52 Urtext ACIM pg. 38+39 Tension=a building-up of unexpressed miracle-impulses.

Please invite the Holy Spirit to assist with translation. Text is in bold print.

This is a longer post, but if you “get it” you will have a gift that few comprehend!

In a situation where you or another person, or both, experience inappropriate sex impulses, KNOW FIRST that this is an expression of fear.

Your love toward each other is NOT perfect, and this is why the fear arose.

*By PERFECT, I suspect he means without projection or fantasy coming into play. (Jesus goes on to explain that it is because we are not seeing each other with a miracle-minded eye.)

Turn immediately to me by denying the power of the fear, and ask me to help you to replace it will (with) love.

*I suspect that this was irksome to both Helen and Bill, because they saw it as Jesus interfering. They did not understand that Jesus does have a unique role to the rest of us because he was the first thought of Christ to be manifested and did not receive the same intensity of separation that the rest of us have had.

This shifts the sexual impulse immediately to the miracle-impulse, and places it at MY disposal.

*A testimony that Jesus is our most proficient guide in this life. Jesus is not “better-than” the rest of us. He simply has a unique and significant observation point from the rest of us.

*It would be like saying a brain surgeon was not as needed as a street cleaner. Or that one was better than another. The reality is that they are both crucial to the maintenance of conditions for human health. Jesus is just as needful to the salvation of humanity as the rest of us are.

Then acknowledge the true creative worth of both yourself AND the other one.

*I like to think of seeing Christ behind the mask of those I interact with. (Christ being the manifestation of all of us together, including Jesus.)

This places strength where it belongs.

*In the Divine.

Note that sexual fantasies are ALWAYS destructive (or depleting), in that they perceive another in an inappropriate creative role.

Both people are perceived essentially as “objects” fulfilling THEIR OWN pleasure drives.

This dehumanized view is the source of the DEPLETING use of sex.

*It sounds as if we may think of each other as a tool in sexual fulfillment. Can anyone relate? I know I can.

Freud’s description is purely NEGATIVE, i.e., as a release from the UNPLEASANT.

He also observed that the tension from id impulses never completely abates.

What he should have said is that the shift from miracle-impulses to sexual impulses was debilitating in the first place, because of the level-confusion involved.

*Seeing others as tools for our use rather than beings of value on their own.

This set up a state in which real release was impossible.

*Where is the joy then?

Note also that Freud’s notion of sex was as a device for inducing RELAXATION, which he confused with PEACE. 

*Recognize the way Jesus is speaking to the leader’s voices of the day. Today he may word things a bit differently and address the current understandings. He would have done this at any time that he spoke or taught.

Inappropriate sex relaxes only in the sense that it may induce physical sleep.

The miracle, on the other hand, is an ENERGIZER.

*This is profound. (On a personal note, I have found that seeing Christ behind the mask of someone that I have had a disagreement with is very valuable and energizing. Especially compared to the draining energy I felt when I viewed my disputes from a place of guilt instead. See Song of Prayer 1, III, 1-6)

It always strengthens, and never depletes.

It DOES induce peace, and by establishing tranquility (not relaxation) it enables both giver and receiver to enter into a state of Grace.

*The possibility to enter Grace is there. It is still up to each party to move into it. Here again, Jesus knows when others are receptive, and we do not need to be in charge of that because he is.

Here his miracle-mindedness, (not release from tension) is restored.

*Miracle-mindedness puts us in a state of connection with All That Is and releases us from the sense of lack and fear.

Tension is the result of a building-up of unexpressed miracle-impulses.

*What a way to look at tension! How I wish I had known this in my teens and through the earlier decades of my life!

This can be truly abated only by releasing the miracle-drive, which has been blocked.

Converting it to sexual libido merely produces further blocking.

*What flash-backs I have of remembering the confusion of what I truly longed for. I have sought to understand this all of my life! I did not know how to take my children through their youth. And I have never heard it defined as I have in this reading.

Never foster this illusion in yourself, or encourage it in others.

*Our children need to understand this at an early age and our adults and teens need to be retaught. The world has not understood these impulses and media has made money at the cost of our psychological and emotional health and well-being as a race.

An “object” is incapable of release, because it is a concept which is deprived of creative power.

*Would this explain why so many women are not able to experience orgasm? And how about men receiving a real fulfilling experience out of the sexual act? Here is a question. Is it possible to have a sexual encounter that includes the miracle impulse as well?

*Jesus seems to be saying yes, when you are in the process of creating a child, as in procreation. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I believe it is possible beyond years of procreating, if the parties involved approach it as a creative activity that creates a healthy partnership.

*(I am going “out on a limb” here, because Jesus said earlier that only procreating was correct use of sexuality. I suggest he made that definition because humanity was a long way from understanding what he was trying to teach here. A case of him speaking to the people where they were at the moment of instruction.)

*In other words one must see the other as a partner in the creative process and it does not take much imagination to realize this may not be what is occurring in the sexual acts of many “so-called” unions. Not to mention the indiscreet ones or the blatantly abusive ones.

