Give Thanks for Others, No Matter the Circumstance (Very Special Edition)

They teach you, they challenge you. Most importantly they are you.

Yes, even the most challenging among us is part of the Whole.

We are the ONE that God will not divide.

That ideology has been misplaced with the concept of unions that create children by the Ego and it is false.

Bodies cannot be One.

But you are not a body. You are an idea in the mind of God.

Minds CAN, ARE, and ALWAYS will be!

This is the WILL that unites us with the mind of God where we truly reside!

On earth, we have allowed the Ego to tell us we are separate and able to attack as well as being attacked. And our power of creation within our minds is so great that we have been given just that.

The Ego is the fictional character in our collective thought process that Jesus wants to quiet with the Atonement. IE The “undoing” of an error.

The Ego has left us with false evidence brought about by our fear because of our belief that we have separated from God when nothing could be further from the truth and is, in fact, impossible.

Urtext of A Course In Miracles page 359 says:

If you but recognized His (*God’s) gratitude! Or mine (*Jesus’) through His! For we (*you, me, and Jesus) are joined as one in purpose, being of one mind with Him.”

We are the Christ “unitedly”. We are not separate from God or from each other.

Even though the Ego has taught us this for eons.

Do not let this lead you to believe that you have no “reality or being” because God started creation and the Son’s state of confusion will not stop it. No, we have no true reality here in the state of error, which is why we may forgive all that we perceive. But we do have true reality in God and of God as extensions of His Son which God will honor and make real and so it will be ad infinitum.

To our reading: I sometimes do not understand why I still do a weekly reading and yet am only impressed to share it every other week.

Maybe we need to be aware when we have a situation that needs to be seen so it can be corrected. Which in this case would be that the first two cards that were pulled are identical for both weeks and in the same order. How “coincidental” is that?!!? Please give acknowledgment to this as you read on, thank you.

We also would have missed the wonderful story that illustrates what I believe is “the miracle” we are all looking for where love replaces fear which aligns with those very cards.

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Give thanks to God for each other and show compassion and courtesy one to another.

This was also the way that I was impressed to begin this article, its significance just radiates within me as so crucial to our existence.

It is important to note that NO ONE may be excluded or you exclude yourself as a part of the Sonship, IE Christ.

You will see others according to their role in the Universal Plan. Do not think that you can or must “fix” everything. Trust in the wisdom of God.

Remember that your only function here is to forgive, this allows God’s Love to roll forth here in the illusion/dream.

The Atonement, whose foundation is forgiveness, embraces the undoing of the original error of belief in the separation from God and it’s consequences while also acknowledging our union with God and one another.

ALL IS NOW. How else do you think it all gets corrected? What you forgive NOW alters the future and the past.

This means that we have the power “by YOU accepting the Atonement” to change the world, LITERALLY!

You are living His Story, you are playing a role that you do not have to OWN, you just have to forgive it and all that created it.

That is what the Atonement is all about. There was an error made in the birth of Christ that felt a sense of separation which is an impossibility.

This expressed itself in the form of an Ego that has since diversified itself in many forms with the intention of preserving its life while holding itself accountable for separation from God.

Father lovingly called to His Son and Jesus was the first to accept the Atonement and thus became it, in essence.

Like us, Jesus has learned “line upon line and precept upon precept”.
Jesus asks us to join him in the undoing of the original error and all its consequences that the healing of Christ, the Son of God may be complete.

Give thanks to God for each other and show compassion and courtesy one to another.

The Story (Recorded audio April 27, 2021 on Miracle Voices #7; Judy’s Miracle in the NYC Subway) This is my summary and comments:

She’d heard of a molestation and murder of a school teacher on the NYC subway she used regularly. This was back in the late 70’s.

She went out one morning and there were not many people on the platform. When she got in her car there were three or four young men between the ages of 18 and 24 who appeared to be very stoned and were having fun and laughing. One of them pointed to her and then whispered to the others. A tall young man approached her and took a hold of her bag. She did not just release it to him.

Instead, she closed her eyes and recalled the lesson of the day “Let miracles replace grievances.” And she opened her eyes and the fellow looked into them and found no fear and only love. She saw love in his eyes as well. They both smiled and then laughed as if they were old friends sharing a joke. He went back to his seat where the others looked at him strangely and after he said something to them that she could not hear they all continued to laugh till the young men got off at their stop.

When the car stopped, she had been so relaxed that her purse fell to the floor and flew across the train and one of the young men got up, handed it to her, and said. “You have a good day, ma’am.” She spent the rest of the day ecstatic, feeling she had truly received a miracle.

I would just like to recognize, celebrate, and give thanks to, and for, the young man who chose to act in love instead of fear on the subway.

Judy did not give him what he did not have by her “pause” in the terror response, rather she connected to Source and shared their mutual place within Source. “Love is contagious.” Yes, because we are able to remind each other who we truly are.

And thanks to his companions who accepted his lead and chose love and acceptance of our uniqueness, and oneness (shown by the lad’s manners when he gave her his purse back), instead of fear.


Can we really judge here what occurred though??

Could they have seen the fear in her face as she sat there alone? Could that have been what prompted their “prank”? Who are we to judge if it was a prank or an assault?


What if what he whispered was “Look at her she’s scared silly! And the other one said, “Watch, I’ll make her pee her pants!”

How would we then perceive the situation knowing they really meant her no harm? Because these young people, even today, are used to being feared because of their age, their looks, not to mention their color, music choice, gender, etc.. And who would want to live like that? Does prejudiced not come from fear?


To look at this situation without acknowledging the young men’s part in the miracle, would, in my mind, be what gets taken as “white supremacy” or a “holier than thou” attitude (*Derived, dear ones, from fear.). It is also a form of divisiveness, and separation, which as students of the Course we have committed through the Atonement to “undo”.


Judy admits, “I was holding from the past, my prejudices, they were a mixed race group, and I had prejudice about about young men, a little bit older than teenage, doing violence in New York City. And in truth they were going to do something to me, but I was holding this shroud, like, like of terror.”

I fully believe that her desire today in sharing this story is to heal this type of response to one another. For those who know God must not walk in fear.


In truth, these young men might have been wanting to teach her a lesson not to judge others. They “could” even have been “angels” put there to do just that.

There are no coincidences, I think that is in the Course. Did she need that experience to remind her to open the door to her Higher Self/Inner Voice/Holy Spirit? For the sake of the Course? For the sake of another more dangerous scenario?

Judy says from that time forward she’s pretty sure she never forgot to ask for assistance when in a state of fear. That is a “gift” that could even be called a “miracle”, imho.


These comments have not posted so that the author, Judy S. could see it as yet. She is over 90 and I do not wish to overwhelm her with my review. It would be nice to give her a chance for rebuttle though so I will post it directly later today. She is also the last of the core founders from when A Course In Miracles was given to the world. We will dearly miss her when she makes her transition.

Her conclusion and attempt at “laughter over the situation”, which is the legacy those who have taught the Course have given to Bill a co-scribe, was “Stay off subways!”. I just had to respond. And here are a few more of my comments:

Even as a joke, “Stay off subways” was not in the best of taste because it is a comment of “fear”and suggests once again, that danger lies out there lurking somewhere and we do not want to live with that thought.

Do you see how sly the subconscious can be about putting fear into our lives even when we know it is not desired?


To let them take the purse may have been the right thing in another scenario. Be certain, we cannot “judge” form, we must take it in the moment and follow our instincts and inner voice. What is important was that she reached inside herself in faith or desperation in her “terror” which sometimes prompts the “leap of faith”, that she would receive or have an answer.


I agree that learning to follow that inner voice can happen instantaneously or take years. It took me decades to trust God and to trust God’s trust in me, and then to trust myself in action. Still working on that last part, but that does not mean I have not accepted the Atonement, forgiven the original error, and know that we are all one in God.


