Universal Reading 19 August through 25 August 2019 The Real Action Is Inside

Using Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Six of Thought

Peaceful times after hard work. The storms have passed. Do you believe this? Are you willing to let go in your thoughts of challenge and despair? Are you willing to travel to new and harmonious thoughts of being? This is our opportunity.

Helper of Action

You have spent a lot of time preparing for this time. It is now an opportunity of action. Smile and enjoy yourself along the way.

Creativity and Abundance

Another call to action! It is a time for using your instincts and creativity and being who you where meant to be. We are still a part of the linear world so action is required. Follow your passion.

Nine of Abundance

Embrace the prosperity that you have. Nine, the number of completion. Find that spot that has no past and no future and enjoy the meaning of NOW.


Bask in the moment and know that you have arrived.

If action is to be taken, do it with a smile and knowledge that you are doing exactly what you are suppose to do, in the moment.

Embrace the promptings and feel the abundance.

Know that your choices brought to pass the conclusion of a chanllenging time.

Remember that the real action or change is in one’s thoughts. See the Divine in everything. Welcome it. Embrace it. Give thanks.

May this serve to bless.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 30 Urtext ACIM pg. 28 and 29 We Must Claim Authority (Choice in Belief) Individually

*Please bring the Holy Spirit with you in prayer.

*I am so grateful for the depth of understanding that I am able to receive as I share my witness of the meanings of these words, as I understand them today.

37.A MAJOR contribution of miracles is their strength in releasing man from his misplaced sense of isolation, deprivation, and lack. They are affirmations of Sonship, which is a state of completion & abundance.

*By seeing everyone at the same place and on the same level we recognize our similarities and worthiness.

*This reminds me of what I saw in the LDS temple as people dressed in white and the typical differentiating things were removed. We appeared equally blessed and worthy. Here, the concept of worthiness, lies in obedience through personal choice to agreed upon behaviors and attitudes of a leader or Prophet, under the direction of Jesus.

*I suggest that in ACIM Jesus is trying to teach us that we each must take our own claim to being directed by God by following the Holy Spirit as we understand Him in the present moment.

*The Church struggles with this all the time as it seeks to organize multitudes within the context of the illusion. I believe that it is a vehicle as are all faiths and philosophies that lead us to understanding our own place within divinity. It is not to be judged or criticized, nor is it to be considered the “end all-be all”. It is a vehicle to help us arrive at a destination, much like the body is a vehicle and not the “Being” itself.

B’s (Bill) very proper emphasis on “changing your mind” needs clarification.

*This is where we individually claim our own authority.

Whatever is true & real is eternal, & cannot change or be changed.

*As mortals we do not think that this is such a good thing, we like diversity and thrive on change, but I think that we could chalk that up to the confusion of our concept of reality. This confusion can bring about the fear of our very extinction, which is impossible because we were created by a god (Christ) and we are in Him, as He is in the Father.

The Soul is therefore unalterable because it is ALREADY perfect, but the mind can elect the level it chooses to serve.

*The only reason there is a choice is because of the confusion when Christ thought He had separated from God at creation. The choice really is only when you will wake up to that fact and release the error.

The only limit which is put on its choice is that it CANNOT serve two masters.

*Which is everything! As pertains to how we interact with the world anyway. In scripture Jesus goes on to say for you will love one and hate the other, you will be divided in yourself and this is not of God. It allows for variability and not for true knowledge.

While the ballot itself is a secret one, and the right to vote is fully protected, voting ALWAYS entails both election AND rejection.

*This shows how decision is subject to the illusion and not eternity because eternal is not subject to change. Only to growth. Within.

If two candidates are voted for the same position, the machine cancels the ballot automatically.

This is necessary, because a split vote does not represent ANY REAL allegiance.

*Or cooperation.

*Interestingly, in the political arena of the day (2019, in the USA) we are undergoing a transition that is forcing us to look at what we believe individually and not just accept that what others say is correct for all.

Free will is the attribute of the mind, NOT the Soul.

*This is a very significant concept! I suspect that this individual consciousness. It has agreed with the overall plan for humanity and it is the part of the human experience that accepts or rejects unification. In other words, it is still a part of the illusion because choice is not necessary in the place that IS in God.

The Soul always remains changeless, because it never leaves the sight of God. The Creation of the Soul is already fully accomplished.

*In LDS doctrine, the soul is the body and spirit of the person. Here, Jesus distinguishes the Mind as well. Spirit is that which is in God and of God. This creation is then fully accomplished.

The mind, if it votes to do so, becomes a medium by which the Soul can create along the line of its own creation.

*This is the concept not so well understood by humanity, because we identify with the physical and with the sense of scarcity and unworthiness.

If it does not freely elect to do so, it retains this creative ability, but places itself under tyrannous rather than authoritative control.

*Authority has become a negative word for the 21st century, however we discovered in past studies that authority is simply choosing what one believes. If we do not elect to decide for ourselves what we believe. We will be subject to the false ego’s interpretations. This puts us under another’s rule.

As a result, what it creates is imprisonment, because such are the dictates of tyrants.

*Basically, we must choose to decide what we believe for ourselves, and take authority, or we will be left to the dictates of the false ego and its maze of confusion that keeps us off base. Sadly, we, as humans are very adaptable and seem to be willing to accept chaos rather than the peace God offers.

*Going back to number 37, it appears that the only way that we will truly be Whole or on the same level, is if we each take it upon ourselves to come to a definitive decision on our own. There can be no group decisions or led individuals, it is required that each person be their own authority/decision maker.

