Reflections 12-18 October 2020 Is Our Perceived Reality Really What We Are?

Please bring the Spirit for translation.

Photo by cottonbro on I wonder, was his first incarnation a feminine entity? After all, Jesus did birth the Universal Plan.

Jesus was the first consciousness of this fake world. That means he got the full benefit of the Law of Attraction FIRST.

And yes, that is how this world works, by Law of Attraction.

However, everyone here has at some point accepted the Universal Plan which leads to the Atonement that Jesus manifested with the Father/Creator, while under the influence of belief in the Error of Separation.

Everyone. Even the angels, aliens, multidimensional beings and anything else, because this/they are still all part of the oneness that is Christ.

That is is all that there is, you know.

Christ. Well, Christ and God, the Father.

Holy Spirit is that “appendage” which unites the two while in this hallucination/dream state.

Jesus, being the one who remembers the most what it was like to be in the presence of Father, in fact, he is the only one who had consciousness in that sphere/place/space/reality.

The rest of us gained consciousness after the Error of Separation had begun.

In Jesus, the Father corrected the mistake, and since that “time” Jesus has been trying, without much success, in my opinion, to get us to understand the Error and its consequences.

The ego which has divided itself into numbers, seemingly without end, creatively expressing unending examples of consequences of Separation.

These are only in the imagination of Christ and can be healed only through the Atonement.

Why has Jesus not succeeded in his attempt to redeem humanity? Because he had to “grow into” the atonement himself. He had to go through the various steps of manipulation, coercion, offering rewards, and all other variables, till he understood the atonement itself was something he could not give away, nor could he force it in any way on his brothers and sisters in the divided mind of Christ. He is the god of all philosophies and religions attempting to reach the Souls of his brethren.

Sisters came after the construct of the Error of Separation began as a way to extend the ego falsehood of existence without God.

That does not mean they are evil any more than Christ is. That is an impossibility. But the ego and the Universal Plan does see things in black and white/ right and wrong. And remember, Jesus was the Architect of the Universal Plan.

I am not proposing Christianity, as it has been understood, at all.

I am suggesting that this is what Jesus meant through his various attempts to reach out to the part of Christ Consciousness that accepted the Separation.

From my studies I do not believe that all parts therein accepted the Separation. I think there was a limited number of us who did.

In the Urtext of A Course In Miracles, Jesus states that angels could not correct the situation, nor could those who did not succumb to the Error of Separation.

It is only by the witness of the satiation of suffering that humanity has a chance to accept the atonement and by its own choice receive its rightful inheritance.

Jesus says it only takes one to start the ball rolling.

Will it be you?

I am hoping with all I am that it is me. It would give purpose to the suffering that I witness while feeling my hands are tied behind my back.

There is a sense of having lived enough lifetimes to walk into this story I have been given. With assistance at every turn, being awake enough to sense the pain and suffering, without being fatally (physically or psychologically) overcome.

Looking, with an eye single to the glory of God, while believing that I was important enough to Him that He allowed Jesus to accompany me and hold my hand along the way. This has been my journey and I will to walk it as He guides. (I did not miswrite that comment. Jesus speaks of will as something more intricate and a part of us than choice.)

Each of those components would be required to be able to face what Christ has conjured in His delirium. Why? Because the futility of it, with full awareness, allows the mind to consider the impossible idea that his just could not be real.

Each one of us need not face that test. It is possible for us to have faith in another’s testimony and still receive the witness of the Atonement for ourselves.

I have accepted that challenge from Jesus example. I invite you to do likewise. Those with the courage to do so, assist all others they have come across in their lifetimes.

This brings me to the second point. That Self-Acceptance is required to accept the Atonement that will bring about the conclusion of the Universal Plan and put us into a creative reality, instead of solely a healing one.

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Jesus has mastered this and accepted the Atonement whereby heaven is united with the hallucinatory state of Christ. However, because he is not the only part of Christ that accepted the Error of Separation, he can only manifest his part of the healing and be an example to the rest of us.

Each of us needs to do this for ourselves.

Letting go of guilt is a key part to that.

We can exchange time for eternity by releasing guilt. And the joy that results lifts the Whole of Christ Consciousness.

“Guilt feelings are the PRESERVERS of time. They induce fears of FUTURE retaliation or abandonment, and thus ensure that the future will remain like the past. This IS the ego’s continuity, and gives it a false sense of security through the belief that you cannot escape from it. But you can and you MUST. God offers you the continuity of eternity in exchange. When you will to make this exchange, you will simultaneously exchange guilt for peace, viciousness for love, and pain for joy.” Words from Jesus, page 136 Urtext A Course In Miracles.

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It is not as simple as releasing the guilt of the ego. One must step into our true identity as Christ, as did Jesus, by recognizing the ego’s errors are Christ’s Story and not ours.

Was that confusing!??? I expected so.

I received this witness upon awakening a few days ago:

“To escape the illusion we must become Christ so we may forgive ourselves as we truly are. It is His Story and it needs to be forgiven, NOT from our perspective in the ego or our current identity, but from Christ’s perspective and identity. We must forgive Christ as Christ for the healing to be secure. This is what Jesus has been able to do and invites us to join him.”