I have reached a place where I can trust nothing else but His guidance and I place all I am or ever may be in His hands. There are many roads that will bring us to this place. Judy’s road is using the formula “Let miracles replace grievances.” Yours might be different. Maybe that is what “Teach Only Love” means. Hmm, makes sense to me.


As we head into the Happy Dream it seems unrealistic to think of nonduality in any other form than in the mind, which would be focused on forgiving the original error and knowing we are all one.

Here is something that really needs to be corrected in the way that A Course in Miracles is discussed. NONDUALITY.

Nonduality exists in the mind because the mind is the only thing that is real.

Now, that having been said what we want to do is think of ourselves as if “You are living His Story, you are playing a role that you do not have to OWN, you just have to forgive it and all that created it.”

Then interact with society and the earth from your place in the Atonement that has forgiven the original error of belief in separation from God and one another and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

As you follow them, the promptings will become louder and easier to recognize. In the process you will gain confidence in yourself and be led to clear away those beliefs that keep you from trusting that inner voice and all that comes through you to be from God the Father. I can only say this because this has been my experience and it brings tears to my eyes as I embrace that witness. I know it is true.

You ARE because God IS! Embrace it! Give thanks! And as you live you will share that with others!

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You will see others according to their role in the Universal Plan. Do not think that you can or must “fix” everything. Trust in the wisdom of God.

We must not forget that the Universal Plan is in play and Jesus runs the orchestration of this Plan according to our choices and the timing of them.

Do not judge yourself or others if you are not quite what you think you ought to be or even if you feel as if one of you is “way off base”.

The Atonement also brings us into awareness of the Holy Instant which places us in Heaven moment by moment. It unites us to God and all that is.

It recognizes the truth that everything is as God designed it in its innocence and purity.

It allows us to see the chaos and confusion brought on by the Ego and to address it mercifully within the Universal Plan and its laws without believing that it is anything more than an illusion.

God will not force anything on humanity. Likewise, once they are willing to receive nothing can be held back.

When we give up fear and choose to respond from the place of the Atonement, from the place that knows that we are wholly innocent and the united Sonship of Christ we will change the world one at a time.

And do not think that it must take a long time.

There is a Happy Dream awaiting Christ as the light of the world is able to dawn on humanity because they realize they are One Before God and One Unitedly Equal in every way before God and important to our own personal salvation and the quality of our very existence.

Illness of body or society will afflict us when we close our eyes to our own “being” or that of another. When it happens apathy, loss of memory and function can happen.

Do not point fingers at the ills in an individual or society because they may have been put there to bring our attention to what we need to “see”.

Do you see why I say I walk in peace and joy? Knowing what I do how could I do anything else? You can, too! I have no doubt! ❤

Till next time, be happy, God bless, bye for now.

Forgiveness Must Be Understood

It lifts us out of this society and into heaven’s presence.

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Forgive the original error, with gratitude, for all those who would join you in this forgiveness.

The others who join you in this forgiveness enlarge the awareness of the divinity within and carry us to our ultimate awareness of Christ, God’s Son and all that is, which is what we ARE.

The Universal Plan is in flux and is manned by ascended masters. You are a key component of the Universal Plan.

Do not fret not understanding what is going on or what it is all about. In ACIM Jesus makes it very clear that we are not going to understand the confusion of the ego.

Trust is a key component here.

The Holy Spirit is your connection to that which is united among all of creation. Let that inner voice which speaks of peace and joy in the midst of chaos be your constant companion. You are worthy and you are loved.

When you give you receive. Bash others and you bash yourself because they literally are a part of you.

Connection and oneness are just what they say they are. They are complete and whole; and that is what you are. 

Your attempts to crush others or yourself will not be honored or realized because that is not the Will of God.

Destroying the body does not destroy you because that is not what you are. 

Same with the mind or “coping mechanism” of this world. 

If this discussion makes you want to go torture someone to prove it then you are someone I cannot reach, but if it makes you more willing to open your eyes to what is going on in the world so that it may be truly “forgiven” and “released” within the psyche of the Son of God I am grateful.

Receiving the atonement on behalf of Christ that is in you is your primary function. It begins with awareness and willingness to extend absolving forgiveness to all that is. 

When you receive the atonement for yourself it is only the beginning. 

As you walk in the world with your eyes wide open and do not hide from or excuse and justify behavior that is against God and humanity, you heal it, because you have truly forgiven what cannot be of God. 

You do not need to confront it or tackle it, you simply need to be aware of it and include it in the awareness of your forgiveness that you offer the world on the Lord’s behalf.

You know, they told me that A Course In Miracles did not place Jesus in the esteemed place that Christianity did. And I believed them.

I knew Jesus as a friend and as an elder brother. He has been here with me by name since I was four. So our relationship would only evolve rather than dissolve. For this I am grateful. 

Yesterday I read in the Urtext this passage:

“In the holy instant, the condition of love is met for minds are joined without the body’s INTERFERENCE, and where there is communication, there is peace. The Prince of Peace was born to re-establish the CONDITION of love, by teaching that communication remains unbroken, even if the body is destroyed, PROVIDED THAT you see NOT the body as the necessary means of communication.” page 324

This passage struck me in many ways. One that I could not ignore was that whatever myths came out of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, his life did have a significant purpose to me and to all humanity. As does mine and yours.

When I think of all the myths, rumors, and fake news that could said of my life, I can only think that it is no wonder that Jesus and his story has been dealt with as it has. 

Jesus has always been my chief guide and companion and will always be. He has the recall of the Father in a way that none of the rest of us do because he was the first born in spirit, the first to believe separation was possible, and the first to undo that error through the Atonement. 

I gratefully join him in that witness of the Atonement.

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We all suffer from PTSD Post Traumatic Separation Disorder, even Jesus.

It constitutes what we feel when we feel at a loss or incapable of meeting the challenges of the day. 

It embraces the sad side of compassion that walks with us in this world of confusion, strife, and chaos.

It rears its head in competition, superstition, greed, and even entitlement. 

It has a remedy and that remedy is the Atonement that Jesus invites us to partake of with him. 

Forgiveness for the error of the Son of God and recall of our place and position with God, the Father restores the peace that never left us.

Do not fault yourself for emotional highs and lows, these are only learning curves that, when given to the Holy Spirit, can be transformed into wings of light that lift you to greater understanding.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist and encourage anyone to seek competent professionals for depression and other mental health issues.

Compassion needs to be our offering to one another.

Forgiveness is our only function according to A Course In Miracles.

It also says that forgiveness is our only true happiness. Absolute, absolving forgiveness that erases all error (because you understand that it could not be because God IS, period) and all desire for punishment, revenge, or compensation.

I am digesting that last part to tell you the truth. We have lived by this other code for so long it is difficult to let go of even the idea of justice. 

But if the code of justice is real then God is not soveriegn. His Kingdom is divided and corruptible and this just cannot be. 

As a retiree, my ability to function in the world like this may be easier than for those who are younger. As with all things that I teach, I will study this out and watch for instruction from the Holy Spirit.


Interestingly this is touched on twice in this draw of the cards already with a third to follow. 

Depression is one of the three temptations of humanity. The other two being Power-Hunger and Addiction.

Depression comes when you do not feel supported and you have a sense of lack. It can seem justified or not. Extremes of highs and lows are forms as well and all of it indicates a lack of awareness of your place in God.

Let me say clearly that all things can be used by the Holy Spirit for the benefit of humanity so to say a person is not living in the atonement if they are depressed would be an error.

However, the cause of depression is only found within the atonement which enlightens our minds to the oneness of all creation and the love of God for His Son of whom we are a part that has been denied because we believe we have failed Him or He has abandoned us.

We tend to want to fix things. It has been said that the males do this more but women, and youth, do it just as much. 

