Religion Cannot Help But Divide

God IS and nothing else is able to defy Him because He is all there is.

Humanity has long-held beliefs that plague it and perpetuate confusion. So much so that we believe in general that freedom is anarchy and would create devastation. We will eventually need to look at what we are doing to ourselves.

It could be done sooner than later but sadly, the human psyche needs to be at its wit’s end, having crushed all its desires before it will truly give God a place at the altar in the temple He built.

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Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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God IS and nothing else is able to defy Him because He is all there is.

Reading in early December from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! published 2019 with Balboa Press. Found on Amazon. Author Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons.

Does our language, and engagements with society, lift humanity and show that we believe in one another, or does it show that we feed off of one another to grow ourselves, IE the ego that is never satisfied?

As we grow into an understanding that the Atonement is something that is not optional for healthy living we will see the ego at work in people near and far.

I suspect that antisocial behaviors will become more obvious and the schmoozers will be seen through.

This can be very challenging for the sincere person who sees our oneness and potential in all people as children of God.

A relationship with the Holy Spirit is important because He allows you to see the Atonement on the other side of the disturbing behavior while giving you enough of a warning to be able to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Sometimes you will be led by the Spirit to assist but when doing so you will be aware of the risks and willing to take them because you know that the body is not who you are so if their behavior becomes an issue you still have “you” rather than becoming a victim struck without awareness.

You will understand that you are being led by Jesus and other ascended masters to help in the Universal Plan to return all minds to the recognition of God and His Loving presence.

A reminder of the basic components of the Atonement, using the framework of the Plan of Salvation that I used to support as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

  • First, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This cannot come without trusting that someone and something greater than yourself is aware of you and guiding you. I accepted this when I was four years old. It was just a “given”.
  • Why faith in Jesus? Because he is the part of the Sonship that has been the guide to the return to God, not to mention he is the first one to leave which is why he was the first to accept the Atonement and become the Atonement. We do as well.
  • Do you have to know his name and earthly story to understand this concept? No, there are many paths to this understanding but make no mistake Jesus is the energy behind the journey back to God.
  • Second, is not repentance but forgiveness of the belief that separation from God is possible. This includes forgiveness of all of the consequences of that belief. Sin is a product of a separated mind which is an impossibility. All extremes of the human condition such as criminal behavior, identified or not, and all conditions of physical distress including personal attacks, illness, war, and even death.
  • This does not mean that they are not felt as real and have consequences even into future generations. It means that it is possible to let go of attachment to the emotional charge of the behaviors when one understands the Atonement.
  • The third is not baptism for the remission of sins but an awareness that sin is an impossibility if God IS. Period. If God IS all that is then nothing is any different from that which Is. They are but extensions of themselves.
  • This brings about our awareness that we are all one, interconnected by the force, energy, or essence of our Creator. We call it Love but few have really understood what that has the potential to mean to humanity. Why? Because bodies were made to prove we are separate. If you look inside with an honest heart you will feel that is impossible. The earth itself and all that makes it up testify otherwise.
  • Fourth in the Church was laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I had this done. I did it by proxy for many who had already died. But I no longer believe that the Holy Ghost must be given. Accepted, yes. And if that was how it needed to be presented for a while because we were too stubborn to accept it any other way, that is fine. I will no longer accept the idea that any physical protocol is needed to unite us with God through the Holy Spirit. That is just a silly concept to me now.
  • The Holy Spirit speaks to anyone who is willing to listen. Not just to those who sit in a chair for the laying on of hands. I have no doubt about this and it is about time we stop teaching that to our children and setting ourselves apart. We are feeding the ego and teaching that actions of the body bring us to God and not the intentions of the heart.

We need to move out of dogma and into lifestyle and awareness of our divinity. It is time for the world and the Church to grow up and stop treating one another like infants, and ignorant. That was not Jesus’ intention.


We all have it. I think of addiction as a pull to anything that does not serve our true state which is perfection. It may be the ego’s answer to our natural connection and state of bliss and a way to keep us from returning to that.

Addiction feeds our belief in lack. It tells us that joy is not ours to experience.

Atonement is the answer because our fulfillment is not to be found outside of God and our witness that we are following His Will because it is ours and nothing else could be our will. It is an impossibility.

Even our sexuality is His Will and is best fulfilled in a witness of Him.

Otherwise, it is subject to being an addiction that does not fulfill our need and desire to connect but instead separates us, brings on a sense of entitlement, and easily turns to abuse.

The choice which is in the Now is able to erase the past and the future.

This will illuminate Time and ultimately will eliminate the need of space or the idea of a fixed form.

That can sound a bit spacey but consider that it is belief in separation that draws us to addictions and belief in the use of force to invite cooperation and integration with God’s Will. Rather than simply realizing that we are His Will.

