Day 5 URTEXT ACIM WP Study pg. 14

Day 5 URTEXT ACIM WP Study pg. 14 (link and disclaimer below, my comments = *)

12. Miracles are thought-creations.
*We are not responsible for every thought that goes through our heads, but we are responsible for the ones that we let linger.

Thought can create lower-order or higher-order realities.
*Great analogy, lower-order/higher-order realities. Trauma or joy, the choice is ours.

This is the basic distinction between intellectualization and thinking.
*This is where over-thinking comes in: intellectualization. This means putting judgments and definitions on circumstances, things, and individuals, etc. and not being open to Spirit’s interpretation.

One creates the physical, and the other the spiritual, and we believe in what we create.
* We currently need both forms. We just want to be open to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation if we want joy.

13. A miracle is a beginning and an end(ing). It thus abolishes time.

It is always an affirmation of re-birth, which seems to go back, but really goes forward. It undoes the past in the present, and thus releases the future.
*The miracle changes time as noted here. Some seem to be able to just be in this state. I have not. I share from what I understand.

14. Miracles attest to truth. They are convincing because they arise from conviction.
*Conviction means a choice on the part of the one extending the miracle.

Without conviction, they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless, and therefore destructive, or rather, the uncreative use of Mind.
*Conviction is the choice to see everything differently. Without it being complete and all-encompassing it is as he said “the uncreative use of Mind.”

15. Every Each day should be devoted to miracles.
*It is absolute. A lifestyle choice. (Every is crossed out, but I like the emphasis. tehe)

(God created time so that man could use it creatively, and convince himself of his own ability to create. Time is a teaching device, and a means to an end. It will cease when it is no longer useful for facilitating learning.)
*The God who allowed this is the Father of Christ. Christ is the Father of this world and it is He that will come to these realizations and time will no longer be necessary.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Notes on this course have to be taken only under good learning conditions. The same goes for review periods. I will tell you when, but REMEMBER TO ASK.)
*This is a special note for Helen and Bill as they record this writing. Note here though, Jesus’ instruction for them to REMEMBER TO ASK. This portion applies to each of us as we walk throughout our lives.

(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

I pray this serves you. We are on a marvelous adventure.
Till next time, God bless. Namaste~

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Universal Reading for 28 January to 3 February 2019

Universal Reading for 28 January to 3 February 2019
Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Ace of Emotion

Symbolizing a new emotional experience. It may be a new love, flirtation, or maybe your current relationship will receive a new spark or reawakening. Possibilities of epiphanies and new insights as your intuition opens up.

I think of the things in the news today. I daresay that problems are being brought to the surface and we have an opportunity to decide who we are and what we want to represent in terms of life and values. These are wonderful times of exploration and opportunity.

Eight of Emotion

8 is action! You may emotionally feel a longing for deeper meaning in your life or in the life that you leave behind for your posterity. You sense that the status quo is not good enough and there is something better. This card represents the possibility of changes, maybe in location, career, or in your thinking.

In my faith and studies a change in perspective is required in the world today. What really makes you feel empowered? What brings you peace and delight? Pursue these thoughts. Make a vision board, a collage of what brings you joy. I have some cut outs of some birds and butterflies that would bring me joy if I put them in a collage. Step into where your heart is leading you.

Eight of Abundance

8 again, is action! This is temporal things or things of this world. This is a time of learning new things, which may be letting go of old things that no longer fit. This card suggests the time is right for progress. A new career perhaps. The world is certainly ready for a new way to look at things. I sense the powers that be saying that we may feel confident that the actions we feel motivated to right now will give us more of the things that we desire. Joy is our rightful inheritance. Do not be afraid to step into it.

I teach Kindness + Forgiveness = Joy. Kindness to self and to others, forgiveness likewise. I believe that joy is the conductor of love and it starts with acceptance through kindness and forgiveness. However you go after your abundance, I wish you great joy along with it.

Seven of Thought

7 represents soul-searching and going within. Thought is the hook up to ourselves. The world has been confused and things will become clear as to what we want. It may demand time alone for introspection. Do not be afraid of that and do not be afraid to ask for it.

