Universal Reading 17 – 23 February 2020 Have You Seen the Christ-Child Within?

From “Mama’s Christmas Carol”, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons. Please invite the Holy Spirit to interpret.

1. It is vital that you invite others to know themselves as a Child of God, by living that witness yourself.

In the Course In Miracles, Jesus says that we do this by knowing we are not separate from others (or from God). It is another way of saying that you are Christ.

2. The first mistake was Christ thinking He had separated from God.

Would we forgive Christ the error or thinking He had separated from God? Those who recognize His innocence, most certainly would.

3. Power-Hunger.

Behavior that is outrageously harmful in any individual, is a laser beam reflection of what the Christ Consciousness, as a Whole, needs to understand Christ is not capable of and quit expecting it.

I have to admit this is the part I do not have a real grasp of yet.

I spent a lifetime learning how to recognize the false mask of humanity and to realize they really are. Now I am to say that they can no longer be that falseness?!!

Better that while we are in the confusion, I recognize the Christ-confusion in all, and watch out for His attacks, than to be silly and say they do not exist at all.

I can do so knowing that I am in the care of Jesus; as is the other. And, I can know my origin is in God.

It is my suspicion that, if humanity would recognize each other as Christ, we could:

#1. Know that He will attack or entice an attack, because He believes He came here to suffer.

#2. We will be able to point out the error or mistake without needing to destroy the person or get revenge, if so directed by the Holy Spirit. Because we have already forgiven him.

#3. We can trust that the Holy Spirit will direct us all individually as we remove the masks and reveal the Christ within.

#4. We can be satisfied with being alone. Knowing that it is not possible, since we are all one.

#5. We can stand in the witness of our own power, according to how we are inspired by the Holy Spirit. This will help to take the darkness away from the eye’s of those who believe they are powerless and need to seek to exercise power over others.

4. There is no sense of trauma in the fullness of the Atonement because all trauma is known to be false.

There is, however, awareness of trauma in the Atonement because the Atonement is still a part of time.

It is viewed as a movie, with awareness, but no attachment.

That does not mean that you are not emotionally moved when you hear of or are involved in trauma in its many forms.

Standing in the Atonement allows us to witness the traumas in the world around us, and know that they cannot permanently harm us or anyone else.


Live in the Atonement to invite others to see the Atonement for themselves.

Forgive Christ for the original mistake of separation.

We have the ability to recognize the temptation of Power-Hunger in ourselves and in others. We can best counter it by knowing it for what it is; a cry from a Christ-Child who has forgotten his own divine power.

You are not your emotions. Let yourself feel what you feel; allowing it to peel off the layers of false identity connected to the rantings of a child who thinks it has betrayed its Father.

I understand these things may be difficult to accept at first glance. They come from my searching for truth in a false and confusing world. I leave this with you as a message to the Christ-Child within each of us, who longs to be re-united with His Father and does not know how to do so.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

56 Urtext of ACIM pg 40-41 Any Relationship You Undertake For Any Reason Becomes a Responsibility

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

(Specific question raised by WT re sex under existing conditions) (HS raised previous question about the past, which has just been answered.)

*I love how freely Helen and Bill were able to speak to one another. At least in the beginning.

The other question, however, I am more than willing to answer, because it is appropriate for NOW.

*It must have been emotionally charged what with NOW. And is this a clue that this was very private information, or was it very pertinent information? Pertinent to the understanding of ACIM.

You and B. both chose your present sex partners shamefully, and would have to atone for the lack of love which was involved in any case.

*I think that we want to be careful not to misread this. I know I have on several occasions. There was nothing shameful about the choice of their present sex partners. It was that they chose their partners from a place of shame. Thinking themselves lacking. There is a big difference in the two interpretations.

*Atone, bring to a place of oneness.

*Remember that the ego that governs our life, when not led by the Holy Spirit, seeks to attack and destroy the self. So we would pick companions that would do this and do so in a way we could tolerate and endure. If it were meant to be a long term relationship. There are those that are obviously for attack purposes. Here, rape or even death result. Verbal and emotional assaults are not so easy to see, but can be very damaging.

You selected them precisely BECAUSE they were NOT suited to gratify your fantasies.

*Said another way, they would allow you to have suffering.

This was not because you wanted to abandon or give up the fantasies, but because you were AFRAID of them.

*AFRAID of sexual fantasies.

You saw in your partners a means of protecting against the fear,
but both of you continued to “look around” for chances to indulge the fantasies.

*There is an ego image that must be projected to society, to be allowed to be a part of society. Yet, who you really are, will not be denied.

The dream of the “perfect partner” is an attempt to find EXTERNAL integration, while retaining conflicting needs in the self.

*While retaining the DNA of Christ’s Guilty Conscience. I wonder if, society wise, that concept has not shifted some. This was in the 60’s and while “free love” was a big deal, homosexuality was not spoken of. Bill never came out of the closet in his lifetime.

*The 60’s and 70’s was still very much marching to the acceptable tune of social protocol.

B. was somewhat less guilty of this than you, but largely because he was more afraid.

*I wonder if he had the appearance of having a girl friend at the time.

He had abandoned the hope (of finding a perfect partner) in a neurotic sense of despair of finding it.

*Because it would be unacceptable as a professional; not to mention that his profession as a psychologist.

