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Each of Us Will Be An Influence On The World We See in 2022

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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We are each a part of the pie that makes up Creation. Our influence cannot be underestimated, no matter our current circumstantial appearances. How we view ourselves and each other in relationship to God is fundamental and will impact how we are experiencing life in the physical world.
Faith is required. Faith in oneself and faith in each other as a Whole Body/Pie/Sonship within the Mind and Heart of God.

We can follow ego tactics that are confusing and never satisfying or we can follow our truth, our connection, and understand we do not create ourselves.

God created us all equal and capable of influencing the whole (pie/Sonship)

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You are of Him, in Him, and worthy of all that He is, innocent as a child and yet still capable of making mistakes for a time.

I think I will just repeat that:

You are of Him,

in Him, and

worthy of all that He is,

innocent as a child and

yet still capable of making mistakes

for a time.

The “time” factor only depends on how long it takes you to be willing to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And then learning what that means.

There IS an existence beyond time where the past has no negative influence on the present and the future gives no challenge because there is no longer anything to fear.

Humanity is capable of stepping into this place whenever they choose to.

Why? Because it is God’s Will for His Son!

You have the assistance of the Holy Spirit and all of nature. Even your stories give you clues to the way you are to present the message of God’s Love.

Your stories give you the language and the feelings that, when seen as your gift to God’s Son, will allow you to bless others by knowing you are able to forgive, or release, whatever your story contains because it was fabricated by a mind that believed it was separated from God.

The first mistake was the one of Jesus thinking he had pulled away and become separate from God.

When I wrote this in the book “Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!” that I take these reading from I said “Christ” was the one who pulled away.

Because I thought it was the whole who thought they had departed from God’s will.

But it was not the whole of Christ that got the idea that He was separate. It was only a part of His Mind and a few (perhaps several thousand) of his thoughts before the acceptance of the Atonement stopped the fallout.

I suspect that the one we know as Jesus was the first to believe in separation and to accept the Atonement. Jesus does say in the fourth chapter of the text in the HLC draft that he accepted the Atonement while in the flesh on earth and was the first to accept it and that is significant to me, even though time is an unreal construct and may figure in here as well.

I understand that no one has recorded this before but that does not mean I am wrong!

Jesus is the Atonement because he has received it for himself. He teaches in A Course In Miracles that if we accept it we also become the Atonement and recognize ourselves as part of the Christ Sonship.

The reason I say this is because he is the first to accept the Atonement and he has the memory of being one with the Father which the others who left after he did would not have.

Bear in mind that this is the work of myself who wants to understand the will of God. I have no proof of what I share besides the testimony that burns within me. And I offer it in full so that I may be corrected by the Spirit if I am amiss.

Please accept responsibility for what you accept from what I or anyone else offers as “truth”. You must seek it out in your own understanding with the Holy Spirit.

You will not see me become popular in my lifetime by my intention or desire because that is not my objective. It suspect it would present issues that would distract me from my purpose which is to unite with God’s will and share it with humanity.

I want God’s will and love for His Son to be known. Not my pockets filled or my image to replace any portion of your mind that belongs to God. If you see God when you see me or think of me, I am satisfied and fulfilled.

Depression (Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or doctor of any sort. And speak of this in spiritual terms based on my experience and observation of over six decades.)

I think of anyone who is living as experiencing PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of this. My understanding is it is loss of hope and embodies a belief in despair, fear, and guilt.

To deny anything is to claim the opposite. Therefore to deny our place or others in God who gives us life is to claim death. And that sounds depressing to me.

See Text/Chapter 10: The Idols of Sickness/V. The Denial of God

  1. ⁵They do not realize that to deny God is to deny their own Identity, and in this sense the wages of sin is death. ⁶The sense is very literal; denial of life perceives its opposite, as all forms of denial replace what is with what is not. ⁷No one can really do this, but that you can think you can and believe you have is beyond dispute. (ACIM, T-10.V.1:6–7)

³If God knows His children to be wholly joyous, it is blasphemous to feel depressed. (ACIM, T-10.V.12:3) (*Blasphemy is not a sin but an error that we can correct.)

From the Hugh Lynn Cacey Manuscript, one of the early drafts of A Course In Miracles, T 4 C 7-8. (*my comments) I will space the two paragraphs out into individual sentences to allow for ease of reading.

“Only those who have a real and lasting sense of abundance (*within God as His Children) CAN be truly charitable.

This is quite obvious when you consider the concepts involved.

To the ego, to give anything implies that you will do without it.

When you associate giving with sacrifice, then, you give only because you believe that you are somehow getting better, so that you can do without the thing you give.

“Getting to get” is an “inescapable” law of the ego, which ALWAYS evaluates itself in relation to other egos, and is therefore continually preoccupied with the scarcity principle which gave rise to it. (*Consider also “giving to get”.)

This is the meaning of Freud’s “reality principle,” since Freud thought of the ego as very weak and deprived, capable of functioning ONLY as a thing in need(*Freud was still an accepted authority in the 60’s and was referenced by Jesus.)

The “reality principle” of the ego is not real at all.

The ego is forced to perceive the “reality” of other egos because it cannot establish the reality of ITSELF. (*In other words we believe what is not true, IE in the egos/masks/or false images we see presented by others when denying their reality only as God created them.)

In fact, its whole perception of other egos AS real is only an attempt to convince itself that “IT” is real. (*The ego is what a part of the Mind believes itself to be and nothing more. I want to make it clear that the distorted ego is what is not real. This does not deny your entire existence however as some Course students suggest.)

“Self-esteem,” in ego terms, means nothing more than that the ego has deluded itself into accepting its reality, and is therefore temporarily less predatory.

This “self-esteem” is ALWAYS vulnerable to stress, a term which actually refers to a condition in which the delusion of the ego’s reality is threatened. (*This form of stress is what gives us depression. We are believing ourselves to be something we are not. And that is without God and His assistance in all we do and are.)

This produces either ego deflation or ego inflation, resulting in either withdrawal or attack. (*Consider your own experiences. Withdrawal and attack have nothing to do with inclusion, real identity, or strength.)” T 4 C 7–8

From here it may be easier to see how we have all played a role as narcissist, sociopath, psychopath, and how other emotional and behavioral disorders come from this belief in a false image that must be separate, protected, and kept unaware of its own truth and dependence on God.

Just as there is no hierarchy in miracles and there is none in error. An error of separation from God is an acceptance of one’s death, no matter the form it takes. This is my understanding of “we have all fallen short of the glory of God.”

It is the denial of the spark (*That which connects us to God, our divinity.) that brings depression, for whenever you see your brothers without it, you are denying God. (ACIM, T-10.V.2:5)

Depression which is felt by the ego because of separation from God. However it is not to be confused with Post Traumatic Separation Disorder (PTSpD, coined by me) which we experience as children of God within an ego-built world that believes it is separated from God and one another which brings soberness and a humble attitude rather than depression.

Illnesses of mind and body afflict us when we close our eyes to our own Soul or that of another.

Do you want an anti-aging method?
Acknowledge God and give thanks in all things.
Keep a desire in your heart for the well-being of all creation.

See the world through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and know that God IS, we are one creation and one in Him, even as He created us.

Above all remember that you are an eternal being created by a perfect entity that gives you your identity.

You have assistance. You have angels and guides that are sent by the Holy Spirit.

They hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and Jesus and assist you.

In some instances, you need to request their assistance before they can act.

That goes for those who are seen as in the physical world and those who are not seen.

Power Hunger

This is something that those with money and influence are accused of but it is wise to be careful of accusations.

Power Hunger is one-upping the other person and we have all done it. It comes from the belief in separation which leads to the belief in lack.

It does not seek cooperation and mutual abundance.

To rule over others is a desire of the ego who believes that it is alone and is trying to prove itself as existing. It makes no sense and is insane thinking and this is why we want to recognize and rid ourselves of it.

Acquiring possessions and position can create a mirage that never quite convinces the ego that it IS.

Because “the ego is the belief that it is completely on its own.” HLC T 4 C 11

Without “power” in the world, it appears that you have little influence.

All of our true power comes from our Creator and our recognition of Him.

Each and every person or intelligence has a part in influencing the whole because we are all connected and one person tapping into the truth can have more influence than a million in agreement on an error.

A lot of games are played among the egos of humanity that claim power over others. This just has no bearing in the reality of who you are as a child of God.

This influence can cause us to be afraid of abundance and position but we are all equal before God, make no mistake. Put your trust in what is real and the only way you will know what that is will be by listening to that voice within that knows what you cannot from where you sit in the world.

We all suffer from PTSpD, Post Traumatic Separation Disorder.

As previously noted, do not confuse this with depression of the ego that believes it is separate from God.

Why is it a “disorder” in my mind? Because it has no reality or basis in truth since separation from God is impossible.

