A Book Begun September 27, 2017 completed March 14, 2018


By Debi Simmons
Debra Yvonne Simmons
Deb, Debbie, Debra
Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

Copy write. No portion of this intellectual work may be copied without the express, written permission from its creator.



To each member of the Christ Consciousness and “All That Is”.

I believe there is a path we agreed to before we got here. The Christ Conscience and our ego agreed to this journey prior to our experiencing it in the flesh. That said I know that we are not defined by that path. We can stay in it and accept it “as if ” that is what we are. And it may seem as if it never ends. This is not true, however, because we are of God, as is everything else.
The place of the confused ego is one of lack and decay; of have’s and have-nots. We have so much more power in our lives than we understand. Our ability to endure and to grow is incredible. Sadly, our ability “to seem” to cause ourselves harm is great as well.
The astrology chart gives you a sort of map that can show you who you are and give you ideas for how to use your natural gifts to best fulfil what your heart desires, as well as what some of your challenges may be. Even this does not define us truly. It only suggests possibilities because of this particular life and moment.
The length of our fingers and the size of our nose, while giving some identification for understanding the role that we took on here at this time, does not define who we intrinsically are. No demographic or circumstance can do this. We are Children of God, as a Whole we are The Son, and multiple possibilities of existence without God. Our consciousness is one of many that make up The Son or Creation (which is currently in an illusion or state of fabrication or untruth).
My study of A Course In Miracles, after a lifetime of study as a Christian (including 27 years as a non-denominational Christian and thirty years as a Mormon), has led me to understand that we may have just been very confused about who is our Father and who is our Grandfather.
Love is of our Grandfather, as well as being what we are and all that we are able to truly create. The Son got confused and thought He had offended His Father. So as The Son continued the process of creation we took on the parental attributes of feeling sinful and worthy of death (along with any other amount or form of torture we were capable of receiving). We have both the opportunity for joy in reality and hardship in the temporary state of illusion we find ourselves in.
Let me give an example of what I mean. While helping my eight-year-old granddaughter get ready for school she got upset with her puppy because he did not show affection in exactly the way she wanted him to. She huffed and puffed as she got ready to go and I said that she had the chance right then to decide if she was going to take anger with her into the rest of her day. I pointed out that she could choose love if she wanted to. It would be her gift to herself for the puppy would be happy come what may. She had gone clear to the car and shut the door, while I waited by the front door to her home. Suddenly she opened the car door and shouted, “Wait, I want to say goodbye!” Hugs and kisses were given, even putting a special play toy in the kennel, she went to school in a cheerful state. One where she would walk in peace and not in grumpiness stubbing her toe on every nuisance that crossed her path.
Sadly, she does not carry that into every moment of her life. However, as Gramma, I allowed her a witness of the gift of knowing how to nurture herself, regardless of what is going on outside of herself. This is what I wish to offer you. A reason to create a place where we are generous with others so that the universe might pour generosity back on your/our plate.

My message is simple. Perhaps, so simple it will not be easily heard.
You may not see the world the way I do.
Or you may have those persons, situations, or societal attitudes that you have decided are responsible for the insanity or that at least bring it about. That is all right.
I do hope that you will hear me out and at least give my perspective a chance.
I offer it only as a possibility, worth serious consideration.
To greater understanding for us all!


My Disclaimer

I believe that tending to the welfare of humanity is the greatest work that one can be about and this is my objective.
I may be crazy as a loon and just trying to find another way to hide from the pain of loss and PTSD that this world brings us.
I leave it to you to decide for yourself, my peace remains either way. Namaste~

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So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are Part Two

A ghost in an environment that flows around me. This is how I feel.

I stand here as one identity and watch an incredible dance of life, destructive life, all around. It seeped into my consciousness a bit at a time. I had thought maybe it was only our family. Turns out that the same oddities that I observed in my home of origin are occurring in the world in a multitude of scenarios. People, hurting inside, striking out at others or themselves and allowing others to abuse them.

I believe that this is the cause of mental health issues and I do not believe it is an isolated or occasional thing. I believe we all live there and we have moments of ease perhaps, but I truly do believe that we are the ghosts that are haunting a reality that does not exist.

The connectedness that we long for will not be recognized until Christ is recognized in one another. The diversity of interests, talents and experiences is so great today that we will need to find that which hold in common if we want our society to function as a whole.