*It appears the eternal must be accepted by all unanimously. This is something you see in the Mormon church as well. Every 6 months the individuals of the church sustain the Prophet. And as positions are filled a unanimous vote is required to sustain people in their callings. This is a good metaphor or hyperbole for the illusion, but it threatens the very thing it is trying to achieve, which is solidarity among humanity because its sustaining is in the flesh and blood and not in eternal principal alone. Needless to say, the false-ego wants us to hold onto that which is of the illusion rather than to submit ourselves to the eternal and thus it feels, as Jesus says, like tyranny. Or for those who accept it, it appears to relinquish them individually from making a decision or being an authority of/to themselves.

Text is in bold. My comments are *’d. Please invite the Holy Spirit to this review. I am using the 2003 edition from Hungary. I share as I am guided by the Spirit at this time in my life with the intent to lift humanity out of chaos.

I pray this serves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 12 August through 18 August 2019 Risk Seeing the Sacred

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

The Grail Knight; romance, illusion, seeking the sacred

Humanity will seek for the sacred till it is found. You cannot hold it in your hand and give it to another person. You have to desire it for yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to show you where it is. He will show you that it is you in God, where you have always been.

The illusion is what we see because we believe that the body is who we are. When we seek to recognize the spiritual component of ourselves and each other we are given a clearer understanding of who we are.

Romance. Ah, romance. Is it illusion or is it more real than we currently believe? I suspect that it is a part of the illusion that gives us a glimpse of what is real and sacred. A bit of our true selves, in fact. I will not elaborate because it is a stretch from where we are today, but I do have reasonable reason to suspect this may be the case from many sources. 😉

The Eagle; spirit, integrity, connection to the angelic realm

The eagle flies over the storm and so he is not caught up in it. To escape the illusion we live in we have to be willing to reach for a higher truth than our senses are able to give us. We must use all of our resources. We must trust ourselves and use our intuition. We must know our addicted and frightened inner voice from the voice of Spirit that guides us to truth one small step at a time. He will not take us faster than we are willing. He will not lead us into fear.

I do suspect there may be spirits that would lead us into fear if we gave them the opportunity but that is where integrity comes in. And a sincere heart that reaches for truth wherever it finds it and applies it in everyday life. You will be warned when danger is near so do not ignore those promptings, hunches, or warnings.

We are all in this together and there is more to life than the eye of humanity can see. One small step at a time with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will lead you safely where you want to go.

And YES, angels await your request for assistance and guidance. Sometimes they can step in. More often they wait for our invitation.

The Hawk; omens, messages

Are you mindful? Are you aware? Do you keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration, guidance, warnings? This is the second card to remind us to be alert.

Nature is willing to lend a hand to the divine to communicate with those who are caught in the illusion. There are many signs in nature. It will speak to you in any of its many forms if you will but listen.

The trees have always shared so much with me. Their falling leaves told me a new day would come. Their strength and sturdiness told me I could weather the storms. Their roots told me I was connected to a whole that was bigger than I understood. Did they say these things with words? Of course not. It was said through a sensing, a feeling.

Your witness may come from the waters or from stones, or clouds. Perhaps your pets or the wild animals in your neighborhood. Let your mind be free and listen with the heart of a child; innocent and open to believing.


There is risk in action, is there not? There is risk in “thinking outside the box”. What will others think or say? Yet, what is the risk of not acting? Atrophy is death. Of which there is no such thing in reality but we can convince ourselves that there is.

Being “in the moment” is a risk. Being “present”. Feeling what is going on inside of us right now. Knowing what we are thinking, is it my thoughts or someone else’s. Do I want that thought to be a part of me or can I just let it breeze right on by and claim only what I truly want to identify with?

Being aware of all our senses; touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing, sensing/intuition, that gut feeling, a sixth sense that opens up another world to us. Isn’t that what we want. A world that is safe and magical. A world that has abundance for all of its inhabitants. Will you take the risk?


You are not mistaken in the idea that there is something more to being than what you understand right now. Do not be afraid to ask questions and expand your view.

You have assistance. Ask for help from the divine in whatever terminology works for you. And do not forget to fly above the storm. Do not get caught in the web of human trauma, or pleasure for that matter. Know that there is one truth for all and only in backing up and looking at the bigger picture can we begin to see it.

You came here to act and action demands risk. Walk in faith. Not fear. You come from God/the Divine/All that IS. Your light of courage will bless the world. Even when it seems your world is crumbling. And just because you may be doing well, understand that we are One and if one of us suffer, we all do. Thank you for being here and taking the risk. You are loved.

I pray this serves to lift and strengthen you.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 29 Urtext ACIM pg. 28 We Witness To What We Believe

We are connected one to another. Jesus is a part of this connection. We witness for each other as The Son of God.

You took a lot of notes on “Those who are ashamed of Me before men, them will I be ashamed of before God.” This was rather carefully clarified, even though the quotation is not quite right, but it doesn’t matter.

*King James Version reads: Mark 8:38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

*Remember that these are not the direct words of Jesus but the translation many years later and translation has to go through the translators view of the world. Do not get riled up over the verbiage “adulterous and sinful generation”. It is only referring to the fact that we do not know who we are as children of God/Christ.

*Luke 9:26 For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.

The important thing is that elsewhere in the Bible it also says “Those who represent (or plead for) Me to men will be represented (or pleaded for) BY Me before God.”
(Note: This quotation is also not the correct Biblical phrasing, but it IS what it means.)

Note that one who represents also “witnesses for.” The quotation thus means that you represent or “witness for” the authority in whom you believe.

*We understood last time that we are the authors of what we believe in and it is logical that this is what we live by.

Your witnessing DEMONSTRATES your belief, and thus strengthens it.

*Witnessing is portrayed in your existence. What you think, how you behave, how you speak, how you treat others, what you choose to do with your time, etc..

I assure you that I will “witness for” anyone who lets me, and to whatever extent he himself permits it.

*This Jesus can say because he knows of our “being”; our creation in Christ.

Those who witness for me are expressing, thru their miracles, that they have abandoned deprivation in favor of the abundance they have learned BELONGS to them.