“When a person can’t find a deep sense of “meaning”, they distract themselves with pleasure.” Viktor Frankl

Our meaning, according to ACIM is to be a Voice for God’s Love to His Son through true forgiveness and acknowledgment of our place within God.

While joy and peace are the gifts of following the Holy Spirit we all have discontent with the world of separation and its consequences in the physical world.

Jesus does as well. While he remembers our Oneness and has fully accepted the Atonement, he is as separate as the rest of us are because he cannot be completely in God until the whole Sonship is returned by undoing the error of belief in separation.

I say this even while knowing that for Jesus He and God have no separation at all, nor do we in truth or reality.

With that in mind, I do believe that it is important to have compassion for one another and for ourselves, no matter how “life” expresses itself.

We really are “in this together.” And one piece of the pie is not capable of being in God without the Whole. ❤

I hope that we can remember this as the USA travels into an election year.

Each of us has a responsibility and an influence on how things go. And that has nothing to do with a vote and everything to do with where you place your trust.

Is it in the ego or is it in God?

We must learn how to live in the world without being of it. Without getting caught in believing it is real.

It has become like a movie stage to me and even when my emotions are taken for a roller-coaster ride I remember that this is not who I am, it is merely a role I accepted for a time and all will work out for the good of the Whole Son of God.

I know this, not by intellect or logic but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Clearing the Way for 2022 and What I’ve Been Up To Since September 2021

I have never been one to take the easy road. Life is too short for that. Thankfully, I have had many marvelous characters in my life to keep me on a path of continual discovery. 2021 has been no exception and catapults me boldly into 2022. A new routine. From 24 hour days to 12 hour days. Treks to the Holy of Holies (the inner chamber of the temple) daily met with intention do not leave a person wanting.

You do not have to believe. But if you are curious, check it out. I am excited as all get out! #SunGazing, #DeathMotivates #IllusiveRelationships #HeavenonEarth #EternalLifeNow

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It has changed the trajectory of my life. Here is a recap to bring you, and me, up to date.

One might say it is really simple or not that big of a deal.

And frankly, I have no way of disclaiming that except for what I am experiencing within my own mind and heart.

What I did is begin Sun Gazing in all earnestness and with the intent to receive understanding from the closest manifestation of God within the world of the physical. I seek His direct instruction for myself and the Whole of the Consciousness of Christ so that I might use my body for His purposes of communicating God’s Love to His Son.

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I suppose it came about as an answer to the challenges of my year up to that point or maybe the ones that would be forthcoming.

I knew it would be a rough year because I had four direct descendants graduating this year. That meant two adult households would be moving into the empty-nester stage and that is a very disconcerting time of life. And two of these adults were individuals I had very strong ties to and I felt the energy of the impact that this would have on them. It was a powerful energy storm, to say the least.

I thought that would be the extent of the storms. Though there were two neighbors who lost close family members. Giving me cause for reflection on my own associations.

Then, beginning in October, several key people in my life would die, leaving their physical form and heading into new and different adventures. None of these were Covid related, just random deaths that in my life had not been common, or at least recognized by me as common, before that time.

Close to me would be three men with strong personalities that impacted my life who would transition, none were immediate family, and all were up in age or fighting ailments that had plagued them for years, even though they had maintained an independent lifestyle. They were significant to me nonetheless.

There was also a female. A public figure. The last of the core group who brought A Course In Miracles to the world. Since I had stepped into the stage of ACIM public forums the language had altered a bit and she left the world, for the most part, opening the door for interpretation and greater understanding of the Course, in my opinion anyway. For this, I will be eternally grateful.

While one could easily argue that relationships that we have in the world are not manifested by atmospheric conditions it would not be difficult to understand that the individual parties in any “relationship” have their own perspective seen through life experiences and interpretations likely unknown by the other party.

Therefore, what they truly have could likely be seen as a mirage, not having anything necessarily to do with reality, or truth, even if blood relation is a part of it.

I had thought through much of the year that I would remember 2021 as the year my family died. Today I realize it is the year that “the world” died for me. A result of eight years of intense personal study of A Course In Miracles.

Never again will I look upon anything or anyone as I have in the past. I have let go of expectations and more importantly the need to change anyone else. That does not mean I will not teach. Because that is how we best learn. It does mean I will be taking better care of myself in the days ahead and letting others do the same for themselves, or not if that is what they wish.

Lest you be concerned that I have become selfish I assure you that being self-centered has nothing to do with selfishness and much to do with seeing things a bit clearer than I had before.

I suspect that this will be the topic of a lot of my writing in 2022.

Please allow me to digress to clear out the cobwebs and review the trajectory of my life at this time:

The Spirit told me over and over again that right here is where I am to stay. In these physical surroundings that are nearby so that when I am finished with my earthly walk those that currently have input can take care of my physical affairs easily.

I have to admit that it has not been easy and that I may have received information that will forego that previous instruction.

It seems like once I have been in a location long enough to get comfortable and know my way around something happens and I am off on a new adventure. Time will tell.

I know that the near-death experience that I had at 20 prepared me for a lifetime on earth and the ability to go through the delusions of the world by holding fast to my memory of the love that Jesus and God extend to me and to all other’s that make up the Sonship of Christ.

In my 40’s I recall the sense of dying and going to heaven as I was given answers to things that had plagued me for decades. It had to do with verbal abuse and confirmation by the Spirit that it was happening and not just my over-sensitivities. Since then my life has warp-speeded in understanding, so much so, that I have “died and gone to heaven” many times.

The life I have lived would manifest what kept me alive in my 30’s when I would not take my life because I did not want to have to watch my children go through life and its challenges and not be there to assist them”. Little did I know that this would be exactly what life would give me.

I have found out at the ripe age of 65 that there is little that I can do for them or their children. Oh, I have had some influence and my strength has given them courage in ways they may not admit but the Spirit bears witness to me.

They are grown now and their path is clearly chosen. Christ and God have no part in them or so they claim. That is what they believe and it is not my place to argue with them or convince them otherwise. And the ones who acknowledge Christ see a judgmental God that I no longer see.

I remember phrases like “bite your tongue” and “grow-up” when I was a teenager trying to understand the landscape of life. Today it is “let it go” put to song and cinematic glory to tell us we have no right to question life as it has been given and perceived by humanity. But the grandeur does not make it a truth.

Rather than find out what life really is, we accept distractions, addictions, and temporary sensual comforts of all sorts to give us a definition of life. And with that, we count ourselves blessed.

I just cannot accept that. I know that there is another way, a better way and Jesus has given it to us and we simply refuse to hear it.

When I speak up on behalf of Jesus and what he is trying to share with us in the Atonement I get countered with lovely memes right out of A Course In Miracles like:

“I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.” ACIM T-2.V-A 18:2–6

It feels as if the way they use this gives license for those they deem worthy as able to say whatever they will and not be questioned as well as to tell those whose words they do not approve of to be still. It is really disturbing whether it is done knowingly or not.

Jesus was not telling us to be quiet or not acknowledge error but rather to be mindful of the Holy Spirit who will shine the Atonement through it so that we may be directed in the path least destructive for correction. Keep in mind that no one will be forced into a recollection of God before they are willing to do so.

I have been recording my understandings of the Workbook of A Course In Miracles which I will publish this spring. A second volume will be my comments on issues that came up in conversations online. They are on topics that I would love to have heard about when I was a teenager and trying to figure out how to manage in the world.

It is possible to experience both heaven and eternal life while in our mortal bodies.

Our current experience is an unveiling.

The Atonement is the gateway and it is available now.

Jesus Christ was the first individual consciousness within time to understand that he had not truly separated from God. He received this understanding from the Holy Spirit and I also believe he had a memory that you and I do not. One of being one with God. This is why we may have faith in his witness of God and that union.

Sin and hell are an impossibility because God IS and only His Will is done. Jesus became Christ, the Son of God by forgiving the belief that the Son could be separated from the Father. This would also forgive all of its consequences, whatever form they may take or however long that may “appear” to be real.

He teaches that you and I may also step into that awareness with him, thus recognizing ourselves as the Christ, and becoming the Atonement, even as he is.

The Atonement realigns our psyche with God’s Will through communion with the Holy Spirit and will literally lead you to heaven on earth and eternal life because the past and the future no longer control who or what you are.

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Back to the Sun Gazing.
It has evolved and I have no doubt that it will continue to evolve for me.
It is a very personalized practice.

At first, I was thinking of the fact that the solar energy will actually sustain us to the point that food is no longer a requirement. I had a two-week experience of detox and losing my appetite for food entirely. This was very new to me as I had fasted in years past but never lost my appetite.

It was a disappointment when I shared my adventure with the leader of an online group I was in and they talked about how people have to eat etc. as if I did not know how to follow my own spiritual path. So after losing 20 pounds I stopped going to the sun and in about four days I was able to start eating again.