I get the impression from Jesus that “fixing things” may not be the goal but rather, to simply observe them and let them be. It is a fairly new idea to me but I must say that this is the impression I am getting.

To observe what is amiss and forgive it, in our own daily walk, no matter on what level of physicality it has; if we can allow ourselves to observe and not take in the “fix it” mentality but rather recognize that in the observing we can eliminate that which is erroneous in the consciousness of humanity by observation and absolving forgiveness would be a miracle that I would be ever so greatful for. 

Could it really be that simple?!!!

Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness of them and Love for them. 

This just seems to repeat the same message to me. 

That I want to release my understanding of justice as it has been taught through the ages, primarily by Christianity, in the context that it claimed that Jesus Christ paid a price for our sin and redeemed us. 

Sin itself is contrary to the reality that God IS. 

If sin could be, then God is not God.

Only what is real can of God but His Son may choose to reject what is real. It is recognizing this and giving your faith over to what is real by letting go of fear that delivers us.

God is greater than us by virtue of His being the Creator.

 And He has given all to His Creation because that is what He Is, what Love Is, and what Love Does.

We are worthy for we are His.

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God Wants To Bless Us

Why do we keep refusing?

Even in the hurricane there is a place of calm and joy.

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(Please allow me some personal “balancing time” before the reading. Thank you.)

Well, I figured out why I have been so “loopy” and not on my game as a writer.

It turns out I have been dealing with vertigo for over a year now.

Having your body off balance will mean that the brain’s focus needs to keep you stable in the physical world and would not allow a great deal of energy to be spent in creative endeavors, though I am not ashamed of what I have done,

I had thought to do more.Diagnosis is only the beginning, but it is a significant beginning because it puts you on the path to recovery.

Tools can be utilized and measures can be taken that give rise to the hope of a better tomorrow.

That summarizes the energy I received overall in the reading that I did today.

I had once marked the deck that I use to find the passages in Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power Mom! with the basic meanings of a Tarot deck.

It was interesting to note what appeared in today’s draw of 8 cards, done in 4 card increments, each four representing a weekly reading.

There were 3 “new beginnings,” and one was a duplicate (Ace of hearts in both 4 card draws.).

This energy told me powerfully that God desires to bless us.

There were also 2 “choice” and 1 “coming to a head” cards in the first draw.

The second draw contained 2 “beginnings” along with “prep” and “fate,” suggesting to me that, while we are moving into this better place that is our destiny, it is only coming back into our true state of being, which is in God.

How often does humanity look at “fate” as if it were “home” instead of confinement, punishment, or representing a lack of freedom of choice?

It is vital that you invite others to know the truth. 

When I first put this in the book in 2019 I may have been inclined to think that we were to “share the word” more or less literally.

Since then the “tell it to the world” message that everyone preaches, from religious zealots to self-help business tycoons, has been knocked out of me, right proper.

Today I realize that it is not how many followers we have or if our book makes it to Hollywood but how we live our lives and how we think about ourselves and others.

We are energetic in nature here in the physical and what we think is communicated to the Whole of the Sonship without us having to say or write a word.I think I would instead suggest that it is vital that you desire to know the truth for yourself so that what is being extended throughout the Sonship by you IS Truth.

Jesus was the first thought of Christ once He considered the possibility of separating from God and it is his projection (Universal Plan, per ACIM) that we are participating in within what seems to be our lives. 

Here was Restoration and Deliverance from the Error delivered through the Atonement.

It is also why Jesus, in some circles, is considered to have a big ego. 

But the Restoration and Error have nothing to do with Jesus as an individual.

It could have been any one of us who had been first to consider ourselves separate. 

It just so happened that the first was able to recall the absolute unity with God that had never been broken and could testify of this to all the rest of the Sonship. 

Do not see this as a reason to once again crucify a Son of God but forgive him, and each of us, of the belief that separation from God was possible, even for a moment.

Give thanks to God and show compassion and courtesy to one another.

Let go of old grievances and live in the moment.

The Holy Spirit and the angels that have been promised will direct you along your way. When you see your history as His Story and let it go, you will have peace and joy in the moment knowing who you truly are in God. 

You will also be able to let go of fear.

Then you will be free to listen to the still small voice that will guide you and comfort you along the way. 

Do not be afraid to see one another.

Humanity does this when they see something they do not like. 

This is not the end of who they are, this is Christ crying out for relief. 

Embrace the moment, embrace them within your heart.

See them.

Hear them. 

They will not leave you alone and abandon you to death or otherwise. 

No more than Jesus or God has. 

It is impossible.

It is right to want to know how another truly is. But first, you must be willing to “see” them with the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Then compassion is the lens with which we see.

Often the wounds we carry are not seen by others.

This is why caution and courtesy are important at all times.

A key thing to remember about Time is that everything is really happening all at once. All lives, stories, deeds, everything encompassing His Story is happening right NOW and any action releasing the impact of His Story (through forgiveness) affects NOW.

See the world and all its variables of strife, but understand that this is simply confusion and will be undone with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, one individual at a time.

When you align your life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit you can trust that you will be moving on a spiral that is continually moving upward in understanding.

You can use the things that you are learning to gain different perspectives on old issues.

Do not be afraid of change. 

In this place of confusion change is part of the restoration of what is real.

As you walk in the Atonement, you cannot help but light the way for others to remember who they are as God’s Son.

They may not respond immediately but Jesus says to rest assured that you have shared the light of the atonement with them and it will assist them in finding it for themselves. 

New Beginnings are available each and every day.

Our circumstances may not change but the personal witness of who we are will.

And that changes our entire outlook on the world. God’s Love will lead us gently into a true reality of Love because that is who we are in Him. 

He will not use coercion or manipulation to have us receive this. 

It is our destiny, our essence really, but to truly have life it must be accepted. 

It is totally up to us.

Why not NOW?

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It Is His Story, Not Ours: Let Us “See” Christ and Set Him Free To Bless Us

You have an identity and you have relationships; they just may not be what you “see” today.

What do I mean by that? I mean that ARE because God declared it so but the role you play here may have very little to do with who you really are.

Life is NOT what we have been led to believe that it is!

In this reading, we look at what we are and how to realize it.

From Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!

Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder is like a mist that follows us in the physical world of form.

First off we think of ourselves as adults and children and this is not true.

We are fully grown eternal beings, IE Children of God.

And while the confusion and suffering we see all around us is an illusion because we feel separated from God, you are not. Maybe you do not think that you have no validity but there are many who do (A Course In Miracles has been taught that way to many high academic personalities and by many popular personalities for forty-five years.) and I believe it is a misunderstanding and stops us from progressing and allowing Christ to be revealed.

His Story

It is the nightmare of the Son of God (Christ) that we are playing out and which we have been endowed by God, in Christ, with the ability to bring to an end.

Even in our sweetest scenarios on earth, we do not experience the full power of the love that God wishes to share with His Son.

That makes you a SUPERHERO because you are saving the Son of God as a part of the Son Himself. (I capitalize Himself to identify that Higher Self within each of us that is a part of the Sonship and vital to the recognition of Christ among us.)

The wonderful thing about doing something for God is that He gives more than you offer Him. In this case, He gives you validation in YOUR Eternal Life when you restore His Son to your awareness.

I am a student of A Course In Miracles. On second thought, I am a follower of Jesus and I study all of His works and teachings. I find that I align with none of the current religions or ideologies that I have come across, including those among the most open ACIM students because they will often take the metaphysical stance alone and declare we are dream material only.

You will become “different from the pack”, but it is the course of all of us eventually because this is not our reality.

I believe that we are caught in a dream state but that, as the Course states, we are very much a part of creation and simply need to allow ourselves to recall what IS. Which is primarily God, and that we are unitedly His Son which you might say is “an extension of Himself while being within Himself”. Hence:

We have to let go of the overwhelming expectations and ambivalence that we have of one another and see ourselves as the ambassadors that we are!

