I am Writing Again…

It has been a tough go this year with the death of my daughter and the new things that I am learning. I somehow sense that this is something that I must do to heal and continue in my evolution so I will write and seek to continue to understand what appears in my frame of awareness. I did get the series on makeup revised and put into book form. It can be found at Amazon.com under the book section and Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter as the author. I gave it the title of Story of My Life. It is the 3rd Volume of Portrait of a Harlot/Saint. My books are currently available only on Kindle.

I am currently in process of putting up the 4th Volume entitled Evolution of Christa-Ann which I will need to do in multiple editions to be able to bring it out. I have been living and writing this story since 2006. It is challenging for me to go back and in a sense relive some of it. And yet there is healing in that. (See this wonderful article I found on the benefits of writing your history http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/author/tara-parker-pope/)

I even had a dream about it this morning. The details are not important but from the dream I got the impression that the writing has bearing across the generations and serves a purpose if only to allow all people’s to have the witness that it is not the circumstances that fill our lives that give it meaning but how we evolve in and with those circumstances, those presumably favorable as well as those that we would rather forgo.

Do we allow them to trap or bury us or do we allow them to enlighten and build us? It may often appear that we have little choice in the matter but this is something that I do not believe is validated. How we perceive our experience, even if we call it real or not is based on our decisions.

I suspect circumstances are there to test our faith in believing that which is real that may not be perceived in the moment. What else gives us the courage to go on? What else allows us to go through the challenges that we face on a daily basis? I pray that as I reveal some of my circumstances and my journey that they will be used by the universe to lift the consciousness of mankind and not to weigh it down.

As I write I am transfigured…Google search gives me:

Synonyms: transform, transmute, change, alter, and metamorphose;
informal transmogrify “the glow of the sunrise transfigured the whole landscape”
Transform into something more beautiful or elevated.
“The world is made luminous and is transfigured”

I felt nervous putting that word out there so I had to look it up. And I will say it again, as I write I am transfigured and made into something the same yet even more refined. I look forward to the journey.

God Bless Us One and All

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



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Musings to Prime the Pump…

It is in forgiveness that the flood gates of love are released and here is where happiness is found.

Let go of all attachments and all illusions and fall into the comfort and joy of forgiveness.

Heavenly Father hold me in thy hands as you allow me to remember.

Let me not be overcome by the fear of nothingness.

Jesus shows us that he overcame the body and the illusions it creates, it cannot hold us in bondage any longer. There is no need to pay a debt for an illusion. We are the masters of our destiny.

The psyche ego must be overcome as well. We each have a responsibility in that yet it will only take one willing to be vulnerable enough to allow God full reign in their being with their eyes wide open to bring about the Shift the whole of mankind is waiting for. I believe we each have the potential to help with this process whether we understand it or not.

It has been an educational and emotionally moving few months. As I put out my testimony so as to allow for greater understanding I know the items that I need to put out there. My ego and even my common sense says read things through, polish them up, give them the best you have, and the Spirit says just put it out there, this is not about perfection this is about showing the process of growth and renewal…those who need it will understand it those who could care less will turn away from it…it matters not what others do but that you do according to the dictates of your own heart and conscience with righteous intent and let others be responsible for themselves….besides I have so much to show you and time is not something that lasts forever…

With that I will proceed. I have a 4 part You Tube that I will put out on my Christa-Ann Godsdaughter channel that I did in November of 2014. I will be putting up my 4 part series on Makeup as a reflection of my life story. I also have The Evolution of Christa-Ann which is a book I wrote as my spiritual life took off in releasing me from the cocoon and illusion of this life. And I want to divide my first book Portrait of a Harlot/Saint into 7 segments so it is easier to digest for the reader. Again, I would love to edit and polish it but the Holy Ghost says no, just get it out there and so I will do it. Lord, give me courage to overcome my doubts and fears and trust in your guidance…in Jesus name, amen.



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Makeup or No Makeup That Is the Question… ;) Part 4 Conclusion 21 November 2014

God will give us what we want. Have you ever thought about what you really want? What is behind what you believe that you want? What will it give you once you have it? Sadly sometimes (ACIM says this is always what the ego wants, not sometimes) what we want is to be stripped down and beaten as if we have done something so awful that only humiliating and debilitating punishment would suffice. I have read a few times of those who live on the edge of sanity and how others are drawn to them and reveal their desire to be punished greatly. It is heartbreaking to realize that we all live in that state on what might be called a subconscious level.