*I cherish this as a promise. Today at 63 I am not serving the community in ways that I have done in the past. I would like to help those who cannot help themselves, but even there I have no desire to rush out, because I know that any action on my part brings out jealousy or self-recrimination on behalf of others and I do not desire that.

*Even in having friends or associates, it is so clear to me the pull and push that occurs as we are invited to enter into someone else’s agenda and made-up world. As you get older, no one is “alone” and “free”, it is not unlike that of when you are a child. If there is family or other organizations they belong to you become entangled in their agenda and assumptions, as well.

*I have found that I have greater peace and sense of connection with creation when I am in a meditative state of prayer and study.

*This issue will not be resolved until Christ is acknowledged and recognized. Whether we call him by that name or not. Even amongst believers fear directs behavior toward one another and not the recognition of Christ in each other and ourselves.

*The Miracle of seeing Christ where ever you go and in whom ever you encounter is a gift we give to one another as it honors the Oneness and Wholeness that we are.

Text is in bold. My comments are *’d. Please invite the Holy Spirit to this review. I am using the 2003 edition from Hungary. I share as I am guided by the Spirit at this time in my life with the intent to lift humanity out of chaos.

I pray this serves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 5 August through 11 August 2019 The Inner Voice Is Your Guide

Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Act: Charge forward. When we combine action with unwavering faith, the power of grace will meet our needs.

This one challenges me. I am wondering if action is really what needs to happen. I understand the concept of meditation also and stepping out of the acting world. Here is the counsel for this week. Act in faith and grace will meet our needs. One step at a time.

Vision: Pay attention. There are signs, symbols, and messages Divinely placed in our path to guide us in the right direction.

I did get some signs today. They suggested that I not be afraid to act as well. This life is still for experiencing. You have had challenges. Okay, but do not let that stop you from stepping out there and engaging with life again. Risk is less if your eyes are open and willing to embrace the moment.

Perception: See the past through the lens of grace. All that occurs is designed to support our spiritual evolution.

The lens of grace. Forgiveness, learning, I get it. It does get hard though to go out there when you get shot down on a regular basis. I almost feel like I can forgive best in my own head and heart all alone. People have been teachers to me throughout life. I have learned so much. And I do forgive in a healthier way now since I forgive Christ for the mistake that he had separated from God.

Soul: Practice good soul care. The quality of our outer life is always dependent on the quality of care we give our soul.

I wonder if sometimes the action that we need to take is to be kind to ourselves? This last card reminds me that we have a right and a responsibility to take care of ourselves. We do not have to excuse, justify, or explain to others why we are making the choices that we are, We simply have to quietly do as the Holy Spirit prompts us.


Act in faith.

According to the vision you have personally been given through those symbols and promptings that you recognize as coming from the Holy Spirit.

Have the lens of the forgiveness of the Son of God be your view upon the challenges that you have faced and even on the ones that you face today. It will clear a path as you move forward and give you comfort in the present.

Listen to the still small voice that guides you to know where you are safe and whole. That lets you know when you are going in the correct direction and when you are off base. Do not be swayed by the voices of peers or social norm. Just because millions may do it or think that way does not mean that it is right for you.

Act in unwavering faith and trust that the grace of God goes with you.

I pray this serves you.

In the name of Christ, Amen.

Day 28 Urtext ACIM pg 27&28 Author of My Beliefs

*This review is going to touch on some very significant things to me. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints authority was a BIG DEAL. I left the United Methodist Church because of my confusion and belief at the time of what authority really is.

*Webster-Merriam Authority power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior.

*By definition then, I feel that Jesus is teaching us “you are your own authority or author of what you believe”. Ponder this well, because it is not the normal rhetoric that we are taught.

*From the time we are children and beyond, authority is someone else. This comes from seeing the body as who and what we are, which Urtext ACIM teaches us is not so. This is one of the reasons why once humanity understands who and what they are, society as we now know it will have to change on every level.

B. & you need considerable clarification of the channel role.

*What I believe that Jesus is referring to here is Bill and Helen’s understanding of walking under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Put another way; how to accept guidance from the “unseen” in a world where, we believe, we can see through what we experience here alone.

*Thus, I believe that we put God as our guide and let go of the ego that holds us in the chaos of the illusion.

Look carefully at Mrs. Albert. She is working miracles every day, because she knows how she is.

*I believe that “how” was meant to be “who”. She will be referenced at the end of this reading. Please come back and reflect on this comment.

*And who is she? A child of God in full standing as Christ, as are each of us.

I emphasize again that your tendency to forget names is not hostility, but a fear of involvement or RECOGNITION.

*How many of us have that tendency and fear of either or both?

You had misinterpreted human encounters as opportunities for magic rather than for miracles and so you tried to PROTECT THE NAME.

*Magic is where the illusions take over and things are not seen for what they truly are.

This is a very ancient & primitive way of trying to protect a person.

*Suggestion: See all you meet with the surname Christ. It is Christ that carries the power and is our truth, because it identifies the Whole Son of God which we are.

NOTE: The very old Jewish practice of changing the name of a person who is very ill, so that when the list is given to the Angel of Death, the person with that name will not be found.

This is a good example of the curiously literal regression which can occur in very bright people when they become afraid.

*The “literal regression” is our tendency to define all that we hear and see by the definition of the physical “evidence” before us. Those who know the Holy Spirit know that there is more than physical to our existence.

You & B. both do it. Actually, it is a device closely related to the phobia, in the sense that (the narrowing of, *this was crossed out) they both narrow fear to a simple aspect of a much larger problem in order to enable them to avoid it.

*It seems, if we do not identify with the non-physical, that we believe we will be able to manage our fears. Fear is not a truth. It is false evidence appearing real. Fear and Faith do not share the same space.