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We must see ourselves as guards with the keys to unlock the chains that hold the Son of God trapped and unaware of His potential and power in the Father.

Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder cannot overwhelm when the beacon of the Atonement glows.

As we come into a recognition of who we are we will need to understand the safety of the Atonement and that this is where our freedom, protection, and sanity lie. It is really the only place it is.

Atonement is recognizing that God and His Son have never separated because it is not God’s will. It acknowledges that you are part of the Sonship, as is everything else. It also forgives what could never have occurred which is all the nonsense that comes with the belief in separation.

We are in the Father who IS all that is. I mean this metaphorically, figuratively, realistically, and every other way possible. Period.

God IS.

Bottom line. Just because we do not remember it does not make it false.

Because you are of God what you believe will be presented to you. Why not take a chance and open the door to the possibility that God IS.

His Holy Spirit will rush in and help you to find that which was hidden when you embraced the belief in suffering, punishment, and death. Don’t be afraid, these are not sins they are the consequence of believing in separation from God. It is a self-induced delusion, that feels very real.

The peace and joy found in the Atonement give you the courage to meet what comes one step at a time knowing you are not alone and all is well.

You are of God and in God, worthy of all that is. Innocent as a child and capable of making mistakes.

Do not fear.

Your Father is not a vengeful God.

He takes no delight in seeing His children struggle or fall.

Jesus teaches us that our only function is forgiveness which is salvation. (ACIM)

God will gently and lovingly encourage you, support you, and lift you up to success; rejoicing, not in the goal because that has always been, rather in the warmth of His affection and gratitude, which you return in abundance.

There is no experience in the flesh that can compete with the witness of His Love. In fact, it is so alluring, tantalizing, and consuming that we will need time to acclimate our psyche’s to be able to embrace it completely.

Before that will happen we must wake up to the fact that we desire His presence and are nothing without it.

We have convinced ourselves that we are undeserving and continue this cycle of anger and depression that we do not have to accept and only we can stop.

All “TIME” is truly occurring right now so what we do at this moment has the power to change the future and the past.

It was “understanding” this concept that allowed me to imagine how the redemption spoken of in the Bible could occur.

Most scenarios being played out are but the frantic thoughts of separation. Not only on this planet but in multiverses and dimensions without number.

We are not left without God’s influence. And by listening to the Holy Spirit within our hearts and minds we can be guided home and out of the confusion.

We appear to be addicted to suffering, intent on envisioning an existence without God, so much so that it seems we will not consider a place where we have no lack and nothing can harm us. It is a matter of deciding that this is true for ourselves.

When will we embrace the idea that our suffering comes from within because no one can give the Son of God what He does not allow? And I am talking about the higher consciousness that we can reach if we attempt it when we have not accepted the blinders like we have in childhood and infancy.

In the world of illusions, we use people’s situations and emotions to enhance our own lives and comfort.

In the Atonement, we see others as ourselves, sovereign Children of God directed by the Holy Spirit toward a better life for all of us.

Within the illusion, we fabricate stories, especially in families and small communities, but also in the world at large so that we can feel good about ourselves. This creates a foundation of distrust that corrupts our societies at a fundamental level.

A troubled family of origin is a place that you chose to appear to ASSIST those within that environment as well as to grow your own spiritual understanding. I say this because I know behind all the confusion of the Son of God is a loving Father that has faith in you.

Remember you are not an infant. You are not invalid, not even when in infant form. You accepted that role for a reason and did so willingly. You were and always have been a fully empowered Child of God.

The Atonement must be done on an individual basis.

Its purpose is to align you with God’s Voice in the Holy Spirit to return you to your correct state of mind which is completely in God and aligned with His Will.

Our ego’s see this as threat and bondage, instead of freedom and our true identity. We need each other’s witness, often called light, to have the courage to do this.

Jesus, as our elder brother, has taken the first step which is why we can follow him in the Atonement but as a “part of Christ” Jesus will not be at home with the Father until we all are.

Once Christ knows Himself fully again the Holy Spirit will no longer be needed since He/We will be fully within the Father.

Because we are all a part of the Sonship, we will need the Holy Spirit until all have come to the Atonement.

We all stand in grace as little children before our Heavenly Father.

This is so very key to how we change the paradigm that humanity currently has.

Within this construct, the Holy Spirit can be heard.

We are all equally valuable and vital to paving the way back to sanity.

With this understanding, I know in my heart that my union with the Father and eternal life is untouchable except by my own denial.

And it is so with yours.

This is my witness, in the name of Jesus Christ, that name that Jesus in A Course In Miracles Urtext says belongs not to Jesus of Nazareth but is encompassing of all concepts and forms of diety and god within the Sonship consciousness. Amen.

Border Fiasco; How I Believe Jesus Looks At It

Humanity will use whatever means it can to feed off of itself.

Debra (Debi) Yvonne SimmonsJust now·2 min read

If this is what the Consciousness of Humanity needs to happen to understand that healing and oneness are found one person and heart at a time and not by forced “unity” in form, then so be it. Christ awareness is coming, and if we must go through trauma to experience it, then we must.

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We keep taking the words of Jesus and twisting them to our convenience, and there will be suffering from that. Each one thinks they have the right answer and are doing the right thing (I will not dispute that there are a few that have abusive and destructive intentions.), but the majority think they are “right.”

Only the atonement and the truth found there will give humanity peace and protection as Christ is restored fully to the presence of His Father.

I know this may appear to have no relevance, but I assure you that it does.

I believe that humanity is reaching its final ability to stomach suffering to finally look at what Jesus has been offering us in the atonement.

We can put the human consciousness into the healing curve that it must recognize by acknowledging the Father and the Son and release the idea of lack anywhere because the Father would not have His Son live like that.

To do this, forgiveness for the error of separation from God and ALL THE consequences of that thought must be accepted one individual at a time.

This is the atonement; the undoing of the mistake of the Son and acceptance of the Father’s Love and abundant blessing.

God’s Will will not be altered.

His patience is long but the suffering we put upon ourselves must be understood to be our own doing and not forced upon us or from the Father for any “wrongdoing”.

The United States needs to be allowed to stand as an individual nation, at least for a time, to show (bear witness to the world) that one must choose, for oneself, salvation and not demand it from another nation or another individual.

One must look after oneself and know that God will grant what you need to be fulfilled.

This is my witness about the United States, and I stand behind the policies that President Trump put forth and desires to see fulfilled.

We are all learning here. But understand that the “learning” is to bring us into remembrance of who we are as THE SON OF GOD. United and embraced fully within and by God, the Father.

Spring Reading

There is a Universal Plan, and you have a role in it that you volunteered for. Be the “superheroes” you signed up to be.

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Do not get hung up on what you see in your life as yourself. 

Your job, your height, hair color, economic status, family relationships, love-life, none of these things define who you are and they in no way reflect your worth.

You are not your emotions, your thoughts, or your addictions and habits.

Neither is anyone else.

That does not mean be PO’ed at the makers of the Universal Plan. It has a purpose that we do not “get,” and that is ok. It is going to work out all right. 

And guess who wins? God does! Yup!

So really, all you want to do is forgive the Original Error that made the Universal Plan necessary and knows that nothing real can be threatened.

You have a unique and vital voice to the Universal Plan and in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

I am not talking about religion here. I am speaking physics or eternal truths.

Tip: Use the demographics of your role in the Universal Plan to share your unique perspective on Truth. It may be unchanging, but that does not mean that it is not multi-faceted, and we need your perspective to see it more clearly.

Do not under-estimate your position as one who forgives the original error because no one else can do that in your place.

God will not force anything on us. Nor will He allow anything to come upon us that we have not agreed to.

OUCH! With all the innocents that face horrible circumstances, how could that be?

Because we do not come here as babies, we come as full-grown spirits who forget that part of ourselves as we learn to navigate in this world with our bodies and circumstance.