Also, forgiving Jesus is key as he is the architect of this world and the one who gives us our roles in it.

We each have believed in a “false” reality.

Only the Atonement allows us to give it up fully.

It is available, NOW.

It is what makes NOW, possible.

Beyond the veil or here in the flesh, we have the ability to “see” the Son of God and the perfect relationship that He has with the Father.

Let us do our part, one at a time, rejoicing in the Whole that we are.

From this place let us mingle/merge with God via All That IS.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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Reflections October 5-11, 2020 Our Addiction to Trauma Requires Compassion

Bring the Spirit for translation please.

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There is no PTSD in the fullness of Atonement, yet, WHILE HERE in the midst of accepting the Atonement one by one, WE WILL EACH have a form of PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is the stress? Belief in Separation and its Consequences. We are all subject to this or we would not be here.

The fullness of Atonement will be when each and every individual cell in the body of Christ knows it is not separated from God or the rest of the body.

That will require some time.

In the meantime, we will have various degrees of PTSD because one part of the body of Christ being “out of sync” affects the whole in some way or another.

In other words, do not freak out about it or consider yourself unwell.

It will eventually pass when we all/each accept who we truly are.

Till then we have many tools and entities on this side of the veil and the other to assist us.

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In the Atonement we focus on ourselves and our inner voice/Holy Spirit. At the same time we are distinctly aware of others, especially of suffering.

Some call this being an Empath. Having a sense of others difficulties or other feelings.

This is to be understood because the Other, is a part of me/Christ/the Whole as well.

I do not want to seek to be of service or interact on any other level.

When I do I am nothing but bait for someone else’s inflamed ego and used as something to project their anger on or their belief that they are being attacked.

I cannot alter their interpretation, but I can alter my participation in it and give them space to express their frustrations while keeping my distance and respecting myself.

Could it be that this is what the manifestation of Covid19 is all about on a spiritual level?

Could it not be our linked subconscious, or maybe our superconscious, that is demanding that a healthy relationship be nurtured in the psyche of humanity?

This is one thing that the Error of Separation did to the psyche of Christ.

There is a common idea lately that we can just leave others; bear in mind, that they still are a part of us and resolution needs to be sought within our own psyche, even if prompted to keep a distance.

The assumed separation appears to give all kinds of reasons to say that we are different.

But it dies not stop there!

The inflamed ego also devises all kinds of ways to label each other and with that comes judgment.

This judgment does not just go one way. It comes back on me as well.

This is how we “damn” ourselves. Is it not how we manifest karma?

Judgment is how we stop ourselves from remembering our Oneness with the Creator and with each other, and how we stop our creativity which is our natural state of being.

Freedom, if it is to be had by one, must be for all. And it comes by seeing our Oneness, not our Separation.

Differences are to be celebrated not demeaned.

And we each have enough basic common needs to see each other compassionately and as equals.

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Atonement makes PTSD understandable and bearable; it even allows us to have reason to give thanks for it.

That is because it reminds us of our union with others, if we allow it to.

And it invites us to be compassionate and aware of one another and the need to support the freedom and basic rights of all sentient life forms.

sentient[ˈsen(t)SH(ē)ənt]ADJECTIVE able to perceive or feel things.

Yes, ALL sentient life forms.

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This is such an appropriate topic for todays social climate around the world.

In 2020 we have had the opportunity to look at ourselves and consider who and what we really are and what we value.

I hope that we are able to recognize some of the things that we may be addicted to that are harmful.

Things like drama and attacking others, not to mention ourselves.

Do we value life and support it for all?

Or do we complain about others because “We do not feel worthy of existence so why should they be allowed to be happy or productive!!!”?

Do we self-sabotage ourselves, our families, communities, nations, or even the world, because we feel unworthy of Divine Assistance?

It is time for reflection and it is time for change, if needed.

We all have ways that we can improve.

To Summarize:

PTSD should not be feared but embraced.

It is that which reminds us in our physical state that we are united and one.

And, that we want to acknowledge that.

The longing for unity and for connection and for being heard is an appropriate response to the Error of Separation.

Let us rejoice in it while it lasts and embrace ourselves compassionately and do our best to see that we are safe and cared for.

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From that place, we can extend the prayers, energy, and activity that will lift the Whole of Creation.

We want to recognize our tendencies in the inflamed ego for addiction and how that feeds the need to silence our inner voice that tells us we are okay.

Please, hear that one more time and place it in your heart if it fits.

We want to recognize our tendencies in the inflamed ego for addiction and how that feeds the need to silence our inner voice that tells us we are okay.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now. ❤

Breaking the Spell of the Inflamed Ego

Urtext of A Course In Miracles Page 52 Please bring the Spirit for translation.

Human beings can learn to improve their behavior, and can also learn to become better and better learners.

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The learning that we are seeking to uncover is the witness of our divinity as the Christ.

This increase serves (HS notes that this was written “served”) to bring them in closer and closer accord with the Sonship.

It has already been done. We are just waking up to that reality. We may stay in the rotation of suffering and death as long as we want to but it is not our truth.

But the Sonship itself is a perfect creation, and perfection is not a matter of degree.

We are Whole and perfect. What we are caught in is only a psychological construct.

Only while there are different degrees is learning meaningful.