You, on the other hand, insisted that the hope was justified.

*Because Helen accepted the Judaeo/Christian moral ethics in society that said that a heterosexual relationship was ethical, acceptable, and desirable.

Neither of you, therefore, was in your Right Mind.

*They were not yet lined up with the Holy Spirit’s perspective of themselves.

As was said before, homosexuality is inherently more risky (or error prone) than heterosexuality, but both can be undertaken on an equally false basis.

The falseness of the basis is clear in the accompanying fantasies.

Homosexuality ALWAYS involves misperception of the self OR the partner, and generally both.

Penetration DOES NOT involve magic, nor DOES ANY form of sexual behavior.

It IS a magic belief to engage in ANY form of body image activity at all.

*Here is where humanities foundation is rocked. Read it again. There is a lot that goes into that statement that we consider to be who and what we are.

*Our very lives then, appear to be a belief in magic, in this world.

You neither created yourselves, nor controlled your creation.

*Yet, does that mean that we simply are NOT?

By introducing levels into your own perception, you opened the way for
body-image distortions.

*Or, are we the split personalities of a single individual?

The lack of love (or faulty need-orientation) which led to your particular person (not OBJECT) choices CAN BE corrected within the existent framework, and would HAVE to be in the larger interest of overall progress.

*And would HAVE to be corrected…

*Jesus appears to be saying that LOVE could be interjected into the equation of the coupling. So that the joining was not for the purpose of an outward pursuit but of an inward acknowledgment. Perhaps then the “coupling” would disappear. Bill’s relationship was ended, Helen’s was not.

The situation is questionable largely because of its inherent vulnerability to fantasy-gratification.

*The fantasy gratification being that two bodies con come together and that brings inner peace and tranquility or satisfaction.

Doing the best you can WITHIN this limitation is probably the best corrective measure at present.

*They were not ready for the information that coupling would not lead to completion. It was a false, temporary fix.

Any relationship you have undertaken for whatever reasons becomes a responsibility.

* And a responsibility is not yours to undertake for another, not really. We are each our own entity, or rather we are the magical mirage of a deluded god. Well, hopefully, you catch my drift.

*Here are some definitions of responsibility:

  • a moral obligation to behave correctly toward or in respect of.
  • the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.
  • the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
  • the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

*It may be that we are responsible to all, universally, being that we are all one in Christ. This makes sense to me. The weight of this seems huge, yet it is taking care of our own acceptance of the Atonement that serves the Whole.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 1 July through 7 July 2019 A reading I did the week I moved and forgot to publish:

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reed
Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons


Do you know who you are or what you believe in? Have you tested it out for yourself? Are you comfortable with your understanding and witness at this time? So many people and societies are vying for our affection and loyalty.

It does not matter what you call the Divine Essence and Energy from which you were created. It does not matter what you call it or how you see that Voice that guides you from beyond the ego which is of the Divine. What matters is that you understand that you are created by the Ultimate and that you are endowed with all that he/she/it is and that you are loved and worthy of all blessings.

Some call it LOVE. Call it what you will, let it hold and support you one step at a time.


We each have a journey that we agreed to. We can make that journey much more difficult than it needs to be by taking on the burdens of another. That does not mean to not hear their cries and seek for answers that all may partake in.

Sometimes the greater challenge is to allow others to struggle once we know that is their choice. We each each have a role to play here. A role that includes bearing witness to the Guilty Conscience of the False Ego that we are worthy of suffering and punishment. We let go of that as we forgive the Christ for the error of thinking he had separated from God and we receive the joys present in the moment whatever they may be.


The journey of growth requires a certain amount of risk. Along the path we take risks that allow us to find out what we are made of. Having trust in who we are and what we believe in can set the parameters for understanding the risk we are taking.

As a youth I had little guidance and when it came the tide of my course was set. I took a risk for what I thought was love and fell into the pattern of motherhood. Totally unprepared, and very conscientious, it led me on the adventure of my life.

It is not the life I would advise anyone to dive into as I did from a logical perspective and yet, it was the one thing that has given me a life and an understanding of life that I feel very good about.

Growth means risk. As you move forward as prompted and hold back when you are not ready to take the risk you will find out what is important to you. You cannot help but meet yourself in the mirror of your choices.


There are limitations on you at this time. Before Christ will be able to move forward on the earth as rapidly as we would like to see Him, more individuals will need to understand who they truly are. Those who understand must be patient and content to let their light shine in that understanding. So doing will allow others to remember who they are as well.

There is no need to see it as punishment. Enjoy the time, it has a purpose in the Big Picture. Rest or receive, share, and enhance your understanding and know that all blessings are yours.


Trust in the witness that you have in the moment.

Test your boundaries by risking your comfort level. It does not have to be all or nothing. Like in yoga, a bit of a stretch makes us more flexible and shows us what we are capable of.

Understand that the burdens you carry are a choice. Every cloud has a silver lining. Look for it and grab the joy. Do not weaken others and self by carrying their challenges for them. You are here to have joy. It is up to you to put down the burdens and reveal it.

You may find limitations at the moment that are not to your liking. Find a reason for gratitude in the moment and before you know it those limitations will have shifted.

May this serve us as we walk with the Wakening Christ.

Till next time, God bless, Amen, Namaste~

Universal Reading 10 – 16 February 2020 The Atonement, It Is Ours, NOW.

