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Religion Cannot Help But Divide

God IS and nothing else is able to defy Him because He is all there is. Humanity has long-held beliefs that plague it and perpetuate confusion. So much so that we believe in general that freedom is anarchy and would create devastation. We will eventually need to look at what we are doing to ourselves. It could be done sooner than later but sadly, … Read More Religion Cannot Help But Divide

Border Fiasco; How I Believe Jesus Looks At It

Humanity will use whatever means it can to feed off of itself. Debra (Debi) Yvonne SimmonsJust now·2 min read If this is what the Consciousness of Humanity needs to happen to understand that healing and oneness are found one person and heart at a time and not by forced “unity” in form, then so be it. Christ awareness is coming, and if we must … Read More Border Fiasco; How I Believe Jesus Looks At It

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