The View From Where I Stand Now

NOW, in the moment, the present, I had defined it in 2014 as No illusion, All-encompassing, the W is to me, an upside down M to bring from heaven Christ’s Millenial Reign that I had been taught throughout my Christian years.

I am only now (18 years later) reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book is adding dimension and confirmation of what I have been taught by Spirit about NOW.

We are all worthy of joy and I understand this. Each moment is what we have and I get this. I am also a mother of seven, with five still living and when they hurt I hurt. When they feel betrayed I get it. I still follow the Spirit for the guidance in my own life but it does not mean that I do not feel their cries and calls for help.

My youngest is 32. The eldest died at 39 in the middle of 2014. My grandchildren have often called out to me with their eyes and pleaded for help from Gramma. They still believed that I had the power, as they “know” that their parents have the power over them.

I had to stand by and support my children as best I could without getting in their way. “This served the grandchildren best” was my thought.

Everyone gets their own role to play and they are the main actors in the making of their part of the Christ Ego that makes up this world.

The power lies in our ability to know this is not real.

“Christ’s Guilty Conscience” (CGC), while it may have provided our life circumstances in this world, does not hold the highest power in our existence.

The highest power comes in the form of Deliverer and Redeemer. Redeemer of whom? Redeemer of Christ, of course. The Christ in each of us that believes He is worthy of punishment.

One may offer a portion of assistance to another in this walk but it is primarily “the other” that must walk on his own.

We each have the armies of heaven awaiting our every command in service to that which is our true desire and objective for this life.

That is hard to understand here, especially when modern Christianity teaches us to help our neighbor, not to mention our children and the grandbabies.

Our own empathy, conscience, or “Christian” upbringing wants to take care of others and keep them safe and protected.

I see this as also keeping them locked in the dream. We are meant to stand on our own, in our own faith and witness.

That goodness and joy are a part of being, not relying on someone else to give us a reason for existence. Namely our parents or main caregivers to supply the definition of our existence for us. And yet this is what we typically do.

We take a piece of this circumstance and what that person said or how this made us feel and we create a “monster” that roams the earth as our ego trying to defend itself and give meaning to its life.
This is not who we are.

We are divine creatures on a divine mission of waking a sleeping god.


I have never felt adequate as a parent or able to supply all the needs for my children.

I have no family associations that supported or sustained me through life on my mother or father’s side. In fact, those that could have shown me respect taught only hate and disrespect for what represents my place in the world.

Likewise, there is no financial support or structure in place to lay out the parameters of my children’s well being or safety. To give credence to the ego monster that Christ has given them to walk as.

I gave my children access to “family” so that they may have an experience that I did not have. Each of them has their own opinions about me because of that.

I try to give them all the tools I can to meet the challenges that they will face in life.

It is only recently that I understand that they chose these particular challenges because the Christ in them wanted to understand something. I cannot tell you how this has lifted the burden that I bear, as I desire only good for my children.

The terms good and bad have become neutral in my understanding and spiritual awareness. This does not take away the sting and sometimes horror of what vices they allow themselves to believe they have been put in.

The empathy of sorrow at separation is not something that I believe we need to set aside. It is something we can share and comfort one another with.

I believe that like all other witnesses in this place of illusion it enhances our joy at the reality and truth in the awareness that we are divine beings and all is ours, as it is our Father’s.

Of course, we each will come to the “waking up” to that awareness in our own time and way.

Life’s experiences in the ego (CGC) give me a reason to reflect on the place of a woman in this world and the kind of emotional and psychological pain that the illusion causes her throughout her life.

I realize that if I am going to testify of Christ in the manner that I have set my cap to, I will be exposed to all the trauma that can befall a woman emotionally and that I will be able to survive and not be crushed by it because of my commitment to my ultimate calling of choice which is to testify of Christ and of His Father’s Love for Him.

This has not been a fun ride to be on, nor pleasurable in any way. (In others words I am personally not a masochist.)

It does, however, bring me comfort as I reflect on my mission and think that I might be worthy to experience such things that would be transformed by the Spirit into something gloriously incredible beyond measure.

My NDE studies are so much spiritual food to me of late. I feel a synchronicity in the readings so great that it feels as if the messages these brothers and sisters were given were to be recorded so that I might see them at this particular time. It is a fabulous feeling.

I could not help but note that it feels like a testimony meeting where someone says just the thing that you needed to hear.

I will close this message today with a huge heart full of gratitude for the purpose and plan of our existence.

I bear witness that there is meaning beyond our current understanding that once known it will obliterate all the trauma and heartache of the challenges that we have been asked to experience.

Till next time,
God bless us One and All,
It is only in stepping out of the ego(CGC) status that we have the opportunity to understand the meaning of our life in any given NOW.

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Chapter Six
Summary of the Reading
“A card reading should tell a story.” Radleigh Valentine.
Let’s take a look at this story.

The many in the One want to establish independent, healthy boundaries while at the same time understanding that they are united, carrying the DNA of their Father, Christ and His Father God.

Restoration of peace requires seeing the big picture, which can only be seen as one flies high above the present circumstance and limitations and acknowledges their connection to Spirit and the realm of the angels and of all creation.

Much of what we experience here is a fabrication; it is not real, only imagined. Open, honest communication with prayerful and thoughtful communication and meditation will be required to bring us back to the remembrance of our true sel(f)ves.

What we call life seems to be without real understanding, and suffering and death appear to be a true part of it. The Mystery invites you to exercise faith and trust and go inside yourself to find the truth, the way, and the life.

Joy is the outcome of your quest. Joy in the journey to find God and joy along the way until all have found joy and you are taken into the bosom of God once again where both you and He will know the fullness of Joy.

It is like everything was spelt out for me. My whole message in a very simple form. Sadly, for mankind, we must have complexity. It seems that the simple frightens us. And viewing the world from a higher vista can be lonely in a lot of ways. It can be tremendously rewarding and full, as well, if one takes the good and leaves behind the bad.

Others look at you as the strong one because you have gone through so much and when you face a mortal blow, like the death of a child, they do not know how to buoy you up.

There was no one who could give me a shoulder to lean on. I sat on the floor where I had fallen in a clump of tears as a poem accepting death was read at the close of the memorial prayer service for my daughter. They made sure they played no music I knew the words to because if they had I would have been singing to it. Perhaps “she” was afraid I would have stolen the show. And rightly so because I would not have cared who saw or heard. Music has been a comfort companion to me throughout my life.

The day of the funeral, after a very public confrontation with many of my family members, I left them to have the celebration of her life according to their wishes. I walked stocking footed and sat by a creek that ran through town. I could not tell them where I was when they went to the grave site, so I did not go with them. Instead, I called a woman I had not spoken to in two years and we talked for forty-five minutes or however long it took for them to conclude the service. Then I looked around and found a way to tell where I was so I could be picked up.

I bear witness that Spirit buoys you up and allows you to keep on walking. There is something else for you to do; no matter how hard the blow appears to be you have been called to endure. You might ask why I am sharing such poignantly personal moments with you. That is a fair question. It is to remind you, it is not me that I want you to consider. It is the principle and concept of which I am speaking. I will state again the Eagle flies above the storm, we likewise are able to rise above our circumstance. Each of us, not just a chosen few, for we are all of The Son of God.


My understanding of life at this time is what this book is about. Here are some key beliefs: Mankind is the manifestation of the Son of God, Christ. Space and time are man’s sphere, not God’s.

This is the playground of the psyche of Christ to experience diverse false realities and we are the puppeteers for His manifestation.

We work with Spirit to bring about God’s will (the Father of Christ), which is complete reconciliation and remembering the Oneness of the Whole; Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, We, being the Son.

I do not believe in one all-consuming love in the flesh for the masses. Our connections are too real, we are One.

Finding that true love is just one of the incredible manifestations of separation that Christ has us play out.

However, love is love and should never be thought to be wasted, in whatever form. It is to soften the blows and ease the trauma of the sense of separation. It is the root of all kindness and the remembering. Jealousy is aroused when we consider ourselves not One Whole. And yes, our jealous God is none other than our sleeping Christ.