Please bring the Holy Spirit for translation purposes. Thank you.

1. The body is not your identity.

When I see the body as me, it becomes an idol. It is all that I can think about because I am trying to take care of it, keep it from harm, and give it pleasure, etc.

Likewise, with the heart or emotions. They can become idols that absorb our time and consciousness, if that is what we think we are.

Could this be what we fall victim to when we choose depression as a way of life?

***I am not a doctor. And you may want to see a doctor for depression symptoms.

2. Any gathering, large or small, wants to meet under the umbrella of the Atonement.

Stand wherever you are in the witness that you are God’s.

You are His Child and of Him, as is the rest of humanity.

That will bring the light of understanding to all that you come in contact with.

When, where, and how they acknowledge this is up to the Holy Spirit, them, and Jesus. Be still and rest assured you have played your part.

3. Receiving your Atonement for and in behalf of the Christ that is in you, is your primary responsibility.

This is what we want to remember, live, and breath.

Yes, we live in the illusion. We will need to use the bathroom, and will want to feel the sun on our skins, but what ever role we play in this illusion/dream that Christ is in, we want to know that we stand in God.

This is especially important when we think, or feel, as if we do not.

Then just let things roll and act as prompted.

You will be led by Jesus and the Holy Spirit through this maze, if and when you give them a chance.

4. There is a Plan implemented and completed to fulfill the Atonement of God.

It is done. Our responsibility is to acknowledge this.

You will be led by the Holy Spirit what that means in your life.


You are not your body, your emotions, your behavior, or your role. You are a Child of God.

Bringing the witness of the Atonement into all you do is your opportunity as a part of the human race.

Accepting the Atonement is your primary responsibility.

Time, being unreal, loses its impact when you stand in the Atonement, because all things are correct and as they ought to be.

From there, you may interface with the illusion without fear of repercussion or lasting consequence.

Here, in the Present Moment of the Atonement, we stand as close to our truth as we can without all parts of the Whole of Christ witnessing this and being drawn into God.

We have no understanding of what being drawn into God means, and this should not be an issue, because we understand that God IS and He is good.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

The reading is taken from Chapter 10 of Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! by Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons. It can be found on Amazon.com. Thank you for leaving a review.

55 Urtext ACIM pg. 40 There is a reason why the political arena cannot correct humanities issues.

Text in bold. Comments* Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you.

The concept of ANY sort of need HIERARCHY arose because, having made this fundamental error, he had already fragmented himself into levels with DIFFERENT needs.

*The fragmentation is the creation of separate bodies for the Son of God. The hierarchy may seem real, but it is not. Along with the separate bodies Christ made for Himself came a false representation of needs as well.

As he integrates, HE becomes one, and his ONE need becomes one accordingly.

*Integration is coming together as equals. This is what ought to be the objective of the human race.

*This does not mean taking away their uniqueness and identity. It has to do with finding value and worth in all.

Only the fragmented can be confused about this.

Fragmented = Those who consider themselves separate.

Internal integration within the self will not (suffice to?) correct the lack fallacy, but it WILL correct the NEED fallacy. (Thank you for writing this as given.)

*I suspect that this refers to the illusion of the physical body will remain and its perceived lack will need to be addressed, however internally the connection with the Holy Spirit, One Another, and God, the Father remove the need concept.

Unified need produces unified action, because it produces lack of ambivalence.

*ambivalence = mixed feelings or contradictory ideas

The concept of need hierarchy, a corollary to the original error, requires correction at its OWN level, before the error of levels itself can be corrected.

*One must recognize that they have accepted the concept of separation from God and release it, accepting the truthfulness of union with all that is.

*In other words, there will not be real equality among humanity until Christ is seen and forgiven for the error of thinking He had separated from God.

*This is also why “love” is not going to take care of the world right now. I know that a lot of people are pushing “love” and it would make so much sense if it were not for the origination of the error. And that must be corrected before equality will be obtained.


Man cannot operate (or behave) effectively while he operates at split levels.

*Effectively, cooperatively, as a Whole Unit. Once Christ is identified and forgiven humanity will come together. And not until.

But as long as he does so, he must introduce correction from the bottom UP.

*From the bottom UP would suggest to me, from those who are suffering the most from concept of lack.

This is because he now operates in space, where “up” and “down” are meaningful terms.

*In other words, it does not have to be this way.

Ultimately, of course, space is as meaningless as time. The concept is really one of space-time BELIEF. The physical world exists only because man can use it to correct his UNBELIEF, which placed him in it originally.

*Now here, is quantum physics! Read it again real slow. We are not the “form” that is our true nature in the physical or spiritual world. There is some “other” essence that God IS, and We ARE.

As long as man KNEW he did not need anything, the whole device was unnecessary.

*Man means humanity, actually it means Christ. Why were Helen and Bill so determined not to see this? I think it was they could not separate the Christ identity from the physical essence of Jesus, which is understandable.

*It is because I am a devout follower of Jesus, who never believed that someone else could tell me what he taught, that I understand the teaching that he gave that told us we are all a part of Christ. So many Christians do not understand this, even today. Do you know of any, really? Why would we expect that Helen and Bill would “get” it?

The need to know is not safely under man’s control at this time. It is MUCH better off under mine. Let’s just leave it at that.