I am beginning to get an understanding for why this may be so. A Course In Miracles says it the most distinctly as it speaks of the guilt that we feel with the misguided idea that we have somehow separated ourselves from God. This is the source of our guilt on a deep unconscious level. It really makes sense to me and is the only logical explanation for what I have witnessed in life.

So we come into the world and we live a life that we feel is of our own making and leave out a very important factor. We do not acknowledge what we truly are.  What we overlook is that we are all here by God’s design and for His purposes. In the standard works He commands that we are to have no other gods before Him. Yet, is our life not a flurry of just that as we perceive that the body or our family or our community, or anything else conceivable, needs to take first place or take up the majority of our cognitive awareness?

The ego tempts us with this question…Why give recognition to something we cannot see (God) when there are so many pressing issues placed on us through our senses? We are not able to see as stated in Mark 4:19 “And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.” By their fruits ye shall know them.

I felt as though I had lived several lifetimes by the time I was 49. I had repeatedly attempted to fill the roles that I felt were expected of me, even though I had the handicap of being “soiled” merchandise because of being molested and on many levels abandoned as a child. I chose to love and forgive instead of being bitter. I held to an idea that somebody, outside myself, must know things better than me and I kept searching for that key that would open the door to my understanding so that I could be a fully functioning part of the world that I seemed to be a part of, yet I had so much trouble sharing the love that I had to give. I suspect that if I had allowed bitterness to enter in I would have considered only myself to have knowledge and consider all others stupid. Either avenue of thought is false in my opinion and does not reflect truth, rather the false images of the ego that keep us entrapped with either having to build up our false images of ourselves or continually seeking outside ourselves for that which cannot be found accept within.

It seemed like a lot of things fell apart as I reached the half century mark of my life.

  • My very wobbly marriage crashed overnight.
  • This caused a severe blow to other fragile family relationships most revealing there was no real substance there anyway.
  • My step mother died severing a fragile co-existence with her other children and her family members, including the only sibling of 12 that I knew their whereabouts.
  • With the divorce came loss of income and thus loss of lifestyle. I was allowed a time to be in very pleasant surroundings and had to teach myself that it was okay to take care of just me.

As my children had separated themselves from me I felt unneeded by others and emotionally I was drained. My metaphor was that of a pancake. I had no substance left to draw on for my own survival and without having someone outside of me, have need of me, I felt very much at a loss.

This is where the creation of Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter came into being. I will share that story in a book I am preparing.

To follow along with the theme of this series on make-up suffice it to say that I was in need of creating an anchor or life preserver to give me something to hang on to with hope and that would entice me and encourage me to continue on. I kept the light and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ as my guide, even as my humanity, ego, and weaknesses took me through the trenches of life.

Again I will not give you details but I will give a list reflective of what I believe that in the core of my subconscious I was thinking that brought me challenges and enlightenment:

  • I believed that it was my responsibility to survive and not to leave my sanity or survival in the hands of others.
  • I believed that to best serve those I love I may need to be out of reach logistically or move to an area that would teach me, even if it would separate me physically from my family.
  • I believed God would allow me to understand how to cope in the world with the name I had taken and chosen to live by.
  • I believed that a “good” man in my life would make all the difference even as I grew in autonomy or self awareness and skills.
  • I believed that the Holy Ghost could and would direct me through life to understand Him and my place in His kingdom.
  • I believed I had a witness and testimony that was worth hearing and that He had not given me life to have it wasted and washed away without a meaning beyond a chemical composite within the web of His creation.
  • I believed that if I placed myself in His hands he would use me as a healing influence in my family.
  • I believed that higher education would enlighten me.
  • I believed those with gifts of economic, spiritual, and educational abundance would lead me to a greater understanding of who I am and what that means before God.

Each of these proved to be useful and true with the last teaching me things that I hardly expected them to do. They taught me how false this world is, even in its best form, or what I perceived was its best form.

So I wear the makeup and color my hair not to create a false reality but to declare that this is not life, there is something greater that we are and that it is exciting, fun, sensual, and delightful to experience. 🙂

It is a pity that pain is the tool that teaches us this but it is so and even the pain becomes a welcome friend and guide. And that is another story.

God bless, love to all,



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Time Out of Our Series For A Testimony of Where I Am Today 28 October 2014

A video I found had a statement in it that is supposedly from Jesus Christ which I value. It states

“… those who live on Earth who are causing the disruption wholeheartedly believe there is a right and a wrong, so you must teach them first what is right and wrong before you can teach them of the concepts that there is no right or wrong.”