Remember that Universal Plan we agreed to? We reviewed that with others and agreed to walk through certain situations before we came as infants. 

We have guides, guardians, angels, etc., in the flesh and unseen, which help us incorporate those things that we meant to be experienced here.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: Once we accept who we are nothing will stand in the way of the blessings that God wants to pour out on us. We are created that we might have joy, and peace is our natural state of being.


One of the three temptations of humanity. 

From the Atonement position, it can bark at you, and it might even scratch the skin, but it cannot harm you because you know the truth that this existence is not real and that nothing real can be threatened. 

Depression comes from fear of lack. And how could the Son of God lack anything? That is who you are. You are on a temporary mission and do not think it is done after this life because even the spirit world is part of the illusion. 

I do not know how many lives we will need to have here or how long this will last, but I know that we can open the door to assistance from beyond the veil by acknowledging our place in the Sonship.

I cannot say that you will never sob your heart out for the confusion and challenges of this life, but I can assure you that you will find a foundation to stand on to restore your hope which is the peace and joy that comes from knowing this is not real. 

Forgiveness releases all. God alone unifies.

We have tried all kinds of ways to connect except God’s way.

There is no other way. The ATONEMENT acknowledges Christ. It is actually the SECOND COMING. In that, it acknowledges that all that is within creation is a part of Christ.

And what is Atonement? It is the undoing of the Original Error of belief in the separation from God or the belief that the Son could offend the Father. The Son could do nothing that could stop the Father’s Love, and when He is done beating himself up, He will see that. This is what we gain when we forgive.

Things that seem to have come from the Son being separated from the Love, Protection, and Abundance of the Father could not have happened. 

All this trauma is not ours to embrace. It is not our heritage. Forgiveness is how we restore our memory to who we are. 

Our thoughts are where we understand that we are ONE ENTITY in God. 

This is how we see others as ourselves. It is the only way that connection within human existence will be recognized or understood.

United we are part of THE CHRIST. (Remember the fullness of Christ is all of creation.)

PTSD is due to separation. 

Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder embodies all of the challenges and hardships that come from the belief that the Son of God could have lack or could be attacked. 

The Atonement is the only remedy for this.

Jesus would have experienced the concept of forgiveness in his life as he had to forgive Judas. 

As firstborn in spirit, he would have been the first to partake in error and the first to receive the Atonement. 

This is what gives him the right to stand as an example and leader. 

His memory of being in God’s presence is what allowed Jesus to accept the atonement first, and since we do not have the recall that he does, we must have faith in his witness of God, which comes from him and the Holy Spirit within us.

I do not believe that Jesus had fear in his walk on earth because he recalled being in the presence of God. He did not have faith as we must have, Jesus had knowledge. This is part of why it will take another (I believe a female) to be willing to “see” what we really “think we are” IN THE FACE OF FEAR and accept the witness of the Holy Spirit that declares the truth. She will forgive Jesus, as well, by allowing him to direct the energy of miracles as he sees fit.

This will close the gap created by the “fall” and the “illusion of separation” and begin the ending of time which consists of fear of reprecussion from the past and punishment in the future. Experiences will be ours but they will be delighted in and relished in the NOW, the PRESENT MOMENT.

To engage only in the NOW, in the present that we are in, is to negate the recognition of FORGIVENESS and the ACKNOWLEDGMENT of GOD, the Creator and Father of us all. Who gives the Son all that He IS so that the Father may delight in His Son.

To skip this step is to deny our very essence. No one can take who we are away from us but we can close our minds, eyes, and ears to the truth.

PTSD, Post Traumatic “Separation” Disorder, comes from believing that this life has real validity in what it shows us through our apparent separateness. 

If it were possible to be separate from God, it would bring sorrow and emptiness.

 Emptiness is the correct term because it is an impossibility.

 After all, only God IS, and God IS in all. 

The Atonement is our primary responsibility here.

This includes knowing God IS and encompasses ALL THAT IS, which means we are ONE within God.

As well as forgiving the original error of belief that separation from God is possible along with all the consequences that have come from that belief.

In other words, we need to believe our hearts and the Holy Spirit’s witness and not our eyes and ears that give us our current view of the world.

We want to see the world as the Holy Spirit does.

Use your “costume in the illusion” to bear witness of the Atonement by whatever means are available to you.

You are always a teacher. Your witness shows the way for others. 

You are in the exact place that you need to be to do your part in the Universal Plan and the healing of the world.

Compassion needs to be the lens through which we see.

Once we have the “sight” of the Atonement for ourselves we can hold that for others and bear witness of their value and worthiness in God and a part of the Sonship. 

I study NDE’s and it occurred to me the other day that they come back with a witness that we are not judged by anyone other than ourselves. And I would agree to this concept.

What can happen though, is that we lose our compassion for others. It may justify any amount of wrong doing, adultery, even murder or rape. Not to mention more “justifyable” indescretions. 

It is really important in the walk of the spiritual person to see the “big picture” and not just an individual part of the truth. 

It is too easy for a single part to warp itself and hide the full embodiment of our relationship to God, ourselves, and to one another.

Allowing the Holy Ghost to take care of the future by releasing your hold on fear allows Him to clean up the attachment and trauma in the past.

This is the way to escape the PTSD that the ego attempts to put upon the world.

The “true forgiveness” you bring to this moment allows the past to be healed and altered in a way that serves all of us.

YOU make a difference and NO ONE ELSE can take your place.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now!

*I use six decades of living with a curious mind, three decades as an adult in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, knowing Jesus since I was four, and my current study of ACIM Urtext to bear my testimony this day. 

Atonement Is Everlasting Life In God so Death is but a Change In Form

Humans have the ability to create a new paradigm on the meaning of life.

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There is no permanence in what we call death. It is “a trip” behind the curtain for a costume change. Whether it is back to earth to understand or teach what was not clear or to assist in other realms or dimensions

There is a foundational understanding that can free humanity. And it is found in the Atonement (undoing of the error) that Jesus has taught us in various forms for eons.

Each one of us is a god in embryo. It is the source and “material” of which we are made.

Individually and collectively we are capable of creating a world full of abundance and delight such as our imaginations today cannot even begin to dream of.

It is already a part of who and what we are.

We need to let go of the fear of our own power, our sense of unworthiness, and the dream of destruction.

The power of the ego, the body, or even of money and privilege has no comparison to the power of a Child of God who knows who they are and that they are looked after and “backed-up” by the Father.

The following are two universal readings I did. It has been my practice for several years to share my witness as fully as I understand it today for today may be all I have before I am called to “another assignment.” I do not seek to “assist society where it is”; rather, I seek to show society what truly IS to the best of my ability.

I have come to recognize this as my witness of what Jesus means when he says that the Holy Spirit teaches us “To HAVE, GIVE all To all”. (page Urtext of ACIM 610 pg. pdf)

The “body” is not your identity.

When you believe it is, it becomes an idol that attempts to replace God.

We want to think “God First” then take care of the body as a “communication instrument”.

Our most authentic self is found within the inner voice that guides us in this world of form. The Holy Spirit is a combination of that Higher Self and the Father.

It is the part of ourselves who has the “knowing” and who will lead us home once we are psychologically willing to return there.

This is not something that can or will be forced on us.

It simply awaits our willingness and recognition.

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If one is unwilling to recognize the soul of another, or the self, illness of the mind, then of the body, and eventually society WILL manifest.

In doing this,, we deny the “heaven” that IS Our Heritage.

One has only to look around to see this is true. And history is the record of that neglect and denial.

The only way that time (meaning history), in other words, Christ’s story of confusion and its consequential terror, will be brought to a halt is for humanity to stop accepting the “fear-mongering ego” and look to the divinity within themselves and one another in our true form as Christ, God’s Son.