Think of TeKa in the Disney show Moana. The heart that is missing in us is Christ’s knowing He is with His Father in every way.

While that thought remains He will wreak havoc on all He imagines. This is the influence that we are under.

Instead of one restoring the heart of Tafiti, we each have that capacity and this is how we are saviors one to another as we forgive and declare that we truly know who each other is as a Child of God.

A Course In Miracles says that it takes only one to get this rolling and if that is true I declare it will begin with me or at least I will be part of the awakening.

Again, it will not be complete until each of us knows who we are and our innocence.

I believe as we come to understand who and what we are, we will be allowed to calm the ego and come into the world with gentler objectives in life.

We would be wise to get over the fixation of the use of words and listen to hear the meaning behind them so that we can reach out to each other, as well as protecting ourselves from harm by those with the smiles on their faces.

Rules of conduct, taught to all, need to embrace a lack of attack and projection.

This is worth repeating: Rules of conduct taught to all, need to embrace a lack of attack and projection.

Awareness of who we truly are as true creators of abundance, joy, and peace as we navigate our imaginations, will deliver us free from the effects of our misunderstanding.

Let us nurture our inner child, and be the moms and dads to ourselves that we would have liked to have had.

When we learn to love ourselves we will be able to love our neighbor.

To force us to do it with rules and regulations leads to a false identity and interaction, hence the illusion and hologram of suffering we live in currently.

Had I remained an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I do not believe I would ever have learned what I understand today because of the restrictions, fears, and prejudices that I would have been carrying and did for a long time.

We want to remember that the Apostles were and are “General Authorities” and do not have the authority to guide every moment and decision in your life.

I believe that they have done a great deal to hold civilization together as a whole for a very long time, especially through the industrial age.

Industry and management have been key throughout its existence.

Affirmations will be something that people may use to release themselves from habits not pertaining to what they are as Children of God once that is understood cognitively.

Before that, affirmations help us endure the illusion and do not set us entirely free.

I love Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, has been a companion of mine for maybe over 20 years, long before I accepted the acceptability of same-sex relationships because it gave me a clue to what people may be thinking internally by the illness they manifested. I have not found it to be off. So I do believe they are a marvellous tool for knowing ourselves and those we perceive around us in this place of illusion.

Tapping for neurological release from fears and past traumas are tools as well. I have seen this work in my own life to unlock the fears and phobias I have held while in this world. Nick Ortner, of The Tapping Solution, teaches it well and has many free examples of the tapping that can be life-changing.

Energy Medicine that is taught by Donna Eden and David Feinstein are examples of gifts for both the body and the psyche that will continue to be poured out by the Spirit as we come to understand who we are.

There are many more examples of gifts to humanity to help them let go of the ego “master”.

The point is that each of us is a representation of God, of divinity in its fullness.

At best the environment we have given ourselves at the moment is a hologram. A composite of the original where all the components of the original go into all the other extensions.

We, each being a component or manifestation of Christ, (who is a composite of all that His Father is) has all that Christ has though the sum or Whole of Us and we are greater recognized as a whole than as individuals.

Thus, when we finally are able to speak the same language, nothing will be out of our reach.

Those who are on the leading edge of understanding may/will go through some excruciating psychological struggle as we “see” so clearly the suffering all around us and feel at a loss to bring any comfort.

What we want to remember is the joy and love that we know is the only truth. I find when things get the darkest that I must call out from the depths of my soul not for Christ, but to Christ, “I forgive you, Christ. I know this is not real because only God and His Love have true existence. I love you, Christ and I will be here for you. Father, send those angels that I need and give me strength.

This is something that will take time, and yet when concluded it will seem as if it took no time at all, which in fact it did not.

This is very difficult for the human mind to wrap around in our linear way of thinking and yet it does not negate it.

When the recognition that all that we have experienced since time began is a fragment of our collective and individual imagination dawns on us, joy is all that can be left in its wake.

When we set Christ free, through absolute forgiveness, knowing what He and We have thought occurred in this world of sorrow is impossible, we will know the true meaning of joy.

Rejoicing in that which was once lost and embracing the delights of being, in full freedom of conscience, knowing that all of us have the power and ability to be to our fullest potential in God’s Love.


The summary of the reading again is as follows:

Remembering that we are, in fact, The Christ.
(The situation./The Cat) We are many and we are one, with gifts to meet the challenges we have agreed to undertake in this physical world. Live life fully and without attachment.

(Personal ego./The Eagle) We have angels willing to help us along the way, we simply need to remember to ask. Fly high in your walk in life and see the big picture. Stay close to assistance through prayer and meditation. Be sure to listen and follow promptings. (Remember you will never be prompted to take from or harm another in any manner.) Do not forget to live in gratitude for guidance given.

(Whole Christ ego./The Wind Faery) Mind your thoughts. You create your experiences, and the worlds, with them. Be an observer and make decisions thoughtfully, with care and planning.

(Guides direction./The Mystery) Remember that while we are here “life” is an unknown. Plan what you can but be aware that much is laid out before coming here, agreed on by us with great joy, knowing these things (what may seem good or bad) would bless us. Remember that there is a purpose to all of it, though it may not be understood at the moment. We are on the right path.

(Ultimate outcome/Joy) Rejoice in the fact that you are part of something much bigger. Don’t forget to celebrate the moment, the “being”. Be grateful for the present and find the joy there inside of you that knows your value, purpose, and worthiness of all that you are willing to receive.

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Control Tower, We Have Landed… ;)

When I question if I am in the right place and did I follow the Spirit’s direction I simply need to look out my window at the three trees, double my arm-width, that stand as sentinels and give me courage.
My feet step in the soft, plush grasses behind the small parking lot and I feel the breeze and admire the well-kept garden in the back of a neighbor’s blending grey 2-story that says, “We are near but not in your back pocket” I feel comforted.
I am still getting my bearings in my new apartment. I have been without a permanent residence since the end of March and I have to admit there is something about stability that allows one’s shoulders to relax just a bit.
The emotional toll that the events of those months have left is yet to be understood. Northwestern USA has an attitude all its own or does the Midwest have the same attitudes, just in different guises? Then there was being made aware of “family” members whom I had not heard from for 50 years and putting my own children, grandchildren, and myself through an emotional ride none of us was expecting.
I have chosen to take an early retirement so that I may focus fully on the work that I feel so impressed to do. My writing and testifying of Christ as I know Him, the Holy Trinity and what that means in the world that we function in here in the flesh and beyond.
Some may think I am “sitting on my laurels” but they would be wrong. I am a self-starter and a writer. I write to learn and understand the world around me. I read ravenously.
And what a crazy world it is! I believe there are answers to our questions and I believe they are found in The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.
I did a card reading shortly after moving in that gives me courage. I hope to continue my weekly  universal readings now that I am in one place. I do not wish to read for individuals online because I do not feel that is not my calling and there are so many who do this so well. I prefer to stay focused on reading for the Christ Consciousness that is the whole of us. I sincerely hope to see “the shift” in my lifetime.
My reading is from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.
It was done, by me, for me when I moved in, however I believe it is appropriate view it as a universal reading as well.
First card/the situation is The Novice….how true, as new-be’s in the world of recognizing the Christ in ourselves and in others we will be taught and get stronger as we allow ourselves to be teachable. Where is the teaching? Everywhere. Books, conversations, media, the point is to listen to the master teacher (the Spirit) and allow His teachings to take place in your heart and mind. Sometimes it has to sit a bit before the information is clear or certain. No worries, it will come and soon we will be novices no longer.
Second card/ the personal ego is The Cow…I love this one because it reminds us that we are cared for and nurtured and our physical needs will be taken care of. This reminds us to do our part in “tilling the soil” and understanding what it is that we really want also.
Third card/the Whole Christ Consciousness ego is Birth-Rebirth..we, as a race are preparing for a transition the likes of which has not been seen since the beginning of time. New life, new projects, a new way of looking at things, we got this! (It can feel like a pain but it is sooo worth it!)
Fourth card/from the Guides is The Mystery…Life is not understandable a lot of the time. Its okay, there is a plan. You have been given the tools you need. You cannot do it wrong. Just remember the joy along the way. Be humble and things will be shown to you. Do not be afraid to look behind and see how far you have come. A journal is a great tool for this.
Fifth card/Source guidance &/or probable outcome is Trust…Trust that things are happening the way they are meant to…getting caught in the traffic today may have prevented you from having an accident, not getting that job may mean something much better is around the corner….do not let the fear of what-if take possession of you. You came and you are meant to have joy, whatever the circumstances, so look for it and trust that you signed up for this. Remember, you have angels willing to assist if you will give them a call. Do not be too shy to ask.
You will note a change up-coming. I have always been aware of names and the events of this past spring have been so significant for me that I will be putting my book up not under Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter, but as Debra Yvonne. I will be writing more about each of those names, so keep an eye out.
Till next time,
God bless us Every ONE
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I Want To Share What Brings Me Joy

I have found something that allows me to be in the world and not be of it.