The recognition of the real creative power in yourself AND others brings release because it brings peace.

The peace of God which passeth understanding CAN keep your hearts now and forever.

*The way this is written is confusing to me. Consider this: “The peace of God which passeth understanding” can be (or may be) kept in your hearts, now and forever. I believe this is what Jesus was trying to communicate. And it brings me great joy and clarity. –Can be or may be– suggesting it is a choice that we make.

*There is incredible power in these last two statements. I needed to read them over several times and ask the Holy Spirit to sink their message into my soul.

*Recognizing the creative powers in another; acknowledges their connection to the Divine within each of us. It stands in witness of the Atonement and sheds the shackles of the manipulations of that part of the ego that is threatened by both life and death.

*It allows you to see behind the mask of the ego and relate to the Christ child within the other as well as yourself.

*What a fabulous way to exist! I pray that I will remember this and incorporate it more daily, step by step. (I would love to be able to teach this at Brigham Young University and other colleges around the world!)

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


Universal Reading 13 – 19 January 2020 for the Christ-Consciousness

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Text in bold print.

From Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! by Debra Yvonne Simmons

#1 Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness of them and Love for them.

When we look at other’s we want to see Christ. When we have a “special” relationship with them like a parent to a child, I know that I am tempted, to be over-whelmed by that relationship and what it means to me. It can cause a emotional fog that threatens to hide the Christ that I know my child is.

I see instead my own failings and short-comings and inability to meet their needs the way that they want me to.

I cannot take responsibility and beat myself up for that. I have to breath pick myself up and keep going. Whatever the issues appear to be, Christ does not need to suffer, period.

I need not get entangled in the emotional baggage of them or me. If I can clear things up, fine. If not, I can see Christ and pray the Father’s blessing be with them by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I can also trust that this prayer will be answered. Not in my timing, but in Father’s.

Jesus knows when they are ready to accept the Miracle. He also knows if they are to assist someone else I may not ever know on this earth. I cannot live their lives. But I can trust that they are taken care of by a Loving Heavenly Father.

#2 Your significant gift was the ability to love and the ability to forgive.

We all have gifts. In this time of illusion, they are diverse and in different proportions. Scriptures say seek the best gifts.

Accepting the Atonement allows us to live in our joy NOW and have access to all the gifts of the Spirit.

#3 His Story

This is a concept that is easy for me to accept intellectually and yet, I feel it will take some time for me to receive it fully.

I am finding that to think in terms of the physical face of an individual as being a mask over the face of Christ helps.

I cannot expect to stand in all truths all the time and still be able to walk the earth in the flesh. I simply would not be allowed to stay here. Let go of the idea of perfection.

Sometimes people who consider themselves spiritual or of having great faith get upset with those who express sorrow or grief. Not to mention, anger! This is because we do not understand the illusion. I suspect this is core to humility and meekness.

We want to understand that the supposed weakness of humanity serves the purposes of God and the “wellness” of the Whole of Christ, even though we do not understand it all today.

#4 Another deep, yet key thing to Time and altering our way of thinking, is that everything is really happening all at once. … and any action releasing the impact of His Story (through forgiveness) impacts NOW.

It was not until I had sent this book (Mama’s Christmas) to the publisher that I read the Seth Books. The idea is expressed there so powerfully that all time is NOW and choices of perception we make in the NOW affect and alter all other experiences.


We want to do whatever we can to remind ourselves that Christ is whomever we are engaging with or thinking about.

Recognize your gifts and talents and do not be afraid to share them for the benefit of us all.

Your past and your future is His Story, Christ’s Story. Your power is in the NOW. Choose a perspective that brings what you most desire. This happens consciously or unconsciously anyway (Law of Attraction). Being aware can give us greater control over shortening the time of suffering.

Do not let the illusion of “overwhelming challenge” in the present convince you this is all there is. You are the Beloved Son of God. You have assistance.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

51 Urtext ACIM pg. 37-38 Sexual fantasies are distortions of perception, an attempt to control external reality according to false internal needs.

Please invite the Holy Spirit to assist with translation. Text is in bold print.

Fantasies are distorted forms of thinking, because they always involve twisting perception into unreality.

Fantasy is a debased form of vision.

*debased [diˈbāst, dēˈbāst] ADJECTIVE  …reduced in quality or value.
IE reduced vision.

Visions and Revelations are closely related.

Fantasies & projection are more closely associated, because both
attempt to control external reality according to false internal needs.

“Live and let live” happens to be a very meaningful injunction.

Twist reality in any way, and you are perceiving destructively.

Reality was lost thru usurpation, which in turn produced tyranny.

*Usurp = 1. take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force. 2. encroach or infringe upon (someone’s rights). 

I told you (*that) you were now restored to your former role in the Plan of Atonement. But you must still choose freely to devote your heritage to the greater Restoration.