To the addicted human mind that believes itself separated from God, this sounds like our death yet nothing could be further from the truth. It is, in fact, eternal life.

You are of Him, in Him, worthy of all that He is, innocent as a child and at this point still capable of making mistakes.

And that is OK! The Holy Spirit is patient and meets you where you are.

We are perfect already. We do not need to come to perfection. We just need to realize that we truly are.

The abusive behavior toward ourselves and from others will fade as the sense of lack subsides and we allow God, our Heavenly Father, and Creator to bless us with all that He Is.

That journey may look different to every one of us. But the end result will be the same. Wholeness, within ourself and amongst ourselves. This is the same “experience” that we all must have that Jesus teaches us about in A Course In Miracles.

Understand this truth and you will not take yourself so seriously. Or anyone else for that matter.

Do not be afraid to see one another.

We do this when we do not like something about ourselves or one another.

It has been said that the homeless are like invisible people.

Really anything that appears to divide us may be used for this purpose.

That is a form of denial that does not serve us.

Jesus teaches that the correct use of denial is to deny that all that is (which in its entirety is the Christ) could be anything but perfect.

That does not mean you do not see challenges or issues, rather, it gives you a view of everything from the perspective of Atonement and the perfection of the Son so that anything that appears to not be so will be addressed with generosity and firm conviction in their perfection rather than having sights on our imperfections and enhancing those.

It will be in Grace that you will stand as a child in the Atonement.

What this means is that God grants you your authority, your perfection, your wholeness.

It comes as a measure of your creation, from your Creator as He gives of Himself completely and is the standard of giving.

It is this form of giving completely of oneself that allows giving to be the same as receiving. This is my current understanding of what the will of God is. The complete extension of Himself that does not separate but extends Himself without end.

It has nothing to do with possessions or property, not even prestige and privilege. It has to do with being. Being in God, through God, of God, and recognizing that there are NO exceptions to this. Through having this understanding we extend that understanding to all without needing to say or do anything.

Understand Time

Time was developed as a result of the belief in separation. There became a time before and a time after separation from God. Time holds our fears and guilt. This is not of God.

It was not a union that Adam and Eve entered into when they left the Garden (or the metaphorical place of complete wholeness and innocence) but division and the agreement to continue to divide that which God created as Whole.

The children that came from that so-called union continued to perpetuate the belief in separation from God and created scenarios without number as evidence to that fact. This is what the symbolism of the Fall represents.

It ran contrary to the Law of Creation that God had started which is an extension of Self, not division.

Stepping into that desire of division is what needs correction and why we will have a smaller and smaller population as we realize that division outside of God is not possible.

The children of Adam and Eve seemed to be given perception which could be looked at as a choice to see things how they wanted to see them. This would involve judgment that does not belong to the Son but wholly to the Father and Creator.

This is the essence of the separation and it is a mental state, not a physical one.

It is in feeling ourselves separate from God and one another that we lose our identity rather than gain it.

That separation and ability to define things their way set up the “log-book” in time and creates a past or a history that is recorded according to perceptions. Keeping score and even creating Karma in some minds.

Those perceptions simply multiply according to how many participate so there is no way to get a clear understanding of anything at all that we believe has occurred because the very fact of it having occurred is due to someone having a perception of it. And not just one but many.

This is not the same thing as saying that nothing exists in fact it is quite the opposite and the only thing that is going to return reality to its proper state is to let go of our “histories of perceptual confusion” and see the Atonement where we know that we can only be as God created us, whole and innocent.

Doing this releases fear and guilt which is what brings about the future as we perceive that we deserve to be punished.

This is also why I have no regard or use for Karma and discourage its use in our thoughts because it cannot exist without judgment and that is not humanity’s jurisdiction.

The body is not your identity.

Your mental and emotional state are more “who you are” than the current body you occupy. When I say mental state I include not only the active part of you in the day-to-day but also the observer who watches what you do. Here is the place where we may unite with the Holy Spirit and find that peace that passes understanding as well as the joy and true sense of oneness, unity, and communion with all that is real.

Science has shown that the body you have today is not even the same body you had seven years ago.

The body may be used for communicating like a typewriter or a telephone, but they do not represent who you are as a child of God.

Do not be confused. This is why the sages suggest we go inside to find ourselves for this is where the choice to undo the separation from God exists. And this is where God has His temple and joins with us at His altar.

From the place of the Atonement, we may engage with the world and bring God’s Love into remembrance.

Religion will force you to comply with its dogma or be excluded. Which is basically an impossibility in any form or dynamic.

Everything is inclusive because everything Is God being within Him Mind alone as the One that is the Whole.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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