The Atonement was established before Time began because it is Grace IE the Presence of the Father’s Love for His Son.

It will not be forced on anyone. It must be received willingly.

It is something that each of us will surrender to in our own due time because it is our truth.

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This may happen for many, only when suffering and pain leave them no other choice. That is “OKAY “ because the pain, suffering, and sting of all things terrible loses its grip in the presence of truth.

It is not beyond my imagination to consider that it would take many lifetimes for the human soul to be willing to turn and look within itself to see who and what they indeed are.

The ego will lead them on a “wild goose chase,” but eventually, each one will come to know and accept who they are as part of the Son of God.

You have assistance in the Holy Spirit or Inner Voice within you.

The Holy Spirit will be able to serve humanity greater, in my opinion, once they get over the “illusion” and belief in death as this will free us of many fears.

Primarily, the idea that “with the shedding of the body life ends”. When in reality the very witness of the body is that one has denied their own existence, indeed their own “life” which can only be in God because only God IS. THIS is why Jesus teaches we must be “born again”.

I believe that our “truth” is closer to spirit, and truth be told, I do not believe that spirit is our true “essence” for lack of a better word.

Because “we” have the same “form” as God “whatever that may be” and since it was the fearful-mind manifested ego that brought this world and the spirit world into being our true form may be something completely unrecognizable to the human mind at this time.

(Jesus tends to the preexistence and the afterlife. While it is a higher manifestation of our consciousness than we have on earth, it is still not in the full presence of God. Jesus is the only one of us who remembers that existence. This is why we follow him. No one returns to God without the whole body of Christ.)

Remember, as Christ’s creation began, the Father’s presence was dis-acknowledged in the belief of separation from God so what we are experiencing as love is still far less than what Father and we truly are.

We do not have to worry about this transition for many generations, from what I understand, and when we do step into our true form we will have been prepared for it and will be assisted by God, Himself.


This having been said, it is important to acknowledge those who exist primarily in “spirit form” because they are a significant part of the “human” consciousness part of Christ. They can assist us and desire to do so, but we must be ready to receive their input.

We are One Entity, and there is nothing that divides us, while embodied or without our bodies, except our own imaginations.

Children come into the world still remembering what occurred before this life. We soon “throw it away” because our societies are intolerant of accepting a truth that cannot be seen or proven with some scientific test.

What is so confusing to me about that statement is that a “scientific” test can be manipulated by the “belief” and “belief itself” is something that we cannot see.

That is not to say that we should be hard on ourselves.

It is just that we are putting so much effort into things that would be “understood’ if we would allow a place for our “divine spirituality” to be recognized within the framework of our consciousness, individually and collectively.

What I am being prompted to share here is that not only is the Holy Spirit waiting for us to acknowledge Him and help us assist in the work that Jesus leads of restoring Christ to His awareness of His origin but that unitedly all consciousness desires to create in a “collective” fashion. This is the way that the Father organized His Son’s existence/foundation/course.

Only our confused mind(s) believe(s) that anything else is possible. One part of Christ creates something over here and another part of Christ creating something over there. Much less, multiplying that by gazillions of supposedly individual components that make up Christ such as, oh, galaxies or individual life forms on this planet, or another.

The Holy Spirit must work with the “individual” at the moment because it is inside the mind of the individual that yielding to the Atonement and acknowledgment of itself as part of the Sonship of Christ will occur.

Christ, however, as a Whole, was meant to function as ONE entity or unit in its true status in God. This is why our “will” is ultimately the same as God’s.

It is not the “slavation” that Bill Thetford wrote from his inner self in the notes of A Course In Miracles. Acknowledging God’s will as our own is our salvation because it is who we truly are. And God wanted a Son to experience creation and creativity so boring is not a concept I would put with being in God’s presence either.

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Repeated here was the acknowledgment that the Atonement is the foundation of a new paradigm of cooperative cohabitation of the planet Earth. Not to be thrust upon anyone but to be met with the desire of a willing and grateful bride.

The Atonement establishes equality among all humanity.

The Atonement acknowledges a Creator that gives sanction to the creativity of His Creations.

Before we can function as a “united Christ” we must be willing to function as “individual parts of Christ” in the undoing of the belief in the possibility of separation from God.

We will not be alone in this. We will be guided and have many assistants.

In fact, within the Atonement we have a witness of our “completeness”; our connection with one another and in God. Many of us are closer to this than we realize.

The Atonement acknowledges our union as the full embodiment of the Son of God with all creation in all of its various forms, dimensions, and experiences.

Only this paradigm will allow all humanity to bless itself, the earth, and “all that is” freely, completely, abundantly, and most importantly, compassionately.

This reminds me of faith, hope, and charity—the greatest of these being charity, which has generally been accepted as the pure love of Christ.

I would extend its meaning to encompass “equality” with the understanding that ALL are worthy of the blessings that the Father would bestow upon His Son.

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You are not separate from, say, Jesus or Mohammed or Confucius. Or from ANYONE else. And, if you bash them, you bash yourself. If you lift others, you lift yourselves. When you give, you receive.

Letting go of the idea of death will do a lot to help humanity accept this truth.

One cannot live in a state of fear that death brings about and expect to find joy. Primarily because you are in a lose/lose situation.

Truth is, you are an eternal being, and you will have lasting relationships that will ebb and flow and be many, many things, and it will ALL bring you JOY from within the Atonement.

Nothing can separate us from that which brings us joy, except our desire to feel unworthy or somehow lacking, and both are an impossibility because you are a divine creation and your creator establishes your worth.

This has nothing to do with “religion” and everything to do with what you are, who created you, and the freedom that comes with that reality.

Everything is really happening now. All lives, stories, deeds, everything encompassing His Story (history) is happening now and any action releasing the impact of His Story, IE Forgiveness, affects the past and how it is viewed and the future as well.

The decision capacity however lies “squarely” in the NOW.

If you stop to think about it, this is not as far-fetched and outlandish as it sounds.

When “true forgiveness” has been applied, everything receives a quick coat of “whitewash,” meaning that its intensity and impact have been all but removed.

“True forgiveness,” of course, means that we recognize that there is no way that God would have allowed His Son to endure any part of the trauma, terror, sadness, or disappointment that this world is made up of.

God is all things good! You do not have to suffer to “know” freedom from suffering. Knowledge has no requirements or prerequisites. You know because that is what God is, and you are of Him.

Our final reflection is on Depression.

The three temptations that face humanity (Addiction, Depression, and Power-Hunger) are given to us in the story of the temptations of Jesus Christ in the Bible (Matthew 4) as I share in my fictional NDE story published in 2019.

Depression is when we do not believe God has our backs. “I thou be the So of God, cast thyself down: for it is written , He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash they foot against a stone.” To which Jesus answered, “it is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord, thy God.”

The antagonist was trying to get Jesus to “prove” he was taken care of by God, thus displaying doubt in that truth by the act of “proving” it.

Note also the “It is written”, I tell you that there is power in written testimony.

What is depression if not the belief that one has been abandoned and is without resources and assistance?

Only God IS. It would be an impossibility for Him to abandon that which is a part of Himself which the Son is.

Pretty cool, huh?

Do not think that I do not suffer from post-traumatic “separation” disorder, because I do, occasionally, though I retain the witness that the separation did not occur.

You see, I am not my emotions though I do understand they must be acknowledged and allowed to be felt so they can pass through me in this place of illusion.

I observe them and sometimes I sob, not only for the sadness I think I see, but for the idea that a Child of God could believe such a thing when Father waits to give him all that He has.

Often I will as Mother Earth to transmute them into positive energies.

The Atonement which is to be experienced Now holds all that you need to meet any situation that this world could ask you to endure.

Within it is the assurance of God’s confidence in you and in all that makeup His Son.

The Atonement aligns you with inspiration by connecting you with the Father and the rest of Christ.