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I suspect “different degrees” might be looked at as costumes or false ego images that we have given our psyche.

The evolution of man is merely a process by which he proceeds from one degree to the next. He corrects his previous missteps by stepping forward.

The concept of regressing into a “New State”. Which to us is not possible.

This represents a process which is actually incomprehensible in temporal terms, because he RETURNS as he progresses. (Originally, was “goes forward”, rather than “progresses”), the Atonement is the device by which he can free himself from the past as he goes ahead.

Why are people not willing to see that this is a viable option to the torment we find ourselves in at the moment!

Does the construct of linear time have that much of a hold on us?

He is speaking of the Atonement in this next statement.

It UNDOES his past errors, thus making it unnecessary for him to keep retracing his steps without advancing toward his return.

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The Atonement undoes our past errors because it has forgiven all that is not real.

In this sense, the Atonement saves time, but like the miracle which serves it, does not abolish it.

As long as there is need for Atonement, there is need for time.

But the Atonement, as a completed plan, does have a unique relationship to time.

Until the Atonement is finished, its various phases will proceed IN time, but the whole Atonement stands at its end.

Its various phases would refer to the individual psyches waking to the will of God within them.

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At this point, the bridge of the return has been built.

We are able to stand in the witness of the Atonement and in our union and unity as a whole before our creator.

And this is available to us NOW.

(Note to HS. The reason this is upsetting to you is because the Atonement is a TOTAL commitment. You still think this is associated with loss.

This is the same mistake ALL the Separated ones make, in one way or another.

Each of us identified the Atonement as a loss of our place in what we call life.

Maybe this is why I chose to accept the assignment that I did. The one that would find me disconnected from all that I held dear. It may have, at times, seemed like other’s choices brought this about but I consider them helpers in my quest.

It is becoming clearer to me that it was really my choice to know the truth of what is real before God above all else that gave me the life I have led.

I could have chosen easy-way-outs many times, but I held to a course that has led me here and I am grateful.

I feel peace and joy and a connection with all that is, ever was, and ever will be.

They cannot believe that a defense which CANNOT attack also IS the best defense.

Except for this misperception, the angels COULD have helped them.

What do you think “the meek shall inherit the earth” means?

They will literally take it over because of their strength. A two-way defense is inherently weak, precisely BECAUSE it has two edges it can turn against the self very unexpectedly.

This tendency CANNOT be controlled EXCEPT by miracles.)

The miracle turns the defense of Atonement to the protection of the inner self, which, as it becomes more and more secure; assumes its natural talent of protecting others.

In the Atonement, there is no such thing as jealousy and not enough love to go around.

In the world of the ego that can be prominent and is seen as people manipulate their spouses, children, or parents to keep their affections from others in the family, community, or even nation or world.

These are behaviors of the inflamed ego that feels threatened and unsure of its place in the heart of the Creator.

As the MIRACLE PROTECTS the INNER SELF by recognizing the Atonement, the inflamed ego is calmed and the inner self grows and resonates with the tendrils that identify its connection to all others and all that is. Which in turn manifests its connection to the Creator.

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The inner self knows itself as both a brother AND a son.

This is because the inner self knows itself as Christ, the Son of God.

(Seth spoke of this through Jane Roberts when he referred to us all in the male pronoun. Jesus does the same in the Course In Miracles.)

(The above notes were taken with great difficulty by HS, and constitute the only series this far that were written very slowly. When HS asked about this, she was told, “don’t worry about the notes. They are right, but YOU are not sufficiently Right-Minded yet to write about the Atonement with comfort. You will write about it yet with joy.)

Helen was developing a relationship with the personality of Jesus. She was gaining a confidence and trust in him.

Her inner self recognized him and accepted him as a companion to help with the work that she and Bill had undertaken.

But she still held on to the precepts that were based in fear and she would need to go through this process and come out the other side with confidence in what Jesus would share. And trust that he would respect boundaries.

*Next time it gets a bit personal on how she processed this and how Jesus helped her through it.

Atonement IS the Final Lesson, NOT the End of Life In the Flesh As We Have Been Taught

Please bring the Spirit for translation into your experience and circumstance.

Page 51 Urtext of A Course In Miracles

The Atonement is the Only defense which cannot be used destructively.

Read that again. Post it somewhere. Write it on the walls of your heart.

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That is because, while everyone must eventually join it, it was not a device which was generated by man.

There is a god beyond all that is perceivable by humanity in the flesh or beyond. Spiritual people today suggest otherwise and while the Son is in the Father the distinction is significant and it is clearly taught in the Urtext of A Course In Miracles.

The Atonement PRINCIPLE was in effect long before he Atonement itself was begun.

❤ Don’t you love this!

The Principle was love, and the Atonement itself, was an ACT of love.

Why are people to afraid to accept the Atonement?

Acts were not necessary before the Separation, because the time-space belief did not exist.

Acts, actions, experiences, lessons, oppositions, trauma, drama, not necessary.

It was only after the Separation that the defense of Atonement, and the necessary conditions for its fulfillment were planned.

It was living in the NOW before the Separation. We are being prepared psychologically to return to that place. Yay! I would be hesitant to take it literally here, within time and space, however.

