my account except for these entries. I will leave it stand (meaning my Twitter account under Christa-Ann Godsdaughter). I am considering opening another account under the name of Debra Yvonne. It is part of my birth name and carries great significance for me. May Spirit guide the way.

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