Aloneness is not the same as lonely at all. I like to think of it as All One time. In my heart I can feel the connection to the entire Christ Consciousness. Here I can fortify, not only myself, but the world at large and the energy of my thoughts of peace and plenty and comfort can and will echo throughout this delusional world and bring comfort to The Son.


Something new is in the air, or rather, our thoughts. It may just be a seed, but it is good for all of us and will be nurtured. Be aware of your own thoughts about things and give them value. Do not let epiphanies and opportunities be squelched because you listened to other voices.
Our hearts and thoughts are being stirred to create a different reality than the one we see before us. There is power in our thoughts and they do bring about change in our circumstance and affect the whole of humanity. Dare to dream and allow yourself to create it in some form, a book, a sculpture, a song, a desk.

Then move forward and add light to the world. Your voice is important here and you will prosper. Again, do not judge success by outward appearances but by your inner stability and joy.

This reading really seem to be speaking about the inner workings of humanity right now. Give yourself space to hear your own voice and wishes. The ways of the world seem to suggest that inner work does not serve the whole. Know that this is not so. The mind, the very consciousness that makes us One needs to be recognized and inner work is how that is done.

I have been personally put to the test on these very issues this week. I pray that I may internalize what has been shared here so that I may have the courage to continue my work.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

pg 14
11. The use of miracles as a spectacle to induce belief is wrong.

*We want to recall that Jesus is teaching Helen a new language. Basically, he is teaching her with words that she is familiar with but giving them new meanings. Miracles, as Helen knew them in context with Jesus, were expressly used to convince people to be believer’s in the teachings of Jesus, in his days on the earth, according to the people in charge some 60 plus years after the crucifixion. That concept intensified in the following years.

*Underlining induce says something about belief. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
1 a : to move by persuasion or influence
b : to call forth or bring about by influence or stimulation
2 a : effect, cause
b : to cause the formation of
c : to produce by induction induce an electric current
3 : to determine by induction specifically : to infer from particulars

*I take this to mean that belief may be something that we become aware of, rather than something that we become convinced of, as Jesus uses the term. This may be a key reason why this is not a book of religion, as it requires no change in the person, per se, only an awareness. (Forgive me if this is not as kosher a word or expression as it should be.)

They are really used for and by believers.

*Here is miracles true use: for and by believers. …She has no idea where this is going or what he means.

(HS has some fear about 11) and doubt about 9) and 10). Probably doubt by fear of 11).

*Jesus is speaking in her language as a psychologist. (He will speak to each of us in our own language and interests, so that he may be understood. Goes to show how much he knows us, does it not? You and I would do this to communicate to someone we care about as well.)

*9 and 10, so you have a place of reference for what he is saying here.
9. Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are ALWAYS miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws.
10. A miracle is a reversal of the physical order because it brings more love to the giver and the receiver.
*Helen does not yet understand the Holy Instant and how we change the perspective we have of life from a mortal point of view to that of the Holy Spirit and Divinity.

(When you say “If you want me to I will” please add “and if you DON’T want me to I won’t.” This is the RIGHT use of inhibition. There has to be SOME control over learning for channelizing purposes.

*Here, he is clarifying, for Helen’s personal comfort as the one receiving this channeling from Jesus. Inhibition in this statement is not what the average person would think of. He clears it up with the next statement. I sense that he is seeking to empower her here, as well as clarify that she will need to be receptive to opening up herself completely to receive what Jesus has to offer. For her to be withholding, even in her chosen definition of a phrase or word, would lessen the flow of instruction and perhaps stop it. “SOME” suggests to me that they were having a bit of a power struggle which is not an uncommon occurrence as two people are developing a close relationship. The personality of Jesus comes through very clearly, as he is not only concerned about sharing what he has to offer, he wants you to be comfortable and a willing recipient of it.

Remember retroactive inhibition which should be easy enough for you.

*Retroactive Inhibition definition = NOUN; psychology the tendency of later learning to hinder the memory of previously learned material. Oxford Dictionary
=obliteration of the results of learning by immediately subsequent activity Merriam-Webster

Sometimes the new learning is the more important, and has to inhibit the old. It’s a form of correction.)