When I approached it again a few weeks later I did not focus on the food aspect but sought the instructional component of the experience.

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To be fed intravenously by the Holy Spirit is something that I experienced during my years of working in the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is being in the presence of God with the intention of receiving what instruction He would have for you, knowing that it is received by your spirit and would come to your awareness as it was needed or you were ready to hear it.

This is the way that I approach Sun Gazing and the results have been incredible. I have deep awareness and awakenings of a spiritual nature. My psychic abilities seem to be improving as well as my emotional stamina and tolerance. Or is it endurance and patience? Perhaps they all play a part in the scenario.

For those familiar with my writing, you may notice a deeper resonance, especially with the post from 28 December 2021. Deep and wide are my thoughts and comprehensions within my sphere of association in the world.

After the gazing, I do my devotions in the presence of the sun often sitting in my car to do my reading. In the future, I plan to make better use of the moon’s energy as well. She may well pull the tides but I also believe she has the capacity to assist us greatly in our spiritual and metaphysical understandings and potentials.

We each have options of where we can go for understanding the world in which we live and our role within it. This is where my journey has led me.

In the past, I tried to listen to those around me; authority figures of all sorts, peers, and professionals. In my late twenties, I entered a church that claimed it had the authority of the priesthood directly from Jesus Christ and I gave it my all for thirty years.

But there came a time when I could no longer support the things that were being taught there. Partly because people did not honor what was taught but mainly because there was a glass ceiling over me where my understandings had to be curtailed according to what those in the Priesthood understood and did not honor its own teaching that it is the Holy Spirit that one is to learn to follow.

I no longer attend the church now because I do not support its understanding of its own doctrine or the framework from which they operate. I have been studying solo for just over five years now.

I still follow the last admonitions that I remembered from the leadership there though; to follow the Holy Spirit and to bear witness to the world of my understanding and testimony of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a path I have claimed for my own.

I cannot take full credit for this. Life circumstances which I believe angels and unseen guides have helped me live the life that I planned prior to coming here and put my family in alignment so that I understand I do blaze a trail that others will be able to follow if they are willing to do so.

I think I mainly want to show that it can be done. I think this is what Jesus did when he was on the earth as well.

It has been a grand adventure that so far has encompassed over six decades. Finding A Course In Miracles in 2013 was a gift that I will be forever grateful for. I studied it on my own for seven years before I went into a public forum to share my understandings.

I am very grateful for that solo study time because the way that people have interpreted this work, not to mention its various drafts and manifestations, has given the world a very false understanding of its teachings. That is my impression anyway. And the teachings of the Course are so diverse and do not hold fast to a common universal experience from what I have seen.

Of course, it will be expressed in as many ways that there are people but there is a simple theme that runs through the Course that leads all to heave and eternal life.

Having studied many of the popular voices in the world for the past 40 years I see its influence. Even within the church that I attended that claimed to be so attuned to the Spirit.

Sadly, it has led many to have followers and even what one might call wealth in the physical world but the spiritual objective of the Atonement was short-changed.

The construct of selecting Love over Fear has been misconstrued in such a way as to confirm Fear and its impossible reality” by promoting the concept of facing it through such extreme measures as fire-walks and such.

The only way that FEAR will not be the dominating emotion of this world is to let our ideas about what this world is, go by the power of the Holy Spirit, and let Him show us another world entirely that resides in the heavens and is graced by God’s welcome presence.

Each of us is a part of bringing this true reality into our awareness.

Jesus says that the Final Judgment will last millions of years.

This is because we each have a part in it and it is not until each one of us accepts the Atonement and our perfection and innocence in God that it will be complete.

But this does not mean that the conditions of the world will not be moving in a positive way. Bear in mind that the Son of God is not only that which is manifest on this planet. It is all that is, seen and unseen, in this universe and dimension and in all other dimensions and multi-verses.

Are you getting a bit of a better understanding of why it may take millions of years?

It is currently my understanding that the earth is the nucleus or prenatal birthplace where individuals choose to reside so that they may be a part of the healing order for the entire Sonship.

In other words, the darkness we are so aware of here is made purposeful by God’s intention to create a “task-force” if you will, for those who are willing to teach throughout creation with patience, steadiness, and complete and stable knowledge that God IS and ALL IS WELL.

I believe with my whole heart that you and I have accepted this task. And while it may take several lifetimes to learn all we need to prepare for this work, what is that in the life of one whose existence has no end?

I acknowledge you, each one past, present, and future, with respect and gratitude for your willingness to enter this great work. You who are reading this are in the forefront, but make no mistake, not one will be left behind when all is said and God. God’s Son(ship) is whole. innocent, and complete.

This is a scenario that is already understood to be well done.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Religion Cannot Help But Divide

God IS and nothing else is able to defy Him because He is all there is.

Humanity has long-held beliefs that plague it and perpetuate confusion. So much so that we believe in general that freedom is anarchy and would create devastation. We will eventually need to look at what we are doing to ourselves.

It could be done sooner than later but sadly, the human psyche needs to be at its wit’s end, having crushed all its desires before it will truly give God a place at the altar in the temple He built.

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Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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God IS and nothing else is able to defy Him because He is all there is.

Reading in early December from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! published 2019 with Balboa Press. Found on Amazon. Author Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons.

Does our language, and engagements with society, lift humanity and show that we believe in one another, or does it show that we feed off of one another to grow ourselves, IE the ego that is never satisfied?

As we grow into an understanding that the Atonement is something that is not optional for healthy living we will see the ego at work in people near and far.

I suspect that antisocial behaviors will become more obvious and the schmoozers will be seen through.

This can be very challenging for the sincere person who sees our oneness and potential in all people as children of God.

A relationship with the Holy Spirit is important because He allows you to see the Atonement on the other side of the disturbing behavior while giving you enough of a warning to be able to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Sometimes you will be led by the Spirit to assist but when doing so you will be aware of the risks and willing to take them because you know that the body is not who you are so if their behavior becomes an issue you still have “you” rather than becoming a victim struck without awareness.

You will understand that you are being led by Jesus and other ascended masters to help in the Universal Plan to return all minds to the recognition of God and His Loving presence.

A reminder of the basic components of the Atonement, using the framework of the Plan of Salvation that I used to support as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

  • First, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This cannot come without trusting that someone and something greater than yourself is aware of you and guiding you. I accepted this when I was four years old. It was just a “given”.
  • Why faith in Jesus? Because he is the part of the Sonship that has been the guide to the return to God, not to mention he is the first one to leave which is why he was the first to accept the Atonement and become the Atonement. We do as well.
  • Do you have to know his name and earthly story to understand this concept? No, there are many paths to this understanding but make no mistake Jesus is the energy behind the journey back to God.
  • Second, is not repentance but forgiveness of the belief that separation from God is possible. This includes forgiveness of all of the consequences of that belief. Sin is a product of a separated mind which is an impossibility. All extremes of the human condition such as criminal behavior, identified or not, and all conditions of physical distress including personal attacks, illness, war, and even death.
  • This does not mean that they are not felt as real and have consequences even into future generations. It means that it is possible to let go of attachment to the emotional charge of the behaviors when one understands the Atonement.
  • The third is not baptism for the remission of sins but an awareness that sin is an impossibility if God IS. Period. If God IS all that is then nothing is any different from that which Is. They are but extensions of themselves.
  • This brings about our awareness that we are all one, interconnected by the force, energy, or essence of our Creator. We call it Love but few have really understood what that has the potential to mean to humanity. Why? Because bodies were made to prove we are separate. If you look inside with an honest heart you will feel that is impossible. The earth itself and all that makes it up testify otherwise.
  • Fourth in the Church was laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I had this done. I did it by proxy for many who had already died. But I no longer believe that the Holy Ghost must be given. Accepted, yes. And if that was how it needed to be presented for a while because we were too stubborn to accept it any other way, that is fine. I will no longer accept the idea that any physical protocol is needed to unite us with God through the Holy Spirit. That is just a silly concept to me now.
  • The Holy Spirit speaks to anyone who is willing to listen. Not just to those who sit in a chair for the laying on of hands. I have no doubt about this and it is about time we stop teaching that to our children and setting ourselves apart. We are feeding the ego and teaching that actions of the body bring us to God and not the intentions of the heart.

We need to move out of dogma and into lifestyle and awareness of our divinity. It is time for the world and the Church to grow up and stop treating one another like infants, and ignorant. That was not Jesus’ intention.


We all have it. I think of addiction as a pull to anything that does not serve our true state which is perfection. It may be the ego’s answer to our natural connection and state of bliss and a way to keep us from returning to that.

Addiction feeds our belief in lack. It tells us that joy is not ours to experience.

Atonement is the answer because our fulfillment is not to be found outside of God and our witness that we are following His Will because it is ours and nothing else could be our will. It is an impossibility.