I believe it is only by this means that we are able to tame the ego and rein him in and calm him down enough to understand that nothing could ever take him out of the presence of God’s love. The ego has such a powerful hold on the psyche of man at this time though that these rules of conduct and socialization are necessary for the children of God to understand who they are and who God is.

The incredible confusion that I have lived in for so many years has been cleared up in the realization that this reality has to be a dream because a loving God would never burden His children the way they are here on earth. I just know there has to be something that He is trying to teach us and I believe that it is that no other thing exists except Him, no matter how we try to claim otherwise. It does not matter that the body senses seem to claim otherwise because the body does not have any true capacity. It is neutral and we define what we think we see or experience by our global or unified consciousness, which is obviously so capable of error. I want to do my part in changing that consciousness and witnessing of the truth in my own simple way. I am only now coming to understand that it must happen within me first…. and yet, the bearing of one’s witness is so instrumental in allowing God and the Holy Ghost to teach you, so I am very grateful for this outlet in this blog. It is a powerful walk that I walk, one step at a time.

On another subject, I believe the Word of God may be more correctly stated the Words of Jesus who is god by virtue of His relationship with the Father and head of our united consciousness by virtue of His being the First Born in the spirit world of God. God is not capable of abiding sin, and sin, as defined in the Bible and other standard works, has been among the children of men since the pre-existence. I believe that it is Jesus that has guided the path of the prophets since the time of Adam and prior to that in the pre-existence.

(I believe there are deeper levels that I could take this concept to but I will leave it here for the moment so as not to overwhelm and confuse my readers and because I am not comfortable enough in the concept(s) to be able to relay it in simple terms. And so it is for all my writing, I am only trying to share what I understand at this time to bring light and hope to the world and to increase my own witness of truths as I learn line upon line, precept upon precept. Remember I speak for no denomination but only as myself, a seeker of truth. –who is capable of being misled, so please use prayer and discretion and take responsibility for yourself as you read my words. Many thanks!)

Moses was a law giver. He also led the people because they wanted to be led. He did not and could not force his will on them. He was also a type of Christ or a shadow of the personage of the Redeemer. Jesus is our law giver as the first born and so it is by him and through him that we will be able to alter the consciousness of humanity, for he heads it as the first consciousness that felt separated from God. In that moment he was also given the vision and dream from God of the Redemption of Mankind and all of God’s creations.

It has been because of my years of studying the word of God and struggling to obey the law and commandments that Jesus taught that I have come to a place where my ego is bridled enough to allow me to accept the love of God and witness of Him in all things. A Course In Miracles is allowing me to do this on a level I never knew was possible. The Holy Ghost is my communicator between Jesus Christ, God-The Father, and myself, which is a small component of the Christ Child, the literal Son of God. I have developed a confidence in who I am while at the same time giving up all that I am (or believe or have been taught that I am) to understand the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of God. So, instead of giving way continually to the ego and the cravings of the body I am able to be taught and led by the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Through my walk in life I have carefully laid all that I hold sacred and of value at the feet of Jesus, my Friend, my Big Brother, and my Hope. Little by little or over and over again it has all been taken away. There is nothing remaining in me or my existence save a desire to know and do the will of God. I have given up accusations and judgments of others and myself. I may be found to appear to do that in my actions or my words as habits are difficult to change but I am not my actions or my words, or even my thoughts as shown by this hateful, hurtful, and sometimes beautiful world. I am my heart and will, which has always been and forever will be with God, The Father. This does not mean that I am not capable of identifying effects of the thoughts of those around me with clarity; it means I do so without any form of eternal judgment and without emotional attachment.

I believe in that which cannot be seen which is true. Only in this way do I have a hope of altering the consciousness of man so that he may awaken from the sleep that has come upon him and receive all that His Father hath.

I kneel before the feet of Jesus Christ and wash them with my tears of love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy. I can only do this in spirit at this time but I hope to someday do so in truth with my fellow man as every knee shall bow and accept him as our Redeemer, loved, forgiven, and followed into the light and the glory of our God, the True Omnipotent, Omnipresent being who would have us receive of all that He is.

This dream is only the illusion of the possibilities of what may be if separation from God where possible. Once started it must play out to its fulfillment. But this does not mean that I am not capable of understanding who I am and who God is at this very moment and sharing the light of that understanding with all of mankind by virtue of simply being.