*Jesus is the one who “knows” that humanity does not need anything. Here again is the key to how and why Jesus is and has been a significant part of the Atonement since time began. It only takes one of us to fully understand any component, because of the fact that we are all ONE entity.

*I still, personally, feel that a female entity in the flesh needed to join him in the process of comprehension. Sort of the yin and yang of the separation equation.

*This has been a powerful reading! Especially given our political climate in the western world and indeed worldwide. Love is what God is made of and it powers the world, but until we recognize the Christ and our non-fragmented reality, we hide from the love we claim we so desperately desire.

“May Jesus and the Holy Spirit help us over this hump in our understanding. In the name of Christ, Amen.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 3 – 9 February 2020 As Christ, We All Stand In Grace.

1. You are of Him, in Him, worthy of all He is, innocent as a child is, and capable of making mistakes.

Do you embrace the reality that you are a Child of God?

Do you accept the Christ that is within you, is you, and your contract with Him was to come here in the flesh to prove He could suffer and die?

Do you forgive yourself and Christ, for that contract?

Do you see the Christ in others?

Choosing to recognize these concepts will change you from a witness of suffering, to a witness of the Atonement. (That is the miracle Jesus is teaching in ACIM.)

2. It will be in Grace that you stand as a recipient of the Atonement. As a little child, you will be able to make mistakes or take a fall, but you have a loving Father in God that will pick you up and set you on your feet again, taking pride in your accomplishments.

In Grace; in the abundance of God’s blessing and witness. You cannot fail before such a loving Heavenly Father. Grace means He takes pride in you in your challenges/weaknesses as well.

3. Compassion needs to be your offering to each other, through forgiveness, and then the sharing of whatever resources and gifts you are prompted to share as directed by the Holy Spirit. No one can be forced to accept healing of any kind.

Expect to go through a time of adjustment as you are taught by the Spirit when or how you might assist others. You cannot break their contract. Truth is not everything you want fixed is meant to be fixed. (Remember that when you are dating.)

4. Your PTSD will not leave you. It is part of the witness that life as we understand it as separate from God is a mistake. With the Atonement in your life, it becomes understandable and bearable. It even becomes something to be thankful for.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (emotional scars from the challenges you faced and the witness you received), embodies the role that you have accepted in the Plan that leads humanity into the Atonement. You may alleviate the symptoms, but the memory will remain.

Normally, we are taught that health removes these things from us. Yet, is that even logical? We may dress our challenges up differently or develop new skills or persona’s, but the person who went through that trauma in the unique way that you did, is like a fingerprint. It is yours and no judgment needs to be placed on it.

It reminds me of what they say about grief, expecting it to go away. The reality is that it never goes away. You never fill the void of who was once in your life or who, or what, you wanted in your life. You do learn how to cope or survive, for the most part, but that is not the same as the healing that only comes from the full awakening of Christ, when each of us join together (including Jesus) and enter the presence of God. It is where we know there is no death.


You are Christ in the flesh; innocent, perfect, and loved.

We are all in a state of Grace.

Compassion and tolerance needs to be extended to each other. We are not going to change another’s journey and without them asking for help, we need not take on that responsibility. We need to maintain our own boundaries, also.

Standing in the Atonement is a place of abundance.

Your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is there to remind you of a loss that God simply would not allow to be real. It can also remind us of God’s affection and need of the Son, as well as the Son’s need of God, His Father. For neither is WHOLE without the other.

I pray this serves to lift you.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

54 Urtext ACIM pg. 39 and 40 Seeing Ourselves Apart From God, We Only See Lack

Text in bold. Comments* Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you.

This particular set of notes will be the only one which deals with the concept of “lack”, because while the concept does not exist in the Creation of God, it is VERY apparent in the creations of man. It is, in fact, the essential difference.

*Humanity creates lack, started by Christ with His thought of separation. I want to learn to create like God.

A need implies lack, by definition. It involves the recognition, conscious or unconscious, (and at times, fortunately, superconscious) that you would be better off in a state which is somehow different from the one you are in.

*Sadly, we gravitate to the negative and focus on what we believe that we have missing.

*It may be possible to be in awareness of this so that we are open to assistance from the Holy Spirit.

Until the Separation, which is a better term than the Fall, nothing was lacking.

*Both points make so much sense to me. I am not separated from God, except in my thoughts. Not if He exists at all and I believe He does. The Tree of Knowledge did not give us anything but the false concept of lack.

This meant that man had no needs at all.

*Let that sink in.

*I actually looked up if humans can go without food and water. It may be a possibility, but even if it is, that does not mean this is a path we need to seek to be our best selves in the moment. And it could prove very detrimental, in your role on earth at this time, as well as leading to death. We do not need to go after extremes, just be aware of the possibilities. Knowing we are more than we realize.

If he had not deprived himself, he would never have experienced them.

*We create our own reality. You do not create other people’s reality, there interpretation is up to them. Do not let others get in your head and blame you for who they are. That goes for anyone, especially those who are close to you; i.e. parents, children, siblings, spouses, etc.

After the Separation, needs became the most powerful source of motivation for human action.

*I am thankful that all of my needs are taken care of so well. This is an affirmation that I keep in my heart daily. I am watched over and taken care of and I am so grateful!