Simply stated it is Christ.

Not the cross, the punishment, and the scales of justice that you might envision if you have listened to people who consider themselves Christians or watched Hollywood depictions.

I am speaking of Christ, the whole body of humanity, and all that it perceives.

I am speaking of The Christ that Jesus was teaching us about as the Whole of Creation. (I do not believe that it was himself alone that he spoke of as savior, not by any means.)

I am speaking of the Son of God, known in those terms so that we, as human beings, might have the opportunity to have compassion for Him.

That we might feel the love that a father would have for his son and seek to bring Him the comfort and light of His Father’s love.

The nightmare of Christ’s Conscience is found in the past and in the fears and worries of the future.

You and I in the present moment, that which we are able to own completely, have the ability to deliver the Son of God into the remembrance of His Father’s Love by embracing ourselves and all around us as it truly is, a gift from God.

And yes, I am speaking of the sad or troublesome things (even torture, if you must go there) as being a gift from God. An opportunity to tell The Son that He is loved and has been delivered.

Whatever I am seeing around me; whatever sorrows or longings the past holds, whatever rewards or fears are foreseen in the future. They are a dream/nightmare/illusion that Christ imagined in the mega/micro-instant of His creation.

They have no hold on me. They will not condemn nor deliver me. They simply are part of the confusion of a god at his birth which brought to pass the impetus of creation and all the diverse magnitude that this entails.

My part in the past or the future is that of deliverer and savior to The Christ by recognizing Him in all of it and reflecting to Him, continually, the mirror of forgiveness, gratitude and love.

I do this by staying in the moment filled with the fullness of joy knowing that is the power by which He was created and what His inheritance is.


After over four years of study of A Course In Miracles, I have been led by the Spirit to listen to some other teachers interpretations.

I knew the Holy Spirit and walked with Him before I found ACIM. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit led me to the work as a distinct show of mercy and compassion in giving me something to digest and hold on to during the months before my daughter’s death. Much of what I found in ACIM had already been taught to me by the Holy Spirit through my earthly experiences and His subtle teachings.

I also knew that I needed to go through the course without anyone else’s input.

I have been through the entire book over twice now and I still love the review of the Workbook, along with the rest, even though I walk in the presence and under the direction of the Holy Spirit moment by moment. The Spirit can teach me things of greater depth as He did with the scriptures that I studied over 50 years.

I can tell that I do not understand or teach ACIM the way that others do, some for nearly 40 years.

That does not make my witness incorrect.

I also know that what I share comes along with others who have done tremendous work in multitudes of fields and genre’s and I would not have been given the ability to understand what I do without their work, the world being what it is.

I seek to bear witness to the world that we are the ones with the power and it is in recognizing Christ that we tap into it.

What I share has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the state of mind or consciousness, specifically awareness and focus.

I do know that I must speak my truth moment by moment and allow what is meant to be, to be. This work is much bigger than just me and we are so close to understanding what we need for deliverance.

Today I understand that I need focus on the present and on the Son of God. I am not so sure I could do this so well if I had not done so much work on my past and worked for years on things like goal setting and time management.

It reminds me of the yogi who bends and stretches every part of the body and mind with the goal of releasing each if only for a moment in search of that place called Nirvana. Brothers and sisters, I have found the way to lead the masses to Nirvana. I am grateful for the chance to bear witness of this possibility that could change how we look at ourselves and each other.

I am able to walk forward to whatever life holds because I know I will seek to walk moment by moment and give all that I am to the remembrance of The Son of God and His Father’s love.

Till next time,

God bless us every One, Namaste~




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It Has Helped Me Transition

“I started watching the Netflix original “Heartland” while I was in the state of Washington. I have always loved horses. The mountains, gorgeous trees, etc. I can pretend I am there or a part of it somewhere in my brain and it brings me comfort.

I have not been familiar with horses really throughout my life. Mainly because I feared their size. I had one step on my foot when I was about eight or nine years old and it frightened me. And of course, (seemed like anyone who interacted with me got in trouble) my step-cousin who brought him to me did get into trouble for bringing him up to the farmhouse in the first place.

Seems I always have a negative tag for an otherwise pleasant experience for I had truly wanted to see the horse and to touch him. I replayed that kind of scenario in my youth. I might conclude that this was a big part of my role in fulfilling the “Christ-Conscience” assignment Christ gave me.

In ACIM Jesus has told us he will wipe away the challenges and only the joy and love will be present and carry any emotional charge. I do believe this is what will occur. That is my hope and witness at this time.

I have always connected to the earth and what the physical body can give us in a big way. My joy for life when it is unveiled is typically more than people want to deal with. It is like someone has to shove it in my face or down my throat. Yet they do not want to see a sad face. Smile.

Smile and put on your mask so we can convince the little ones it is worth the struggle. No! It is not worth it, I mean the smile. So much hurt and phoniness happen behind a smile. ……I suspect that this is one of the “Christ-Consciousness” symptoms we are all a part of. Make no mistake though, this life is worth it!

“Heartland” addresses this attitude a lot at all ages. Yet, somehow the people on this ranch believe that they are worthy of joy and happiness in life. They do not shrink from the challenges people or nature hand them but support one another in facing it. They believe in one another and this makes them family. This makes them connected.

This concept is one I would say is founded firmly in what I have found to be a truth. I say this so “meanderingly” because the truth is yet to be in its’ entirety. In fact, when we get back to our rightful place without time, I suspect that truth will be ever evolving and experiential in its fullness and entirety and will be absolute bliss and euphoria. The only truth we need to be firmly aware of in the here and now is that God IS and all other “realities” are based on that.

“Heartland” has the beautiful trees, mountains, and hills that remind me of the Northwest and the majesty of nature and appease my longing for both somehow. It is like a dream in waking hours.

And then there is the family. I have watched Amy, Mallory, and Lou all grow up and interact as a family. I love the way it is presented. Of course, it is fiction and I cannot say that I have observed that kind of interaction in the families I have witnessed over the years. I am so grateful that they kept the family together with all their challenges. (I had just finished Season 7 when I wrote this.)

My family life was blown out of the water before I got here. I knew that when I arrived as a full-grown spirit taking on the persona of an infant. Like each of us, I came with limited recall that would be completely forgotten as I learned the language and social/cultural expectations of my surroundings. It would take the Spirit to remind me where I came from.

I had been prepared for the bumpy ride. I also had numerous assistants, seen and unseen, committed to getting me through my chosen path and assignment. That does not mean it would be easy.

Somehow “Heartland” resonates with my soul and touches me in a way that goes beyond words. I did not feel guilty about the “friend” who introduced me to the program or the horse that I was allowed to groom for a couple of weeks that I left behind in Washington. I was a bit surprised at that. I think it is a choice I made to not feel guilty. I knew that I was led by the Spirit as I walked my walk in Washington and separating from those relationship’s, at least physically, at the time was the right thing to do. Or maybe I just ran because I did not know how to face the challenges that I felt were coming.


In South Dakota I do not feel close to nature in the same way. I can walk in the small town community that I live in but I did not grow up here. I have not been known by the community all my life. I have not learned how to blow off the attitudes one has to put up with at work and hold down a job. How can I feel welcome when I know there are those who have. Not to mention how can I expect them to understand who I am or what I am working through because of where I have been.