That commonality is The Christ that is each of us. Acknowledging him in ourselves and others will allow us to overcome the pettiness of envy and strife and give us a reason, a united front of protection. Protection from the negativity and self-abuse that Christ feels capable of and punishable for.

He is perfect, he is worthy, he is innocent for only God and His Love have any claim to truth. He is you and me united. The monstrous caricatures that we have made of ourselves and the ways that we hide from and shun one another will melt away as we see Christ in one another and respect the fact that we are One.


As Children of God, we have an inheritance and a place that cannot be usurped.

We have forgotten this and instead buy into the idea that we have fallen.

That in itself is our fall.

This belief that it is possible to step outside of God’s grace or His will.

Guilt and shame cause us to attack one another and ourselves.

We are living lives given by Christ so we could have experience that He/we desired.

Yes, and we will learn.

But this is not the meaning of life. It is the meaning of the illusion.

The meaning of true life is to bear witness of the Love of God for His Son.

I have had the privilege since I was a young child to live in the presence of God’s Love. I am not saying others have not had this privilege, for indeed, I believe that we all come from that place and we see it or refuse to see it according to the plan we have established before we became flesh and blood.

Either way, I hold it as a life-saving privilege and believe it envokes our sense of gratitude, even if we do not acknowledge God’s existence.

This is an assignment that we have all had. Acknowledging God’s love for His Son.

We will each tend to it. Granted some will be sooner and some later.

All will come to understand, and The Son will not truly waken, till the last one does.


The two extremes above allow for us to share.

It forces us to go inside to survive. To find our own inner strength.

It allows us to recognize the self in the other.

We think aloneness is sorrowful because we think we are separate.

This is the cause of all human suffering.

In time we will all come to understand and time will lose its meaning.


Till next time, Namaste~

God bless us every One!


Next, I will be posting my latest book,


It will have its own category and will be complete though in several entries.

I hope you enjoy it and would love it if you would push the like button and share with your friends. Do not forget to follow my page. There is much more to come!


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So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are

Part One

Like a shadow or a fly on the wall. That is how I feel in life so many times. It could make me feel left out or alone. Loneliness is something I did not feel when I was younger, it was more a sense of not being able to speak a similar language. Or hiding from the truth that I lived each day and thinking others could not see it. You might say my loneliness muscle was distracted by the need to be with the family that I loved, along with the fear of what might happen if anyone found out.

It was in the Salt Lake Valley that I saw loneliness in the faces of people and empathized with that energy. Sadly, it was in a community that professed to know so much about God’s love and compassion. It was an eye-opener for me because my witness of Jesus’ presence when I thought of him was significant.

Shunning I understood. Exclusion even. …. The look on my baby sister’s face that was sort of a puckered pout that said I am so sorry that I belong here and you do not. I saw that one a lot as a child. She was six years younger than me and was six herself when I no longer lived at home with her.

That look was on her face the last time I saw her in person, at least before her mom died. Only she was not a child any longer. It was a memory I never wanted to bring to recollection, much less manifestation again.

We all have a role to play for Christ. We agreed to it before we came. We have no one to blame for our experiences other than ourselves for understood and choose the circumstances that we would go through.

That fly on the wall has a significant purpose and place in humanity. It gives support and buffers others who are going through their agreed-to circumstances. This, too, is part of the agreement that we had.

There are so many willing to reach out and assist us, even (or maybe especially) when we feel alone. People have been sent to help us through our challenges.

They may be physical or non-physical. They may have lived on this earth previously or not. We can feel them and receive comfort and encouragement from them if we will give them a chance.

Spirit will tell you the why’s if you are willing to listen and trust the voice and understanding that comes to you. Friedrich Nietzsche said ‘He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.’ I bear witness that if you learn to trust the still small voice inside your mind and heart you will have an understanding and the potential to receive the peace of heaven. I say potential, only because, your willingness to accept it is required.

More than this, we are heavenly, divine beings of energy that are not capable of dying and our inner being knows this. I believe these roles we have played that we call lives will someday make up the full character of the awakened Christ. This Christ who is the source of our greatest joy.

Till next time, Namaste~

God Bless Us Each and Every ONE






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Strange Things Happen In This World

2007, that is when I noticed the attention of an older man at the singles group I attended. His attention was special and loving. He was a warm, big-hearted family man, whose loving wife had passed several years before. We had chats and visits through email and on the phone. He touched my heart in a special way.