I am suspecting that this is all an incredible dream of the Lord, Jesus Christ’s or is it Christ’s of whom we are all a part. It just so happens that the thoughts of a god, which you are I also are, even erroneous thoughts, are so powerful that they create a reality (or at least a pseudo reality), an entire world and more, and we are part of that  (Um,) reality. We are created in His image and have the potential to understand and unite with His love completely, as well as to continue the process of creation or to continue the illusion of separation and despair even as we think. Wow…..

I think that is enough for now, till we meet again,

God bless you and yours,


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Makeup or No Makeup That Is the Question… ;) Part 3

In the mind of the one who has the opportunity and gift of being allowed to forgive another, lies the choice of freedom that every human being must someday come to recognize and receive. It is in forgiving others that we allow our ego to be calmed enough to realize it too may be forgiven.

It is interesting, as I review my life and experiences with makeup, just how closely it walks with my spiritual journey in this life. My hormones as a young girl and teen walked hand in hand with all these things as well, and continue to do so. And even through my marriages and rearing of my children makeup played its part and symbolized to me a lot of how I hid from the world and/or went with the flow. It symbolized how I was able to make believe that I was living the life that people said was there to live.

I could share with you particulars of temptations and searching for truth, belonging, and connection but they are not so far different from your experiences I am sure, in principle at least. And they are still only my projections of what I thought life could do to me. In that light lets look at some of the things that I held dear in my belief system through my upper teens, 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. The cliff notes are that I went through 4 marriages and divorces (including one sealing in the temple, which has since been removed in anticipation of a second sealing that never occurred), had 6 children and one miscarriage and basically depleted my emotional resources by the time I reached 49, so much so that I created an entirely new name and focus for myself. That will be discussed in the next entry of this series.

  • I believed people could use each other and walk away. Leaving no real clue or reason as to what was going on.
  • I believed the body of a woman was to stimulate sex, period. Likewise the male, meaning this must be its main purpose, that is certainly what everybody I came in contact with seemed to say.
  • I believed your body was to be used to give your children, your boss, your husband, the rest of humanity what they desired, but you had no right to exist of you own accord and it was not meant for your enjoyment.
  • I believed I would not be able to play the role I had been given to witness to the children of men, because I could not become the robot they wanted me to be.
  • I believed that I needed to take up the physical habits of others to get along in this world.
  • I believed your psyche is not yours and you are not to live by your own conscience or truth. you were to live by the standards of a cult-ture created for you by the society, family, neighborhood you lived in.
  • I believed that when two people get together in the name of their egos a cult-ture is created and that I would may or may not be privileged to be a part of and thus, exclusion was a possibility.
  • I also believed, when two or more are gathered in His name there He is….where one is remembering Him, there He is. I believed that most of the time it was just the Lord and me and that there must be something wrong with that.
  • I believed that people could take over your life or steal your life and the stewardship that God had given you as a daughter, friend, parent, spouse, grandma, etc.
  • I believed that looks had something to do with you “fitting” in this world.
  • I believed that life continues to have nothing but competition up to and through death, with grandchildren and the continued circle of extended family, etc.
  • I believed that you live to provide something for someone else and give life to children, who may in turn use you to manifest their own interpretation of reality and stuff you into a box, emotionally and mentally, and psychologically, like your parents and early caregivers did.
  • I believed outside influences should determine how I feel about myself and decide who I truly am.
  • I believed that groups of individuals with similar characteristics could group together and claim that they are the only ones discriminated against or that get the short end of the stick and that this is not simply a fact of life in this sphere of confusion and illusion.
  • I believed that other groups could rally and convince others that they are better by virtue of property, status, family connections, looks, color, gender, height, weight, fashion, protocol, behavior, righteousness, acceptance of others like themselves, and incredible diversion and separation was possible to unlimited extents.
  • I believed that there were any number of experiences and things to learn and places to see and situations and that I was able to somehow not experience each and every one of them due to time, circumstance, position, era, etc.
  • I believed that life is somehow only 3 dimensional.
  • I believed that all that is holy or decent can be attacked by our media, our schools and teachers, as early as pre-school age.
  • I believed I had to meet the social norms of society to be a good mom.
  • I believed that my failings were what gave my children their challenges in life and their problems. Thus I was the one to be held accountable and guilty.
  • I believed that even our religious organizations and families (parents in particular) will practice cover-up tactics instead of being truthful with what is going on.
  • I believed that phony social/religious/esteem fantasies can be created in societies to strip ones ability to discern what is right/wrong and false/true.