All behavior is essentially motivated by needs, but behavior itself is not a Divine attribute. The body is the mechanism for behavior. (Ask any behaviorist, and he’s RIGHT, too.)

*A good example of Jesus using the language of the person he is speaking to. In this case, psychologists.

You tell your own classes that nobody would bother even to get up and go from one place to another if he did not think he would somehow be better off. This is very true.

*After six years in the course I move (my body) to keep the vehicle of communication functional so that I can testify of God’s reality.

Believing that he COULD be “better off” is the reason why man has the mechanism for behavior at his disposal.

*Yes, and the purpose of the body was to prove that Christ was worthy of suffering and punishment, which is the other side of this coin. Given to the Holy Spirit, the body becomes the tool of communication.

This is why the Bible says “By their DEEDS ye shall know

*Do you see people around you whose actions say they know God and know that they are of Him? Or do you see people who are looking for fulfillment outside themselves?

A man acts according to the particular hierarchy of needs he establishes for himself.

*Hierarchy is a means of arranging things in an order of greatest to least.

His hierarchy, in turn, depends on his perception of what he IS, i.e., what he LACKS.

*If he does not see himself as of God, he sees lack.

This establishes his own rules for what he needs to know.

*In other words he lets go of allowing God to bless him in a natural way.

Separation from God is the only lack he really needs to correct.

But his Separation would never have occurred if he had not distorted his perception of truth, and thus perceived himself as lacking.

*I believe that it is very important to understand that it is Christ that is being talked about here. Christ believed Himself separate and our bodies were developed as a means to manifest His suffering and punishment.

*When he says man or humanity, he is speaking of the manifested Christ, which is you and me. Society has so identified Jesus as Christ that we have lost this natural awareness.

*When humanity does not walk in the witness of the Holy Spirit, it cannot help but see only lack. It is as easy as a choice. And do not let your perception in the moment blind you to the fact that you walk with Him.

*I know that place. I have emotional eating problems and I get those “attacks” of panic or concern or just thinking “who do I think that I am”.

*Those are just shadows and vibrations which might be yours or they might be an ancestors that needs to be expressed, because they could not when they were here in the flesh. You see, do not take it upon you as a truth.

*Know that you walk in a higher realm, in God, the Father. This is my witness, in the name of Christ. Amen.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Universal Reading, 27th January through 2nd of February Forgive the Christ in ALL, For He Stands In the Atonement

Please bring the Holy Spirit with you to interpret. Thank you.

From Mama’s Christmas Carol, by Debra Yvonne Simmons

1. It will be in Grace that you stand as a recipient of the Atonement. As a little child, you will be able to make mistakes or take a fall, but you have a loving Father in God that will pick you up and set you on your feet again, taking pride in your accomplishments.

I want to go on record to state that the God that created us, loves us just as we are, right where we are, and has no need for infinite patience with us, because He Knows that this is only a dream, and we have not separated from Him.

We have the ability to help Christ be gently wakened when we accept the Atonement as a reality in our lives, and extend it to others.

2. Forgive the original error, which is the thought by Christ that He separated from God, with gratitude for that witness and all that blesses your life.

Then you can walk forward open and honest, at least with yourself, about what is going on. Not everyone will be able to handle your honesty, because you will not only see what is so false in your surroundings. You will be willing to say something about it.

When we walk in the miracle-mindedness we see errors and know them to be not real. Therefore we may address them, without condemning the individual in question, and proceed accordingly. The over-looking concept is in our own hearts as we know these things have not occurred in truth.

It is not a simple matter of re-framing it in our minds so that we no longer see the injustice.

3. God will not force anything on humanity. Likewise, once they are willing to receive, nothing can be held back from them.

This is a promise to each of us. We do not need to be afraid that we will receive more understanding than we can handle. The Holy Spirit will take us gently into that place where we know who we are. He does this as we are willing to let go of what we believe gives us credibility in this world.

Be it position, power, title, or possessions. Even relationships can hold us fast in the world and keep us from the witness of God’s Love.

4. PTSD only occurs to those outside the full consciousness of the Atonement. There is no sense of trauma in the fullness of the Atonement because all trauma is know to be false. This does not mean you will not cry or hurt for the trauma, but that it will be more like watching a movie that you know is not real. You may get caught in the emotion of the situation or moment, but it will have no lasting effect.

In other words, do not be afraid of the effects of trauma. You may experience it in different ways, even once you have found and experienced the concept of miracle-mindedness. Hold onto the witness of God’s Love within the Atonement and know that all else is illusion.

When you see another person you see Christ in the flesh, confused and hurting, thinking He is separate from God’s Love. Acknowledgment in one’s heart and courtesy in one’s behavior are the least one can do. And if able please do more. The idea that they brought it on themselves, and so you have no need to help, is not a truth of a child of God.

Your knowledge that He cannot be separate will touch Him, but it may not be in the way or at the time that you expect. Jesus, in his role as elder brother, knows when each of us is willing and ready to receive the miracle. Walk in it (the Atonement) yourself and rest assured those you meet, even casually will be blessed by it.


You stand in Grace as the Son of God, when you stand in the Atonement.

Forgive the Christ in everyone that you meet (and yourself) for the belief that He could be separate from God and His Love.

The Holy Spirit will teach us what we are willing to receive.