Upon return from Washington I received a warm welcome from a few significant people at one of the businesses that I attend regularly, but with my background, even that feels very uncomfortable. Being welcome and accepted changes at the drop of a hat in this world. And being stepped on and laughed at is just a risk I really do not want to take. I have taken too many hits.

I feel embarrassed and shamed. like a wolf trying to join with another pack. (Grammarly wants me to change shamed to ashamed, but I do not believe I have done anything to be ashamed of. I wanted to know my mother while I could and I was told she is not my mother. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. I left so as not to be confrontational.

Rejected in Washington by yet another facet of what this world calls family. Interestingly, I was welcomed back by someone who has shoved me away and shunned me quite regularly over the years. Reality is I know that I do not dare trust it. “Trust not in the arm of flesh”, this is real and it is the ego that makes that truth sting.

That is just one of the risks we took being here in the physical world. I do believe we were taught and warned about it. Though it would have been very hard to comprehend in that world where we all knew our connection and felt the tremendous love that is still in memory in the spirit world.

Like teaching someone who has never tasted salted pretzels or ice cream before how it makes you feel. The hope here in the physical world is the witness that we are all one. No matter what challenges we go through here we will gain from it and the ultimate prize will be of such value it will be worth the frustration and heartache.

Something we knew for sure before we came here is that there is no real death. We knew we would face that here, however, it would not be real any more than all the rest that happens here that is not founded on love.

Watching the program reminds me how backwards we have things here. We think that we are creating or working toward something as we “build” our lives. The program works wonderfully with rebuilding broken lives. And that is awesome! Truly!

And we ought to do that with great joy while we are here. What we are here to remember though, is God’s Love from which we came and which, on a psychological level, we have thought ourselves to be removed from. Without this, as our foundation, we are still lost in time and space.

We do not like to hear about The Son of God, Christ, today. We have found false acceptance of our identity as Free Agent Egos capable of making and breaking ourselves and each other and  willing to just fight against life until it ends and then “get on the horse again” and come back for another life as we are re-incarnated.

Or we believe that someone else can pay some unrealistic debt for us and that some “pie in the sky” kind of love will welcome us into the bosom of “family”. Thus the symbolism of The Cross holds the proverbial “carrot in front of our nose”, as long as we are humble enough.

The problem with that is this “carrot” does one of two things. It sets me up as “better than you” while the “not worthy DNA factor” sits inside our sub-conscious and keeps us separated or I just feel belittled and overwhelmed and know that I will never make the cut. And this attitude can be there no matter what persona we put on for the outside world.

Truth is, if God IS, than that is all there is. His love either IS or is not. There is no variance, there is no in between, “partial reality” that can stand up to any real test.

I admit the witness of this is difficult to deal with, especially in the world we live in today. That does not make it an un-truth. I can do no more than walk the walk and bear witness of the teachings of the Spirit along the way.

I am grateful for “Heartland” for helping me through this time of transition. I have decided to stabilize in South Dakota for the time being. That does not mean that I cannot travel and visit throughout the US. I still sense that my grandchildren may have need of me for a time, if only from a “near-by distance” and I will reach out and find the nature that restores and balances me.

Even though I fear it, because of the threat it is to my physical body, I feel strength and encouragement from the wildlife and the earth herself. I believe she is ready for the shift about life that was meant to come even in the beginning of her existence… or fall, depending on what philosophy of life you follow.

I also know that as weak as I am as a mortal, my spiritual witness and strength is powerful and I will use every ounce that I have to bear witness of the truth of what we are, what we are capable of, and what our destiny is.

Thank you “Heartland” and Netflix and all that were involved with the making of that show. You have helped me more than you will ever know!

God bless us every One.


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SAVING CHRIST; IT’S IN THE CARDS Chapter Five (Warning Sexual/Physical Abuse May Be Uncomfortable)

*Please note this chapter will discuss sexual and physical abuse issues that may be uncomfortable for any reader, especially any younger reader.

Chapter Five

Joy will be shared whether one speaks of it or not.
Joy; completion of a project, attainment of a goal, or the end of a long and difficult journey.
The fifth card the probable outcome and message from God, The Father of Christ.

I truly believe that heaven may be found here on earth. As we begin to truly understand what and who we are, more and more will experience it and their joy will be contagious. Time and space are part of the illusion created by the confusion of Christ and protected by the Sabotaged Ego as a place of punishment of the Son of God for leaving His Father and committing a sin worthy of death. It is also the remedy for the situation which, when resolved will find an end. Sadly the loss of time and space produces fear in the ego because it relates it to death.

Fear takes its place in the consciousness of man, even in the greatest of environments, and crushes the spirit, silencing the voices of those who have the power to create worlds. As a society built on fear we tape shut the mouths of those who were sent to set us free. “Let only those speak who follow the protocol established by our fore-fathers” seems to be the consensus of humanity.

There will be rebellion and there will be improvements, but even those improvements can circle back around on us and keep us under the glass that keeps us from our freedom. There will come a time when this will cease and true freedom will reign.

Fear will be gone and freedom of speech for all will be recognized. It will signify the Kingdom of Christ has been restored to mankind. Christ will be recognized in all of true creation, personally, whole, and complete individually for there exists only that which is of God and His Love.

The ego or personal identity is not something to fear, but something to be claimed, calmed, and reminded of God’s Love and its Omnipotence and Omnipresence. There truly is nothing else but spooky shadows that fade with the Light of Truth.

The Shadows of Fear cannot be banished to an endless well like the Boogie Man in a child’s cartoon. Each must be allowed to recognize the light within himself and the total ridiculousness that he would not be recognized and embraced as a Child of God. Non-acknowledgement kills (See the movie “Rise of the Guardians” to see how it plays out. “Cypher In The Snow” is a Mormon Classic that teaches this same principle.).

I believe this is the true finding of the infamous test on the babies who were not touched. I believe it was lack of acknowledgement that allowed them to die. Basically they were not acknowledged as alive. That includes not only touch but looking in their eyes and seeing them.

Fear was the thing that put my burden of pain so large the world imploded on me and I will never again be what I was before my daughter died. She and I struggled through the years. We had a few good moments in that last year though. We both knew it was coming and that there was nothing either of us could do to stop it.

That said, nothing could ever stop the love I have for my children and nothing can end the patience that I have to wait for them to understand how great and complete my love is. I have been blessed with a witness of my parents love for me, despite their mistakes and being at a loss of what to do.

And this is how I know of God’s love for me and you. It is also how I know that He would not kill one child for the “sins” of another. I know it was my daughter that helped me grow beyond my prejudices that I had maintained, in large part, because of my training in traditional Christianity. The things that I studied before the year before her death and after, to get confirmation of where she was going and how she would be, moved a mountain inside of me and forced me to catch ahold of the Spirit in a new way and fly on the current higher and higher until I was able to be in a place where the pain and the taunts could not get to me and I knew that whatever discomfort I felt, and her children felt, it was not for nothing.

I say this even as I now feel so alone in a world of humanity. My movements are slow, my desire to mingle with people, while still there, feels a bit defeated. Why bother? Who will care to hear? And they all are trapped in their own issues, addictions, or laws of silence that we are not allowed to see each other anyway.

I do not know if it is because of my age and my history or because I currently live in a small rural town but these walls that keep us so separate seem so strong. I have lived here two or three years now and I feel the people have pretty well slapped a label on me and closed the door behind their polite smiles, if they do not actually look the other way. What else are they supposed to do if you will not step in line with their view of life so that their sense of stability and sanity may stay in place?


Robotic is how I thought of it as a child of eight or nine. Today I understand that we each play a role that Christ gave us to fulfill his belief that he had separated from God and was worthy of death. Perhaps that is the role of many of us today. We have so many of our basic needs met. Food, clothing, shelter are not hard to come by for the masses, though I do recognize that many have agreed to live outside even these blessings. The children, yes, the children as well, agreed to come to such challenging circumstances to fulfill His misconception.