Even our sexuality is His Will and is best fulfilled in a witness of Him.

Otherwise, it is subject to being an addiction that does not fulfill our need and desire to connect but instead separates us, brings on a sense of entitlement, and easily turns to abuse.

The choice which is in the Now is able to erase the past and the future.

This will illuminate Time and ultimately will eliminate the need of space or the idea of a fixed form.

That can sound a bit spacey but consider that it is belief in separation that draws us to addictions and belief in the use of force to invite cooperation and integration with God’s Will. Rather than simply realizing that we are His Will.

To the addicted human mind that believes itself separated from God, this sounds like our death yet nothing could be further from the truth. It is, in fact, eternal life.

You are of Him, in Him, worthy of all that He is, innocent as a child and at this point still capable of making mistakes.

And that is OK! The Holy Spirit is patient and meets you where you are.

We are perfect already. We do not need to come to perfection. We just need to realize that we truly are.

The abusive behavior toward ourselves and from others will fade as the sense of lack subsides and we allow God, our Heavenly Father, and Creator to bless us with all that He Is.

That journey may look different to every one of us. But the end result will be the same. Wholeness, within ourself and amongst ourselves. This is the same “experience” that we all must have that Jesus teaches us about in A Course In Miracles.

Understand this truth and you will not take yourself so seriously. Or anyone else for that matter.

Do not be afraid to see one another.

We do this when we do not like something about ourselves or one another.

It has been said that the homeless are like invisible people.

Really anything that appears to divide us may be used for this purpose.

That is a form of denial that does not serve us.

Jesus teaches that the correct use of denial is to deny that all that is (which in its entirety is the Christ) could be anything but perfect.

That does not mean you do not see challenges or issues, rather, it gives you a view of everything from the perspective of Atonement and the perfection of the Son so that anything that appears to not be so will be addressed with generosity and firm conviction in their perfection rather than having sights on our imperfections and enhancing those.

It will be in Grace that you will stand as a child in the Atonement.

What this means is that God grants you your authority, your perfection, your wholeness.

It comes as a measure of your creation, from your Creator as He gives of Himself completely and is the standard of giving.

It is this form of giving completely of oneself that allows giving to be the same as receiving. This is my current understanding of what the will of God is. The complete extension of Himself that does not separate but extends Himself without end.

It has nothing to do with possessions or property, not even prestige and privilege. It has to do with being. Being in God, through God, of God, and recognizing that there are NO exceptions to this. Through having this understanding we extend that understanding to all without needing to say or do anything.

Understand Time

Time was developed as a result of the belief in separation. There became a time before and a time after separation from God. Time holds our fears and guilt. This is not of God.

It was not a union that Adam and Eve entered into when they left the Garden (or the metaphorical place of complete wholeness and innocence) but division and the agreement to continue to divide that which God created as Whole.

The children that came from that so-called union continued to perpetuate the belief in separation from God and created scenarios without number as evidence to that fact. This is what the symbolism of the Fall represents.

It ran contrary to the Law of Creation that God had started which is an extension of Self, not division.

Stepping into that desire of division is what needs correction and why we will have a smaller and smaller population as we realize that division outside of God is not possible.

The children of Adam and Eve seemed to be given perception which could be looked at as a choice to see things how they wanted to see them. This would involve judgment that does not belong to the Son but wholly to the Father and Creator.

This is the essence of the separation and it is a mental state, not a physical one.

It is in feeling ourselves separate from God and one another that we lose our identity rather than gain it.

That separation and ability to define things their way set up the “log-book” in time and creates a past or a history that is recorded according to perceptions. Keeping score and even creating Karma in some minds.

Those perceptions simply multiply according to how many participate so there is no way to get a clear understanding of anything at all that we believe has occurred because the very fact of it having occurred is due to someone having a perception of it. And not just one but many.

This is not the same thing as saying that nothing exists in fact it is quite the opposite and the only thing that is going to return reality to its proper state is to let go of our “histories of perceptual confusion” and see the Atonement where we know that we can only be as God created us, whole and innocent.

Doing this releases fear and guilt which is what brings about the future as we perceive that we deserve to be punished.

This is also why I have no regard or use for Karma and discourage its use in our thoughts because it cannot exist without judgment and that is not humanity’s jurisdiction.

The body is not your identity.

Your mental and emotional state are more “who you are” than the current body you occupy. When I say mental state I include not only the active part of you in the day-to-day but also the observer who watches what you do. Here is the place where we may unite with the Holy Spirit and find that peace that passes understanding as well as the joy and true sense of oneness, unity, and communion with all that is real.

Science has shown that the body you have today is not even the same body you had seven years ago.

The body may be used for communicating like a typewriter or a telephone, but they do not represent who you are as a child of God.

Do not be confused. This is why the sages suggest we go inside to find ourselves for this is where the choice to undo the separation from God exists. And this is where God has His temple and joins with us at His altar.

From the place of the Atonement, we may engage with the world and bring God’s Love into remembrance.

Religion will force you to comply with its dogma or be excluded. Which is basically an impossibility in any form or dynamic.

Everything is inclusive because everything Is God being within Him Mind alone as the One that is the Whole.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

While Walking To Release the Future I Had Several Revelations

7 min read

Psst, do not criticize those who appear to talk to themselves, they may be the wisest among us because Divinity lies Within.

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I found myself talking with insight as I was tending to my morning devotions and meditation by walking on the road around our high school track.

We show wisdom when we understand there is a Voice within us that does have great wisdom and comes directly from God. If there is falsehood it is mine, if there is truth it is God’s.

You have access to Him (the Holy Spirit) also and it is my hope and goal to help it become normal to see and hear about people listening to Him and sharing with us their insights.

Here are a few of mine:

It just may be our “DUTY” to release ourselves from our story. The story we have made up about ourselves and about the world we think we see around us.

I call it “His Story”, or the past. Meaning a story coming from the Universal Plan that the Son of God made during His brief belief in the ability for the Son of God to separate from God which I refer to in my 2019 release of Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!.

I believe it to be a story that Christ devised to show what would happen IF He were to be separated from God. The Universal Plan encompasses all of it and with Jesus is its CEO and many other ascended masters they orchestrate time and space for the benefit for the Whole Son of God through the various stories of the individual parts of the Sonship.

This is about releasing your attachment to the story not about releasing your belief in your own existence which many have done through the misunderstood concept of Oneness or Wholeness.

We are told in the Course that Wholeness will not truly be understood until all have accepted the Atonement and let go of the belief in separation from God. Believers in Oneness believe that God somehow gets swallowed up by the Whole of the Son and I do not think that is logical or correct.

Giving up our personal stories will not be enough!

We must release ourselves from others’ stories about us as well.

You know, all those labels as a kid, and from ignorant adults around us. But also from the stories our adult children, aging parents, co-workers, ex-spouses, and in-laws have of us.

You get the picture, from basically everyone.

Everyone except God who knows you are as He created you, and everyone, including Jesus, who accepts the Atonement that undoes (through forgiveness of a belief in the impossible) the belief in separation from God or one another.

We are not alone in this and it is something taught in the east for centuries.

It is what Jesus has done. He has not taken on the “stories” or “identity” that others gave him during his lifetime or the eons before or after. He has stability in knowing that he is as God created him as His Son, period.

Jesus does not accept the labels of wine-bibber (a drunk), a trouble-maker, and a law-breaker. I do not have to accept labels about me either. No matter what the judgment of others may be.

Just because these stories are the glue that seems to hold our society together does not make it so!

Judgments on others set the boundaries and borders that we live in within in any human society or gathering. It affects us when we are alone as well.

This does NOT promote freedom but bondage.

The question is, do we want human acceptance or God’s?

God is not asking us to give up ourselves but what is false about ourselves.

And if God is our true creator do we not deny our own existence by denying Him in that role as the ONE who makes us ACCEPTABLE?

That is the paradigm shift that will change the world, in my opinion, because it makes us humble enough to listen to God’s Voice that is within each of us as the Holy Spirit.

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You know that ladder that people in spiritual circles like to talk about? How in spiritual matters some people are higher or lower on a ladder? Well, that is bunk! We are all in exactly the same place. Jesus, even!

The only difference is that he has exercised his belief or faith in God and in his own existence more than we have.

This is a disruption that is only found within Time.

In our eternal state, we simply are our maximum greatest and are endowed with creative inclinations and abilities given to us by the Creator, Himself.

And we may join Jesus in his strength by having faith in his witness of God and the Atonement.

Jesus is more effective or has more conviction than we do. Not because he is different or better but because he chooses to exercise his awareness toward his divinity and relationship with God rather than his peers.

The human mentality that Jesus referred to as ego in A Course In Miracles wants to have a hierarchy. That is something that we need to erase from our thinking because within the Son of God there is no such thing.