The trauma of the world is not lasting. The despair associated with post- traumatic stress disorder will be alleviated, at least to a large degree, by standing in the Atonement.

We would not be afraid of tears or aggression if we would stand in our truth as witnesses of God’s Love for His Son.

That day will come for each of us.

Till next time. God bless, Namaste~

53 Urtext ACIM pg. 39 Take Everything Into Account That You Know and Live It As You Testify Of It, So You May Grow

The peace of God which passeth understanding CAN keep your hearts now and forever.

  1. There are only two short additions needed here:Your earlier acute problem in writing things down came from a MUCH earlier misuse of very great scribal abilities.

*A previous life that Helen had as a priestess.

These were turned to secret rather than shared advantage, depriving it (?) of its miraculous potential, and diverting it into possession.

*Her gifts of understanding received as a priestess where hidden away, instead of shared.

*I have to admit that this is the concept that reinforces the fact for me that I want to bear my witness of these things I understand in some public format.

*Note the question mark. Bill and Helen did not understand what they were working with.

*Is it possible then to use understanding of life as a possession to hide up?

This is much like the confusion of sex impulses with possession-impulses.

* Discussed last week.

Some of the original material is still in the Temple.

*Jesus has told us that time is not real. In Seth’s works we are told that all things are still taking place. And, thankfully, that in the present we can impact past and future. Whether figuratively or physically this statement was meant, it did impact Helen in the present, as well as Bill.

This is why you became so afraid about Atlantis. B. has his own reasons.

2.Retain your miracle-minded attitude toward Rosie VERY carefully.

*Miracle-mindedness. Holding her in a state of forgiveness through the awareness that what we are experiencing is not real for the Son of God was never meant to suffer, let alone die.

She once hurt both of you, which is why she is now your servant.

*This brings up a point that I wish to make about life and learning.

*I believe it was Seth who said you you do not come into another life because of the events of a past one. Jesus clearly is saying something else here as he has on several other occasions.

*One teaching does not cancel out another necessarily, if one understands the overall truth of the power of creativity within the Christ.

*Language is so limited among mortals that it is necessary to withhold judgment when contradictions seem to appear and allow the Holy Spirit to explain it to you.

*Who is being spoken to, what is the essence of their question? What are their personal biases and fears? These are questions that need to be circling one’s study in any communication between the divine and mortality.

*Do not discount one perspective for another, but juggle them for they all have a place in the non-truth of the illusion.

But she is blessed in that she sees service as a source of joy.

*Jesus is speaking of a person’s ego or mask. That persona they have taken on in behalf of Christ to prove His unworthiness of God’s Love and attention. She still has space for learning that she is Christ in the flesh and not a victim of any error.

Help her straighten out her past errors by contributing to your
welfare now.

*We are allowing others to recall their own value and truth as we interact with them in miracle-mindedness.

(special Revelation re HS –ommission 1.)

HS question re past memories. Answer: As long as you remember ALWAYS that you never suffered anything because of anything that anyone ELSE did, this is not dangerous.

*What is valuable to us is the answer, “As long as you remember ALWAYS that you never suffered anything because of anything that anyone ELSE did…”

*Where you one of those kids who always blamed yourself for anything that happened? We have all seen those stories where the child thinks they are responsible for the divorce of their parents. That may be a subconscious awareness that we are the makers of our own suffering. Beginning perhaps with the concept that anyone else can make us happy or bring us peace. I.e. caregivers in infancy as the body becomes the idol.

Remember that you who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.

You never really WANTED peace before, so there was no point in knowing how to get it.

This is an example of the “need to know” principle, which was established by the Plan of Atonement long before CIA.

*Reference to CIA acknowledges Helen’s very logical, scientific, and current focus.

No kind of knowledge is acquired by anyone unless he wants it, or believes in some way he NEEDS it.

*You will be left with blinders on, if you believe you have all the answers you need.

A psychologist does NOT need a lesson on the hierarchy of needs as
such, but like everyone else, he DOES need to understand his own.

*In other words, practice what you preach. Or have your act together, as much as possible, before helping another.

*How many of us go off half-cocked with an attitude of knowledge and wisdom that we just do not have?

*Lets do our best to integrate what we know and move forward from there. Just know that no one has all the answers for everyone. Not even God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. We must seek them out for ourselves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading for Christ, The Whole of Humanity 20 – 26 January 2020 Accepting the Atonement is Our Primary Purpose.

Please invite the Holy Spirit to our sharing for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! by Debra Yvonne Simmons

1. Using our gifts from the Holy Spirit, and becoming miracle-minded by accepting the Atonement, we become a light to others.

As we walk in the knowledge of our worthiness and presence in God, acknowledging our innocence and abundance, we uncover the magnetic energy of the Son of God.

Our light (Christ) cannot help being connected to the light (Christ) in others.

However, the manifestation of the miracle in others is not ours to see or even look for. That timing is between them and Jesus. He knows when they will be ready to receive it. Have no doubt it has been received.

This is having a correct emotional base to move forward in life.

2. Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness of them and Love of them.

That means that we do not allow them to hide behind a mask of guilt.

We do not “deserve” to be belittled or betrayed.

It means that we act when boundaries are crossed, even when there is a smile on the person’s face. We have gotten to a place where we are not allowed to say “that was not okay” without someone saying we are the ones out of line. Show love afterwards, but honor yourself in the moment.