These reflections have been profound for me. They are things that I must testify of that my witness of them and greater understanding may grow within me.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

I Believe In God

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmon·8 min read

And I believe I am His Child.

I am glad to have this witness within me.

A “living knowledge” that I am a part of the Great I Am.

My idea of what exactly that means has evolved over a lifetime but whatever it “looks like” I know there is a Creator, and a Son (gender not required).

And that this is the one relationship that is vital to our existence individually and collectively.

This is a reflection from Mama’s Christmas Carol that gives structure to my life at this time. I do a Universal Christ reading regularly to see what Spirit would have us reflect on with a prayer that it may serve somewhere according to Father’s Will with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I give its message into the hands of Jesus to share it with those who are ready to hear if it will assist.

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Be thankful that PTSD will not leave.


Post-traumatic stress disorder just might be one of our best friends, at least within Time.


Because it keeps us mindful that there “Has got to be a better way!”

*Disclaimer: I am still researching this man’s story and life’s work. I suspect there is much more to it than what has been revealed. I do not “see” the Course In Miracles the same way others do and I hold that right. What I share here is according to my understanding at this time.

A man who had been instrumental in the work that would allow the bomb to be dropped on Japan (he did not know the significance of his work until after the event) said these words about 20 years later in his work as a professor of psychology. He was William (Bill) Thetford, an assistant to bringing forth A Course In Miracles.

How we were engaging with one another was a huge focus for Bill. Isolation had plagued him as a child so he had time to develop an inner life and confidence in an inner guidance system which he utilized throughout his life. Whether he fully met the potential of this, even with his great accomplishments, is something that I question.

It was being one of the assistants to A Course In Miracles that gave Bill Thetford his opportunity to manifest the peace he so longed to see in the world. His energies were taken up with forgiving those immediately around him and it required a lot of his attention.

It occurs to me that PTSD might be changed to Post-Traumatic “Separation” Disorder. Because that is what we are really dealing with. The consequences of belief in the idea that the Son could separate from the Father.

Of course, for that to occur in the flesh it certainly made sense that the Son of God would need to divide Himself and make space for a female to continue the Manifestation of the Error. No wonder “she” ranks lower in the fearful ego-mind.

Thus Time and Space came into being, temporarily. To allow the Son to remember who He is and Whose He IS. Because He never left God nor was ever forsaken by Him.

PTSD will not be removed while we are in Time but it can be forgiven and seen as the cause of the mental illness that plagues humanity. As such it may be the impetus to finding resolution to the mental illness as well.

The Holy Spirit will use this PTSD to your advantage if you will allow Him to gently lead you back to your “senses”. Back to your place within God.

And let it be noted that Post-Traumatic Separation Disorder does not exist within the Atonement. Eternity and heaven await you and can be lived while you are here on the earth as your light will lift others to remember their place in the Kingdom of God as well.

The first error is the belief in the ability of the Son of God to Separate from the Father. This needs to be kept foremost in mind.

It is not only the “first” error. It is truly the “only error” and, in my opinion, the only one that needs to be corrected or “forgiven”.

After that is done the ride is “fairly” easy. Despair and fear no longer have a hold on you.

Oh, you might be frustrated. You might be very sad over choices that you or others make at any given time. But forgiving the error of separation eliminates the attachment to this world as it presents itself at the moment.

You cannot lose what is not real and what is not real cannot truly harm you.

Do you want to know where the error of separation gives me the most grief?

It is in relationship to my family.

I can easily be “business-like” with everyone else. Western society has taught me this with the fundamentals of “polite society”. It has been more difficult to see my children and grandchildren in an “associate” identity.

As my grandchildren are becoming adults I am realizing, that I would be wise to treat them like I would a stranger. Pleasant, courteous, kind, but separate.

Now, wait a minute, didn’t I just say that separation is a false narrative.

And how can I do this to my own KIN?

The consensus is still that God’s Love and blessing come from obedience and not from inheritance. My beloved grandchildren were raised to face a world that believes in lack and separation from God. I must acknowledge this and then hold them in the place of love and forgiveness within my heart otherwise I leave them without my witness of their innocence. I cannot take them from the world and into the Atonement, they must do this for themselves.

To think I am able to do otherwise is to leave myself and them hurting. And this is not of God.

Between God, the Father, and His Son there is no separation but with those trained in constructs of the world, and while we are here, there is separation and we do ourselves no courtesy to deny this.

Those who manifest here are either victims of the original error or are on an errand to correct it, and to do so, they also are affected by the original error.

Our society is currently set up to support this opposite: That bodies can be connected and united but that “minds” and “souls” cannot.

We do have the ability to turn this around. We simply need to see the need for it by recognizing the original error.

Stop trying to get “togetherness” and “connection” through making “peace” with the body or bodies and instead, connect through the heart-mind witness of the Atonement with God which will draw others to do likewise until we are all of ONE MIND.

Seeing other’s errors and forgiving them will heal them and ourselves.

Having forgiven the original error of the belief that the Son could separate from the Father is sufficient to unleash the miracle that Jesus speaks of that is in each of our subconscious.

This miracle he would like us to give permission to him to utilize in undoing the need for time.

So many want to control the directives of their miracle capacities.

They want to use them to achieve “their” goals.

When all they really need to do is “feel” what they want to “feel” from any manifested goals they believe they desire on earth and allow Jesus to orchestrate the universal energy to bring that to pass.

You do not want to tell him what kind of car you want but how you would feel if you had that car and what it would allow you to do or access if you had it.

As a Son of God, you have that power within you, by inheritance, and have but forgotten. Jesus remembers for you an unlocks that which will fulfill your greatest and deepest desire. If you will allow him to do so.

This cannot be manifest though if you would begrudge anyone else the same blessings. This is why forgiveness is a requirement for personal fulfillment.

It is in Grace that you (and your brothers) stand as a recipient of the Atonement.

In grace, as in the reflection of the image God had of you as He created you, as The Son, and all thoughts that proceeded forth from the Son without number or definition are ALL perfect, pure, and innocent. Even though they may not be perfectly “real” as yet because of the fearful ego-mindedness that created them. *With the Atonement they are made sure and whole.

This is your inheritance. This is your “being” as ordained by God before the foundation of Time.

This is what God made of you and only what HE has made is valid.

You may not be able to “fix” them but you can “believe in them”.

And the best position to “believe in them” from is from the state of atonement. Here you acknowledge the error of Christ in believing that He could separate from the Father and then you forgive EVERYTHING that has “seemed” to have happened because of the ERROR.

That means also that you “see” Christ in everything and in EVERYONE.

The Universal Plan is completed. From the Beginning to the End.

You just need to accept your part in it by accepting the Atonement and then you can move out of it and into eternity.

No force is allowed here! No one will be manipulated into accepting the atonement! It must be received willingly!

Ironically, all you really need to do is to desire that this be so and the Holy Spirit will take you the rest of the way.

UNLESS you INSIST on doubting your own essence. Which, is what created the false-identity or reality, in the first place.

His Story is not your story. You are living Christ’s nightmare of confusion. Which has already ended.

The premonitions that we get are memories of what has already occurred and we just have not let go of it yet.

There are many ways that life will show us this is true if we give it a chance.

No one has enough information EVER within this existence to be held accountable for what occurs here or for even being responsible for what occurs here. It is about time we look around and see the truth to that.

It is time for Alice to “wake-up” from Wonderland!

Gossip versus Concern

Illusion = we “use” people’s situations and emotions to enhance and/or explain our own situation.

Atonement = we “see” each other as ourselves and we seek to lift and support them as we are able.

Even within a group, we can choose to acknowledge these truths in our own hearts and become the “light of the world” by stepping into our true role as/in Christ, the only begotten Son of God.

The only adversary is our mind that believes that anything besides God’s Perfection is possible.


With the political unrest in the USA, I was a bit hesitant to put this up.