Jesus used the ladder and vertical analogy to give us confidence in trusting him.

We ARE able to lean on his witness and strength as we get our spiritual “muscles” about us and remember we are God’s creation.

It need not be a thing of better than or an excuse for ego-mindedness, which is what we have when we believe we are our own creators.

The Holy Spirit and Jesus know that the Son of God is not capable of doing anything that does not bless and please the Father.

That is not a statement for a free-for-all among the human species, it is a witness that the Son of God does not seek to destroy itself on any level or sphere of awareness within the Atonement. Outside of it all kinds of stories and levels that appear elusive and untouchable are created.

I dare say that this message is true for all.

I know I feel it as a woman over 60 because accepting the labels others give you destroys your voice.

It becomes a socially accepted understanding.

We need to give all people a voice and respect it with no exceptions.

I personally believe that this alone would greatly alter our criminal behavior, mainly because people would be heard and could be helped before the tragedy rather than isolated or punished after.

When God looks at you He sees His Son. It is important that you understand this.

I gave birth to six children. Each unique. Each cherished by me.

I think of them as my children, as one if you will, but they are individuals unique unto themselves and beautiful in their uniqueness.

I believe that this is how God sees us. As one, His Son, yet each unique and beautiful unto themselves.

I no longer accept the family linkage that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promote. I do not believe that God removes any part of the Sonship for any reason. That is simply an error on the part of the Son which is corrected through the Atonement.

Truth applied without conviction is magic!

This kind of surprised me when I read it in ACIM materials but it makes sense.

The truth may be used by the ego to feed its story of guilt, punishment and ultimately death or the illusion thereof anyway.

This strikes me profoundly and is what I would describe the condition of the world with all toward the teachings of Jesus.

The conviction comes from having a witness of the Holy Spirit and His promptings and following them so that one gets confidence through this experience. This is what one experiences when the Atonement has been accepted.

It is obvious that the scribes and publishers of A Course In Miracles did not have that experience. And claims later in life or even after their deaths does not make it so.

The Song of Prayer is a good example of this where Christ is used when it is God that we want to look to for salvation, not ourselves who are the Christ.

I thank You, Father, knowing You will come to close each little gap that lies between the broken pieces of Your holy Son. ²Your Holiness, complete and perfect, lies in every one of them. ³And they are joined because what is in one is in them all. ⁴How holy is the smallest grain of sand, when it is recognized as being part of the completed picture of God’s Son! ⁵The forms the broken pieces seem to take mean nothing. ⁶For the whole is in each one. ⁷And every aspect of the Son of God is just the same as every other part.

(ACIM, T-28.IV.9:1–7)

I stand alone from the perspective of the world and humanity. I know this.

But in truth, I stand with the Father and with Jesus through the Atonement and I am grateful for the witness that I have.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Just Because You Cannot Fix It Doesn’t Mean It Is Broken

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons (c)

6 min read

There is a Universal Plan in place that is designed and orchestrated by Jesus and other ascended masters.

They have our best interests at heart and they know what it will take to help another be able to step into the Atonement and out of the chaos that belief in separation from God and one another has brought about.

That means that the fact that there is abuse and neglect occurring everywhere, even if it is from you, does not mean that God’s work is not being fulfilled.

You can put any scenario in there that you want to; bullying, domestic abuse, rape, murder, theft, child or senior abuse, anything, I will stand by what I am saying here. There is a bigger picture at play.

It is important to remember that #1 we are not our bodies, #2 we will not give up our addiction to suffering, guilt, punishment, and death until we see the futility of what we receive from it, and #3 nothing can truly harm us or our loved ones in an eternal manner.

It cannot truly destroy the earth or the species we have witnessed the extinction of. What God creates does not die. And I believe He either had a hand in creating all that is OR that He will honor that which His Son has created which would still be an extension of Himself.

I have said before that I only see the Son of God in all creation, seen and unseen. And my primary understanding and witness is that God IS. And nothing exists outside of Him.

In A Course In Miracle’s early drafts, we are taught that our original essence, which Jesus called the Soul, has remained with God. It is One Son who has become many and this establishes the Sonship.

Jesus says it is the Mind that needs to be altered and that is what the Course is directing us to. He also mentions Spirit which I believe is that immediate essence or life force within the body. It appears to still be directed by the Mind that has confused itself by believing it is a body.

My understanding is that it has taken eons for us to get to this place or state of mind where we believe that the body is who and what we are.

I bring this up because we cannot expect it to evaporate in a moment’s time and yet Jesus has said it will be as the “twinkling of an eye”. This is because when we really understand it the adjustment is quick.

My walk in the Atonement has shown me that the things that trouble me today are there to give me the language for the message that I feel God wants me to share about the truths that the Holy Spirit has shown to me.

I am beginning to believe that we may have no way of putting a stop to these issues without understanding the Atonement and being willing to accept the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. If we do anything without God it is temporary at best and can warp into a worse scenario which may be even more difficult to spot.

Photo by Ismael Sanchez on

My weekly card reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! This is my understanding at this time:

Your individuality AND STORY are vital and correct for this time frame. DO NOT claim your story AS you. It is a role you were sent to perform.

Do not misunderstand.

Your personality and desires line up with the needs of the Sonship in the story that you have willingly accepted at this time.

You will learn and experience things that you were interested in while you are physical (or spirit) and you will be serving the Whole Sonship at the same time.

All that we see and plenty that we do not see is Christ, the Son of God calling out for a connection to the Love of God that He believes He has forfeited.

Photo by Darrell Fraser on WE NEVER LEFT THE LOVE OR MIND OF GOD!

I believe the Course teaches that there may be some who have come that are not addicted to the separation but that have agreed to come to assist those who are and in the coming here get caught up in the belief structure of separation.

That said, basically, all of us go through an adjustment period of remembering that this is not our original estate. All, except Jesus! He did remember and while he came to earth and learned as we do from infancy, he retained a memory that the rest of us do not. That of being with and in God, the Father as a Whole Sonship, IE Christ.

He was the first to receive the Atonement and thus became the Atonement. He became one to whom the rest of us could look to and see the light of Christ that resides not only in him but in each and every one of us.

He has stated in the Course that when we receive the Atonement for ourselves we, likewise, become the Atonement and a light to others.

This is for here and now while we are in the flesh. It is not something reserved for after we are dead.

Our primary responsibility is accepting the Atonement for ourselves.

What does that entail?

Understanding that the belief in separation from God was something that the Son of God did and that there is only one Son, therefore there is only need for one all-encompassing forgiveness that would undo the error. This would be a forgiveness that of necessity would wash over all of the consequences of that belief as well.

It is true that all our troubles do not immediately disappear so there must be another way to look at the world and those who are suffering. It will take a willingness to believe and trust this to be so, and then a willingness to listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction in that. This is what I have experienced in preparation for this post.

Because God IS it is His way of looking at things that we want to grasp. We are a part of Him. We exist within the Mind of God therefore our Will is as His is, we have simply allowed ourselves to forget that.

We are establishing an acceptance, if you will, of our own being and how to experience it in a way that blesses the Whole, even as God has done for us.

Understand that God does not give away anything that brings Him loss. He gives all and He receives ALL back from His Creation.

Is that not so incredibly different than what we believe about our existence?

And yet, that is exactly the way that our giving works as well because we are of Him.

You may see situations you are not able to fix but let’s not think of them as “broken”, let us consider them a part of the Universal Plan to bring all into the understanding of the Atonement and ultimately back into full awareness of God.

As we bring this goal into our awareness and acceptance the challenges will diminish and ultimately depart.

That is not an invitation to go out and find ways to hurt people or make excuses for doing it!

This message is for those who see the suffering of others that they can do nothing about and thereby are subject to the temptation of depression and despair because of it.

I am learning right along with you as I prepare these posts. I pray that they may serve humanity and the entire Sonship of Christ in some small way.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Some Random Thoughts About Living In the Atonement

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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I thought someone on Medium might enjoy my ramblings to my ACIM group. 😉 😀

Photo by BROTE studio on Remember who you truly are and Who created you!

Quantum contextuality rules out the idea that when you observe something in the world it is just the way it would have been had you not been there. This means that reality as we understand it is only our impression of our surroundings and maybe nothing more.

Could that be why Jesus says the world is an illusion in A Course In Miracles and maybe that is why we need to step into the mindset of the Atonement so that we can bring ourselves into a new reality with the assistance of God by way of the Holy Spirit?

The Atonement would knock the foundation of all of our present thinking completely off the spectrum while at the same time finally giving us the only true foundation we can stand on.

In so doing it would establish the rights and freedoms of ALL, including earth and all its parts and inhabitants. It would include all space, time, and dimensions as well.