It means we do not allow them to treat us any worse than we would treat them and vice versa. Meaning, we would not treat them any worse than we desire to be treated.

3. Our ability to truly forgive, allows us to bring awareness of Christ to the consciousness of humanity.

Because from a place of true forgiveness we can “call out the mask” and love the Christ within.

As we walk in the knowledge of our worthiness and presence in God, acknowledging our innocence and abundance; our light cannot help but be connected to theirs.

Forgiveness begins with the thoughtful awareness that all that is negative is not of God and therefore has no permanent reality beyond the illusion.

This does not mean that you do not cry or go through multiple emotions while in the awareness of the illusion.

4. Receiving your Atonement for and in behalf of the Christ that is in you is your primary responsibility.

We will be influenced by the society around us. There is no getting away from this. But to seek that centering in the truth of your divinity and Oneness with the Creator is a primary reason for being and strength in this life and the next.

This requires a choice and action on our part.


Accepting the Atonement is where one starts and each has to choose it for themselves. You are also given unique gifts to help you in your chosen role.

How you see others will be witnessed as you walk in the miracle of the Atonement yourself.

Only through the eyes of the Atonement is true forgiveness found.

The Atonement is the primary goal of humanity.

I have learned a lot by recording this reading. It was a struggle and required research, pondering, and prayer to have a witness that what I was saying was in the integrity of my conscience.

In other words, did I believe it? Did I understand it? Did I do my best to walk it?

And I was tested, not only for myself, but with my interactions with others.

These are the things that I most desire to learn. I am grateful that I have been given an outlet and vehicle to study, prove, and walk these truths.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

52 Urtext ACIM pg. 38+39 Tension=a building-up of unexpressed miracle-impulses.

Please invite the Holy Spirit to assist with translation. Text is in bold print.

This is a longer post, but if you “get it” you will have a gift that few comprehend!

In a situation where you or another person, or both, experience inappropriate sex impulses, KNOW FIRST that this is an expression of fear.

Your love toward each other is NOT perfect, and this is why the fear arose.

*By PERFECT, I suspect he means without projection or fantasy coming into play. (Jesus goes on to explain that it is because we are not seeing each other with a miracle-minded eye.)

Turn immediately to me by denying the power of the fear, and ask me to help you to replace it will (with) love.

*I suspect that this was irksome to both Helen and Bill, because they saw it as Jesus interfering. They did not understand that Jesus does have a unique role to the rest of us because he was the first thought of Christ to be manifested and did not receive the same intensity of separation that the rest of us have had.

This shifts the sexual impulse immediately to the miracle-impulse, and places it at MY disposal.

*A testimony that Jesus is our most proficient guide in this life. Jesus is not “better-than” the rest of us. He simply has a unique and significant observation point from the rest of us.

*It would be like saying a brain surgeon was not as needed as a street cleaner. Or that one was better than another. The reality is that they are both crucial to the maintenance of conditions for human health. Jesus is just as needful to the salvation of humanity as the rest of us are.

Then acknowledge the true creative worth of both yourself AND the other one.

*I like to think of seeing Christ behind the mask of those I interact with. (Christ being the manifestation of all of us together, including Jesus.)

This places strength where it belongs.

*In the Divine.

Note that sexual fantasies are ALWAYS destructive (or depleting), in that they perceive another in an inappropriate creative role.

Both people are perceived essentially as “objects” fulfilling THEIR OWN pleasure drives.

This dehumanized view is the source of the DEPLETING use of sex.

*It sounds as if we may think of each other as a tool in sexual fulfillment. Can anyone relate? I know I can.

Freud’s description is purely NEGATIVE, i.e., as a release from the UNPLEASANT.

He also observed that the tension from id impulses never completely abates.

What he should have said is that the shift from miracle-impulses to sexual impulses was debilitating in the first place, because of the level-confusion involved.

*Seeing others as tools for our use rather than beings of value on their own.

This set up a state in which real release was impossible.

*Where is the joy then?

Note also that Freud’s notion of sex was as a device for inducing RELAXATION, which he confused with PEACE. 

*Recognize the way Jesus is speaking to the leader’s voices of the day. Today he may word things a bit differently and address the current understandings. He would have done this at any time that he spoke or taught.

Inappropriate sex relaxes only in the sense that it may induce physical sleep.

The miracle, on the other hand, is an ENERGIZER.

*This is profound. (On a personal note, I have found that seeing Christ behind the mask of someone that I have had a disagreement with is very valuable and energizing. Especially compared to the draining energy I felt when I viewed my disputes from a place of guilt instead. See Song of Prayer 1, III, 1-6)

It always strengthens, and never depletes.

It DOES induce peace, and by establishing tranquility (not relaxation) it enables both giver and receiver to enter into a state of Grace.

*The possibility to enter Grace is there. It is still up to each party to move into it. Here again, Jesus knows when others are receptive, and we do not need to be in charge of that because he is.

Here his miracle-mindedness, (not release from tension) is restored.

*Miracle-mindedness puts us in a state of connection with All That Is and releases us from the sense of lack and fear.

Tension is the result of a building-up of unexpressed miracle-impulses.

*What a way to look at tension! How I wish I had known this in my teens and through the earlier decades of my life!