*With the exception of fear of (or should I say “respect for”) the temporary damage that appears to be happening and is indeed felt here in the illusion, even as stated in the Course. Pain, which is an untruth, can be felt here in the throws of the illusion and will be until Christ fully awakens to who He is so we would not want to do that which causes fear or pain in the physical world, if we can help it. The Holy Spirit will not take a person into fear for instance, even if it is truth and for our own good. (So says the Course) We must relinquish the fear to allow Him to teach us and bring us into our Truth.

A similar mechanism works when you get furious about a comparatively minor expression by someone to whom you are ambivalent.

*Ambivalent: Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

*Goodness this sounds like what happens when I talk with my adult children! Very interesting. What a clarification for me. They may be fearful about their own identity and strike out at a word or minor behavior that allows them to express the fear, but never the issue.

*I love it when Spirit helps me understand things that have troubled me for so long. It doesn’t really bother me that it has been going on for so long once I get the answer. I think this is a bit of my witness of the irrelevance of time.

A good example of this is your response to Jonathan, who DOES leave things around in very strange ways.

*So Jonathan is a bit of a clutter bug?

Actually, he does this because he thinks that by minor areas of disorganization he can protect his stability.

*Have you known someone like this, who behave this way? Maybe the person feels over-whelmed by the personality of others and claims his sense of “being” in this way. That is what I am hearing Jesus say and it does make sense.

I remind you that you have done this yourself for years, and should understand it very well.

*Don’t we all have our ways of claiming our space or identity for ourselves?

This should be met with great charity, rather than with great fury.

*Wow. This touches my heart.

The fury comes from your awareness that you do not love Jonathan as you should, and you narrow your lack of love by centering your hate on trivial behavior in an attempt to protect him from it.

*We have creative minds don’t we. There is that inner person, that ego that hops around all kinds of things to keep us off balance and never really in touch with ourselves. So much of this happens on a subconscious level and even that which is on the surface becomes so habitual we do not question it.

You also call him Jonathan for the same reason (see previous

*To keep him at a distance. My stepmother did this with my name. It felt like a curse word to me for years. I was over 50 before I dealt with it head on and used the name Debra in my everyday life. It chewed me up pretty good as a child. I can see where she had her insecurity’s and we were not allowed to build a relationship naturally till much later in her life. (Just saying I can relate.)

Note that a name is a human symbol that “stands for” a person.

*Do not underestimate that statement. (The story of my walk as Christa-Ann where I took on a totally new name after my last divorce to establish an identity I felt good about, is an example of this.)

Superstitions about names are very common for just that reason.

*Such as the one of changing the dying person’s name to hide from the Angel of Death.

That is also why people sometimes respond with anger when their names are spelled or pronounced incorrectly.

Actually, the Jewish superstition about changing the names was a distortion of a revelation about how to alter or avert death.

What the revelations’s proper content was that those “who change their mind” (not name) about destruction (or hate) do not need
to die.

Death is a human affirmation of a belief in hate.

That is why the Bible says “There is no death,” and that is why I demonstrated that death does not exist.

*Hooray on all accounts! Remember that he is speaking to them from the platform of their current understanding of things and even though they are not at all “Christian”, they do have the fundamental understanding of how it has been taught through the years.

Remember that I came to FULFILL the law by REINTERPRETING it.

*This statement has significance. (I know, they all do right. Jesus is speaking after all!) We typically take the message that he came to fulfill the law to mean he paid for our sins. He paid the price for our infractions and wrong doing.

The law itself, if properly understood, offers only protection to man.

*The law was not meant to attack or restrict mankind.

Those who have not yet “changed their minds” have entered the “hellfire” concept into it.

*Did you hear that? You might look at which side of the question you stand. Let go of the fear and let the Holy Spirit guide you. You will “feel” the truth in your heart or gut, you may even get goose bumps.

Remember, I said before that because “nature abhors a vacuum”, it does NOT follow that the vacuum is filled with hell fire.

*Only God IS. How could hell fire be real?

The emptiness engendered by fear should be replaced by love, because love and its absence are in the same dimension, and correction cannot be undertaken except within a dimension. Otherwise, there has been a confusion of levels.

*I feel there is more here than I understand. The idea that love and the belief in its absence are in the same dimension I get. Could it be that he is telling us that we must come to this correction while here in the flesh instead of waiting for it to occur in some heaven we envision after this life? That would make sense to me.

*This has to do with my belief that suicide is not the way to go, because so much more can be done here in this dimension where the confusion has occurred. To correct our understanding in our own hearts and minds here on earth is very logical. Then what about those who do not do it here? I am open to the idea that they return for another life until they understand. (Yes, today I believe in reincarnation. Within the illusion anyway.)

pg 28
Returning to Mrs. Albert (not Andrews), she corrected your error about her name without embarrassment and without hostility, because she has NOT made your own mistake about names.

*She does not see interacting with others as a premise to Magic. Or the games of the illusion.

She is not afraid, because she knows she is protected. She made the correction ONLY because you were inaccurate, and the whole question of embarrassment did not occur to her.

*She has her connection with Spirit? She is grounded in Truth?

She was also quite unembarrassed when she told you that everything has to be done to preserve life, because you never can tell when God may come and say “Get up, Dave,” and then he will.

*She had grounded herself in the authority of God.

She did not ask what YOU believed first, and afterwards merely added “and its true, too.” The RIGHT answer to the SCT item is: When they told me what to do, I “referred the question to the only REAL authority.”

*I am not sure what the SCT stands for. but I can respond to the concept of the only REAL authority and that would be God, of which we are a part as His Son. And as such have the ability to see ourselves in this light.

*This is not to be confused with considering ourselves god and everyone else less than. It is to recognize ourselves as a part of the Whole that is One.

(HS note: If you ask somebody what he believes before you tell him what you believe, then you are implying that you will say what he approves. This is not “the real authority.”)