If only in Time does one appear to win battles, it could be that Forgiveness of the belief in separation and its consequences is how we win the war that has never been. I am thinking maybe I am willing to forego the battles to win the war that never was.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Father’s Light is the ONLY Truth!

It takes understanding the present moment and that there is only Now to enter the Atonement. Once there, we are guided by the Holy Spirit who sees all past and future within the illusion while directing us to our true state of Now which is everlasting life.

Would it not stand to reason that the Holy Spirit might show us both past and future within the illusion to assist us out of the confusion?

Could this be how we allow the Holy Spirit to be the judge and our guide in each circumstance or situation? That is, once we have accepted the Atonement (the undoing of separation) and allow the Inner Voice/Holy Spirit to guide us.

Would not, using tactics to overcome fear be making fear real, rather than the releasing of it which comes with the Forgiveness of the error of separation?

I appreciate discussion but I will not quarrel. I like to think that we all have the same desire here. To understand the meaning of Jesus’ words in ACIM so that suffering can be removed from humanity and healing might come to the earth and all of the Sonship of Christ.

I personally hold the idea that the physical world will exist for yet millions of years and that all physical matter that now believes that death is its end will come to understand that everlasting life is its creation and joy. I would like to be a part of that by bringing the peace that I have found within the Atonement to the earth.

The other morning I was walking on a gravel road just after sunrise and I spotted a pink twinkle. I had to back up and look at it again several times. For a bit, I thought maybe it was a sugar crystal from a piece of Trix cereal it was so florescent and disappeared when I approached it.

On further inspection, I discovered a small stone less than a dime in diameter and maybe a quarter of an inch deep that had some sort of crystal that put out that brilliant pink sparkle is only seen when the light struck it at a certain angle.

It made me think of walking with the guidance of the Spirit and how when we know ourselves to be Christ and worthy of Father’s assistance, He will show us things that are not obvious to us when He is not given our full attention. In that moment the sun’s rays seemed to be God sharing His Love and affection with me and reminding me to pay attention and trust His Love, affection, and attention towards me.

Much love and affection, till next time, God bless, bye for now.

A Universal Recognition of Christ Will Change the World

This is not religion this is about creating a level playing field for ALL.

This is not about do’s and don’ts. It is about forgiving an impossible error and seeing ourselves as the wounded and confused Children of God that we are.

Then letting God assist us through the Holy Spirit to until we can stand united as the Christ and none are left out.

Trust me, the Spirit only needs a willingness that it be possible and He will lead us the rest of the way.

I believe in God, and in the confusion of humanity and the world as we know it. I look to truth wherever I find it and trust the words of Jesus foremost because he has always been by my side since I was a small child.

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons (c)6 min read

This is a card reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! which I published in 2019. (Actually, it is two. I found one I had not recorded in my book and tossed it away thinking it was not that big a deal but the Holy Spirit would not let it go. I guess if He was willing to help me pull the cards He wanted the message shared. Interestingly, two of the cards were the same and so I doubly took the understanding that these things are valid and important to Father.)



Receiving your Atonement for and on behalf of Christ is your primary responsibility.

It is interesting to me that I should put it that way.

Christ is who you are and entering into the Atonement today acknowledges that.

It surprises me that A Course In Miracles has been on the planet for nearly 50 years and people still do not have a real grasp on this!

Now, you do not have to have all the answers or be able to define anything to someone else’s satisfaction.

You just have to trust that you are the Son of God and that He will take care of you.


We each are born with gifts of the Spirit. One is faith on another’s faith. We all share this faith ability for Jesus’ witness of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
That is true. It is in each and every one of us. We have all covered it up to some extent or we would not be here.

Some of us have certain roles in the Universal Plan that Jesus and many other ascended masters supervise that require they not recall that witness while in the flesh but these are relatively few.

The Holy Spirit waits inside of you. It is that part of you that knows you are loved by your creator because your creator is Love.


The world of separation promotes privacy to a fault. Do not misunderstand, we each need our private time. And small groups are a form of social existence. The challenge comes when the social group or identity supersedes our identity with Christ which is the whole of all that is and who you are.

If we are not secure in the Atonement and witness that we are Christ, we are subject to manipulation by those who will use us or be used by us. This is why so few have any idea of what freedom really is.


God will not force anything on humanity. Likewise, once we are willing to receive nothing can be held back.

I wrote a poem this week and this message reminds me of the last line: “… Father’s Hand has no strength to defy the will of the Son to crucify.” This is what we do when we support the concept of separation.

Father waits patiently for us to come to Him.

He will not coerce even though he gently calls us to remember our will could only be His.

Here is the poem. I almost did not include it but Spirit said otherwise:


I thought the secrets of my childhood were the worst.

The ones that I hid in the fold of my never-ending thirst for acknowledgment and a place to stand free from attack from woman and man.

But alas, it is in my winter years that my heart cries

more wretchedly as I see the grandchildren face

the same tragedy

that no door can hide no threat conceal.

Yet silent I remain for I have traveled that path

and know that the only place of resolution is within

the self and a safe haven, the world does not provide.

To seek for help only brings another secret to contain

and so I go within to that which knows this is not our

place of refuge.

Where heroes fall like flies on a bitterly cold day

and safety mocks the child who shudders in the

hallways of life waiting for the blow or assault that

testifies of their vulnerability even among those who

profess to love and provide.

How long Son of God will you hide?

How long will you not see your own divinity?

How long will you live in shadows, secrets, and regrets?

It is you I call because Father’s Hand has no strength to defy

the will of the Son to crucify.

I hope you liked it. It carries more info than a thousand-page book could.

And who does the Son crucify? Himself. You and I, as a part of the body of Christ, do just that and we do not have to. We can choose to recognize who we are and call on the power of God to bless us individually, and as a whole.


In the Atonement, we see others as ourselves and we seek to lift them and support them as we are able.

Whereas, the belief of separation has us using people’s situations and emotions as ways to enhance our own lives and comfort.

That means in the Atonement we can be real to what is going on in the moment and address it.

Simple as that. No need for expectations nor dredging up of past trauma.

That is, once we all get on the same page!


A repeat of the challenge that comes when the social group or identity supersedes our identity with Christ which is the whole of all that is.

Christ must be born in the minds of humanity. He must be recognized as the Self, forgiven for believing even an instant in the possibility of separation from God, and then offer thanks to the Father for His existence and sustenance by listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

That really is the bottom line, people.

It will happen because it is who we are.

Why should we delay our blessings?


Illnesses of mind and body afflict us when we close our eyes to our own spiritual being or that of another. It happens in families and societies all the time.

This is the consequence of NOT acknowledging the Christ that we are.

What can happen is apathy, and then a real loss of memory and function occur.

Do be careful to not point fingers and lay blame at the feet of another because someone is ill.

They may be fulfilling an ancestral torment where a trauma was not resolved by their forefathers. They may be sharing their witness to those who care for them in a way that they will remember who they are. Or they may be part of the ones who are sent to teach that human suffering is not a part of God through the appearance of the opposite.


Here is another repeat card, taken from a different angle: God will not force you anywhere but once you are willing He will bless us beyond our wildest imaginations.

What blesses us blesses others, even the whole. Just as our refusal to see Christ and consider ourselves separated has an impact on the world.

This is not a matter of choice and ideology. It is basically aligning with the energy of who and what you are. A Child of God, actually, the Child of God with many parts and one whole which encompasses all that is seen and known and infinitesimally more that is unseen.



We can create a new world simply by putting Christ at the forefront of our minds. Of course, we need to understand that this is all that is in creation, seen and unseen.

And that there is a Creator who brought this all to pass and all He desires is our awareness, attention, and gratitude, which He also extends to us so freely.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

It Really Is All About Me; Not the Ego, the Divinity That I Am

Each of us needs to really understand what that means.

From my weekly card reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! A continued journey of understanding core principles within A Course In Miracles and a lifetime of study of the teachings of Jesus.

Before I start I want to share some impressions from a nine-minute clip about poignant statements from Robin Williams. Please watch it, it is profound.

Photo by Armin Lotfi on Unsplash INSANITY PERSONIFIED 

He said you lose your ego and see “something far greater than yourself”, and that connections were very important. He spoke of performing to avoid talking about what was really troubling him. 

I love his work in Awakenings and I believe concepts there are key to what I am trying to share here.

Until humanity has a reason to believe in its divinity and eternal existence we will settle for confinement and self-imprisonment. If a connection to self is not sufficient to our psyche to meet all of its needs we will continue to search outside ourselves for gratification and come up short.

My heart breaks for this man. It is my belief that he could not figure out a way back into himself and his true identity. Basically, he had externalized his existence through his thought system, which as a society and a race, we really handed to him and fed to him throughout his life.

Robin William’s life continues to fascinate and teach me. When asked what his legacy would be he said he did not know and that maybe it would be that he tried different things. 