It is in the mindset of the Atonement that we want to be. To go directly to “Now” is short-circuiting the process and allowing the “inflamed” ego another place to hide.

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It became increasingly apparent that all of the defenses which man can choose to use constructively or destructively were not enough to save him.

Do you notice something here? Jesus is confessing to his own personal need to grow and develop within time and space. This is why the god of the Old Testament was so apt to appear vengeful or fierce, jealous even.

It was therefore decided that he needed a defense which was so splendid that he could not misuse it, although he COULD refuse it.

By whom? Why by Jesus through his witness of the Holy Spirit. This is the way that we want to be making decisions as well. And Jesus did not work alone. There were many, though not necessarily all of us, that joined in the “counsel” that he had. In other words, for a long time there have been those who thought it was best that a few made the decisions for the whole.

Jesus had the most gifts and recall of the presence of Father so he led things, but there were others and not all of them grew as Jesus did, into an understanding and acceptance of the Atonement. Some of them walked the earth and kept that “elite attitude” moving from generation to generation.

That is one of the challenges the Christ Consciousness faces; revealing those who got locked in that paradigm and refused to release it once the Atonement was revealed.

Disclaimer: This is my impression and interpretation at this time and it seems very appropriate for the things that are going on in the world at the moment.

His will could not turn it into a weapon of attack, which is the inherent characteristic of all other defenses.

The Atonement is the direct door through which humanity may claim their heritage and escape the cycle of suffering, pain, and death that has been established by the “inflamed” ego of Christ who thinks He has offended God by Separating from Him.

The Atonement thus becomes the only defense which was NOT a two-edged sword.

Thinking of the scripture by Paul that speaks of the armor of God, Ephesians 6:17 … the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. I remembering taught that this was a two-edged sword that could heal or tear apart a person.

I personally placed myself in the hands of the Spirit often so that He could extract a belief or action that was detrimental to me or others. His scalpel did not leave the scars that the world did when they taught me things.

Jesus says the Atonement goes beyond that. That the Atonement will not cut you, but embrace you “Just As You Are” scuffling off what was manifested by the “inflamed” ego and holding close that which is Divine and your true self.

It was not Jesus who did it, it was Father who does it once we follow the example we have been given by Jesus. Even the Christ that we are, the Son, did not create, nor fulfill the Atonement. It is ours because we recognize we are the Christ, the Son. Do you see the difference?

The Atonement actually began long before the Crucifixion.

Because LOVE was the Power by which you came into being.

Many Souls offered their efforts on behalf of the Separated Ones but they could not withstand the strength of the attack, and had to be brought back.

This is intriguing to me. It suggests that not all of us got caught in this false paradigm construct. It makes one think a bit differently about the Souls that we walk among, as well. One never knows who is sent to help redeem through their “costume” and who may be blinded by the idea of the Separation.

Angels came, too, but their protection was not enough, because the Separated ones were not interested in peace.

Angels protect! Have you heard stories of this or experienced it yourself?

I have! I know that this is true.

“The Separated ones were not interested in peace.” Remember this goes back to the beginning (if you want to speak in terms of time. Now we know time is not a truth. While time remains it needs to be understood that these entities have been with us since the beginning of time. Curious, isn’t it, how we do not know if we are one of the ones who accepted the Atonement or one who volunteered to assist them?

They had already split themselves, and were bent on dividing rather than reintegrating.

“Go forth and multiply” seems to be a direct order to do such a thing.

*This is fully my interpretation, I cannot say that I have heard anyone else say that outright. It makes sense to me though with all the teachings I know of Jesus, and others.

The levels they introduced into themselves turned against each
other, and they, in turn, turned against each other

Levels created by establishing criteria for differences. Looks, coloring, education, wealth, position on the “ladder to success”, all have been used to create the levels that Jesus speaks of.

They established differences, divisions cleavages, dispersion, and all the other concepts related to the increasing splits they produced.

Not being in their Right Minds, they turned their defenses from protection to assault, and acted literally insanely.

Their Right Mind would be in awareness of their creation.

It was essential to introduce a split-proof device which could be used ONLY to heal, if it was used at all.

This suggests that Jesus worked with the Holy Spirit to devise such a device. I think that is significant because it suggests that the Holy Spirit does not want to take over and tell us what to do (which could not be always said for Jesus) and that he wants us to work out our situation so that we can grow into what we are.

The Atonement was built into the space-time belief in order to set a limit on the need for the belief, and ultimately to make learning complete.

Wow! “To set a limit on the need for the belief, and ultimately to make learning complete.” That sounds like freedom to me.

The Atonement IS the final lesson.

Shhhh, do not tell anybody, once you get here. Good grief you will be called the biggest narcissist there is. Or they will look at you with pity because you are obviously delirious. It is real, though it can take some effort to allow yourself to accept what it means.

It occurs to me that the term “final” has been taken to mean that when humans accept the Atonement life on earth will end. This is not what Jesus is saying at all. None of it had been. Not even the Final Judgment which he explains in the Urtext as being when you stop weighing in on your actions, etc, and judge the “inflamed” ego to be wanting so that you can accept the Atonement and your place in God.

Is that why this principle has not been taught by those who profess to understand the Course?

What really confuses me is that they think it is okay to promote LOVE as THE WAY without implementing the Atonement. I do not understand this, but it is not my place to discourage love in any form.