Contrary to the concepts of decency, I believe that some infants even came to take on sexual abuse in some cases. I was one of those. I know there have been many others. We see ourselves as not fully developed as we enter the bodies here on earth but just the opposite is true. Am I trying to say they can be treated like adults? No, of course not, but they do have a sense of why they came and what their path will include. In Law of Attraction terms, they have sent out the vibration of what they want to experience in their formative years. It is not easy for the civilized mind to consider and certainly not stated to suggest it is appropriate for those who abuse these tiny ones to do so.

(I feel impressed to speak of sexuality here as I am commenting on the human condition. It was in my book “Reflections at Fifty” and would be suitable here for this is the culmination of my life’s understanding at sixty. I was going to call it “Surprises at Sixty” but “Its In The Cards” claimed that spot and I hope the surprises are obvious as I transitioned out of my traditional Christian mentality. Another side note is that “Reflections at Fifty” was originally titled “Portrait of a Harlot/Saint” because of my challenges with sexuality since I was young. I am considering changing the title back.)


Sexual orgasm is a term that has been used in Near Death Experiences as the feeling experienced in the presence of God’ love. This is sometimes described as having an orgasm all over the body. Is it any wonder that we would seek it out in our physical existence? It is not illogical to me that an adult spirit would be willing to appease that energy goal, in the form of an infant, in an attempt to calm the ruffled spirits of his friends and soul group.

It was misbehavior from at least one cousin that I recall as a toddler, though knowing the family of origin I would not be surprised if there were others. As I reflect on the time when at eight years of age my father opted to turn his physical abuse into an incestual relationship with me, I recall my prayer in the hallway. Hearing my seven year old brother yell as he was hit with the two by four that was our father’s whooping tool at the moment. I counted well above ten and prayed that my brother would be okay and that something would calm my father by the time he got to me. We had been called in to get a whooping for something neither of us knew anything about.

My father needed release for his rage. I had pleaded with my brother to take the spanking first and he did, for me. If I had not asked him to do that would what came after still happened? Is this the Law of Attraction in bloom?

I went in the room, pulled down my pants (as I had been instructed on many prior occasions of spankings) and bent over the end of the bed. Instead of the two by four hitting my backside, I received a warm organ between my legs as my father used me to masturbate. It was a shock to my senses in ways it has taken me years to understand. The betrayal extended in every direction I currently hold sacred. And I may never in full understand, for who can understand the insanity of what we do as we consider ourselves in the insane position of not being in God’s presence?

It is only of late in studying the Law of Attraction that I have considered that I would have desired something that would be traumatic, in keeping with my contract, and something that would temporarily have calmed him. Is there logic in this? No. Is there logic in the idea that we can function civilized or otherwise outside of the presence of God? No. Is there logic in the fact that there anything besides the presence of God? No.

Christ, in each of us, deserves to be heard, embraced, forgiven for thinking He could impose the impossible on Himself or anyone else. Christ deserves to be delivered from whatever cross we have hung Him on. Whatever physical or psychological trauma we feel He is responsible for. Let us deliver the captive and set Him free.

There are those who will check me and my thoughts off as insane because I went through this experience. “Give her meds and put her out of her misery” or “Put on your big girl panties”, etc.” I have lost association with blood relation past, present, and future, in this place we call life. That does not take away my love or respect for them, nor my opportunity to testify of the wonderful truths that I have obtained working my way out of these challenges

I have been shunned by family and peers. I have no church home because I speak of God and I speak of the only true hope for all of mankind that I have ever found. I struggle in the work place because we are not allowed to address things that are out of line. This does not take away my joy. Angels buoy me up and the Spirit bears witness of truth. I cry for the suffering that we allow ourselves to be in at times. And still, the JOY outweighs it all because I know the Love of God and its patience and strength and I know that it is all there is and we will rejoice when we are willing to lay down our weapons of not being willing to see or hear how we harm each other and ourselves by not acknowledging The Son and His error toward God and His Love.


We know ourselves and our relationship with each other with much greater clarity as an infant than we do at nine or ten, maybe even the type of life of denial of God’s love that we will experience, at least in those early years. In other words, at that time we remembered the contract we have made with each other in this dream of nonsense that suggests we might be separated from God.

I fully believe that there are angels that travel along with us in life. They steer us in the direction of our plan or mission. I do not believe it is given a right or wrong judgment and as such they will be sure that we get the traumatic experiences that we signed up for. This has come to my understanding more of late while being a mother and grand-mother and knowing that there was only so much that I could do to protect my children from difficult situations.

Whether it be of abundance (which still claims separation by virtue that it can happen to others if not to us or vice versa) or neglect and abuse, we came willing to fulfill the measure of suffering that would be experienced as we thought we had left the presence of God’s Love. It has been said we came to get lessons or learn things and this may be so for those who are not incarnated at the moment. My witness is that those in that realm, including Jesus, have forgotten the absolute witness of God’s Love and it must be discovered in the realm or sphere of the flesh.

Christ comes with us into this life from the very beginning in our spiritual/psychological coding. I can hear with my spiritual ears the instruction from His Father. “Calm him like a little child, for he is My Son. Forgive and encourage Him in yourself and in others. Know that I love Him and wait patiently for the return of each of you. What a celebration we will have!”


We do not need to take on our emotional state, our financial state, physical state or anything else to define or know who we truly Are. We Are before this existence in the physical and even before what we speak of as the spiritual reign where we existed before coming here. That sphere is still part of the illusion of separation from one another and the Love of God.

The media tells us what is acceptable and what is not. It tells us who has knowledge and clout and who does not. It basically tells us what to think and wear and do and approve of, etc. Money without end is spent on this endeavor. Bodies, the ultimate in idol worship, is altered given the generation spoken of, yet how can one have the same body as everyone else? And if you do not have the right body type you are not to be heard as a real voice of reason.

Does this attitude make it so? Is this really true if we are all from/of God? We are warned in the Bible not to have idols, yet every “body” on the planet is looked at in just that way. As an idol that distorts the true meaning of humanity as a Child of God.

At a recent doctor appointment I shared Louis Hay’s idea that bunions or carpal tunnel had to do with not being able to receive joy. The doctor stepped back and looked at my physic as I pulled my shirt down over my ample belly. His dismissal of me was pretty obvious. Will you do the same if I do not look the way you think I ought to? Will you give me a chance to speak my understanding of the moment? Having written it I have put it out to the universe and I will grow from that action. This much I know.


The suffering in the world is meant to be a stone that stacks upon our hearts so much that we can do nothing but call out to God to carry the weight of it for us and give us an understanding for the meaning of it. Mankind’s inheritance and creation was not so that they could learn by suffering. Suffering is not the great hero or catapult to humanity that allows us to grow and know what we want. We were not meant to embrace the pain and think of it as love or hope. We were created out of Love/God and we are Love/God. We are One In Him, even as Jesus was and is.

Life experience is meant to be so overwhelming that we give it to God so that He can show us who we truly are and what we are capable of. What we want to get our minds around is that there is nothing wrong with JOY. There is nothing wrong with thanksgiving and embracing the good and we are not so dysfunctional that we cannot recognize it without pain and suffering.

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your situation, you are meant to have joy. You were created to have peace, fulfillment, and abundance. All sorrow and every tear will be wiped away by the witness that all that there ever was IS God. There is nothing else and you are of Him/Her/It. I do not care what label you want to give it, this is what we are and ever will be and eventually all will understand this.

May I unequivocally declare that it is possible to have JOY and the witness of God’s Love no matter the circumstance, countenance, or even the thoughts of your mind in this moment. Because this is what you are. JOY! LOVE! God’s LOVE manifested! And your one purpose before the FATHER OF CHRIST is to forgive His Son and embrace the love and truth that are His Son’s as you by inheritance.

Out of this purpose is the ability to – through faith in God, the One God, the Only God, the all there is God – live the oneness that we Are with All that is.

Choosing suffering and ensuring that it will be the inheritance of our children seems to be acceptable with many in the world. I do not agree. Suffering is misunderstood and even looked at as a good thing in some teachings (aka Law of Attraction), as it gives us contrast and shows us what we do want. Sadly this allows us an excuse to become complacent with it and not fly above this place of sorrow and set Christ free from His false declaration that He, meaning We must die.

