I have been immersed in discovery for the past several months. From before my daughter’s death when I found A Course In Miracles and beyond as I read all of the archives of Channeling Erik. During this time I continued my study of the standard works and my personal devotions. When we live by discernment and guidance of the Holy Ghost it is important that we remember that there are those who profess to be what they are not. Some do so knowingly and others innocently or so they think. It is very important to me that what I am studying is God’s truth and what he would have me understand at this time. I need the witness that I am doing that which is pleasing to the Lord. That is my goal and my desire, my hope and my trust. If I listen I can tell when things are veering off too far from where they need to be.

I knew from the beginning that Channeling Erik had things to teach me but that its fullness was not something that I wanted to embrace at all. Course language comes from fighting against the pricks…to use an ancient metaphor…the pricks being those pieces of lumber placed in proximity of the oxen’s feet to keep them working in unison. To brush against it would be painful, thus the analogy that we do not have to have pain. Being Erik is swearing and his mother reinforces that part of him which I think is sad. In spite of the language I felt compelled to read what she had on her blog and I did and I hope to do a commentary on it because I believe it is very important.

Right now I want to focus on where we may be led and how important it is to have the Holy Ghost with you and to listen with your heart and ear tuned to the word of God. There is the concept that we have been taught to learn of all cultures and we are to bring it all into the church of our Lord, are we not? What is good anyway? I believe in these principles and I believe that we will be taught things that we need to testify of in the name of our Lord according to our fore ordination. There are, also, scriptures that tell us that blessed are those who wait on the Lord. I am taking this to mean to serve him as well as to wait on His timing. I believe that this counsel applies here and that we need to be careful what we are checking out His will and that we go with full armor on:

  • the helmet of salvation
  • the breastplate of righteousness
  • loins girt about with truth,
  • sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God
  • feet shod with preparation of the gospel of peace
  • praying always (See Ephesians 6:11-18)

There is much to be aware of in all of God’s creations and after death, I do believe that much of it may be accessible simply for the asking, but what we need now is to be sure it fits the criteria of what our mission on earth is all about. Our mission does not encompass all of creation. It is very specific to our time, place, and circumstance both individually and collectively where we find ourselves. In our day of internet information the temptation to go beyond the mark is very pronounced. To stretch is wise, it brings growth, but to overstretch can bring injury to our physical being and at the minimum distraction from what we were sent here to do.

One needs to ask oneself, who do they (meaning self and those whose opinions and information I am studying) follow…self or God? Remember that personally, to follow God is to wait on the witness of the Holy Ghost and be directed by it at all times; to heed rapidly His counsel when we recognize it. It means to desire that guidance.

To be near my adult children and the grand children I am living near many who do not follow the teachings of the church that I so love and it is not easy. It has been helpful for me to discover at a greater depth what the meaning of forgiveness is and I am grateful for that. I stayed at a distance with my family as they chose to follow the ways of the world for quite some time to allow them their agency, but their children look to me for answers and respite and I will be there where I am allowed to be. I cannot support taking on bad habits to get them to accept me. Instead I look for ways that they will allow me to serve them. In our experiences and our studies in the world, these types of decisions will come upon us, each and everyone of us.

Here is where we make the decision to serve God or to serve mammon, or the world, or each other, or ourselves. This is a choice we make regularly. And grateful I am that each moment brings the opportunity to renew that decision because here is where the muscles of our spiritual character is formed and created by none other than ourselves. I believe that we are literally creating the life we will yet have. The life that lies beyond any karma, where we will receive our perfected bodies and our eternal opportunities.

I have chosen to not see the blog entries of Channeling Erik for a time to get me unhooked from the stories and personal journeys of others that pull me away from my purpose. I have also chosen to listen to that which lifts me and enlightens me in the counsel of the Brethren whom the Lord has placed over his church. I truly believe it is the Lord’s church and I seek to honor the council of Jesus Christ to the best of my ability. I wish with all my heart to follow the plan that the Lord and I established for my life here on earth. I do not wish to reach beyond. I find comfort and safety in knowing that the Lord is looking out for me and that there are laws and boundaries placed on those who seek to go beyond the mark and I wish to live close to his guidance.

That having been said freedom still demands that I do need to address the life I have been given and come to terms with it within the witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be sharing an update of what I am studying at the moment and why.

Till then, God Bless, In Jesus Name, Namaste


Please note that this blog is not a “follow me” kind of blog, rather it is the recording of one woman’s journey and a witness that hopefully gives others courage to be true to their inner voice and seek for higher ground and understanding in this world that wants us to believe that we are bodies alone or spirits alone when the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly states that we are immortal beings by the grace of Christ and that we will have a resurrected body united with an eternal spirit in God’s own due time. This is the gospel that I understand and that I seek to live in accordance to. (Though a member of The Church of Jesus Christ I am not speaking on behalf of the church or how they teach. I speak on of my own testimony and life experiences and sustain the leaders of the church as authorities for the Lord’s church. – See lds.org for information on the church -)

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