*He is speaking personally to Helen here, but we all have a part in the Atonement, and we get to choose again once we get here, if we will honor that role. Choice is a big issue in the mind of humanity. Yet, here is our dilemma: 

As long as a single slave remains to walk the earth, your release is not complete.

*The role that we have accepted aids in the plan of Atonement. As is the case for all of us, including Jesus. And we are not fully free individually, until everyone of us is.

*Slave meaning those who are confused by fantasy or projections.

Complete restoration of the Sonship is the only true goal of the miracle-minded.

*Emphasis and italic, mine. I need to remember this when I am tempted to get caught in my family’s mixed messages to me. There is nothing that I can do for them but be my best self and have healthy boundaries. This is not a joint effort, we have to work out our own salvation. And I cannot take over roles that they refuse to accept.

Sexual fantasies are distortions of perception by definition.

*We are trained by society to think that they are the beginning and ending of life. (That is the way it was where I come from anyway. Maybe not where you did.)

They are a means of making false associations, and obtaining pleasure from them. Man can do this only because he IS creative.

But although he can perceive false associations, he can never make them real except to himself.

As was said before, man believes in what he creates.

*This is where I suspect that karma comes in. It is a false concept which is believed because humanity created it.

If he creates a miracle, he will be equally strong in his belief in that.

The strength of his conviction will then sustain the belief of the miracle receiver.

NO fantasies, sexual or otherwise, are true. Fantasies become totally unnecessary as the Wholly satisfying nature of reality becomes apparent.

*I am going to step in here and say that I believe that the parental/child scenario has similar aspects. As a mother of adult children, all over 30 now, I find myself in a sort of bondage because of expectations that are desired but not communicated. This is my supposition, based on what I see and feel. I feel that I fall short in so many ways, yet I cannot help but wonder, if those expectations do not fall under the realm of fantasy that Jesus is speaking of here. 

*All relationships we make special or above God may be our “attempt to control external reality based on false internal needs”. 

*Only we can give ourselves space to feel and think things through. Nothing need be conclusive.

*We want to remember that Jesus is always willing to help us sort things out, if we give him a chance.

The sex impulse IS a miracle impulse when it is in proper focus.

*Again, I suggest that the expectations of adult children toward their parents or fantasy expectations from parents to children or in any other “special” relationship may also fall into what Jesus is explaining here.

One individual sees in another the right partner for “procreating the stock” (Wolff was not too far off here), and also for their joint
establishment of a creative home.

This does not involve fantasy at all. If I am asked to participate in the decision, the decision will be a Right one, too.

*Did you hear that? There is nothing wrong with these relationships in and of themselves. It is when they take on a life of their own and distract us from our purpose of restoring Christ that we get lost.

*Jesus wants to be involved in the choosing of a partner to make a home. I suggest Jesus wants to be a part of our other relationships as well. As he has told Helen, if we let him direct the miracles to where he knows they are ready, we will be blessed.

*What saddens me is that Jesus was kept out of the printed version of ACIM. His role was not allowed to be acknowledged in the way that it needs to be.

*The first few years of my study of the Course, I thought that Jesus took some sort of back seat or equal role to us and I do not see this now. I know that Jesus holds a key position in the plan of Atonement and that we will all acknowledge that role someday. Both as savior and as primary believer in right and wrong, suffering, shame, and guilt. I am so grateful for his faithfulness. He remains my dearest companion, next to the Holy Spirit.

*We are all learning here. I hope that we will have patience with ourselves and with one another, if only in our hearts.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


MIRACLE WORKER’S CREED DEBRA YVONNE SIMMONS Written this 8th of January in the year 2020

Definition of creed

1: a brief authoritative formula of religious belief the Nicene Creed

2: a set of fundamental beliefs also: a guiding principle Never settle for mediocrity is his creed. — Jill Lieber

While A Course In Miracles is not a religion, it can be something that allows us to align ourselves with a creed. This would be mine:

I have been sent by Christ to prove His unworthiness and that He could be separate from God.

I have also been sent by God, Who is His Father, to restore Him to the awareness of His Father’s Presence of complete Devotion and Love.

The Holy Spirit will guide and direct me according to my willingness to receive guidance and direction shown by even the tiniest bit of willingness.

Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.

If you tell me what to do, only that I will to do.

Written this 8th of January 2020

And may it be, even so, with me. Amen

P.S. I know that not everyone sees this in the text and that is okay by me. This is what I see. The last two lines are direct quotes from the Urtext.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 6 January through 12 January 2020 Using my teachings from Mama s Christmas Carol.

Please bring a prayer for the presence of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of translation. Thank you.

Hello there! A new year! Twenty-twenty! A lot of symbolism goes into this year as the start of a new decade and the ……of 20/20 vision.

In Chapter Nine of Mama’s Christmas Carol there are thirty five things listed that Dee could do to bring light to the world and aid Christ. I hope to incorporate them in my life better by using them for my readings.

There are also the three temptations: 1 Addiction, 2 Power-hunger/Bullying, 3 Depression. And the concept of His Story, which is what we call our lives.