Humanity will “get it” one day.

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Learning, itself, like the classrooms in which it occurs, is temporary. Let all those who overestimate human intelligence remember this.

TEMPORARY, creates a new paradigm for education perhaps. I would love to see education reviewed. Learning all forms of symbolism used is important and how about including understanding the energetic/thought world that we live in? Teach children meditation so that they might become the masters of their thoughts and their experience.

(HS questions last sentence, which she perceives as threatening.)

She is a professor, after all. Academia is her world in this lifetime.

The ability to learn has no value when change of understanding is no longer necessary.

This is because we are natural creators.

The eternally creative have nothing to learn.

For eternity!

Only after the Separation was it necessary to direct the creative force to learning, because changed behavior had become mandatory.

Please review this. Pray about it. Ponder it. Put it on the back burner.


You will change the world around you, not to mention past, future, and present.

The way “Be in the moment, now” is premature. The Atonement will allow us to get to that place.

I am grateful for those who have gone down that road because it has been preparatory for people to be willing to step into the Atonement, once they see the plausibility (the quality of seeming reasonable or probable) and need of it.

Is Depression Part of the Human Condition?

No way! PTSD may be but that is different.

Depression and all other struggles and traumas in this sphere have to do with the “inflamed” ego developed as Christ was thought of in the mind of God.

It may be that depression is part of the story you chose. If so accept it and do not beat yourself up. If not, be creative and picture the very world you see with new eyes. Focus on positives and not the negatives. Magnify your sincere desires. (Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist of any sort.)

What we will be or not be is made up in our minds.

Make peace with your story that you played out here.

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It is not who you are.

It is only an assignment that you got to play out.

Did you discover that you were not any of the things that you thought you were?

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And that neither was the world, or anything in it, what you thought it was?

Yep, then maybe you have awakened to the idea that you are something bigger than what you thought and that you are a part of a whole that is beyond your comprehension at this time.

And no matter the stories of joy, or betrayal, that have followed you in this lifetime, there is a greater awakening, if you will let this version go.

That is my faith and my hope.

I bear witness of “Christ” as all manifestation, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, pledge my faith in a Father that is overall.

Jesus, take my prayers and my thoughts and any strength and energy I may have and use it for the benefit of humanity. This is my prayer.

A deeper reflection on depression and reality can be found in this post.

Urtext of ACIM pg 50 If We Only Realized How Close We Are To Absolute, Complete Bliss

Please bring the Spirit for translation.

Sublimation should be associated with the SUBLIME.

Sublime: (in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity. purify, transmute, refine

It is really what is at the core of “peeling back the onion” that we do as we self-actualize.

There are many other so-called “dynamic” concepts which are profound errors due essentially to the misuse of defenses.

Remember: Our only correct defense is the Atonement that knows that we are One and forgives the illusion because it knows it is false. That does not mean that while in the illusion we are not affected by what happens there. It is our current “reality”.

Among them is the concept of different levels of aspiration, which results from real level confusion.

I am curious as to the types of aspiration Jesus was speaking of. Was it education, money, position, etc? Perhaps all of it and is this not what society is based on?

However, the main point to be understood from these notes is that you can defend truth as well as error, and in fact, much better.

Lord, let it be.

So far we have concentrated on ends rather than means because unless you regard an end as worth achieving, you will not devote yourself to the means by which it can BE achieved.

Makes sense.

Your own question enabled me to shift the emphasis from end to means.
(Question asked was “how can we incorporate this material?”)

Jesus listens.

You and B. HAVE accepted the end as valuable, thus signifying your willingness to use defenses to ensure it.

This is necessary for any goal to be obtained. Thankfully, they both were willing to bring this information forward even though they were not able to incorporate it fully together themselves.

The means are easier to clarify after the true worth of the goal itself is firmly established.

Law of Attraction followers, are you hearing this?

Some of my challenge of late is knowing what to visualize. I have to say that the goals I had in my writing for the past few years have been fulfilled.

  1. To get people’s attention. I dare say that Covid19 has brought the world to a place where reflection on things instead of just running in the “rat race” has been achieved.
  2. To have serious discussions about serious issues. The racial unrest and revelation of pedophilia have brought that about.
  3. So what is next? I have to admit that I am so far out on the limb in visualizing a healing for humanity that is beyond the norm that I tend to freak-out when I think someone may be listening to me because I have no desire to lead anyone astray or into false hope.
  4. Yet it is Jesus that is telling us these truths, not me. I believe that he wants us to stop building outwards and allow him to step beside us in our thoughts to take us gently into the place where we will allow this world to phase out and we will become willing to allow Christ to be taken up by His Father. Sounds like suicide to the ego, but it is not. It is coming into our truth and fulfilling the connection we all long for, not to mention the exquisite joy and energetic stimulation beyond our imagination.

Everyone defends his own treasure.

The recent issues have caused people to think about what their treasure is and if it really is worth defending.

You do not have to tell him to do this, because HE will do so automatically.

The real question still remains WHAT do you treasure, and HOW MUCH do you treasure it?


Once you learn to consider these two points and bring them into ALL your actions as the true criteria for behavior, I will have little difficulty in clarifying the means.