The Law of Attraction works to be sure, it was given to Abraham in the Old Testament as the Covenant. I believe it will not be honored in full, as it was meant to be, until we deliver Christ from bondage. In truth, the Law of Attraction is meant for the Whole Christ Consciousness.

All of us, as a whole, may receive whatever we desire. Each of us individually as well. Abraham-Hicks says that Source becomes it or that it is put into an Escrow for Us. The question is how do we access it and I believe it is by relieving Christ from His need for punishment.

The only reason it appears that we even are able to desire to harm others is because we believe that we have lack in something. The primary something is lack of God’s Love and Appreciation and this is a falsehood that we have the power to wash away.

The only time the Law of Attraction works fully will be when we are united in the understanding of who we are. I am reminded of the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament. The Christ/God shuffled the language because when mankind is speaking the same language (which includes an understanding of the intent of the words) he is capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to. The God of this world, Christ, in His fractured form and belief in His deserving of punishment and death could not accept that.

It was an affront to the disconnected ego of Christ and could not be allowed. Dear Ones, it is Christ that we were sent here to deliver and return to the remembrance of the Love of God.

Without this understanding the Law of Attraction is another chain letter or multi level marketing trap that works only for a chosen few. What falls short here in the linear sphere of time and space, also falls short in the Law of Attraction because, since we are One: We may have all the abundance we can obtain in this life and if we know another person or being is lacking we can never be truly happy. We must see Christ as the common “enemy/savior” so that we will unite in setting him free and releasing him from bondage that we may all receive our freedom and salvation.

Fear walks hand in hand with most of humanity. Darkness seems to cover the earth. It cannot be though. Because, truth IS, all there IS is the Light. Let us See Him. Let us acknowledge the Christ within ourselves and put out the fear and the superstitions.

I watched a video of Ophrah accepting an award and she concluded her speech with something like “no one needs to live in a world where we say “Me too”.” (Remember that Facebook concept that went out in the fall/winter of 2017 to indicate if a woman had been sexually assaulted or harassed.) We will not have a solution if we keep putting the problem in front of our faces without including all of humanity in the equation. “Me, too.” is not complete because it does not include the boys who were and are being abused.

If we focus on what we do want to think about and be a vibrational match to respect and dignity of everyone we will create more of it. Abraham Hicks says otherwise we invite that which we dislike into our experience and I tended to agree from an experiential and logical position. Here is the catch; during that transition of understanding who we truly are and what we mean to each other we will need to acknowledge how we feel. We will find that we need to be honest, at least with ourselves and then forgive what seems to be difficult. Keeping the joy and love in our hearts for each other. Separating physically, and/or, in our day electronically may be required for a time. Through prayer for those who offend us we send out healing. We honor the connection that is what we are.


I love how ACIM says that there is no hierarchy in the performing of miracles. There is no hierarchy in that which harms or is not of truth either. We like to say that a rapist or a murderer is horrific, yet the shunner and one who considers himself isolated or rejected is just as destructive to the truth that we are one whole.

There is only one real problem and that is seeing ourselves as separate from anyone else, including, if not especially those who are harming us. Instead, let us see Christ in all and forgive, that we may be forgiven and returned to the memory of our wholeness.

Will humans ever have appreciation for the horrors of the world, the struggles and the real atrocities that all of us are privy to? I believe that we will, as we understand that we are eternal beings; whole, complete, perfect, and with abundance without measure.

In this world of the ego we need to have witness of the challenges to motivate us to look beyond the physical and call upon the divine. In other words the atrocities are there to show us that this is not real and not of God’s love. Please, embrace God’s Love! Embrace Him! Embrace one another!


I met a man on the balcony of the hotel as I was taking photos of the Mormon Temple in St George, Utah. He had a story of great gifts and great tragedy. As a student of Energy Medicine I offered him a technique or two. A sufferer of PTSD, he declared adamantly that he could not participate in anything that would potentially heal it, because the government gave him over $2000 as long as he took his meds and had his illness. This is not an uncommon dilemma. With this kind of set up how will we be able to set ourselves free?

I am not saying take away his aid. I am saying give him what he wants for having a healthy life to begin with, and just maybe we would not need to pay him for a sick one. Yes, I really did just say that. We are all worthy of having our needs met and beyond, just because we are. This is not just a New Age/Entitlement mentality. It is the truth.


The Bible speaks of eternal life. That begins right here in accepting your role as Christ. Your role in Christ. Even Trump stands as a symbol and icon of the civilized world at this time. He reflects the best the ego can come up with. Intent to help that which is unhelp-able, that which fights itself at every turn. All the while acknowledging tom-foolery and plain ignorance in some behavior, especially in the past. His leadership is currently enforced primarily by fear and he is feared often by the very ones he seeks to help. This is currently what the human ego demands to be respected.

The ego will not sustain our nation/world/communities/or families, or our mental/social/financial/intellectual/ or spiritual stability in the long haul. No matter how it may seem to be doing so in the moment.

Who we are truly in God, will. And it will allow us to flourish and evolve.
Christ must be recognized and honored for who He is, in each of us as a part of the Whole. And not who we want Him to be; some fixture we can lay all our hopes and dreams on, while we fade in and out of life and suffering for all time.

Only in this fashion will mankind be able to open the pathways of resistance that have bound them since time began. Christ is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. He is that which created this world and the means by which it will change and receive its paradisiacal (as in the time of The Garden of Eden) glory.

This witness does not come from outside. It is not something that can be taught, though it needs to be spoken of and declared throughout all creation, all dimensions, time, and space. It is found in the heart of the intelligence of life. A witness that, in choosing Christ, we may each be set free from the sub-conscious, self-saboteur that denies itself the Ever Present, Ever Lasting, Ever Patient Love of God.

When man speaks of thinking for himself and looking at what stands right in front of him, he can be talked out of it. We seem to fear how delusional and intrusive following your heart or gut or passion can be, especially in the unskilled hands of would-be good doers. Again, the media has a lot to do with where we get these attitudes. Just because errors can be made we do not need to throw out the entire concept as unworthy. A wheel has the potential of running over someone but we did not do away with it.


What could be a more fitting end of our reading or outcome of our journey together than joy. I pray that this includes the sharing of what I have to offer to the world. It is the whole of me and the best of me as I stand today. I know that in giving this away, by writing it down, I will be blessed by all that is and be allowed to obtain further knowledge. This will apply whether the world is ready for what I have to share or not. I feel privileged to have you take the time to hear what I have to share. Thank you.

The bottom line is. The war is won. God wins. God IS. I AM. No illusive destruction or reincarnation will change that. The false idol created by the misguided ego will not triumph. Christ is truly our hope, our salvation, our Joy. And Christ is You And I.


Summary: Card five is the message from the original creator/Father of Christ, The Divine Father, the one that I would call God. (I believe that the one that I called Heavenly Father throughout my years as a Mormon was Christ). It also personifies the logical outcome of the situation. In other words, it makes sense if you give it a chance and can get by the brick and mortar of traditional thought.

Joy is the card of celebration for accomplishment of an outcome pursued. It also embodies the sharing of ones discoveries and sources of joy. Outside of time it simply is what you are. Celebrate! The task has already been accomplished!

The Father of Christ does not worry about His Son’s circumstance. He simply awaits His awakening. He does not even do this because where God is time has no meaning.
Recognizing Self as Christ is The Beginning of Eternal Life. That witness comes from Spirit. The experience of seeing Christ in everyone and everything you come across with another is opening one’s eyes to the truth that sets you free. It establishes you and all you observe in the presence of God’s Love, which is where we have always been.

What joy to know that we are the Christ and the saviors of Christ! It cannot help but lift others. It is not until EACH ONE is willing to remember, that our joy will be complete. Imagine all the pleasure you will experience along the way, knowing that anyone and anything that does not have this witness as yet, is but asleep and will awaken to who they are and their place in God and the fullness of His Glory.