I found it interesting that I still had a sense that there could be a real caring family somewhere when it seemed I was living in an environment where people wanted to have anything but that. The standard works gave me a foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints gave me the place to practice those principles and grow by experience. Reading The Miracle of Forgiveness multiple times and learning how to not justify my behavior or that of others was a huge help. A Course In Miracles has helped me put the final pieces together, at least on a psychological level, and given me additional witness of what the Holy Ghost has been teaching me.

One might think that I would be angry or bitter but the opposite is quite true. The peace of knowing the truth releases the guilt and the desire or need to attack. I have to admit that I still find myself doing it at times in my thoughts and my words but it is sinking in to my being and I am changing to become aligned with the forgiveness of truth and not the forgiveness of guilt that feels justified in feeling victimized. I am finding a love inside me that is free of judgment, while at the same time, I am able to understand the need of the framework and structure that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints gives to mankind. At least the understanding is beginning and I can feel that there is a lot more to come.

What has this to do with makeup you may say. Well, makeup helped me stay in the social culture of the world around me for one thing and symbolized the ability to be able to say I was in the world when I really had no clue what was going on.

Next I will discuss the last 8 years of my life where phenomenal growth has occurred and how the makeup finally came off and 4 years later went back on.

This has not been an easy journey to pull this out of myself. Thank you for you patience, prayers, and understanding.



I just read Part Two of this series and thought about how I set the stage with what others did to me in that one but do not state my sins here. My children may feel this is unfair. They can write their story as they saw it, I leave that to them and will NOT seek to justify any harm from me they perceived. I am seeking to alter my inner voices and clear out the trash. I will say for their benefit I was not the perfect mom. I do not wish to burden you with the details. I believe four marriages and divorces suggests that I must have had some significant issues.


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Makeup or No Makeup That Is the Question… ;) Part 2

Makeup or No Makeup That Is the Question… 😉 Part 2

In trying to come to terms with how to write about this, and allow the growth and understanding that I desire to continue, I have been pressed with the opposing philosophies or theories that rest on my heart and mind at this time.

A part of me leans to stating the “facts”, well, as I recall them anyway and simply saying that this is my opinion and personal reflection. The other, which comes from my study of A Course In Miracles, is to list the various deviant beliefs that I feel must have resided in the innermost part of my heart or sub-conscious to have allowed producing such sad and twisted circumstances in my hallucinatory world. To put it in the words of the gospel; what things did I need to overcome in my true spiritual being that needed these challenging circumstances to bring about that change in me? Life, as we live it, is all allowed by God and He is neither wasteful nor vindictive in my opinion. So the puzzle is there for me to unravel.

All that I seek to do in my sharing online through my blogs, etc comes because of my desire to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it relates to me and my relationship with God, myself. This is in hopes of having better relationships with others, which I believe comes from having the two in alignment. Another way to describe my dilemma is found in 1 Nephi of The Book of Mormon and Lehi’s dream. He talks about the mists of darkness that man will find in this world, which is why he needs to hold on to the iron rod, understood to be the word of God. A Course In Miracles describes it as the illusion that the psyche of man has created for himself. I will be looking at my interpretation of some of the mist and illusion that I faced in my youth.

I am hesitant to bring other people’s stories in to mine but an earthly experience denotes other people are involved so I must share what I recall and can only do it with the enlightenment that I have at this time. I do not wish to attack, only to acknowledge. As I tried to describe above, I believe that the circumstances I find myself in are related to spiritual truths that I have warped and need to get straightened out so I can return to the full awareness of being one with God, the Lord, and the Holy Ghost. So basically, I owe the people involved in the challenges of my life a great debt of gratitude for without their participation I would not be able to see the false things that I have believed and correct them. (You do not have to agree with me. That is okay, I understand, it has taken me a long time to come to this place of understanding. And because I have a witness of it, I feel that I must testify of its truth, as I understand it at this time.)

I will use just a few short paragraphs to highlight the circumstantial situation of my youth. Be warned it will be rather heavy but there is a purpose in looking at it that I hope will become evident:

I started wearing makeup during the time when I got to meet with my biological mother, who lived in California, when I was about 11 years old. Being fair skinned, with freckles, and no color at all in my lashes or eyebrows it gave me a very different appearance, not to mention my youth. Even then I knew I lived in a world of my own creating. Only thing different now is that I am realizing that this is a truth of us as children of God and that He is the clarity, comfort, home, peace that we seek.