I will use all 39 of these and will draw four to represent the key issue, the individual, the Whole Christ Consciousness, and the counsel from God via the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

#1 Power-hunger.

Whoa, do we have this in the world at the moment! Serious examples are in the news at the moment. I do not need to tell you what they are, there are many means of getting that information.

We want to look at ourselves and see if power and control are what we are about. Do we look to the inner voice that guides us according to the divine plan that Jesus prepared or do we have something to prove? The choice is always ours, moment by moment.

#2 His Story

We want to become aware of the fact that we are living the story of destruction and suffering that we have been sent on under the Plan that Jesus put into place.

What if it took just one person understanding this to be able to affect the whole consciousness and begin the process of erasing the negativity from human existence!

#3 The third bullet in Chapter Nine: The body is not your identity.

You are not your behavior or your emotions or your body. These are all tools to communicate with Christ, via one another.

We are here to communicate to God’s Son that He is innocent and worthy of His Father’s Love and that nothing can or will change this fact.

We are not here to pursue a career, a family, communities, education, recreation, political power. We are not even here to be do-gooder’s and make laws that protect people and punish wrong doers.

Now, all of those things may occur, but they are secondary to the objective of waking the Son of God.

Until humanity realizes this, destruction, confusion, guilt, and apathy and all that goes with believing that creation can possibly be separated from God in any way will prevail.

This is the Whole Consciousness card. But once a few grab a hold of the concept, it will take off like a wildfire, and we will be in a position to set the world on its correct course of awakening Christ. We are coming into this now across the world.

#4 The twentieth bullet in Chapter Nine: Illnesses of mind and body afflict us when we close our eyes to our own being or that of another.

In other words, there are going to be challenges in the world. The dream/illusion/world was made for that. Do not let it or them be the focus of your attention. Keep your sights on the glory of God.

Keep your sights on the knowledge of God’s Love for His Son.

I understand it can be challenging. It can seem like the world is falling apart and that you are fighting just to stay alive. Even in those moments you can know that God IS.


Power-hunger is something that we all are faced with. Power over another is not a benefit to you. Power over yourself in making choices that are beneficial is important and it may include physically separating while you understand that you are united in heart/mind/and spirit.

Recognizing that the challenges of your life come from the Story that Christ can suffer, so your life of suffering is His Story. Give Him that life and let Him see that it is fiction through forgiving Him for the belief in the possibility of separating from God.

The body is not your identity, it is a tool of communication of God’s Love. Respect it as that.

The ills of body and the world must be addressed, but do not make them a god. An idol to be worshiped and focused on.

Keep the Love of God, the Father for Son and the Son for the Father as your primary thought and focus. Make it your mantra. Do your part to set Him free.

I do not know about you, but that reading really fit what I am seeing in my life and in the world at the moment. God is counting on us. He has faith in you and me. 🙂 ❤

Till we meet again, God bless, Namaste~

50 Urtext ACIM pg. 37 Sexual-impulses can be directly translated into miracle-impulses.

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, (see link to text below) my comments have *asterisk* 

The role of the Priestess was once to experience Revelations and to work miracles.

*Helen had dreams and visions that revealed she had been a Priestess in another life. This would have been her role.

The purpose was to bring those not yet available for direct Revelations into proper focus for them.

*She would have helped others to direct their attention to their inner world of the divine where guidance was available to all. As it was yesterday, so it is today.

Heightened perception was always the essential Priestess attribute.

*This does not make her “greater than” anyone. It was simply a role and a gift she was given in this specific time of illusion for the purpose of waking the Son of God to the Love and Presence of His Heavenly Father.

(This is the first time that HS ever said that she would be honored if there were any notes.)

*I hesitate to pre-suppose the meaning of this statement for Helen personally. However, I would suspect that she was intrigued by the concept as this was pertaining to her very specific role and preparation for that which she was doing in this life.

(Neither B. nor I is really clear about how sexual-impulses can be directly translated into miracle-impulses.)

*If I may be so bold as to suggest that as we are energy at our core and thought directs our energy to create our experience (in both impulsive instances; sexual and miracle), we may be able to teach ourselves, to focus our attention enough, to choose how we experience our emotional result.

The fantasies that I mentioned yesterday (refers to discussion HS
& B. had) provide an excellent example of
how you switch.

*This is obviously a private discussion that I had no access to. Yet, perhaps it was about her sexual feelings toward him that she allowed to be miracle based due to her affection for him and his obvious disinterest in reciprocating the attraction since he was homosexual in this life. I suspect it may have been something like this, and again, I could be mistaken.

(Now switch the pronoun references, or it will be too confusing.)

*This is only presumption again, but he and she are the probable pronouns. Was Jesus suggesting they use only the male terms as the Course (and Seth) did?

*The reading is quite lengthy on this point and I do not want to let the material get too cumbersome for the reader. Jesus will go into a discussion about fantasy (which one might think of as how we choose to interpret our desires, in this case Jesus means misinterpretation).