*This seems fairly clear, note the emphasis on has. Suggesting a definite action that is necessary, as stated, for correction.

Prayer is the medium of miracles.

*Medium, meaning how miracles are communicated or acknowledged. I liked this phraseology from Webster’s, a condition or environment in which something may function or flourish.

Prayer is the natural communication of the Created with the Creator.

*He is still helping his scribe understand his definition of miracles. The Workbook takes you step by step to re-evaluate what you know about what you think you know. 🙂 I have had experience learning the meaning of words when using the same language when I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 27 years of age. I had a dictionary with me continually for five years, before I felt comfortable that I understood the meanings behind the words they were using. It is something to keep in mind when we meet someone who speaks the same language. How often do we take the time to know what they are really saying, or even what we are saying, for that matter?

Through prayer, love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.

*I love this statement. It is one that could be pondered regularly. I am not feeling that prayer, noted here is of a formal nature. Throughout this text Jesus will be teaching a new meaning to everything, so try to keep an open mind, which is one which listens and observes before making conclusions.

*Seriously, this reminds me to remember that it is that state of communion or prayer, that allows me to welcome love. Here again a bizarre way to express the term miracle from the scribe’s perspective. We may extend love then, to others, through recognizing and implementing the Holy Instant, or seeing ourselves for what we truly are.

*I have only just recently, after four years of study, really gotten it into my mind that the Holy Instant Jesus is speaking about, encompasses all of humanities’ sojourn in time. So I can truly relate to Helen’s confusion as she began her work as scribe to Jesus.

I hope this serves you.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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Universal Reading for 21 January through 27 January 2019

Universal Reading for 21 January through 27 January 2019

Animal Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Four of Autumn

The card represents the current situation. It represents extremes and being mindful that we are stable and centered as the four suggests. If you look at the US today it does not appear that we are very stable. Extremes are being expressed and presented as if we had to choose one singular path or another. Sides are represented so that generalities are made and we are not allowed to deal with now and stability, but emotional walls or hoarding and ancient grudges or ideas of entitlements.

This card suggests that we be willing to use our resources wisely. Sharing what we are able to spare and having time for work and play. Like the squirrel, lets partake of the bounty we have with balance and fun.

Prince of Spring

A card of action. It is time to make your move. We each can do something in private or in our community to lift where humanity is right now. Journaling is a good way to clear your thoughts and get creative juices flowing. What stirs you. How can you become involved in the development of humanity?

The dolphin is a mammal very aware of its surroundings and when others are in trouble. They have been known to help other species, including humans. They are intelligent and charismatic.

This card is for the singular ego especially and for me it is saying get that Tedx talk application done and your two latest books online girl! The world needs us to do our part however we are feeling the calling.

Seven of Autumn

Seven is for introspection, self discovery. We all have something that motivates us, often it is what gives us our most challenge. Daily life has taught you much, do not discount what life has already given you. The cow represents steady nourishment for self and our united purpose.

What we do on a day-to-day basis will produce a crop that will nourish us. Let it grow to maturity. And in the meantime listen for guidance on the next steps in the journey. Do not be fooled thinking that you have to know what the end result will be either. As you meditate and embrace your inner guidance you will be shown the way, one step or stretch at a time.

In this tarot deck autumn is thought. All things begin with thought. If we paid more attention to our thoughts and less to others actions, I believe that we could change the world. Quite different from the council at the beginning of the industrial age, “Get your head out of the clouds”. Our thoughts are the beginning of what we will see in the world. Something to think about.

Four of Summer

Stability again, only this is in our emotions. Whew, that can be tough sometimes. The beautiful tortoise shows us that it is being open to what is right in front of you that can keep you humble and grateful for what you have. Do not be afraid to carefully look at opportunities that come your way that allow you to add another bit of kindness or light to the whole of Christ’s Consciousness.

Do not let current responsibilities distract you from seeing what is right in front of you.


The squirrel reminds us to be attentive to work and play in balance. Our stability lies in caring for our own needs and helping others as we are able. It is easy to get stuck in one idea or avenue and this card suggests we review where we are and avoid extremes.

Intellect and social compassion such as the dolphins display will give us the awareness of others in need, as well as ideas for ways that we may be of service to the individual and to the collective.