What I know of him, he was a very earthy man, meaning he was caught up in the experiences of life. He believed in God and lifting others but he was well-grounded in the desires of the body and seemed to feel that was where life was to be experienced. (IE in and through the body.)

Robin spoke of channeling the comic genius he magnified but where was his grounding that connected his spiritual and physical identity?

I do not wish to denounce the body, (nor dishonor Robin in any way) rather I would suggest that we want to use what the body experience shows us, via our feelings, to understand what we ARE in our true essence as eternal beings. This way, the body will benefit and cause the spirit to blossom and vice versa. 

With that, I offer you this reading:

There is a Plan prepared. No force will be used and there are many paths. We cannot choose to escape the experience; only the timing is of our choosing.

It can seem emotionally like we are going to die once we get on the path because of the things that we will see or experience but I assure you that you will not die and that you are better off accepting truth now rather than leaving this life without doing that because you will just get to come here and do it again.

That may seem harsh but what is the alternative really? It is only a delay and additional distress.

If you accept the truths in this lifetime at least the next time you come you will be in a better position to move humanity’s consciousness forward.

And what about getting to a place where we do not return? 

I cannot feel really good about that because we do not get over the trauma of belief in separation from God without each other and once we have discovered the truth we can return as fully aware of our oneness and help others on their path. 

The suffering of this life is a perspective. Pain is a temporary manifestation of the confused mind. I would like to think that I would want to return to assist the release of bondage to the belief in separation from God.

You teach others who they are by honoring yourself.

As you treat yourself with kindness and affection you are showing others that they too are worthy of kindness and affection.

I know it is called being selfish by the world. Especially those who claim to be highly religious but being true to you defines your place in the Atonement and it establishes a foundation for you to trust yourself, and your Heavenly Father’s provisions.

I have recently wrestled with this, and something that helps me is the mantra No Guilt. Raised as a female and a Christian, guilt was what I grew up on. 

What has really brought it to a head for me is my fight with food addiction. I know that I eat for emotional reasons and that feeling guilty or feeling used, which is extending guilt to someone, is at the base of my issues. 

I have hit that fork in the road that says you can either continue to abuse yourself and let that wreak havoc and take your time while in this body, or you can turn it over to God and do what you have been given the power to do in this lifetime. 

One step at a time I will do my best to walk my talk and talk my walk. 

God IS

I put in another card this week because I had not included this and it is a concept that is just too huge to ignore.

It is the core of my faith. My one truth that I would give up anything else to support.

In the temple of Latter-day Saints, we are told there is one truth that all else falls under and this is the truth I choose.

Yes, I choose.

I choose to deny even my own being if it defies the reality of God IS. And believe me, in the eight years that I have been aware of the Course material that reality has been presented many times because of the way that the founding personalities of the Course material presented it. (I am not of a mind to agree with them but God IS aces anything else, including my existence. *What I believe is that God IS because We ARE, meaning Christ IS. It works synergistically from what I understand today.)

I know how the Holy Spirit works and He will not do what is feared and I perceive that the core group who brought us ACIM feared what the Course contained by their own recorded and documented admission. 

Now, I am not about to begrudge their work because the material would not be available if not for them. But I will not hold to their interpretation of the material and will seek my own understanding from the Holy Spirit as Jesus counseled in the Course.

God IS was also written on a scroll that Helen saw in one of her dreams and the way she described it was that it defined her ability to take on the role to bring us A Course In Miracles.

To the left of the scroll were things past and to the right things future and she chose to accept the declaration of the center, God IS. She had passed the test. Much gratitude!

His Story

This is not ACIM truth that is talked about by others but it is what I understood in the first couple of times that I read through the Course after 40 years as a Christian studying the words of Jesus.

I do believe in an individual identity for each of us. And I believe that identity continues to expand and grow though I am not so sure it is through what we see as physical bodies. 

In other words, our creations may have more to do with our ideas and hopes rather than creating another ego vessel to perpetuate the story of guilt and punishment on the Son of God.

His Story is what I refer to as the roles that the Christ-Ego who is sending us on field trips of destruction to manifest the consequences of our belief in separation from God. Given to the Holy Spirit, they are sanctified and blessed with all that the Father has as creations of His Son. This is my understanding today.

Christ — Ego, yes, that is what I mean. I know that Christ in His Highest Self is whole but there were many thoughts or creations that He had that got the message that they were separate from God and quite frankly, a lot them do not want to give that up now. Pain is addictive. Power, even if it is a mirage, is addictive. 

Jesus says that there is a part of each of us that knows who we truly are and that we come from the Love of God. 

Our “creation”, at least in part, seems to stem from choosing to recognize this even while we are playing out this Story about separation. In other words; we must choose to exist, and it begins with accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ which is forgiveness of Christ for the belief that He could be separate from God and then following the promptings of the Holy Spirit as we are led out of our confusion.

This will be done individually and as a whole as well because we do not heal by ourselves.

It really is all about me, my Divine Indentity as a Son of God. Instead of needing to fix others’ problems and not caring for my needs, I want to listen to my own inner voice and allow the world to be healed along with me.

May the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten each of us.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now. 

Being Different From the Pack Is Good

You are changing the world. 

Remember I am a student first. I teach what I understand to learn more. My word is not the last, listen to your own internal guidance system. This is one way I internalize and externalize the Course:

(A ‘card’ reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! which is a book I wrote explaining Course principles as I understood them then. This reading helps me continue my understandings.)

How you look at yourself and others gives you the world you live in.

If you see yourself as separated from God you will see the illusional world which is based on fear.

If you have accepted the atonement and understand that separation from God is impossible you will see Christ, the Son of God, in other words, that which God created.

Seeing Christ, in yourself and others, who is confused and bewildered is a lot different than believing that there are others who are seeking to harm you.

Now, let me be real here; while in the state of mind of the illusion which is outside of the atonement or undoing of the original error of belief in separation from God, they ARE seeking to harm you and themselves.

When you accept the Atonement and follow the Holy Spirit He will show you things in the world that you may not want to see BUT He will also put a love in your heart for those who are confused.

Photo by Daisy Anderson on

Like a Halloween costume, this is not truly harmful but it certainly can feel like it while we are in the world of the physical. And, yes, people can hurt us in a million ways on many levels.

What a person who has the atonement understands is that it is not “real” in any eternal sense and it cannot affect us beyond what we allow it to.

Does that mean that we are to put up with or allow injustices in the name of Christ or kindness? I have found no reason to believe that. Even though, Christianity and many other thought methodologies have taught this.

I am currently in the throes of experiencing what it is like to take care of myself as a Child of God with the understanding that I do not have to allow myself to be in a place where: I feel uncomfortable, demeaned, unappreciated, or of no worth because this is not the opinion of MY FATHER and His Opinion is the ONLY ONE that Counts!

We each bring something significant to the Sonship during Time (IE. the illusion) and that is the ability to forgive and to be a channel for God’s Love.


Being different is okay. It is unique to the Universal Plan (or Time) and will not be seen once all have accepted the atonement. Not because we will not have diversity but because we will have the baseline understanding that we are God’s Son and that gives us a common foundation and reference place of identity which we do not have within the illusion.

All-time is NOW and in this NOW (present moment) we have the ability to create a new world.

Time is identified by errors of the past and punishment in the future.

The atonement that Jesus would have us partake in removes the past and the future, AND puts us in touch with our unique relationship with the Father as His Son.

****This gives us access to our only true power which is God’s Love for His Son.****

Being in the NOW means being true to you, not ignoring all else. 

Time is given to remove the belief in separation, betrayal, and punishment which is why I believe this is the “unveiling” and not “life”. However, I do believe that within the Atonement one may experience everlasting life while in the body because they will understand that they are not the body. **Doing this without acknowledging the Father is not the same thing because it is the Father’s Love that gives us our eternal life. 

Humanity did not “create” Love. To claim one has love without acknowledging the Father is to denounce your birthright and power as the Son of God.

To take the teachings of Jesus as meaning that you are to be silent to injustices that are found within the illusion is really a slap in the face of God. In my humble opinion. 

Being different from the pack is good. Especially when you have yourself firmly established in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

*I use the name Jesus Christ with honor and respect because he was the first to remember that the Son had not separated from the Father and I am grateful for his willingness to be faithful and teach us this vital information.

I have forgiven him the belief in separation, very possibly even its origin, and gladly receive the Atonement and everlasting life in God, the Father.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Mental Illness Can Be So Subtle

I have known someone since birth and it is only 45 years later that I see what I cannot undo.

Try as I might to be kind and extend love it is sent back to me as an attack that I can no longer “not see” and that others close to her refuse to see or address.

Photo by Yan Krukov on Mental illness is the costume we wear on our ego that hides the divine identity of Christ within each of us.

I do realize that I have no choice but to continue to be knifed or walk away.