*This is deep, core information as to how each of us creates the world we share and we navigate personally. This will cover five full pages of information that deserves serious contemplation. I believe it holds the core of freedom for humanity/Christ.

*I do not know how much of this discussion made it into the published texts and I am not sure that I will have desire or inclination to find out. I am looking forward to the discussion with Spirit and the deepened testimony it will give me in the process.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


All One, When alone seems to be the only time we can have the peace that knows we are ONE.

It seems that the only way we can truly be one with the Whole is to be alone. I like to think of it as All One. It seems isolating and even cruel to the human psyche that is so bent on social interaction as being their mark of success, and yet this principle has been understood since the beginning of time.

I want to know that people are safe and happy and I suppose when I am alone is when I can best visualize that. I look forward to a time when humanity can be together in the physical and feel the same way.

Perhaps it is because when alone we can experience the essence of who we truly are and embrace our union with all.

The idea of compromise so that bodies can come together in the same room falls very short of witnessing of the Atonement to my way of thinking. This seems to be what we do for holidays, especially. Alcohol often is used to hide from what is going on, only to back fire and create unwanted trauma.

We either know we are ONE or we do not. It is an individual choice to accept. We all will eventually. How long it takes is up to us.

To force others to meet with us because of societal obligations or attitudes seems cruel to me. And then, in one another’s presence, and in the presence of the little one’s, we bash ourselves and each other. This seems a very unnecessary form of torture.

I am always in the process of learning. I know that these are issues that I am faced with making right now and decisions are needing to be made. I do not believe that humanity was created to suffer. (Well, I do believe that Christ made it for that purpose, but I also believe His Father will deliver Him -you and me- from that.)

On the flip side:

My alone time can feel haunted by despair. Not my own, but that of my family that has chosen to separate. They separate and call out for assistance, but I am at a loss. They have cut off communication.

And this world does not give me enough tools to reach them and bring them into a safe shore. Faith in God’s love for them can be all that gets me through it.

I feel like the fellow who built his house upon the sand as I watch my family fall apart one member or branch at a time.

And then, when I am with people, I feel as if it is so fragile and that it will come falling down like a house of cards. Sometimes I can enjoy our being together, but during the holidays, when memories and longings for family become so prominent, it is hard. Especially if there has been a recent break.

I know the only thing I can do is ride the tide sometimes. I do not want to be in a position where my concern gets expressed in a harsh way.

I know that I go numb sometimes. I do not know what to say or not say. And so I speak when I should not and do not speak when I should.

It breaks my heart. Even while I know it is not possible because we are One in God and nothing can change that. Comfort comes to me, even in this situation, because I know that God would not put such a burden on Himself. It is an impossible situation that has no place in the presence of God. And, even if I must experience this, it increases my faith in God and His love for His Son. That is my faith, my trust, and my hope in Christ.

This is why I do the work that I do. I believe with all my heart that we need to get on one page. All of the human race needs to get on one page. We need to identify one common enemy that we can unmask and see Him for the Child that He is.

We need to refuse to buy into the subconscious suggestion that we are here to suffer. Sometimes that means that we may be alone. I hope that others will understand.

PTSD is real, we need to have patience with ourselves and with each other. We just have to understand that we are all suffering and that we individually can choose to forgive the illusion for the benefit of all humanity. This is my prayer.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 31 December through 6 December 2019 Set Christ Free To Be

Please bring a pray for the Holy Spirit to this reading.

Using Animal Tarot Card by RV Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Eight of Winter Bunting, It’s so easy to convince yourself that you are trapped when you really aren’t. Trust that God will lift you to new heights and give you greater self-confidence if you affirm your freedom.

This card is inviting Christ to open up to self expression and to not be afraid to show Himself. As you express yourself in your own way you will sense a freedom not before found.

It begins in your own thoughts and allowing yourself to be honest with you.

As you acknowledge Christ within you, you will be able to see Him in others and the world will be put into a gentler dream.

Two of Autumn Abyssinian Cat, You may be under stress because of multiple jobs or too many responsibilities for one person to manage. It’s important to balance your work and personal life, and bring a spirit of fun to all you do.

Sure there is lots to do. Make sure to include fun in your routine. All things, are for experience. Like a roller coaster ride, life can be thrilling.

For years I have lived with the mentality that what I do I want to do. It can make all the difference between a life of joy and a life of burden.

Seven of Autumn Cow, The planning, resources, and efforts you’ve invested in your dream will reap rewards. In the meantime, have patience and meditate on your next steps.

Our friend, the cow, suggests we have patience and see the potential of new beginnings and plans for the future. Humanity is at a place like never before where they can devise a new reality; a gentler world. It is coming, have no doubt!

Abundance and nurture for all, rather than shame and attack. Without recognizing Christ, though, this will be delayed.

7 The Chariot Arabian Horse. You can successfully balance various or opposing energies at once through determination and focus. You’ve earned the rewards and recognition you’re receiving.