You have not learned to be consistent about this as yet.

I have therefore concentrated on showing you that the means ARE available whenever you DO ask.

It has been the desire of my heart to do what I can to bring about what I knew as the Millennium. That thousand years when Christ would reign.

It was at New Years 2014 that it became my focus and I accepted the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as my partners in the pursuit.

This was six months after I had been told that my daughter would die in a years time and as a mom I was desperate to bring “Him” here to help her.

Who would have thought that I would be here today, understanding what I do now.

I had known for a while that the only thing keeping us from having heaven on earth was the way we were looking at things.

And, even today, we are looking to make this world a better place instead of realizing that we need to see it for the illusion that it is and realized that there is another reality, another existence that is more true to our nature and “being”.

You can save a lot of time, however, if you do not need to extend this step unduly.

If only we could come together in this. Today it seems a lot more possible than it did even just a year ago.


The correct focus will shorten it immeasurably.

We can do this! Let it begin with me!

Papers will be very easy to write as this time is shortened.

Do not let the references to their college duties dissuade you from the truth that we can shorten the time of suffering on the earth.

This is something that can be done but it is an internal exercise and requires a great faith on a creator that is calling us home, into his loving embrace and presence.

He is the connection that we are longing for.

It is only in the Creator that we will find the “fix” we are seeking for the deep and profound longing that is felt in the heart of each individual.

May it be sooner than later. Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

We Have More Power Than We Think

The world is not going to change functioning on the same plane that it does at the moment.

We have to think outside of the box.

And why not give what Jesus has to say a chance?

Why not join him in the Atonement and stand united in the witness that we are children of God and that God is our defender and provider?

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Reflections for All Consciousness 24-30 August 2020 No Wish To Add To The Confusion

Please bring the Spirit for translation.

I have found it difficult to publish this message.

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I feel the hostility of those in manifestation and do not wish to add to the trauma and confusion.

I ask Jesus to unite this message with those who are willing to hear it and to bless those who still struggle with their addiction to the false world that we have created.

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Having joy alters the entire consciousness forward and back.

Standing in forgiveness may be the same.

I give thanks each time I wake up that I may consciously choose to forgive the confusion and separation we believe we have before us.

No force will be used by the Divine to have you accept your place in the heart of God/Creator/Universe.

You are welcome to stay in suffering as long as you desire.

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Assisting others will be the obvious desire of one who stands in the Atonement.

One will recognize that to have healthy boundaries and faith in all that is, despite evidence that says otherwise will be the top priority, because it is that light that will add to the flame of another and encourage them to stand in that truth as well.

To stand by and let hell rage can be challenging but it is doable when you know it is all an illusion.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder exists for everything in the illusion and does not have any truth in the Atonement.

How can there be anything but trauma for those who do not accept their own identity?

Compassion for yourself and one another will flow through the hearts of those who acknowledge the Divinity as their truth.

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We are being guided.

We are being held.

We are being loved.

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Reflections for 10-16 August 2020 We Have the Potential to Change the World, Are We Willing To Do Our Part?

Please bring the Spirit for translation.

I share the maximum of what my witness is at the moment.

Bear in mind that the witness of a seeker may simply be the definition of the way to insanity because one has to step out into a path as yet uncharted.

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The belief in separation from God was/is the first error of His Son.

This led to all sorts of confusion, and judgments, because there was no floor to stand on.

No foundation to move forward in.

This is what brought about time, as well.

Because judgments have no place in God, and that which is of Him.

How can purity be anything but pure and how can that, which encompasses all, create anything that is not of itself?

Judgment came from the hero of my story.

In essence, the self or at least the first self to identify as Christ.

This first one who thought he had separated from God.

It was just an error. He meant no harm.

His witness of being a “he” was not even something that he considered for eons of “time”.

He would fix it though. He would bring them to God, back to the Whole of what they were; for he remembered.

Was it his fault that they confused him with God?

Or that he let that be, in the hopes that it would help in his cause to restore … what he thought he had broken?

Forgiveness of this original error allows that all else is forgivable because anything brought about by the error is an impossibility.

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It would be a long time before he could tell them to “just be in your witness of the atonement and the whole of Creation is influenced”.

Because he would have to learn that he was able to be in his joy (and receive the ATONEMENT) “line upon line” just like all the other parts of the Sonship.

It demands that a choice be made. In a place where time and space are not real how can we understand when that took place for him? But we can make that choice in our here and now.

A choice to grab a hold of anything that is positive and cling to it, rejoice in it.

The sun, the breeze, the smell of a coming rain.

If you want to lift the vibration of humanity then lift your thoughts to what a joy it is to experience life.

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There will be no force imposed on you to regain your witness of who you are. But once you know, once you embrace your place in the heart of the Creator that you have never left, nothing can be withheld from you.

This is true of any desire you may have. The Father wants to bless His Son. Remember though that time is flexible and unreal and should not be the compass you are guided by. In other words let your desires be known and then let go of how they be manifested.

How many of us truly desire freedom and abundance for all, for instance?

I know we all SAY we want it, but do we want it really?

As long as we get our share, that is adequate, right!?!

And the older we get the more ways to justify how others deserve what they get or devise ways to camouflage the fact that we are glad it is them and not us.