Introspection and meditation with an ear to what we are being told and where we have come from, what we have already lived and planted gives us patience to allow our works to reach maturity. Do not fret that the abundance will be made evident. Have the witness of the cow that humanity will be provided for, hehe, maybe even by you.

Emotionally we can get distracted by our responsibilities and not see the things right in front of us that are blessing our lives. The tortoise has all he needs close by and moves slow enough to see what is around him. Take care of your emotional needs and look at what is right in front of you to be thankful for.

On a personal level and on a universal level, the cards give us clues to lift ourselves and others at this time.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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A Mother’s Lament; the Obligation to Share What She Knows, Even if She is Emotionally Fragile

I am not interested in making money off of this page. I have never had money to speak of and that has its advantages. Would I be up for the challenge if that were to change?

Emotionally I am hamburger. What I know about humanity is powerful and it is only by the grace of God and angels that I carry on. But if I have a message that could ease human suffering, do I not have an obligation to share it? Do people want to hear my particular perspective? It is really different from any I have heard or seen.

I spent over 30 years in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and bore testimony regularly. I taught my children within this structure, so I am inclined to feel my sharing where I am in my walk in the world is important to somebody.

(PS I am no longer satisfied with the teachings of the church and do not attend. In no way do I speak for them. At the same time I cannot deny their teachings have not affected me.)

I thought about doing a TEDx talk and got so emotionally shook-up when I saw one I could apply for locally I put my back out again. At the same time…

I think I would be short-selling myself if I did not send in an application for the TEDx Talk. I am not sure that they will accept me though, they want only good solid science. My talk would be social science, if you will, what the effects of religion and have led me to understand as a means of coping with the world. I believe it should have merit in that environment. I will know within a month if I am accepted.

I want to share the love I feel and that I believe comes from the Holy Spirit, as I came to know Him over a lifetime of trying to understand things.

My prayers of late are that those who would benefit from what I share will find me. I just choose to put it out there and let it be what it is. I continue to grow in my understanding of things and know that no one has all the answers. I never expect to and certainly do not want to lead anyone into a darker place.

I come from a place of chemical, physical, and emotional abuse and I sought for years to understand the world around me. My journey has taught me many things. It has pretty much separated me from family and humanity. And yet I have a great compassion for humanity and a desire to comfort and take away the desire and “need” of suffering to the extent I am allowed.

I believe that the amount of suffering we have is a choice. Pain, we will all experience, but pain does not equal suffering in my mind, because it ends. The psychological crap we lay on ourselves does not end, unless we choose to think differently. It continues and recycles throughout generations.

I still follow where I believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit lead me and you will not find another person that sees life’s experiences in the way that I do. Never have been a mixer, though I can meet most situations.

I see a lot of hurt in the world and I empathize, but I do not want to partake in it and I believe that Christ is the One that is allowing me to function daily, while I live through what I used to believe hell would be like. Where my children where suffering and I could not help.

That was when they were little and I thought of giving up on the world and ending my life. Today I feel that life, while very challenging is not ours but Christ’s and that we have empowerment, by forgiving The Christ Consciousness that created this world, and this identity that lives in this body for being willing to live a life of suffering.

Joy is our destiny and we need to reach out and take it.

May the angels walk along-side us as we do our best to bring light into the world.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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Day 3 URTEXT ACIM WP STUDY pg 13 and 14 (#4-10)

Day 3 URTEXT ACIM STUDY pg 13 and 14
(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

4. All miracles mean Life, and God is the giver of the Life.

(*Life, meaning true eternal existence….not necessarily in the same material form, rather eternal consciousness existence. —“the” was crossed out, considering that this is a role that Christ gave us in His dream state and not truly life itself, which comes from The Father of Christ, I suspect the “the” fits very well.)

He will direct you VERY specifically.

(*I love the emphasis on specifically. I know that I have been directed and prepared for traumatic experiences, etc. I have a personal witness of this. I would also suggest it important to note here that it is Christ who will direct us, not His Father. I do not mean Jesus either, I mean Christ of whom you, me, and Jesus are a part. I do then, believe in a Matrix, a hub or central output source, within the Christ Consciousness.)