Remain focused, determined and self-confident. You did not get to where you are without hard work. If Christ is going to move into a gentler dream, the determination to state the affairs of the world in a compassionate, but realistic manner, must continue.


Set yourself free by acknowledging who you truly are, first as Christ and then, as the gifted role that you play in the Plan.

There are lots of things that tug at us in life, make sure you take time to have fun along the way! Let yourself relax, remember

Patience, it will manifest. All your hard work will have its reward.

You have been prepared for this time. Determination and focus, along with self-confidence will be needed. Do not deny your heritage as a Child of God.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

49 Urtext ACIM pg. 37 All of God's Children Have His Total Love

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, (see link to text below) my comments have *asterisk* 

Equality does not imply homogeneity NOW.

*NOW, in the present. Homogeneity, all the same. We are not all the same because we only receive from God what we are willing to accept at this point in time. That may have something to do with the role we were sent here to play as well.

*We are not aware of being a part of the Sonship and worthy of the Atonement. We are currently still caught up in the illusion of separation, even while we need to be recognized as equal. Worthy of basic human dignity and blessings.

When EVERYONE has EVERYTHING, individual contributions to the Sonship will no longer be necessary.

*We are currently a long way out from this. Today, individual contributions do make up so much of the whole experience.

*Jesus is saying that there will be a time (for lack of a better word) when all will have access to all abilities and resources equally and that teaching and learning will no longer be required to establish the Whole or homogeneity.

*We will have met the measure of our creation then, to be for Christ a manifestation of His separation from God and for God, to be the agent to communicate to His Son of His innocence and presence in God.

When the Atonement has been completed, ALL talents will be shared by ALL of the Sons of God.

*All. From there to be used in any endless number of mathematically different ways to glorify God. This suggests that individuality is a truth; individuality within the whole Sonship.

God is NOT partial. All of his children have His total love, and all of his gifts are given freely to everyone alike.

*You agreed to certain base characteristics and a role. It comes with weaknesses and strengths. After that, you must ask for the gifts to be given and if it does not conflict with what you previously agreed to do or be here, you will receive it.

*God does not play favorites. Nor would those who walk with the Holy Spirit as their guide.

“Except you become as little children” means unless you fully recognize your complete dependence on God, you cannot know the real power of the Son in his true relationship with the Father.

*I like to think of weather or water and nature. Our physical presence is very much at the mercy of such things. Likewise, the blinders we have on today (and I am beginning to think that there is such a thing in the spirit world as well, the blinders, I mean) disallow us to be able to handle the full power of God that we are.

*Yet, Jesus, because of his position in time as firstborn, and CEO of The Plan as first recipient of the Law of Attraction, can direct these powers on our behalf if we understand our reliance and dependence on the divine.

*Jesus can do this because he has already accepted the Atonement as real and justified.

But note that the term speed-up is not one which relates to the TRANSCENDING of time.

*Jesus has taught that the miracle speeds-up time. We each have our role (perhaps several roles) to fulfill here. The Plan will be played out as directed by Jesus.

When time is abolished, and all of the Sons of God have come home, no special agents will be necessary.

*I suspect that time ending will not happen when all have accepted the Atonement, but that we may not require others to allow us to have our needs and desires met. Communion will simply be a state of being.

*There will no longer be teacher and student, because the purpose of them was to receive the Atonement. We may have diverse ways of expressing existence and glorifying God. The redemption role will be fulfilled, but the expressing role will continue is what I understand at this time.

But do not underestimate the power of special agents now, or
the great need there is for them.

*I see special agents as teachers; teachers who know themselves to be students.

I do not claim to be more than that myself.

*This is Jesus speaking.

No one in his Right Mind, (a term which should be specially noted) ever wants either more or less than that.

*From the Clarification of Terms 1:2-4, 2 Right-mindedness listens to the Holy Spirit, forgives the world, and through Christ’s vision sees the real world in its place. 3 This is the final vision, the last perception, the condition in which God takes the final step Himself. 4 Here time and illusions end together.

*This is the part that makes me think that we chose to be for a temporary time. Jesus says that creation continues so individuality may be a forever thing and yet the role of teacher/student, is all we know in this sphere.

*Perceptually, it is difficult to imagine existence otherwise. Unless one considers what it is like to sit in quiet contemplation, giving thanks, and partaking in the glories of nature and mere existence.

Those who are called on to witness for me NOW are witnessing for all men, as I am.

*This statement I love. We are not segregated in God’s affection for any reason whatsoever. Why do we allow this among one another?

*We need to see each other as part of the human race. Beyond that, we want to see others as we see ourselves, because whether we realize it or not that is what we do.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


Christmas 2019 I Would Rather Be Alone

My view of the world today is so different from any other time of my life.

The way that people interact with me is different also.

It is difficult to interact with people because we are not communicating on a similar plane. We do not begin from a place of respect.

The world teaches that this must be earned or paid for in some fashion. And I do not agree with this.

I see Christ. That is all that I see. Others seem to not believe in anything or they believe in themselves or what they see or in all that is negative in the world.