We live in an incredible time! A time of true, delightful magic, and the ability to create what we desire with the assurance it will be as we envision and better. A glorious, joyous WE! I salute you and am grateful for each of our roles in this magnificent tapestry that is the Son of God.

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Chapter Four

Where power and potential meet the magic of intention.
The Mystery; “It is the sacred place where all things are created but not yet formed.”
The fourth card in the reading represents counsel from the ascended masters, angels, guides, including Jesus and Christ.

“You will understand when you get older.” That was a common statement in my youth. As an adult, I see this as just a way of saying that nobody had any real answers or we basically live in a lose/lose world. Sadly, we think this is life and that is really just not the case. We are of God and God is Love, Abundance, Joy, and Peace. Suffering is not required to understand Him because we are Him, period.

Life may sometimes seem like you are going backwards. It would be easy to look at humanity this way. Especially, now, in 2018. It seems that slavery, now called human trafficking, is alive and well, and so many other challenges and atrocities like the bullying and sexual harassment are being brought to the public eye. Elitism is alive and well, spread across the face of the earth, not just in isolated places. Racism and genderism and all sorts of divisionary “isms” are creating a pandemic of near hysteria in some areas and hearts.

It seems that all that humankind has found to torture itself with is alive and well today. This was prophesied to be the case just before the change or shift in the understanding of mankind due to the arrival of Christ (first or second time depending on if you are Christian or Jew), when His will would be done on the earth. I believe that it is the awakening of our minds to the witness that we are the Christ, individually and as a whole that is the coming that was prophesied.

It used to be that survival was the leap that humankind would make. More recently it is productivity and industry that lifted the quality of living of so many more beyond that even of kings in eras gone by. Recently we have seen the information and connection explosion cover the earth. Now, does that mean that this progress has come with no challenges or that everyone used them to serve their fellow man? No, simply put, no. That does not take away the wonderful advances these opportunities have brought to the masses.

Churches throughout the ages have done their part in establishing forms of governing and management that have blessed the world thus far. Not to mention seeing to the less fortunate. And while no one can dispute the fact that religions have done their share of harm, we are able see the good and hopefully put the rest behind us.

We are capable of creating (in truth re-fabricating) a new emotional, intellectual, and physical environment for humankind. Let us see humanity as one entity; undivided in lifting and preserving the whole. Once humankind thinks as a unit and communicates fluently with each other as equals in their current manifestation there will be nothing that we will not be able to accomplish.

We are entering a phase in evolution that will open the doors of spirituality like nothing else ever has. The veil between the living and dead will be removed and it will be commonplace to speak of those who have gone out of their mortal bodies among us as if they are still very much with us. Insights and guidance from unseen entities will be the norm and people will step “out of the closet” as receivers of information important and pertinent to all.

Some that I have become acquainted with in the past few years are Dr.Elisa Medhus, with her son, Erik at and The New Amendment. These people ride on the shoulders of CA Cacey, Claudia Moore, and Abraham Hicks. Relative newcomers like Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine bring dignity and fun to things seen as forbidden, such as Tarot reading and lifestyles that are not considered the norm. People like Ophrah, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Toole, Louis Hay, and Wayne Dyer open our minds to consider other ways of thinking that are more focused on looking inside than pointing fingers at others and keeping the population in line and manageable.

Energy work combined with psychology are taught with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and her husband’s work in Energy Psychology. Other energy work is becoming mainstream such as Bio-genetics, meditation, brain scanning, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping), are exposing people to the reality of the invisible atom-like energy that swirls and moves through their physical being (much of this has been known and accepted by eastern societies for centuries) and has impact on their emotional and physical well-being.

There are many resources already in place that will help us with the transition into the Christ Consciousness or Christ Awareness. He will be known and acknowledged in general society and His place in our subconscious will be recognized as the saboteur that it is.

As we see Christ in ourselves and each other and forgive the delusion He came with about being separate from God and each other we will be acting as saviors to ourselves and those we interact with.


Prayer and meditation that allows us to be in touch with our higher selves is fundamental to human existence. Tools of communication, including the alphabet, paper, telephone, computers, and Angel Tarot Cards allow us to recognize and honor that connection and hear from one another. It is not just those that we can see here either. It includes those who have passed on or are not in a body at the moment or that have not chosen to take on a body as well.

The We that we truly are is the Whole of the manifestation and imagination of Christ. Channelling is another form of communication. The witness of the Holy Spirit is a form of channelling and this too is a form of communication or communion. Communion=being One.

We are waking the Christ within. We are waking the Christ among us and He will be recognized, heard, and healed. Ted-Talks are a great example of the multitudes having a chance to reveal their insights of the moment to the masses. YouTube and their counter-parts give people the opportunity to share like the kings of old could not even begin to dream of.

Even the President of the US that we have in office today is part of this transition as each of us have been. This is not something that will be done by one individual, it will take many individuals and organizations. The structure has been laid out since the beginning of time, but clarity like in no other time in history is present today. Technology, and the ability to share ideas quickly and across all borders and demographics, is huge as well.


I get the feeling that to use the term Christ when speaking of spiritual things is almost an insult to many. Christ is so associated with Jesus and the legends that have been built up around him that we are not allowed to speak in any other way for fear of having the doors of peoples hearts slammed in our faces and most especially by those who say they follow the traditional organizational establishments of the Christian religion.

You might say that it is my commitment to testify of Christ that I feel puts me in a most confusing place at this time. To speak of Christ is not really okay today even in churches unless you follow the specified protocol. Many have Him so identified with Jesus that they cannot hear the teachings of Jesus that said that we are each a part of Christ. My only absolute is that God Is. Without this, I would be lost.

Most of my life I did not think much about guardian angels or guides. I knew they were there but they were something that I felt I knew too little about and that could get me into trouble. Since I was four years old I knew that Jesus was watching over me and would answer if I spoke to him. Today I am very comfortable with the idea that we have many guides and assistants, according to commitments made prior to our coming here, according to our needs, and according to our alignment with our agreed outline for our walk on the earth.

I do believe that a plan was laid out by us, with Jesus as the head of this sojourn on the earth, primarily because of his being the eldest brother and his willingness to take the role. I believe we assigned helpers to help us get those assignments done that we agreed to. There are many types of angels and I cannot say I have done an extensive study of them, though many have.

A big step is being willing to see that we have help. Then comes the recognition that sometimes they can do nothing unless we ask. The reading of the cards is giving them an open invitation to participate in our lives. I really believe that many of these ascended masters and deceased loved ones have a pretty well-developed sense of humor, often at our expense as well. Let me just say to be careful what you accuse others of or what you wish for. Wink, wink.


I have to be honest and acknowledge my belief that we are all deranged or off balance mentally while we function in this illusive world. Like many, I have my share of enemies and many of them are those who, by the world’s terms, are meant to be close and supportive, because of blood connections.

I personally think these are a special group that agreed to give us the opportunity to experience the most challenge or contrast because that is currently what lifts us as a race. Did Jesus not say that the prophet is not welcome in his own land and among his own people?

Why do I think we are crazy? I believe it is because we are trying to maintain a false idea that life is rational in the way we are given it today. As long as there is a scape goat or a sacrificial lamb we are willing to cast the concept of understanding out the door.

Instead, we fabricate whatever story is convenient for our society and “punish” those who do not yield to that story line. We have created scape goats and sacrificial lambs of all sorts to appease the gods that belong to the idols of our egos (meaning the idol is our ego) because we believe that the body represents who we are. And what threatens it, threatens us.
We will defend it to the death in most cases.

In days past non-conforming individuals were simply set outside the boundaries of social safety and left to die or set up as an example of the punishment received for non-compliance, such as the stockades. It still happens today in your average school room or work place settings.

Today there is a sophisticated form of snobbery and shunning that occurs when we do not see eye to eye. We are told by the latest trends and theories of psychological development to rid ourselves of negative influences in our lives. That council is in the cards I use and religious leaders of our day still preach that message. Stay out of harms way, but separation alone will not correct the problem and I do believe there is a solution.

I truly believe the resolution lies not in separating ourselves but in neutralizing the effects by understanding who and what we are as children of One God that is One Whole.