(Plan ahead is good advice in this world, where you should and must control & direct where you have accepted responsibility. But the Universal Plan is in more appropriate hands. You will know all you need to know. Make NO attempts to plan ahead in this respect.)

(*Plan ahead is a good motto. You have heard a big one in Be Prepared with the Boy Scouts. Jesus confirms it here….”where you have accepted responsibility.” May I suggest you reflect on what you take responsibility for and ask if it is truly yours. If so, Jesus says “you should and you must direct”, with today’s enlightenment of vernacular freedom, may I suggest that “you WANT and WILL to direct”. This is part of accepting the individuality of YOU, even within the Whole.)

(*The Universal Plan is sort of like the dharma that Hinduism speaks of. We each do have a role in this dream of Christ’s and even His delusional thoughts -which we are- will be made manifest. What I am saying is you have agreed to play a part in Christ’s self-attack screen play. Accept this without blame or shame. And lift Christ to His Father’s Love to whatever degree you are able. **Mine is to be seen as a whore, a physically abusive person, and as a pious religious fanatic therefore, people feel justified in taking over my life or my stewardships for me. I cannot change how other’s have been set to view me –by their personal assignment from Christ’s Guilty Conscience and need to self-punish—, so that Christ can justify the attacks, but I can forgive myself and others and move forward with the physician’s creed of “do no harm”.)

(* “Make no attempts to plan ahead in this respect.” Hm, the Universal Plan is set up. You can dream and visualize, then let it go and let god as they say. The Plan will move forward as He sees fit. I believe that we may shorten the time Christ suffers through forgiveness and finding joy and peace in the NOW. I have found that, even with this knowledge, that ghosts and illusions of discontent and trauma swirl around me and seem to torture me through my supposed offenses or those who would attack my role here. As this plays out around me I keep in my heart a witness of Christ at all times and when it brings me to my knees I look heavenward in my heart and say the prayer “Christ, I forgive you, for believing in the separation from God. I offer you to The Father’s Love.”)

pg 14

5. Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary.
They should not be under conscious control.
(Otherwise they may become undemocratic. Consciously selected miracles are usually dangerous misguided and may destroy this will make the talent useless.)

(*—the 5 is not in the manuscript but I added it to avoid confusion—So it is a “perceptional” lifestyle. In the past I have sought to be in the mind-set of forgiving before the offense has occurred. With this mentality I can look at what has come my way and ask what it is teaching me. It becomes a way of life.)

(* “Consciously selected miracles are usually dangerous misguided…” In other words, it may come from a place of judgment, which may include prejudice and bigotry, which would obviously, destroy the process or at the very least make the “miracle” useless.)

(*Notice the words crossed out: “Otherwise they may become undemocratic.” as well as, “dangerous” and may destroy”. This shows the limited understanding of the material being taught at the moment by H and B.)

(*I would refer to the prayer Jesus suggested be offered daily, which was removed from published editions: “Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.”)

6. Miracles are natural. When they do NOT occur something has gone wrong.

(*Christ’s Guilty Conscience is in control of the situation.)

7. Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.

(*The purification occurs as you recognize this illusion is not real and look to yourself and others as innocent. This can take various, many, and diverse steps, which is why each of us is on the path of purification, yet appear to be at different levels of it in their personal journey. **Reiterate, “Miracles are everyone’s right”.)

8. Miracles are a form of healing. They supply a lack, and are performed by those who have more for those who have less.

(*They are also needed only in the illusion, because God’s Son, part of whom you are, is perfect and in need of no illusion. Just as the difference between us, as in more and/or less is illusion. Yet, you understand the need for the terms here in the dream of Christ’s Separation from God.)

9. Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are ALWAYS miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws.

(*Love, love, Love this! An exchange of the illusion for the truth.)

10. A miracle is a reversal of the physical order because it brings more love to the giver and the receiver.

(A miracle is misunderstood when it is regarded as a spectacle.)