A family is something that seemed to have alluded me and yet, in my conversations with him, I felt so welcome and cared for. I told him so. And it was not just fatherly affection or friendship on his part. I know the signs of a man who has a physical/romantic interest in me. I even wrote a special poem for him. One of the few romantic poems I have ever written. He backed off when I shared it of course.

He would not bring himself to acknowledge what we had, not even on a visit some 2 years later when we kneeled across the temple altar for the proxy marriage ceremony. I sensed a lot of things that day as well, but we never discussed the previous affection. It seems that friends we would remain even though the conversation was no longer to be enjoyed.

Ten years later and a few weeks ago he crossed my mind in a casual thought, not once, but two or three times. Out of the blue it seemed.

And then, just a day or two after my return to South Dakota I saw an email from a source that I am no longer attached to. It was the announcement of a funeral for this dear person. I was startled but I did not look further at the email that evening, though I saved it with a star.

The next morning I went to locate it and it was gone. I thought maybe I had not saved it after all and looked in the trash, but it was not there.

I know that those on the other side have access to electrical energies and computers. I was not supposed to have gotten that email but I believe he wanted me to know where he was and that he was nearby if I should need him.

This understanding was whispered to me in the language of knowing that I have come to recognize as the Holy Spirit. And I do feel my friend close by and I feel the comfort that I felt so long ago in his company.

It gives me comfort and assurance at this time in my life to know that I can be aware of these things and that I can know by the power of The Spirit within me that I am on the path that I am supposed to be on according to God’s design.

I double checked for his obituary online and it was there. I was on the road back to the Midwest when he passed over. The timing, the meaning, and the reminder of; who he is and what we were is sweet and precious to me.

The signs of those on the other side are all around us. And they want to make their presence known. It is a joy and great privilege to be aware of these things and the special people that have been in my life that seem to have left but are ever so close.

These kinds of things have been prophesied of and need to be embraced and celebrated.

Till next time, Namaste~

God Bless Us Each and Every ONE

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We Are The Christ, We Are the Salvation of The Son

We Are The Christ, We Are the Salvation of The Son

There is no other way to look at the doctrine of Christianity than this.

We are not separated, we are a whole.

We cannot be isolated, no matter how alone we may feel.

Ego is threatened by the coming of Christ.

Each ego believes in separation and death. There is neither.

The misunderstood use of the pronoun “I” by Jesus has left the world in confusion for 2,000 years.

Christ is the only one worthy of the word “I”.

Christ is the Whole of Us, not the singular.

When we use it, we use it correctly for “I am the Christ” is a statement of truth for each of us.

Yes, each and everyone.

We are reflections, components of, parts of, manifestations of, a bewildered Christ.

We are a whole. The ego in its confusion will attempt to convince us of our singularity.

The confusion of Christ at how He could “Be” and not have offended God is the core of the confusion humankind has about its identity. This is the basis of all attack of self or of the supposed other.

Yet all that we do (yes, our thoughts create our actions and our actions affect the Whole), all that we are is part of The Christ.

I, you, it, the, an, a, each and every pronoun and article represents a portion of The Son.

In time, all will come to understand this.

When each does, time, as we understand it will end and only true “Being” will be.

All learning is healing of The Self, even in the contrast.

In time, there will be no more learning and only knowing.

The Christ in me greets the Christ in you, Namaste~

Till next time, God Bless!


Michael Jackson’s We Are The World kept running through my mind as I wrote this and during the review of it the day after when I published it.

I watched the halftime at the Superbowl that year and saw the children who gathered to participate.

Mankind thinks expansively and outside of himself. I sense a call to go inward and find the truth.

What I present is a synopsis of my study and observation at this time with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as my Chief Guides.


Twitter users, I can no longer put anything on my account except for these entries. I will leave it stand (meaning my Twitter account under Christa-Ann Godsdaughter). I am considering opening another account under the name of Debra Yvonne. It is part of my birth name and carries great significance for me. May Spirit guide the way.

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Independence: Freedom from bondage inside or out.

No one takes away our freedoms, we believe it is possible…and so it is.

Or seems to be.

Do not be confused by what appears real in this world. You come from a higher place and are gently awakening to who you truly are.

Praises and gratitude to our Creator.

It may be through initially acknowledging Him outside ourselves that we find Him and our True Selves inside.

And so it is.