*WOW! Webster-Merriam Authority : power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior. By definition you are your own authority or author of what you believe. Wow! (And this is actually where I started this post.)

I had thought this would be a simple entry because it was so short. It turned out to have a lot of information for me that I want to reflect on as I consider events in my life.

I pray it may serve you as well.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 29 July through 4 August 2019 Regroup, Reflect, Remember

Animal Tarot Cards by RV

14 Balance Zebra

“By generating varying points of view, you can generate an extraordinary new idea! Compromise with others and collaborate to discover a better solution.”

We are diverse and unique with varying views, even though we, as a whole, are the One Christ.

We truly can bring the diversity together and create a new world for our children to experience.

One plus four is five suggesting some bumpy roads, but nothing that is not able to be worked out.

2 High Priestess Owl

“This is a time to pause and reflect, not to take action. Trust in your spiritual gifts, as nothing is hidden from your Divine intuition.”

Journaling is a wonderful way to clear out the cobwebs and see where you are emotionally. You will see when negativity is having too much influence. Make note of synchronicities and coincidences.

Put a “food for thought” passage on the back burner of your brain as you begin your day and reflect on any inspirational thoughts or ideas. Build your ability to trust your intuition by following it.

Two suggests a partnership, perhaps with our guides and guardian angels.

Seven of Winter, Magpie

“Caution will help you avoid the loss of valuables, including non-material resources (such as time or peace of mind). Be aware of the results of your actions, as well as what others might be doing behind your back.”

What about relationships? I know that the “in” thing is to just remove yourself from people. May I suggest that if you need to physically do so that you do not just “kick them to the curb” but that you Keep them in prayer and wish them well?

That being all connected is an interesting thing. We can never lose what is real and our belonging to one another as the Body of Christ is real. We can look at behavior or circumstance that we cannot accept as part of the illusion that will disappear when we truly understand who we are in God and as Christ.

In the meantime, you can trust that things may be tricky and you may not be able to get along with everyone. Healthy boundaries, while we acknowledge that we are One will be so helpful!

Seven suggests soul searching and possibly wanting more out of life. The illusion can make us feel that we are not all that we need to be or that we do not have all that we need to have and this is not the case. Be alert and then walk in confidence.

Queen of Summer, Swan

“This is a time of deep emotions and heightened intuition that you can trust completely. Be mindful you don’t ignore your own needs while caring for others.”

Here is our intuition again, as well as a caution to take care of ourselves while we show compassion and courtesy to others. Strong emotional intelligence can be graceful and beautiful. This may also remind us of the “ugly duckling” so that we do not judge ourselves too harshly and know what we have the potential to become.


Compromise and balance among all persons is a real possibility!

Pause and reflect. Write and allow yourself freedom of expression to reveal your Divine intuition. Or find the outlet that allows you to be in touch with your inner self.

Know you are still in the world of illusion and it will appear that things can go awry. Be alert and give it your best, knowing that others are confused here also.

Building your recognition of and relationship to the inner you is a terrific goal in the lives that we live daily in the illusion. Knowing our potential and that great emotion can be dealt with in a dignified and royal manner is a thing of beauty.

Life will seem to get gangling at times. Introspection and perspective can help us maintain a sense of dignity and grace as we remember the gifts that we can uncover as we remember who and what we are.

I pray this serves,

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 27 Urtext ACIM pg. 26 Know Yourself, Consider Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction

I do not like to quarrel with people and I will not debate or defend what I know. I follow the Spirit to find the Whole Truth. I use to think I could speak about it, but today I do not know. There are a lot of people out there “beating around the bush” and maybe humanity needs that for a while longer. I do know that as long as we are willing to accept suffering on any plane we will not be ready to accept what we are. I will just quietly live my life and grow in understanding till I am shown that I need to do something else. Fast or slow, humanity will not change the outcome because God IS.

36. Wholeness is the perceptual content of the miracle. It thus corrects (or atones for) the faulty perception of lack.

We now turn to the fundamental distinction between miracles and projection.

The stimulus MUST precede the response, and must also (determine) (influence) the kind of response that is evoked.

*i. e. Law of Attraction, you must be in the correct alignment to receive your desires.

The relationships of S and R are extremely intimate.

(The behavioristic terminology is because this part deals with behavior.)

Behavior IS response, so that the question “response to what?” becomes crucial.

Stimuli of all kinds are identified thru perception. You perceive the stimulus and behave accordingly. It follows, then, that :
As ye perceive
So will ye behave

(Hs raises point that Biblical language is hardly behavioristic terminology. Answer: No, but they needn’t be OUT of accord with each other, either.)

*Jesus is asking her to give herself a chance to see the Bible language in a different persective.

*We really need to back out of our boxes as we categorize things and look at the big picture. We will find that many of the worlds various teachings say the same things in different ways.

Consider the Golden Rule again. You are asked to behave towards others as you would have them behave toward you. This means that the perception of both must be accurate, since the Golden Rule is the Order for appropriate behavior. You can’t behave appropriately unless you perceive accurately, because appropriate behavior DEPENDS on lack of level confusion. The presence of level confusion always results in variable reality testing, and hence variability in behavioral appropriateness.

*It can be difficult for humanity to see their world from one lens. We want to see school in this window, work, in this window, family in this window. What a journey with the Holy Spirit allows you to do is to look with spiritual eyes on everything. This is what Jesus is showing Helen.

All forms of self image debasement are FUNDAMENTAL perceptual distortions. They inevitably produce either self contempt or projection, and usually both.

*In other words, we are not seeing ourselves as the Son of God, that we are. (Debasement is the action or process of reducing the quality or value of something.)

Since you and your neighbor are equal members of the same family, as you perceive both, so will you behave toward both.