So the bottom line is…da da dahhhh…I have to step out of this world or at least above all of this and see the big picture. Like the hawk, the owl, or the eagle, if I am to see what I am after I need to soar high above that which I need to address. You and I both know that the teaching that I grew up with is “Keep your feet on the ground!”. “Stop daydreaming!”, “Grow Up!”, and today it is a little more mellow, “That is just the way it is!”, “Get over it!, “Suck it up!”.

At nearly sixty-two years old I want to say, “NO! I will no longer accept that what we think of as normal has anything to do with normalcy; unless you are willing to see it as “normalized insanity”. I think that we, and our children, deserve to live in an awareness of what mankind is capable of being, today, not tomorrow, but right here and now.

Thank goodness for people who dared step out of the box and show people that we are really able to take on a lot more personal responsibility than was thought. It have given us electricity, indoor climate control, the ability to travel, and to learn. We have communication potential in a way that we have not seen before in recorded history.

We have access to well-developed programs of organization. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a tremendous example. Not that they always, individually, carry out the splendid principles their doctrine is based on but the management, industry, and welfare program for those who struggle for a time is renowned.

And the concepts of education and confidence in public performance is truly inspiring. Sadly, I believe, that it too misses the mark of what it truly has in understanding and setting the people on fire with a desire to challenge themselves and lift one another.

If a teaching only inspires or includes those who opt to participate, it is more like the chain letter concept I was referring to and if you do not “make the mark” you are left to feel unworthy and are in fact told that is what you are, unworthy.

Also, if family members do not adhere they will not get blessings either and even lose their place in the family. I see that as another form of shunning and I do not believe it is a legitimate reflection of the Love of God. (P. S. I DO believe the info and ancient plates where given to Joseph Smith Jr. I just do not believe humanity was ready for anything greater than what was given them at the time. Look at how the world received the believers, as well as some took advantage of their knowledge and allowed themselves to be puffed up.)

Extremism in any philosophy simply creates another maze that humanity can never win. When we teach that there is only one way to eat or have a family or dress we set ourselves up to failure, judgment, and condemnation. Even in the field of energy we can get extreme and insist on not purchasing recycled (second-hand) items for fear of the energy of their previous owners and yet recycling is kind to the earth as it helps keep things out of her landfills.

I believe that there are behaviors that are supportive of a good quality of life and that we will be inspired to pursue them individually, as we are ready, but I do not believe that it should be imposed on others. The Spirit will guide us individually in our own correct time to gently alter course and awaken Christ.


I was a sincere, deep student of Christianity in my youth and young adulthood. I became a Mormon at twenty -seven and remained active for thirty-one years. I have currently been a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) for around four years. (I feel that I need to state here that I have not studied ACIM through other venues or opinions but through the lens of the Christian –Biblical and Mormon– scriptures that I had studied regularly for over thirty-five years.) I have also studied other faiths and philosophies.

There was a time I thought we had no reality and that we were just an hallucination of Christ, but these verses from ACIM tell me that the personal identity we have is real and preserved as a thought of Christ, which is part of the extension of God that began as Christ was created. It is just what is false that will be removed.

ACIM Text Ch5, IV, 8:2 “All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. 3 I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. 4 I have purified them from the errors that hid your light, and kept them for you in your own perfect radiance. 5 They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. 6 They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know what God creates is eternal.”

While I study all that I can, I do not accept everything as I am in the process. I wait for the witness of the Spirit. It has taken me years to recognize Him in my mind and heart. Now when He confirms or speaks I do not doubt or hesitate. If I ask for confirmation He is willing to give it. I have found sometimes I need to wait for that confirmation and walk in faith being very observant along the way.

On my third time through ACIM I am currently reading about how we are to overlook errors or not see them and in so doing we are doing as the Spirit does and that is bizarre to me. I have long faced this accusation. How dare I acknowledge something is not right! I must be judging them or it!

Yeah, I agree, I judge. I have to judge (decide) if I am awake or not before I get out of bed! And everything that I do thereafter requires judgment. I judge all the time and plan to continue to do so as a conscious being. That judgment helps me decide how I choose to act and think about what I perceive at the moment. It is not something that needs to be locked in stone but it gives me a basis from which to grow and I claim it as a right in being alive.

I suspect that the council to not judge is so that we do not shut down our communication with the Spirit as we walk through this world. We need to be open to the whisperings of the Spirit who can see and hear and remember what we cannot. With this guidance we are able to walk in confidence no matter what the circumstances bring us.

I do not agree with something that Jesus said to Helen in ACIM about overlooking error and not seeing it as is found in ACIM Text Chapter 9, III and IV. I personally believe it was translated incorrectly, Or perhaps my understanding of reading it this time is in err. It seems to suggest that we can meerly overlook errors in our life. This is sheer nonsense.

What we are being asked to do is recognize that Christ made an error when He thought he had separated from God. This leaves us free to forgive all that we perceive in this sphere of dense darkness and gives us room to address what appears to be harmful without judgment on the person from whom it is coming.

In other words, we forgive all before any offense has ever occurred. I do believe that this is the way that babies come into the earth and explains their seeming resilience and ability to bounce back from things. It is not because it does not hurt them but because they know that what they have experienced has no real meaning, intent, or validation on their identity as part of the whole that is loved.

Something that really confuses us here on earth is the linear appearance of things and the seeming appearance of separation being the only means of individual identity. In the concept of wholeness, without time or space there is no concern of identity.

Those who have been channeled are cognoscente of their presence in all places and dimensions and yet are able to maintain their identity with us as they desire and place their focus. (Now, I do know that there are charlatans out there. I also believe there are true teachings to be found. This is one place the guidance of the Spirit comes in so strongly. As it does in all communication from my experience.)

What has been removed from our awareness of our full capacities here on earth was agreed to because of the value that would be found in doing so. I have always needed the Spirit to translate and guide me in all I do. If I do this I do not fall, when I do not listen to that still small voice, I bump my nose, one way or another.

It is my desire to raise a banner of a different perspective on life that will allow us the ability to enjoy one another and embrace the glory that is part of being of God instead of needing pills to calm our inner voice that screams something is not right here.


One thing I have struggled with in writing this book were the attitudes around me that “no one cares”, “its impossible so why bother”, or “nothing is going to change even if you find the answers”. An awareness of the Divine/Universe/Source/God/Heavenly Father/Chi/Spirit/Energy or whatever you want to call it, that claims that we are progressing and urges us onward is vital in our evolution. ACIM says if only one gets it the tide will shift and I am willing to do my part.

As I reflect on the state of the world as it has developed over the past fifty plus years it is easy to see Divine Intervention at work among the children of men even while allowing humankind to develop at their own pace and persuasion.

While preparing this book I was led to delve deeply into the works of Abraham Hicks, author of The Law of Attraction. This influence can be felt and seen everywhere and is a continuation of the concept of what goes around comes around and Karma, as noted previously. With the adjustment of forgiving the saboteur of our peace here on earth, in other words, by forgiving the erroneous judgment of unworthiness Christ imposed on His creations due to believing He had left the presence of God, we will find a way to communicate freely and manifest that stockpile we have all built up in the Vortex of what it is we do desire.

In summary: The fourth card in the reading is the counsel from ascended masters, angels, and guides; including Jesus and Christ.
The Mystery, unknowable with our veil of flesh, in its complexity and fullness. Holding sacred the true power and potential of all that is, individually or collectively.
The Mystery reminds us of that sacred space where creation and intention are in the process of becoming manifest.

You are each a part of the web of life, weaving in and out of each others lives, consciousness and sub-consciously, creating the identity of the Son of God. Your experiences, and responses to them, create the sacred place where all that is has not as yet manifested. As a being of God you are a creator. Each of us, with all others are creating a most incredible future for the whole. This you may rely on.

Even if it looks like you are going backwards or that humankind as a whole is, nothing could be further from the truth. We are in a divinely created dream state, given to the Son for the purpose of remembering who He Is and the Love of His Father. To embrace the oneness we share with God is our inheritance. Reach inside for the remembrance of your divine nature and for the faith that will support you in an upward spiral of understanding and guidance.

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