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Washington and Back

I have been a Mormon for a long time. I buy in bulk and stock up on all the necessities. As a 60 plus woman who lives alone, I still hoard, as my daughter mentioned after helping clear my apartment (chuckle), when I went to the state of Washington to be near my mother whom I had been told was dying.
I had never thought of myself as a hoarder but even after the return to the Midwest, I see the impact. Even after going through the vehicle that has been packed to the brim for 3 months I find myself holding onto the four pair of tennis shoes, two flip-flops, and four sandals. I only have two feet after all!
I want to keep my life light. In time, I hope to condense my physical trail even further. I wish to leave a psychological/spiritual trail behind me instead of stuff.
I find myself in a place of confusion as to where my physical being needs to be. I loved the energy of the nature in Washington. It lends itself very well to inspiring divine thoughts of oneness with all creation.
Holding my hands palms-out to the ocean I felt as if the creatures of the Bay were lending me their energy and confirmation of the work that I have dedicated the remainder of my physical existence here to proclaim.
I had gotten a job, found a doctor that I adored, and could see that reasonable rates for housing were to be found if one was ready and quick to respond.
The Spirit prompted me to try one more time to see mom. Maybe I would not be turned away. Mama knows why I am not there, without a doubt. She suspected as much from the get-go. It was me who was naive.
The Spirit knew that her Power of Attorney would be there as well. “Why are you here trying to see my mother?” As I looked into the eyes of my youngest sibling I finally started to see what others had been trying to tell me.
I was not welcome. I was not wanted. Ownership of a human being would rule the day. It really was ownership of pain and confusion that had built up over years of misunderstanding. The layers of truth that poured out from the Spirit that I follow was tremendous. In the moment, though, I focused on my breathing and waited to see how things would land. The verdict passed through the official channels and I was instructed to leave the facility that housed my mother.
Money still talks loudest in this world and as Power of Attorney, since mother has not been assisted to communicate her own wishes, the ability to remove her from her home of 30 years if necessary would not be too high a card to play since mama is considered to be in a serious place of dementia by some (and not by others besides myself).
I do not know if it went that far. I was not privy to those conversations. I only know that the conversation occurred where my sister’s wishes where expressed so that they could not be misunderstood.
I had not traveled this far to force the hand of my sister into legal action to keep me from my mother. I had come to be a support and strength to a family that had struggled over many years. To “get in her face” was not a part of my objective.
Before the day was out I knew that I had to return to the Midwest. I did not question long the thought that occurred which was; “Why was it necessary for me to give up my established lifestyle in the Midwest if I was only to be here a short time?”.
I knew that this mindset was the one that I needed. It allowed me to experience the various things that would occur in these three months and thereafter. These things and that decision were part of the plan that would establish the groundwork that would allow me to move forward in my life and teach and learn as I had planned in the pre-existence with Jesus at my side and the counsels of heaven approving each step.
We will be stretched and stretched, like taffy and we will feel that we have broken, yet over time we will become as flexible and fluid as that lovely taffy candy able to be bent and molded to the pattern and plan of the life that we were called to.
I am not broken. Every pull and tug stretches me to show me the strength of my endurance. I am a puzzle to many. I know this. I do not wish to confront humanity or point fingers of attack and reproach.
Rather, I wish to point to Christ and to show us the possible misinterpretations of the words of Jesus that we might understand the very nature of what we are and our potential and glory as Children of God.
So my journey continues, first to stabilize my compass and determine where I need to lay my head, at least for a time, so that I may continue my writing course with Hay House and prepare the book proposal for the contest they are running.
I have signed up for early retirement so that I may be allowed the freedom to write the many books that I have in my heart to shed light on the condition of mankind and the Love of God. My funds will not be great, yet neither are my needs. I hope my books will be read by others and that someday I may be allowed to head a discussion about our divinity and what that means to us all.
My writing opens the way for the Spirit to teach me and that is the supreme reward. You may ask “And how do you know that it is a righteous spirit that you are following Deb?” That is a fair question and I, like you, do not have guarantees in this life. All I know is that it is a relationship that I have cultivated over a lifetime and that voice, that guidance, which I came to understand by following the path that Jesus has led me on, is undeniable and gives me such feelings of peace and joy and hope for humanity that I will give all I am to follow in faith, “…line upon line, precept by precept, here a little, there a little…” just as Jesus was (and is).
To God be the glory, great things He hath done!
Till next time, bye for now,
Debi, Deb, Debra, Debbie, Christa-Ann,…

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