My emotions finally crept into my body and I have symptoms of vertigo (dizziness). I do not want to see what I see in the world and in those that I love. I do not want to see the shame and self-abuse in its many forms.

I do not want to confront others either. Yet I want to be able to live my life as I see fit. It is sad that needs to be such a challenge.

I do not like to force somebody into a situation or behavior.

i do not want to be forced into such a place either.

Holidays come with expectations. As does any human interaction. Holidays, especially, bring out a sense of something is not right with the world.

Family, the well being of humanity, and growth for all with freedom from fear is my goal and pursuit as a mortal. Others may not see my life reflecting that, but I cannot live my life through their eyes.

I find it very difficult to live a lie or put on a false face. Yet that is what the world forces us to be a part of as long as Christ is not truly acknowledged.

I find it especially challenging to join with others in self-recrimination, especially when they desire to bring the children into that circle of destruction.

These are the kind of things that I see blown up in monstrous proportions during the holidays, especially those celebrated by Christians.

I would rather be alone and pray for the eyes of Christ to open than to participate in the sacrificial offering of the spirit of humanity to the gods of revenge and shame.

Christmas, Easter, even those considered sacred, such as baptism and confirmation, set humanity apart as a sinful disgrace not worthy of the love of God except by His unfathomable grace and I do not support or sustain that ideology any longer.

God IS and we are because of that, and this is enough to make us worthy of all dignity and kindness that the world and heavens can offer.

By this I will stand and give thanks.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 23 December through 29 December 2019 Peace Is In Knowing "You Are" Is Enough

Please bring the Spirit with you so that you receive what fits for you.

Using Loving Words from Jesus by D. V., Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

*It just occurred to me that I could use my own books to make a deck from. What a fun idea! Stay tuned for that!

*With this being Christmas week it seemed fitting to use the words of Jesus to guide us.

My Father gives you the true bread from heaven. John 6:32

Basically Jesus is saying that you will receive that which will sustain you within yourself. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, and he is asking us to remember where to go for real nourishment.

Not just nourishment for the body either. Nourishment for the courage and hope that makes living satisfying.

“I love you, but you are bad.” That is what I heard from my stepmother and family members I met over the years. I still hear it, but that comes from inside them, not me.

Thankfully, I had gotten a witness of Jesus’ and God’s love for me as a little child. I just chose to love others as well. When I asked them to do things differently it was because I felt that would make them happier or “that this was what God wanted”. I have learned to let go of a lot of false attitudes about that! Thank goodness!

I have come to understand that this witness does not come naturally. It must be chosen. We each make these choices inside ourselves. And if we chose something that we are not happy with we can choose a different way.

Only by going inside can we understand what is best for us. We cannot judge for another and God does not judge us either. We are His Children, and He wants us to have joy.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. John 14:27

KJV: Peace I leave with you,my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

God and Jesus give us the witness and remembrance of the peace that we have through knowing that we are a part of them. We can share that with each other as we walk in the Atonement and recognition of our unity as Jesus did (and does).

You are not going to be able to please others and you have no idea what language they speak or what their experiences are, so you really have to find the peace within yourself and accept it if it does not include others. There is nothing wrong with that, because we are not bodies, we are divine entities that cannot be separated. No matter how things appear in the world.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

I am so grateful this card came up next, because that is a very good question. How does one be a peacemaker? I suspect it is by being peaceful within one’s self. And taking care of your mental well-being as only you know how to.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

As you live your life, true to you, you will be a light to give other’s courage to do the same. The good works are your inner joy at being true to yourself. That may well include helping others, or it may not, that is up to you.


Look within for guidance and confidence. Accept the peace of knowing that you are divine. Share that joy by being true to who you are, as did Jesus. Share your gifts as you are inspired by the Holy Spirit within you.

Now, this is not an excuse to be a hermit and yet what is wrong with being alone and in your peace?

I no longer cling to the statement “multiply and replenish the earth” as if that was the only responsibility we have here. If you are called or desiring that fine, but there is nothing wrong with being alone and being content.

I use to believe in the idea that physical life had to continue. I do not accept that any longer. I believe physical life was created by the Son to find ways to punish Himself and God made sure the Atonement was there at the beginning. Jesus partook of it. That does not in any way justify shortening it. We have a purpose and not knowing it when we get here is part of it.

And I believe that in his confusion, Jesus laid out the Plan that included right and wrong as the first creation of Christ, the Son of
God. I believe that Jesus needs to be forgiven by each of us, because he is the one that laid out this Plan. Only because of timing which is an unreality created for humanity to remember that they are One as the Son of God.

Every knee will bow not because he is greater, higher, or more anything than us. But because he was the first and his idea laid the foundation and groundwork of how the Son of God would punish Himself. Law of Attraction was in play and as the first thought of Christ was Jesus, his conscious assessment of the situation is what created our situation here.

He had the Atonement automatically because he had not truly separated from Christ, whereas all who came after felt the separation and needed to be led to the Atonement.