This can be truly abated only by releasing the miracle-drive, which has been blocked.

Converting it to sexual libido merely produces further blocking.

*What flash-backs I have of remembering the confusion of what I truly longed for. I have sought to understand this all of my life! I did not know how to take my children through their youth. And I have never heard it defined as I have in this reading.

Never foster this illusion in yourself, or encourage it in others.

*Our children need to understand this at an early age and our adults and teens need to be retaught. The world has not understood these impulses and media has made money at the cost of our psychological and emotional health and well-being as a race.

An “object” is incapable of release, because it is a concept which is deprived of creative power.

*Would this explain why so many women are not able to experience orgasm? And how about men receiving a real fulfilling experience out of the sexual act? Here is a question. Is it possible to have a sexual encounter that includes the miracle impulse as well?

*Jesus seems to be saying yes, when you are in the process of creating a child, as in procreation. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I believe it is possible beyond years of procreating, if the parties involved approach it as a creative activity that creates a healthy partnership.

*(I am going “out on a limb” here, because Jesus said earlier that only procreating was correct use of sexuality. I suggest he made that definition because humanity was a long way from understanding what he was trying to teach here. A case of him speaking to the people where they were at the moment of instruction.)

*In other words one must see the other as a partner in the creative process and it does not take much imagination to realize this may not be what is occurring in the sexual acts of many “so-called” unions. Not to mention the indiscreet ones or the blatantly abusive ones.

The recognition of the real creative power in yourself AND others brings release because it brings peace.

The peace of God which passeth understanding CAN keep your hearts now and forever.

*The way this is written is confusing to me. Consider this: “The peace of God which passeth understanding” can be (or may be) kept in your hearts, now and forever. I believe this is what Jesus was trying to communicate. And it brings me great joy and clarity. –Can be or may be– suggesting it is a choice that we make.

*There is incredible power in these last two statements. I needed to read them over several times and ask the Holy Spirit to sink their message into my soul.

*Recognizing the creative powers in another; acknowledges their connection to the Divine within each of us. It stands in witness of the Atonement and sheds the shackles of the manipulations of that part of the ego that is threatened by both life and death.

*It allows you to see behind the mask of the ego and relate to the Christ child within the other as well as yourself.

*What a fabulous way to exist! I pray that I will remember this and incorporate it more daily, step by step. (I would love to be able to teach this at Brigham Young University and other colleges around the world!)

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


Universal Reading 13 – 19 January 2020 for the Christ-Consciousness

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Text in bold print.

From Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! by Debra Yvonne Simmons

#1 Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness of them and Love for them.

When we look at other’s we want to see Christ. When we have a “special” relationship with them like a parent to a child, I know that I am tempted, to be over-whelmed by that relationship and what it means to me. It can cause a emotional fog that threatens to hide the Christ that I know my child is.

I see instead my own failings and short-comings and inability to meet their needs the way that they want me to.

I cannot take responsibility and beat myself up for that. I have to breath pick myself up and keep going. Whatever the issues appear to be, Christ does not need to suffer, period.

I need not get entangled in the emotional baggage of them or me. If I can clear things up, fine. If not, I can see Christ and pray the Father’s blessing be with them by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I can also trust that this prayer will be answered. Not in my timing, but in Father’s.

Jesus knows when they are ready to accept the Miracle. He also knows if they are to assist someone else I may not ever know on this earth. I cannot live their lives. But I can trust that they are taken care of by a Loving Heavenly Father.

#2 Your significant gift was the ability to love and the ability to forgive.

We all have gifts. In this time of illusion, they are diverse and in different proportions. Scriptures say seek the best gifts.

Accepting the Atonement allows us to live in our joy NOW and have access to all the gifts of the Spirit.

#3 His Story

This is a concept that is easy for me to accept intellectually and yet, I feel it will take some time for me to receive it fully.

I am finding that to think in terms of the physical face of an individual as being a mask over the face of Christ helps.

I cannot expect to stand in all truths all the time and still be able to walk the earth in the flesh. I simply would not be allowed to stay here. Let go of the idea of perfection.

Sometimes people who consider themselves spiritual or of having great faith get upset with those who express sorrow or grief. Not to mention, anger! This is because we do not understand the illusion. I suspect this is core to humility and meekness.

We want to understand that the supposed weakness of humanity serves the purposes of God and the “wellness” of the Whole of Christ, even though we do not understand it all today.

#4 Another deep, yet key thing to Time and altering our way of thinking, is that everything is really happening all at once. … and any action releasing the impact of His Story (through forgiveness) impacts NOW.

It was not until I had sent this book (Mama’s Christmas) to the publisher that I read the Seth Books. The idea is expressed there so powerfully that all time is NOW and choices of perception we make in the NOW affect and alter all other experiences.


We want to do whatever we can to remind ourselves that Christ is whomever we are engaging with or thinking about.

Recognize your gifts and talents and do not be afraid to share them for the benefit of us all.

Your past and your future is His Story, Christ’s Story. Your power is in the NOW. Choose a perspective that brings what you most desire. This happens consciously or unconsciously anyway (Law of Attraction). Being aware can give us greater control over shortening the time of suffering.

Do not let the illusion of “overwhelming challenge” in the present convince you this is all there is. You are the Beloved Son of God. You have assistance.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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