And what better way to preserve ourselves than to give the enemy someone else to torture? A “sacrifice to the gods” so to speak.

Sort of defies our truth as One Entity, doesn’t it?

Those who would keep others under their rule often do so with kindnesses that are calculated to keep the victim content, just enough to make them believe that what is happening to them is either acceptable or justified.

If God says no force will be utilized then it stands to reason that this is exactly what the “inflamed” ego or what denies God will do. Attempting to prove that God is false.

See what I can do? Who will know? Addiction to power is one of the cruelest of addictions because it numbs the conscience and empathy is silenced.

In the witness of the atonement, there is peace, solidarity, and joy.

As well as freedom, clarity, and empowerment.

But you will face the monsters of the illusion as you enter there; please, see them for the illusions that they are.

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From the place of God’s heart, you will not be able to see anyone else in any other light. They will be God’s child, the Creator’s Creation.

They will be one with you. And only because you have accepted your personal worthiness and place as the Son will you be able to see their value and worthiness as well.

As such you will be “one with them” whether they are in your presence or not. This goes for our loved ones who have departed in death, as well as, those who consider us enemies at this time or that we must distance ourselves from so that we have safe boundaries.

This does not mean that you will not see their “inflamed” ego or the ‘very real affects’ they have on themselves and others “within time and space”.


Remember the original Error of Separation and the absolute forgiveness it allows for all offenses, past, present, and future.

Acknowledging the Joy of Existence in the Moment will lift you and all of Creation.

Force is not a truth, it is an “inflamed” ego construct that believes it is possible to control or manipulate another, even to “possess” them or their “possessions”.

From the place of the Atonement, you will see all as a Whole, Complete, and in the Creator’s care, even while seeing the affects of the illusion created by the “inflamed” ego that torment and suffering are the just desserts of those “who dare to Leave the Creator”.

The Spirit holds you there and in the atonement you may find joy no matter what is going on, how much of an empath you are, or how connected you feel to All of Creation and the suffering it envisions it is enduring.

I know that sounds like a lot of malarkey, especially if you are currently are in any kind of acute pain, but that does not make it false.

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Can there really any doubt where hell is?

The world will be healed as time closes in on itself and we are restored to our truth.

No, it will not happen overnight, but it can happen in the twinkling of an eye internally, at least for a moment, if you will allow it to be so.

And that can give you something to hang on to. I know it does for me.

May the time of suffering be shortened for the Son of God, is my prayer. In Jesus name and for Christ’s sake, amen.

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Urtext of ACIM; How to Use Detachment to Our Benefit

If we do not see the original error, we will think we are detaching from something that is real.

Page 50 in Urtext of ACIM The text is bold. Find a free copy of the PDF here.

Photo by Swapnil Sharma on Our ego’s see letting go of error, as clouds releasing the rain which is an error because it is just changing form.

Error is not our reality.

Dissociation is quite similar.

Similar to “Denial should be directed only to error, and projection should be limited to truth.”

We want to use dissociation toward error.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Split in defense of integration; becoming whole once more, ending our delusion of separation.

You should split yourself off from error, but only in defense of integration.

Not in the judgment of the person engaged in the error as less than you or greater than, but in allowance of their freedom to choose the presentation of the error of separation, if they so desire.

Think of the child who loves the parent, be they whatever they are, we want to forgive them in our heart of hearts. There is nothing wrong with this emotion. Let it guide you into the correct use of dissociation.

Detachment is essentially a weaker form of dissociation.

I suspect that this is where a lot of New Age thinkers, spiritualists, and many eastern religions follow this directive of detachment.

Even the concept that ACIM instructors teach about changing how we look at something or asking the Spirit to “help us see it with different eyes” is along with the same context.

They are missing the Whole Picture and simple message that Jesus is trying to share, by complicating it, which is so typical of the ego.

Before you can detach properly, you must recognize that it was an impossibility in the first place.

Only the atonement brings this realization.

This is one of the major areas of withholding that both you and B. are engaging in.

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Flight can be undertaken in whatever direction you choose, but note that the concept itself implies flight FROM something. Flight from error is perfectly appropriate.

I love that he allows this. “Flight from error is perfectly appropriate.”

There you have it, permission from Jesus to leave the error.

Jesus is often attached to an energy of judgment or guilt and that is so far from what he wants to share with us.

Distantiation is a way of putting distance between yourself and what you SHOULD
fly from.

This is what I refer to as “healthy boundaries”.

Photo by on Regression, as defined by Jesus, is just the opposite of what we think of as growth.

Regression is a real effort to return to your own original state.

Do you see how Jesus is taking familiar terms and giving them healthy definitions that align with truth?

Our original state is a state of freedom, solidarity, and creativity.

The ego sees it as a place of non-existence, but this is not what it is. This is where faith, step by step, must be utilized (used or put into practice).

In this sense, it is utilized to RESTORE, not to go back to the less mature.

To restore is what Jesus is seeking.

To restore us to our awareness that our creator has given us our sovereignty and we do not need to stand in fear.

Over and over, the patience and perseverance of Jesus astounds me. He has been so misused and misunderstood over the ages.

Not that he, too, has not needed to grow and learn “line upon line”.