(* Hm, “…reversal of the physical order”…..exchanging worldly or temporal existence for Heaven? I suspect so. The miracle…reminds me of a grandchild, excited to see a grandparent allowed to be in that emotion and not restricted by the attitudes of those around them. And vice versa, a grandparent allowed to express the joy in seeing a grandchild and not needing to be burdened by attitudes of distrust and grudges from the child’s parents. ….take the miracle of the witness of how you would have it be, or how they would, and do not miss out on the love because the behavior or action seems to not allow it. ….I hope that was not too confusing and, while very personal, I believe it has merit here. …”a spectacle”, perhaps when it is forced, like SMILE, or when it is seen as unusual…)

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


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Universal Reading 14 January through 20 January 2019

Universal Reading 14 January through 20 January 2019

Angel Tarot Cards by RV


Ten of Earth

“A very happy family life. Financial security. Finding magic in the little things of life.”

So many of us have abundance. Things seem settled, secure. Yet it is simple things that make up the moment and the quality of life. Embrace these things and point them out to others so they may feel the blessings as well.

Then forgive Christ for all else, and remind Him of who He truly is as God’s Son.


Four of Fire

“Contentment, peace, and abundance. A happy home life. The successful completion of a project.”

We are ready for the shift that has been prophesied because we have completed the roles that we were sent here to perform for Christ.

Four is stability. We are stable as individuals and we have weathered the storms. We have lived the lifetimes necessary to move through this transition. We have our feet firmly planted in the witness of truth.

This is an action card and suggests advancement in relationships and or career. I have a strong feeling that we are able to advance into the place where we are able to acknowledge who we are as Christ, and to recognize and appreciate that in one another.

This will allow humanity to move forward into the “Age of Benevolence”. (NDE’r)


Page of Air

“Challenging information. Delays or changes to plans. Truth delivered without tact.”

This is a card of youth or inexperience. As we recognize The Christ within ourselves and one another we will stumble in our communication. We will be able to be open about behaviors that have heretofore been painful and unapproachable.

This is one of the beautiful things about seeing The Christ. We may speak about what is really troubling us, because we are not telling someone they are not worthy or not equal. We are only saying that the behavior is very unsettling, and needs to be looked at if it makes someone uncomfortable.

We are all in this together and knowing The Christ keeps that in our sights at all times.

That does not mean that things will not come out a bit “overdone” at times. But this exuberance will be understood because of the newness of where we are at. It is a very good thing.

Air is thought also, reminding us that it is our thoughts that will bring about the change that we want to see, and the clarity of purpose on the planet.


4 The Emperor

“Organization and logic. Structure and discipline. Leadership.”

4 is stability, foundation. We are guided. We have angels assisting us and waiting to be called on. They will guide us into behavior patterns that will strengthen and build us if we will let them.

Logic, discipline, and order are required, even as we move into a better state in the world. Everything is in flux and the kind of shifts that will be taking place will not go from here to there overnight, though I suspect that in hindsight some of it will seem as if it did.
As we make the shift, personal leadership will become more evident. The kind of leadership that will come forward is not the kind that needs governing as much as it will need listening, planning, brain storming, and cooperating. The personal logic, discipline, and order that was suggested earlier.

Archangel Michael will be very engaged and willing to assist humanity in our transition period. He is not only a protector and provides strength and encouragement to meet our goals, he is able to help us with clarity in seeing the tasks that lay ahead and utilizing the part of the brain (left) that will see to the practical needs of society as a whole and individually.



We have resources that show us we have abundance and we are safe enough to be able to realize that it is the little things that hold the magic and delight in life.

Stability is available to humanity. We can feel good about the efforts that generations have made to establish the means to extend the witness of The Christ throughout the world and unite as a Whole Entity.

Changes will be made because we are willing and able to voice those things that happen in secret or that are not addressed in the open because of misinformation. The emerging awareness’s will not allow the shadows to be hidden any longer.

Leadership will be held and honored not by a few, but the masses will come to understand that leadership must take place in the individual level. Archangel Michael, which I suspect may be Adam, will be involved and is ready to assist us in stabilizing the prosperity and security of all humanity.

I was very moved by this reading. The things that I am seeing online bare witness to these shifts of awareness. We are no longer a people seeking to survive the elements, we are looking at personal behaviors in our lives and seeking equality and dignity for all, whatever our differences may be. Praise be!
May God bless us, till next time,

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