Mom had left my younger brother, by 15 months, and I with my father when the man she was with told her he did not want another man’s children. He shot himself about six years later and when she remarried a year later after he had died she found us and wanted us back in her life. Or so she thought. Remember she had a new husband who was getting used to life with her and the three children from her past marriage. I applaud them both for making the attempt. Sadly it lasted one month and I was sent back to my dad for a bad attitude (she threatened to send me back to my dad if I did not straighten up…I was home from my first day of suspension for fighting with a girl who had a reputation of fighting and felt very lost and vulnerable…so I mustered my self protecting shield and said, Go ahead. I was on a plane before I had a chance to say goodbye to my brother. I counted 400 Volkswagen beetle cars as she drove me to the airport. See, I had already learned mind tricks to get myself out of an impossible situation that I could not face.) and my little brother was adopted by the family he had been with for two years prior a month after I was sent home. (I have not seen any of them since that time.)

My father and step-mother (who came in to my life when I was 4 years old) where addicted to chemical substances, as well as verbal and emotional abuse, and my father also had a violent temper and insatiable sexual addiction. Details are not needed here to allow the resultant confusion that I was left with to be understood.

I was given an introduction to Christ when I was 4 years old by my step-mother. I knew that he was nearby. I had no problem knowing what she told me about him wanting to look after me was true. This is my first recollection of hearing the witness of the Holy Ghost. It was more as a feeling and concept rather than as words. Dad allowed her to take us to the local churches because he had made a promise to God that if he got his children he would see that they were taught about Jesus. I will be forever grateful to both of them for this.

Then there were the TV programs of the day. I was born in 1956. Just in time to get in on the youthful outrage and demand for freedom from authority and traditional roles and codes of conduct.  Father Knows Best was giving way to The Flintstones.

Next I want to consider what some of the beliefs that I held, that needed to be overcome, may have been in this:

  • that I was not lovable
  • that hurt and pain where an acceptable and expected part of being alive
  • that I could be abandoned (physically, emotionally, spiritually, or any other way)
  • that people could be taken away from you
  • that I was responsible for other peoples woes, sanity, and well being
  • that the human body was a tool for sex and sexual attraction and that this was a bad thing that could not be overcome
  • that it was not okay for me to love others and that my loving them made them go away
  • that it was okay to look good but in so doing I would be attracting or soliciting sexual interest which was bad
  • sexual interest may be interpreted as love, either from me or toward me from another (It is astounding to me to think of how long I have retained this thought process in my mind. Even as a supposedly intelligent adult.)
  • that somebody else had the answers and they would give me the instruction that I needed and that it might be found in cartoons or somewhere because the people I was living with “certainly” did not have it

Now, what I am trying to figure out here is what may be the subconscious things that I had misconstrued about truth, specifically in the pre-existence when as a spirit I was taught by Jesus and other spiritual peers. In other words I came to earth with these misconceptions. I would be given circumstances that would allow me to experience those possibilities and have the opportunity to understand they simply could not be possible as I grew in my understanding of the light in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is my faith and belief anyway.

And believe it or not, a good portion of it pertains to my epiphany about makeup.

Till Part 3, God bless and please say your prayers and remember the Lord that you might have his spirit to be with you.



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A Series on Makeup, Beginning With The Epiphany Part 1…12 September 2014

The Epiphany: I realized the reason that a woman doing her best to look as good as she can, in whatever culture she is in, and being aware of what she was saying to the world of the ego that mankind currently dwells in, is to state that this is not life and that there is something greater that we were born to or created for.

Maybe this is not a revelation to you, but it certainly was to me. Why that is so should become a bit clearer as I continue the series of discussions.

We are bombarded with how we look almost from the time we are born. We are trained to be attentive to how we look, no matter what society or culture we live in. The question is “what is God’s opinion on this and why”. I believe that when she looks her best and is in her best demeanor and attitude she is proclaiming the message that Jesus Christ himself has been trying to deliver to us. That there is something beyond this world that is more valuable than what is here and needs to be sought after and prepared for with all our being.

I am certain that these things apply to men as well. For the purpose of this series I wish to speak from the place of a woman, primarily because I will be speaking from such a personal place.

I could leave it with just the statement of the epiphany, but to better integrate the message into my being I wish to reflect on what makeup has meant to me over the years. This will take me on a very personal journey so be warned. 😉 As I began the writing, I realized that makeup has had a powerful influence and impact on my life, and that I could not say what I feel needs to be said in just a few words. I do not know how many parts this will take but I want to allow it to fully be developed. Prayers are certainly appreciated.

Till next time, in Jesus name, God bless…



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