Photo by Pixabay on It is perfectly fine to “smell the flowers” along the way in this place of illusion and error. No kindness goes unnoticed.

I am grateful for his witness and testimony.

And I gladly accept the atonement, inasmuch as I understand it.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.


A beautiful post from a beautiful heart!

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Freedom by Ritika Rasal (click on this link)

Urtext of ACIM; I Trust Jesus’ Instructions Above All Others

My relationship with him since I was little, gives me confidence in his guidance, alone.

Please invite the Spirit for translation. Beginning at the bottom of page 49. Bold is text.

Photo by Luis Araujo on Could Jesus have looked like this man? Would not surprise me at all, it seems they have lied about everything else.

The miracle worker is one who accepts my kind of denial and projection, unites his own inherent abilities to deny and project with mine, and imposes them back on himself and others.

That is a definition of “walking in the atonement”. Jesus will define this further, hereafter.

Note “inherent abilities” is something we have as a part of Christ/Creation.

YOU HAVE TO SEE SOMETHING BEFORE YOU CAN DENY IT. So, we want to see what is not of truth, wholeness, love so that we can deny it through forgiveness of the error and project the belief that it can be corrected.

This establishes the total lack of threat anywhere.

No threat because you know the truth of what you are observing, a child of God in distress and confusion.

It is very challenging for the human intellect to let go of the idea of suffering and threat to bodily harm.

The entire system of traditional Christianity is, in fact, based on threat and suffering. The very imagery of torture expressed in the “Passion” is blood curdling.

The only decent use of the Crucifixion week is to know it to be unable to defeat “Christ”.

In other words, suffering and death are not real to children of God.

This would not make physical and mental manipulations very functional for those who desired to set themselves up as leaders or superiors in life so the gore is reveled in and Jesus alone is allowed to be identified as the Christ to whom all suffering causes no lasting affect.

I asked Jesus to help me function not out of fear but out of faith. Knowing my thoughts, he said, “There is a difference between knowing what the intentions are of another and being fearful.”

I had been thinking of more than one pre-cognoscente awareness of the life choices of my children.

And I feel the assurance that I made choices that aligned with their freedom.

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Together we can then work for the real time of peace, which is Eternal.

Do you see how involved Jesus is with our situation. No doubt there are others on the other side of the veil (of death) who work with us as well.

I inspired Bob (ref. to elevator man who took HS down from her apt.) to make that remark to you, and it is a pity that you heard only the last part. But you can still use that. His remark ended with: “Every shut eye is not asleep.” Since your own vision is much improved at the moment, we will go on a while.

Thankfully, Helen, was willing on some level to work with Jesus, even as she fought him mightily as will be seen in her choice of verbiage around pages 96-100.

Jesus is keenly aware of our receptivity to instruction and understanding.

Freud’s identification of mechanisms was quite correct, as was his recognition of their creative ability.

Meaning that how we use our cognitive abilities gives us the perception we see as a reality. I. E.

They can INDEED create man’s perception, both of himself and his surroundings.

But Freud’s limitations induced inevitable limits on his own perception.

Remember that we all have these limitations. This is why regular, daily study and meditation are vital to the growth of our right-mindedness and correct perception.

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He made two kinds of errors. The first is that he saw only how the mechanisms worked in the mentally ill.

I suspect this means those that are very much out of what society considers normal.

The second is his own denial of the mechanism of the Atonement.

It makes me wonder if Freud did have a sense of the Atonement, then again we each do and we choose, like Freud to deny it, hmm.

Let us take up the first, because a clear understanding of the second depends on it.
Denial should be directed only to error, and projection should be limited to the truth.

How I look forward to the day that I am able to live in this along side others.

We want to deny separation and its affects. This does not mean ignore it. In fact, it means bring attention to that which promotes separation attitudes.

Our projection then, would be the belief in the ability for the error of separation to be corrected.

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You should truly give as you have truly received. The Golden Rule can work effectively only on this basis.

Forgive, because you have been forgiven. Believe in people’s ability to let go of belief in separation, because Jesus has extended this to you just as the Father extended it to him originally.

Intellectualization is a poor word, which stems from the brain-mind confusion. “Right-Mindedness” is better.

Helen and Bill were seeking an understanding of how to get along. Being academics they felt that intellectualization was the means to the end. Can you just feel the angst from them both, but especially Helen. She liked her defined world and mastery of it.

This device defends the RIGHT MIND, and gives it control over the body. “Intellectualization” implies a split, whereas “Right-Mindedness” involves healing.

It sounds to me like the beginning of removing the sense of separation. Uniting body and spirit, with spirit controlling the body because it is a manifestation of the ego. The “inflamed” ego being “master of that world which does not exist”.

Withdrawal is properly employed in the service of withdrawing from the desert.

Follow this carefully, because Jesus is showing us the reversal of the “inflamed” ego’s error.

It is NOT a device for escape, but for consolidation.

Withdrawing from the place of barrenness and lack of sustenance for life, used here in the metaphor of the desert, heals as it unites the mind with true perception.

When we believe in separation, we think that others may not have capacity for change, or we think what does not harm my body or mind personally, does not affect me. And this cannot be truth. Because:

There IS only One Mind.

There IS only One Mind.

There IS only One Mind.

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