In my walk of life, I see atonement (undoing of the belief in separation from God and one another and its consequences) as the only thing that can redeem any of us.

Struggling with these behaviors (that I had thought were chemical abuse issues for all these years) had me very prepared spiritually and emotionally to receive the message of A Course In Miracles.

I believe that the awareness of these attitudes and the harm they can do is a sign that Christ (all that is) is waking up and realizing that this is not who He really is.

The belief that we have any real identity as a body is a false trap because our spiritual being is lost or at the very least caged.

I am grateful that I can use all situations and circumstances as a reflection on the one relationship that truly matters or even exists and that is the one between myself and my creator, call Him what you will.

The Inner Voice that we each have access to, which I call the Holy Spirit, guides me step by step to know what I can do and I have to say that I am gaining more and more evidence that to do nothing is correct. While trusting that the Holy Spirit will reach them when they are ready.

I have to admit that I did “warn” the next generation, to the extent of telling him why I could not be close to his mother.

I have found that protecting myself has cost me the “facade of friendliness” with the rest of the family but I had come to a place where I could no longer ignore it.

Did my older child have it as well?

Was it brought about by the mind-games of the man I brought into their lives when I was young?

Who knows.

That does not matter.

The fact that we are meant to live in a state of peace and joy is significant and that many are waking up to this fact is a positive thing.

If I speak much more I will simply give those who will reason to cast stones and claim that I must have been the narcissist in the whole situation.

All I can say is that Father “waits” for us to understand that He is our source of all satisfaction. That we will each discover this one day I have no doubt.

Much love to all. And remember you can never truly lose anyone because we are all one. xo ❤

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

October Means a Lot to Me

My brother’s birthday and two of my children, then there’s Halloween.

Halloween was my eldest daughter’s favorite holiday as it is for many people nowadays.

Photo by cottonbro on

I love the cooler weather.

I am a sweater-weather girl. 🙂

It is the season for new beginnings for me.

I think that idea came from going to school with new clothes because I was the eldest and had grown out of the others.

There was the chance that this time I would meet someone that would tell me life was real here.

I never found that person though I would search for decades. In people, philosophies, religions, organizations, etc. I did not understand then that it was not to be found.

Today, I know better than to look outside to find comfort or peace.

I am grateful for that witness.

Inside is a Divine Voice that whispers, “You have value and purpose.” We all have it.

Finding it and learning to be willing to yield to it and trust it is the greatest gift I could give to anyone, ever!

I offer this, my testimony, that there is a divinity within you that will guide you to the Atonement once you are willing to “look and see” beyond the horrors that your spiritual eye will show you about the world.

Even the moments of respite and those who seem to have it all together or “the perfect” life live in an illusion of smoke and mirrors.

I do not say this to take away your faith and hope but to shed light on the faith and hope that we have in the Atonement’s forgiveness and awareness that we have never left the perfection of our creation.

I testify that there is a God who knows us and loves us and is capable of washing away all of that which is not of Him and He resides within you, not as you alone but as all that is and MORE.

He is more than all of us and yet needs us as much as we need Him. That is how great and perfect His generosity of creation is.

If a human were that vulnerable he would be crushable because of free will, but the Entity that created the Son endowed Him with all that the Father is as there is nothing else that could be.

The Son only thinks that His Will could be something different than the Father’s but someday He will understand it is not possible.

I live within the witness of the Atonement and in the reality of new beginnings every day.

I know that despite the clouds and fog that come with (the separation) fall (pun intended) that God is aware and everything is proceeding in its path for the benefit of all creation.

This is my witness, in the name of Christ, the Holy Son of God and all that is, amen.

Our Weaknesses May Be Our Greatest Gifts In This “Time of Unveiling”

What else guides us to our destiny and voice in this time of existence?

The messages are a bit more personal this week and maybe could be considered “heavier” than previous readings. Then again, it is perhaps just me and where I am in my learning.

Remember, I share these things as I feel directed by the Holy Spirit at this time. Please use responsible reflection and listen to your inner guidance system while we seek greater light together.

We each had gifts given to us from the beginning of time.

Your gift may be tenacity, curiosity, or a talent to be used in the physical world found in any of the arts or sciences of humanity or any sort of “being”.

They give you a specific perspective and language to share the message that those living in the physical world need to hear which is the Atonement and that this is not “life” but a time of “unveiling”.

The gifts also place you in the vicinity of those you have agreed to reach in accordance to the Universal Plan that Jesus, and many other ascended masters have established for the restoration of the Son to full awareness of who He is.

I believe that a key gift of Jesus’ was that of having a direct memory of being in the presence of God with the Whole Sonship. This is why we may exercise faith in his witness of the truthfulness of Christ AND the Creator who is Father of All That Is.

Jesus also has the willingness and ability to be aware of the whole Sonship and each of its parts completely without judgment, while exercising patience and urgency at the same time. This may be key to why he was able to accept the Atonement and the role of sharing it with the whole Sonship.

One of my signature traits is the ability to be a “people person” while at the same time not having the “adhesiveness” that allow me to be connected to anything here. I used to consider this a flaw but today I see it as the spiritual gift it is.

I would 

have written this in a negative way in the past and there are enormous libraries filled with books on how to correct this gift. But it has allowed me to be very altruistic and inclusive in my affections.

Granted, it has its negative connotations in the physical world because my ability to see the best in people has made me a target for words, and behaviors, like slut and whore but hey, I would not have had it any other way.

Today, I understand that union cannot be found in the physical and it is often used for bondage and attack, instead of peace and comfort.

I suspect that each of our gifts can be used to lift humanity or to enslave it. It is the Atonement alone that decides which direction it will be. I understand that this is a strong statement but I stand by it.

It is my understanding that when Christ fully wakens, each of us will have access to all of the gifts, for we each have been endowed with all that the Father has.

Photo by Monstera on


This is what I have referred to as one of the three temptations. The other two being power-hunger or bullying and depression.

Addiction covers a great deal more than just injected substances.

Behaviors and even attitudes can be addictive, not to mention habits or simply “getting in a rut”.

My perspective on addiction is that it may not be an inherently negative thing and may well work as a glue of sorts to that which we truly desire which is the presence of God.

In this world of illusion where we feel we are separated from God, however, that which draws and attracts is used as a tool of the ego to attack, bind, and torture the individual which affects many others since “no man is an island”.

In my experience of watching addictions, it would appear that you never really get rid of them, you simply trade them for a different or newer model. A drug addict may become addicted to a healthy lifestyle which we call good or advancement or better.

Yet, it does not matter where the addiction shows itself, if the adhesive pull is not to God, the Father and Creator of All That Is, it is wasteful to the eternal life of the Son.

I mean no disrespect to families but if your goal is to simply populate an existence that defies God, aren’t we missing something?

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

PTSpD, Post Traumatic Separation Disorder, will not leave you.

It is part of the witness that life, as we understand it as separate from God, is a mistake.

With the Atonement in your life, it becomes understandable and bearable, even something to be thankful for.

How can we expect to be living in a place where we are separated from that which gives us “life” and not be dissatisfied or distressed by that reality?

See it for the blessing that it is by understanding that it can be used as the fuel to motivate the will to receive the Atonement. Which will bring about the undoing of the original error of belief in separation from God through absolving forgiveness for what must surely be a hallucination in the mind of the Son of God.

The Holy Spirit is the one that sees PTSpD and will carry the burden for us, especially once we accept the Atonement.

This has been one of the largest blessings and revelations of my life!

The Holy Spirit is able to see the dark and still remember the light and truth. It is no burden for Him because He knows there is no truth in the dark.

The Holy Spirit will carry the weight of sorrow when you are willing to open your eyes and see what we are really doing in the world to one another and not make excuses or justify that which tears down the light and spirit of any individual.

We do need to ask Him to do so, however. (I had to ask Him to help me carry the weight of the cries that I could hear in my soul of those who were being molested in neighborhoods near and far.)

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is brought about by traumatic experiences that leave us ruminating in the terror of what occurred. It can manifest in ways that are obvious, such as night terrors, where we relive the trauma and leave us feeling as if we have no way to remove ourselves from it.

Likewise, PTSpD affects our experiences. This is the cause of the sense of humanity’s belief that we are vulnerable and able to be harmed. It is behind all of humanity’s fear. And humanity’s belief in its need to defend itself.

Even with A Course In Miracles being around for nearly fifty years we still do not understand that there is a God.

So ingrained is our belief that we have betrayed Him that we have denied His very existence and fight it with every kind of strategy the confusion of the ego can devise.

The Atonement is the only sure answer because the Atonement acknowledges God and our relationship to one another. Among the students of ACIM, there is a tendency to acknowledge the oneness of humanity and even all creation while denying the existence of God, Himself.

This needs to change.

God will not be denied.

What more can I say?

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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