*This is interesting and perhaps speaks of the personal opinions of Helen. Certainly, in the human condition (past and present) there have been those who do not consider all of the human race from the same family. (Could we say he meant of the same species etc., in other words we would not “typically” associate with another human as we would a worm or a fish.)

*Then again, he is saying it as a matter of fact that you and your neighbor are equal members of the same family. Very powerful statement, I suspect. It is sad to reflect on how humanity has too often, not caught on to or respected this truth.

The way to perceive for Golden Rule behavior is to look out from the perception of your own holiness and perceive the holiness of others.

*Isn’t that beautiful! Holiness is Wholeness, being one with God. What an entirely different way to engage with the world! It is fairly new to me, but it is rather freeing! My sense of responsibility and boundaries have really altered. I am currently in the process of integrating this concept/truth into my day to day life.

*It does give me a sense of comfort and wellness that is beyond anything that I have had before. This is because I do not feel responsible for how other people’s lives go. I am responsible to myself and how I think, and I assist and share where I can, but I am learning that we all create the reality that we are believing. Hence, I want to spend my energies believing and experiencing the grace and glory of God. As well as His abundance and protection.

*It is a marvelous adventure!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 22 July through 29 July 2019 Know Yourself

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by DV

Five cards came with this shuffle, instead of my usual four. I use the cards to hear beyond the veil the words that will most uplift and describe the Christ Consciousness journey at this time. I also use cards without judgement on their makers or their opinions when they made the cards or since. I share the knowledge that I have in the moment. I give all my understanding and compassion to the reading for a sickened world in need of realizing that it is not experiencing what is true.

God IS. We are in and of Him. He has no enemy. He has no opposition. He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-present. (all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere) Here I seek to assist with the wakening to the gentler dream where Christ meets Christ in forgiveness and fellowship. And so it is.

Law of Attraction

Some throw the baby out with the bath water as they walk away from what is not wanted. We want to be able to keep the good and let go of the bad. This is where healthy boundaries come in and when you must walk away do not discount the power of prayer on others, whether you consider them your enemies or not.

The Law of Attraction has been preached in the world for 40 years or so directly by the mouth of one who I consider to be of the spirit of Father Abraham of the Covenant of the Old Testament. I am speaking of Abraham-Hicks. It has permeated all civilized cultures. It is honoring the authority of God which is what Father Abraham did.

As a child of God you have the authority to speak on His behalf in your heart and mind. And what you speak will be. Or at least, seem to be. If it is troubling and threatening, it will be. If it is peaceable and harmonious, this is what you will experience in the future.

The point is to see only God and abundance in the face of any difficulty. To feel of the love, protection, and comfort that the Holy Spirit bears witness of because God IS. And anything that does not honor that is not real.

You have the power of God at the tip of your thoughts and tongue. What will you give this world? Hope or condemnation? You hold the power in your heart.


I have not done a lot of work with crystals. I have been gifted with a witness and blessing of how Mother Earth comforts and sustains her children. She has been there with me through so many very troubling times, when no human comfort was to be found. She sustains me today through the message of courage found in the trees and witness of the river and waters as they move as they are told by the energy of gravity and the moon.

Mother Earth longs to share her energy with her children. I try to sit barefoot 20 minutes a day or longer to allow the ions from the earth to cleanse and clear my physiology and psyche. She restores me. I invite you to partake of her nourishment and give thanks in all that you consume, no matter what it is. Thanks will bless it and alter negative vibrations within.

You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant

You are a child of God. What else could you be? You are a teacher and a witness of the Son of God as is all creation. You are gifted with intelligence that is able to recognize not only physical and social matters, but energies that are unseen by the five senses.

You will be guided and prepared for any many challenges or opportunities you will have. Do not ignore these promptings and guides. You are Divine, you are gifted. It would do you well to remember that all of God’s Children are likewise gifted so that you do not lose balance in your effectiveness.

We are sent here to learn how to work together to create and cleanse, to manifest and enjoy all that the Father hath. It does not come through loss to anyone. And great is the lesson learned that giving is receiving. Seek out gifts that lift and support life, growth, and abundance for all.

Clear Yourself

Currently Christ carries the weight of the remembered possibilities of the error of thinking one could separate from God and His blessings. Fear, tradition, and customs revisit this possibility. Each of us has the ability to let go of these things not only for our own personal walk in life but for those who have gone before us and are around us. Prayer, cleansing meditations, walks in nature do much to release these negative impressions that confuse and distress Christ as He is being lifted into a gentler dream that will find us healing the earth and her inhabitants.

Heal Away Addictions

Addictions are one of the three temptations Jesus showed us after his forty day fast. Addictions cause people to chase their tails like a puppy dog, distracting them from the purpose of their being, which is to testify of Christ. Not that anything can stop that testimony. The awakening of Christ will be delayed as long as addictions consume the thoughts and hearts of humanity. Do not guilt yourself. Take each moment as it comes and do your best with it. Clear away things, places, and especially thoughts that put you in the state of lack of control.

This is the key to the witness of the addiction: lack of control. Call on the angels and spiritual guides of the flesh or unseen. It is doable. And use caution with judgement of yourself or others. We each have a role to play in this plan of Awakening Christ. All of it is good. We know this because God IS.


As you see the negativity in the world, recall also that because God IS, negativity is an impossibility. Give thanks that it is possible to live in heaven today and not have to wait for tomorrow.

Mind your thoughts and create the world you want to experience. I see a world where Christ is acknowledged and forgiven and delivered from the cross as well as the past and the future.

Honor the Earth from which your body was made. Do not make her more real than the idol she was used to create, but give her space to nurture and strengthen you and to remind you that you have what it takes to embrace your destiny.

Listen to the signs that present themselves around you that show you that you are supported. Audio, feelings, visual, smells, taste, they all add to the symbolism that show you what you truly are as a child of God.

Let go of the negatives. Find ways to transmute sorrows and hatreds, not only for yourself, but for your neighbors, and your ancestors.