Our bow to Jesus will be in acknowledgment of our union in Christ and the Father, and in acknowledgment of our forgiveness or release of the Plan of Right and Wrong that took us through the struggles of the world. That is a bit of heaven we can stand in right now as we accept the Atonement and the truthfulness of who we are.

While we wait until all receive this witness, we share our gifts and weaknesses for the enlightenment of humanity as was the Plan.

Christ is here. He is you and He is me. My prayer is that we will see Him there and be kinder to ourselves and to one another.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 48 URTEXT ACIM pg. 36 and 37 This was a joint effort that would benefit all.

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, (see link to text below) my comments have *asterisk* 

ASIDE: Tell B. he is right in providing you with the consistent strength you need to get, and he needs to offer.

*Realize that this is the beginning of their journey together. Ken has not yet entered the picture. Helen and Bill are working as a team. Both are committed to finding answers to the human psychic dilemma.

Your instability and his weakness have resulted from bad karmic choices, and your relationship NOW is crucial for the future.

*The two of them had shared a past life where Helen betrayed Bill. NOW they have the opportunity to turn this around by participating in bringing forth A Course In Miracles.

*Sadly, Helen did not accomplish this in this lifetime. She did give us the Course. But on a personal level, she repeated the betrayal by letting Ken take the role he did in the Course and brush Bill aside.

*Jesus would not and could not force her to accept these things. (That is not his role for her or for us.) She had to do that for herself. Force is not a component of the divine, even though it “seems” possible here in the illusion.

*I am not one who believes in karma. I believe, rather, in Christ’s desire to see Himself punished for leaving His Father. So, was Jesus lying here when he says they made bad karmic choices? No, he was speaking in a language or context they would understand. They both accepted the possibility of the vision/dream about their past life together.

*Jesus was telling them that hurtful choices of the past could be why they accepted this role today. They both needed a reason to do this work, because neither were believers in Christianity. They did not do it out of obedience. They did it out of affection for one another and themselves, as well as for humanity at large.

*We really want to not get strung out over words and look at the timing and context of the meaning.

You must both exert every effort to restore it to what it once was. Both of you are correcting where you have failed before. This has already enabled you to fulfill a very unexpected role in your own joint salvation, and the salvation of many other children I will intrust (*entrust) increasingly to you.

*What it once was may be referring to before the idea of separation presented itself to the Son. The door has been open and Helen has been given an opportunity. I suspect that she did not trust herself any more than she trusted Jesus. And I believe her sexual attraction to Bill played a huge part in this. She did not understand its true meaning as a witness of the singularity of the Sonship.

These are by no means chosen at random.

*Nothing happens randomly.

B. should know that his preparation is not only in terms of sharing in the results of your better application of some rather unusual talents.

*There seemed to be an idea that Helen was more important here as she was the one given the dictation. Jesus is telling Bill of his importance in this process.

*From what I studied I do not feel that Ken understood or respected this. He became the escape route for Helen not to face her true feelings and have the growth she had the potential to receive in this life.

*Makes me wonder what opportunities I, and others, have missed out on because we took the easy road.

His own role, which he will understand after his preparation is complete, will be equally surprising.

*I suspect the yin/yang, male/female component are at play here. When a woman loves someone, she will give all that she has and is to help him accomplish his goals. Without that internal drive she would not have been able to accomplish a task she actually found very distasteful.

*The fact that Bill was a homosexual, and would not respond to her affection in a physical way was significant, as well. It allowed them to complete a good portion of the assignment without it becoming lost in the snare of an affair.

He will need your help then, as you need his strength now.

*The union that they could have had was not realized. I am not speaking of a sexual one, but of the miracle actualizing between the two of them. I am not saying that they did not accept the miracle that Jesus was teaching them about in other ways, but the one between the two of them did not occur.

*Peace and joy were not experienced, accept momentarily, between the two, including up to Helen’s death, as testified in Bill’s words and his keeping his distance, even in her last year of life. They did speak on the phone regularly, so they both knew the connection was there.

*They may have greater healing by now on the other side of the veil. I am humbly hoping that my work with the Course may assist with that.

Note that you DO NOT need his help as a scribe, because you developed this ability by your own efforts, and finally placed them at MY disposal.

*He did act as scribe, by typing up the notes she did in shorthand. But this was not the need he fulfilled.

*I suspect his role was declaring the desire for answers for humanity and Jesus used Helen’s affection for Bill to bring it about. A joint effort actualized as Jesus was allowed a place in their psyche. She did not come to Jesus through the teachings of the Bible, but rather through the reality of his role as manifesting CEO of the Plan of Humanity’s Redemption.

By lending you his strength, he strengthens himself. When he gains this through his own efforts, he will need your help in a very unexpected way. But this is just another example of the reciprocal nature of miracles.

*The concept that giving is receiving.

*Bill and Helen’s relationship was significant. I believe all of ours are and that the Miracle of the Atonement, and our equality and worthiness of it, are key to bringing the world into a greater place of peace and potential.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


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