I thought that I might at least change the title. Then again, if it got someone to read it who was in a huff who also allowed the Holy Spirit just a tiny allowance to interpret what they were reading, maybe it could bless someone’s life and make their load a little lighter.

I cannot determine what is in another’s heart or mind. I only decide for myself.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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Jesus Needs Us As Much As We Need Him

Forgiveness for the belief in Separation from God is something we all need.

We All Have a Friend In Jesus Because He Lifts Us To the Father As We Do For Him

If he had not believed in the separation he would be here among us.

He may have even been the one who began it, hence, he is the “alpha and omega”, the “beginning and the end”. And yet…

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If I wanted to feel alone.

Where would I go?

To the place where the voices

say we are one

and none resonate that in their

compassion and words.

I would find a multitude

to tell me how divine we are

and yet exemplify that only one way is correct.

I would hear the words of love

and feel the hollow echo of empty chasms.

I would hear the words “come unto me” and

find cold, bitter, winds of vengeance and

recall of the illusion of separation.

I would look outside of myself

and be lost.

Inside I know differently.

Inside I know peace.

Inside I know hope.

Inside I know promise.

Inside I know creation.

Inside I know that circumstance does not define.

Inside I know that truth is full of joy and exquisite delight.

Inside I know that God IS.

Is there anything that I require but this knowledge?

Companions lead us to that witness and

in this, I know Jesus as my friend.

For he tells me of his witness of the Father

and I believe.

The Holy Spirit walks with me and

bears witness this is so.

Circumstances come and go.

Babies are born.

People die.

Weather changes.

Still the stillness inside

reigns supreme.

Because I have taken the words of Jesus

into my heart and made them mine.

There is nothing I can offer you or anyone

that is greater

than the invitation

in this, I know Jesus as my friend.

There is nothing I can offer you or anyone

that is greater

than the invitation

to do the same.

*Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Reflections that Give Me Courage

It is time to recognize what cannot be seen!

The body is only a tool for communicating the love of the Father to the Son and vice versa.

When I receive anything from anyone I want to remember that it is coming from God whether it is a million bucks or a smile.

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Love and forgiveness are gifts that we all can open and share with the world.

Everyone has access to them within themselves.

We have assistance in this place where Separation and lack seem so real.

Nature, Guides, Holy Spirit, intuition, sunshine, the ground we stand on, trees, take advantage, recognize, ask for, and experience the assistance they are waiting to share!

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In the book from which I take this reading, I stated “It is right to want to know how one another is. Assist freely, as inspired.”

Today, I suspect that sometimes it is okay to just wish them well from a distance.

It can be easy to get caught up in “their story” and while it is just as valid as yours, blending the two can make it more difficult to exit the confusion of the mind that keeps us in the Error of Separation.

So be careful about that idea of safety in numbers. You alone standing in the Atonement with the witness of the Holy Spirit and Jesus as a companion would be difficult company to “top”. Just mho.

It will be by grace that we stand in as we stand in the Atonement. As a little child, you will be able to make mistakes or take a fall but you have a loving Father in God that will pick you up and set you on your feet again, taking pride in your accomplishments via that Holy Spirit.

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The impact of PTSD will not be as traumatic when one stands in the Atonement where all trauma is known to be a belief in the Error of Separation from God and others. This does not mean that you will not cry or hurt for the trauma will be felt. It just means that it will be more like experiencing a 3D movie that you have emotions with but you understand is not real. It will be a memory that you can take what you want from or leave alone because it has no lasting effect.

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You have assistance in the Holy Spirit. Also known as the still small voice, prompting, intuition, gut, along with angels and/or guides. Nature too is close to the Divine and this is why it restores the individual and why understanding spiritual meanings of things in nature may give assistance on the journey in the illusion.

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The impact of PTSD will not be taken away completely so that we can witness the discomfort that comes with the Error of Separation and be prompted to relieve it in ever so many diverse ways, eventually to give it up for the Atonement that is aware of the error, forgives it, and acknowledges that witness in their hearts as they walk about the earth.

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Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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God Will Not Force Peace ON Anyone

Not even you.

We make the decision to acknowledge our relationship with God and all that is.

We can either receive His witness via the Holy Spirit.

Or we can fight it.

The choice is ours, though the reality is that we are His.

It is up to us how long we stay in the attitude that we must have suffering and lack.

Despite what appearances may be in our lives.

May we know in our hearts that we are His, and His assistance will be given.

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Check out this week’s reflections.

A Universal Reading Would Include All of Creation

We like to think that we are the only creatures who make up the Son of God.

But there is a lot more to Christ than meets the eye.

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It is my suspicion that humanity is the destination, in the mind of Christ, that manifests the “cream of the crop”.

The ones that have shown the dedication and focus to be able to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again.

I know that it looks like we could not be more mixed up and incapable of taking care of one another and our planet, much less, galaxies without number, but this is exactly what I am proposing here.

And with that, here is our reading for November 16–22, 2020.

Give thanks to God. Show compassion and courtesy to one another.

All gifts come from God. Period.

I do not care who delivered them or who thought them up, they all come from God.

Quit paying homage to yourself and your peers.

Say thank you to the one who brings the gift, but acknowledge from whom it comes, which is God, Our Father.

Then be kind and tolerant of one another.

Give each other the space to breathe.

Be as honest as you can to yourself and to each other. And do not think that means spilling your guts.

It means being aware. Having eyes that see and ears that hear.

It begins with recognizing yourself as a Child of God who does not have an absent parent.

The Atonement knows that PTSD has no lasting effect. It may cause distress, but it is only for a moment, like a fearful jump when you are startled. Peace is your true identity.

We make up the world as a collective. “External conditions are produced by the thoughts of many, not all of whom are pure in heart as yet.” page 47 Urtext of A Course In Miracles 610-page pdf

And “Mental health is INNER peace.” (same ref. place)

Peace must be found inside and it is possible to do so in the worst of circumstances once one understands that this is an illusion and that the Son of God is Whole, Healed, Perfect, and Cherished by the Father.

And do not forget, that is you. And your neighbor as well.

We live in separate worlds, only in the ego. In the Atonement, we live as individual, autonomous beings, worthy and capable of existing in a world/body of similar entities.

Freedom is something that happens inside, just like peace.

It is found in the Atonement that witnesses that we are all one and that there is nothing to forgive because anything contrary to the will of God has no truth in it.

No matter how real it seems today.

So, breath, and move forward, whatever that means for you.

And smile, when you can! It gets easier, trust me! 🙂 ❤

His Story

We are in the process of accepting a 5th-dimensional attitude that understands that the confusion, chaos, and suffering of the world was a result of the error of separation and is not the truth of existence.

All those sore spots, whether they are from childhood or a dysfunctional partner, trapped in delusional thinking in the many cults of society. Be they from past lives or entities beyond this realm, they are all part of the confusion that put Christ into a belief in lack and tyranny.

He is ready to step into a place where His dreams are willing to work on His behalf and where the desire is the Awakening above all else.

It is a place where Christ is realized and His Father is recognized as the giver of life and all that is good.

It is not a religion, it is a psychological witness of our truth as being connected to all that is and ever will be and knowing that we were not created by our own power.

Only in this fashion can we move forward into our identity as Saviors in all the other multitudes of galaxies that await their deliverance through our witness of the truth.

The truth that we are all ONE and that the Creator has never left us, nor have we left him. We can find that witness only in the Atonement because only in the Atonement may we stand aware of our flesh and of the various forms of distress in the world and know that none of it could even be in our imaginations without the Error of Separation.

Only when all of Christ is awakened will the glorious day of reunion with the Father in full glory be realized for any of us.

In the meantime, we may be blessed with the peace that passes understanding if we will step into the Atonement and live our lives by the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us.

Our Creator meant for us to have joy and delight in creation.

We can do this!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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