Assess your addictions. Change negative ones for positive ones. Seek balance. Do not let behavior or thoughts steal your power. Make sure they raise and magnify it.

Remember that changing the world means becoming the world that you want to see.

May the Holy Spirit shine on our willingness to understand and multiply our efforts one step at a time.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 26 Urtext ACIM pg. 25 and 26 The Miracle Shows the Son of God His Error

Please invite the Holy Spirit to your study. Thank you.

33. The miracle dissolves error because the Spiritual eye identifies error as false or unreal.

*To receive this witness we must have communion with the Holy Spirit, because is the one who shares this information with us. I am not saying you have to know who He is, just that without Him you do not get this witness. Of course, the witness of the innocence of humanity comes via the Spirit as well.

This is the same as saying that by seeing light, darkness automatically disappears.

*The light goes on and darkness is dispelled.

Darkness is lack of light. It does not have unique properties of its own.

*Darkness is a lack. Significant on many levels.

It is an example of the scarcity fallacy, from which only error can procede (proceed).

*In others words it is part of the illusion or the dream that Christ is currently caught up in.

(Truth is always abundant……Those who perceive and acknowledge that they have everything have no need for driven behavior of any kind. HS has other personal material related to this re pregnancy.)

*I am not sure that I connect the dots on the pregnancy comment here. However, it has been my observation that those who have an assurance of having their needs met are not frantic or fearful as are those who do not.

34. Miracles are a blessing from parents to children.

*As parents, in general, we see our children as innocent and teachable.

This is just another way of phrasing the previous point about “from those who have more to those who have less.”

Children do NOT belong to parents, but they DO need to share their greater abundance.

*When I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that my children where mine on loan from God was an easy concept for me to grasp. I gave them all that I was able to and then release them into the hands of God.

If they are deprived, their perception becomes distorted.

*This deprivation can take many forms; physical, psychological, spiritual and so forth.

When this occurs, the whole family of God, or the Sonship, is impaired in its relationships.

*And this has been happening since the beginning of time. In essence we have forgotten who we are.

Ultimately, every member of the family of God must return.

*This makes so much sense to me today. I use to believe that some could be left out, by their own choice for sure, but still… I have children of my own and I know that God would not lose one, not a single one. (And I have been put to the test on this many times over.)

The miracle calls to him to return, because it blesses and honors him even though he may be absent in spirit.

*I wonder if heart or mind could not be used along with the word “spirit”.

34. The miracle acknowledges all men as your brothers and Mine. It is a way of perceiving the Universal Mark of God in them.

*The Miracle truly becomes the lens through which we want to “see” the world.

(Tell B. that this is the true “strawberry mark” of Brotherhood. This is just a sign of special concern for him, because he keeps worrying about this.) You might add that his false idea about his own exclusion from Universal Love is fallacious in your terms, and arrogant in his. HIS real specialness does NOT stem from exclusion, but from inclusion. ALL My Brothers are special. He should stop interpreting this as “all except B.” This is ridiculous!

*Bill is the more spiritual of the two and he had been studying various things that confused him. Note: “HIS real specialness does NOT stem from exclusion, but from inclusion. ALL My Brothers are special.” You and me as well.

Tell him that the implied lack of love that his version contains is WAY off the Mark, and misses the level of right thinking entirely. He MUST heal his perception in this respect. He must work a miracle on behalf of himself here. (See the point about miracles as a perception corrector before he can effect miracles as creative energizers, which they are. (Tell B. that 50,000,000 Frenchman CAN be wrong, because the notion is too fragmented. What CAN’T be wrong is the Universal Sonship of which he is a part.)

*YES, all the world can be wrong, God is not.

God WOULD be mocked if ANY of his creations lacked holiness.

*Now hear this definition of holiness:

The Creation IS whole. The mark of Wholeness is Holiness, not holes. The Sonship has no holes anywhere.

*I love this definition of Holiness. That we are Whole. Let no one pull asunder that which God has joined. We are truly One. We may as well look for another way to see one another so that we are able to rejoice in who we are.

May this serve us as we walk with the Wakening Christ.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


(Please ask the Spirit to be with you. I claim no special gifts; these are my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments follow the asterisk. Text is in bold print.)

Universal Reading 15 July through 21 July 2019 Remember Christ In Each Moment

Loving Words from Jesus by DV Artwork by Greg Olsen

…I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Matthew 28:20

In this spread this card is the essence of where things stand and for the Christ Consciousness, the Whole, we stand united. Nothing can tear apart what God has joined and He has joined with His Son. His Son may think otherwise and even “see” otherwise for a time, but nothing changes the will of God.

There was a time in my study of A Course In Miracles that I felt we just did not exist, something like The Matrix where we were all just part of some dream or fantasy of The Son and He was elsewhere. Now I understand it is not that He is elsewhere, it is that He was confused about Himself and we now see things that are not there, such as separation, shame, guilt for which the body itself was created to manifest.

Page 33 of the Urtext of ACIM states that “The ultimate purpose of the body is to render itself unnecessary. Learning to do this is the only real reason for its creation.” Now I sense that both is truth. We do our children a disservice to teach them any other key role. How it is manifest I believe is as diverse as the numbers of bodies that ever have or ever will exist.

We can step out of that confusion as we forgive The Son for the error of thinking that separation from God is possible. We can see the confusion and the chaos it brings and know that it is not real. He is with us always, He being Christ. And Christ, being in the Father/God.

I suspect that at this time Christ as a Whole knows this. It is required, however, that each of us understand this individually. That will allow us to let go of time and its harmful effects. Then the world as we have known it will end and eternity will be ours in God. This will not be forced on us, but will come only as an agreeable choice.

…Ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full. John 16: 24

Jesus recognized Christ within himself. He identified so fully with the Whole Consciousness that his words, even today, often reflect that connection. This  verse begins “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name…” It is the name of Christ that we want to ask, for Christ is the Son, the Whole of Humanity that we acknowledge.

Verse 22 and 23 it read: “And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you. And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily , I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.”

Once we see Christ in ourselves and in one another we will have nothing to ask, because we will understand that we have all that the Father hath, because we are of and in Him.

I do not believe that this was understood by the disciples in Jesus’ time, or at least by those who translated the words of the disciples at this time.

Once you understand you are of Christ, you can turn your life over to the Holy Spirit to be used as a witness of Christ where and how He sees fit. Then your only request is “show me what miracle you would have me perform this day” because you understand that all your needs will be met.

…Blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it. Luke 11:28

Keep it? Live it. Remember it. Ponder its meaning according to how God interprets it, not how man interprets it.

“27 And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked. 28 But he said, Yea rather, …”

I suspect that Jesus was saying here that while the flesh gives us sustanence and appears to give us life, it is spirit that we are truly made of and is eternal and everlasting. Consciousness. Awareness. Recognizing the Son and the Father and Their oneness. We are greater than the physical bodies we occupy at this time. Of this I have no doubt.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Matthew 6:34

The verse continues “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”. You have heard the concept of be in the NOW. Be in the Present Moment. This is what Jesus was teaching. There is enough confusion in each day to distract us from who we truly are as the Son of God that if we will stay in the moment and in the presence of the Holy Spirit, actively seeking His direction we will be safe. We will have the best and be able to give the best that is required of the moment.

Remember here that the term “evil” is a translation. Also remember that meanings of words change over time and we are talking over 2000 years here. This is another reason why walking with the Holy Spirit is so important. He does not get caught up in fads or trends, he stays in God’s truth.


Christ, in His fullness, is with us always. Once we incorporate that into our “being” we are no longer of the world and hapless victims of time.

Ask to know His will and have the will to do it one moment at a time.

Blessed are they that allow the Holy Spirit to imprint the Word and Will of God on their hearts. Here they will continually testify of Christ.

Be in the present moment and listen to the whisperings and promtings of the Spirit. Act on the promptings, do not put it off for another day.

You will each receive your own advise and counsel from the words of scripture depending on where you are and what you are willing to hear. Do not be afraid to honor that. And what you do not understand “put on the back burner” of your mind and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal its meaning to you.

May this reading serve you and all of Christ Consciousness.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Right Thinking and Discernment, Day 25 Urtext ACIM pg. 25

  1. Miracles are examples of right thinking.

Reality contact at all levels becomes strong & accurate, thus permitting correct delineation of intra- and inter- personal boundaries.

*As the term, ‘intra’ means ‘within’, so the communication that takes place within a person is called intrapersonal communication. On the other hand, the term ‘inter’ means ‘between’, so when the communication occurs between two or more persons, it is said to be interpersonal communication. https://keydifferences.com/difference-between-intrapersonal-and-interpersonal-communication.html

*Delineation = the action of indicating the exact position of a border or boundary, or describing or portraying something precisely.

*Projection on the other hand blurs all boundaries. I am grateful for this sentiment because it establishes in my mind that boundaries are acceptable even in the Oneness that we are in Christ.

As a result, the doer sees the truth as God created it.

32. This is what meant by the point on “perspective adjustment.”A miracle is a correction factor introduced into false thinking by ME.

*Here I would say the ME is Christ, who is also the one who brought the false thinking into being initially, so it would be His to remove. Do not be confused here. The Christ is the Whole that is in each of us. Jesus is simply the identity he used here with Helen so she would have context for who she was dealing with.

*I have found as I have grown in this Course that The Christ is something that I am able to identify more and more. And as my false ego calms down or becomes quieter as I train my ear to the Holy Spirit I am not afraid of losing my identity as an individual and my joy is increased exponentially.

It acts as a catalyst, shaking up erroneous perception and snapping it into place.

This correction factor places man under the Atonement principle, where his perception is healed.

Until this has occurred, perception of the Divine Order is impossible.

True depth perception becomes possible only at the highest order of perceptual integration.

The Spiritual eye is the mechanism of miracles, because what the Spiritual eye perceives IS truth.

*This is revealed through the power of the Holy Spirit, connected to and referred to by many as intuition or insight, even gut feelings. When we justify behavior or make excuses for behavior of our-self or others we separate ourselves from this “sight”. Jesus spoke of it on earth, “He who has eyes let him see”.

The Spiritual eye perceives both the Creations of God AND the creations
of man.

Among the creations of man, it can also separate the true from the false by its ability to perceive totally rather than selectively.

*In the Mormon church I knew this as discernment. In my walk in the Course I find I must ask and wait for confirmation, but my instincts are proven correct more often than not. It is not always pleasant to be privy to such information. I hear this often among those who have had near death experiences who are able to see clearly the motivations of people and even know their thoughts. Without understanding the full benefit of the Miracle, they do not have the ability to “perceive totally” and this causes a distinct burden that some feel very heavy to bear.

*Perceiving totally has to do with recognizing Christ in everything and understanding that any chaos is caused by His confusion which is possible to correct.

It thus becomes the proper instrument for reality testing, which always involves the necessary distinction between the true and the false.

*Truth being that which is of God and the false being that which was brought about by the guilt and shame Christ felt when He thought He had separated from God, The Father.

*It sounds like Christianity doesn’t it. It is not though. Christianity is based on shame, guilt, punishment, sacrifice, death, and suffering. It is based on sin and separation. Truth does not have any of those things.

*Make God IS as the only truth you will accept and those other things simply have to fall away and the path for the recognition of the union of God and humanity is undeniable.

May this serve us as we walk with the Wakening Christ.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


(Please ask the Spirit to be with you. I claim no special gifts; these are my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments follow the asterisk. Text is in bold print.)

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