Universal Reading 14 October through 20 October 2019 Solitude Is Okay

Using Animal Tarot Cards by RV, Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Ace of Summer; Dove, The awakening of spiritual gifts and insights.

One on one this may be the first blush of love. To the Whole of Christ Consciousness I will focus on spiritual gifts. Though love is a spiritual gift that must be the foundation of all things real.

The dove represents peace and calm. The dove also represents the Holy Spirit, which brings us the gifts of the spirit and bears witness of truth. That peace in the midst of the storm tells you that you are on the right path.

The world is ready for this new beginning that will bring a more abundant life for all. Do not be afraid to walk your own life. There is no shame in this, contrary to what the world tells us.

Ten of Spring; St Bernard Dog, Working too hard, enjoy life.

These challenges are not brought on by happy events. We have been working on things that are unproductive. Maybe we are trying to change others. Or trying too hard to “fit in”.

Ten is the finish of something. Maybe we are more willing to look at the lives that we have and ask ourselves if this is what satisfies us. Take a long bath with some apple cider vinegar and indulge yourself. Times of relaxing and simple tasks can be where Spirit is able to get out attention.

Reach out for help if you need it. Find the joy in the cloud, its there.

7 The Chariot; Arabian Horse, Balance, Focus, You’ve earned the rewards you are receiving.

Bred for centuries for their raw strength with grace and intelligence, the Arabian horse symbolizes the journey humanity has taken to this point. We do have reason to feel good about who we are. While the race is not quite finished we can feel proud of what we have accomplished.

Seven is the number of inner work, soul searching. In the Major Arcana it carries that meaning in greater depth. Being willing to see “outside of the box” we have come a long ways. Do not be afraid to listen to your inner guides.

Where yesterday may have found you floundering, today you are able to weather the storms of opposition and change. Have confidence in your grace and ability to shine in the role you have worked toward over lifetimes. Keep your focus on the goal. Stand fast in the Miracle of the witness of the Son of God.

King of Winter; Humpback Whale, Professional communication, expert advise

Whales are ancient and represent wisdom of the ages. They are also known for their solitude and yet can communicate with others thousands of miles away.

Humanity is no less gifted. It is time to call upon the wisdom of the ages and share it so that it sounds throughout all of creation as a call to recall who and what we truly are. To acknowledge the Son of God and know that He was created for joy and peace, not suffering and destruction.


Peace and calm will represent a beginning of a new era of growth and abundance for humanity.

We will let go of the futile struggles of changing others and give ourselves permission to relax in the warmth of our inner peace.

We will give ourselves credit for the fine work we have done and stand in the winds of division and diversity. We will accept the warmth and accolades from others who benefit from our peace and the rewards of our choices.

We will not be afraid of the inner wisdom that allows us to be who we choose to be from the inside out and not merely puppets in societies expectations. As such we will be leaders of thought offering humanity options for perception and experience.

The Holy Spirit will continue to teach and reach out to those who are willing to listen and not walk in fear of the own shadow. We are on solid ground as we see Christ in everything and understand the confusion that the error of the thought of separation brought about. This is a wonderful time to be alive.

I pray this serves to lift and encourage.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 38 Urtext ACIM pg. 32-33 Instructions About Sex

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

40. A miracle is never lost. It touches many people you may not even know, and sometimes produces undreamed of changes in forces of which you are not even aware. This is not your concern.

*This is inner work that we are to be about. We have to give up counting on what the world “seems” to be. We need to listen to that inner guidance of peace and joy.

It will also always bless YOU. This is not your concern, either.

*This is where we count on the fact that God IS and that we are in his care as a part of Him.

But it IS the concern of the Record. The Record is completely unconcerned with reliability, being perfectly valid because of the way it was set up. It ALWAYS measures what it was supposed to measure.

*I suspect here that the Record is what will remain when all the illusion is wiped away. Validity or truth must be the measure of statistics. Just because it happens all the time does not mean it is valid or true, that is only reliability.

I want to finish the instructions about sex, because this is an area the miracle worker MUST understand. Inappropriate sex drives (or misdirected miracle-impulses) result in guilt if expressed, and depression if denied.

*From pg. 29 and 30: Sex & miracles are both WAYS OF RELATING. The nature of any interpersonal relationship is limited or defined by what you want it TO DO which is WHY you want it in the first place. Relating is a way of achieving an outcome. Indiscriminate sexual impulses resemble indiscriminate miracle impulses in that both result in body image misperceptions. The first is an expression of an indiscriminate attempt to reach communion thru the body. This involves not only the improper self-identification, but also disrespect for the individuality of others. Self-control is NOT the whole answer to this problem, though I am by no means discouraging its use. It must be understood, however, that the underlying mechanism must be uprooted

*Sex, if looked at honestly is a commodity that in great part makes the physical/illusional world go around. Governments and markets count on sexual activity to produce a crop of constituents, purchasers and bodies to fight. This is not anything new. We need to look at this and see if it is really helpful or if it is just filling someone’s pocketbook and ego.

*Today many are made to feel inadequate based on their sexual activity from the time they are fairly young, if not from birth.  

We said before that ALL real pleasure comes from doing God’s will. Whenever it is NOT done an experience of lack results.

*The very idea of wanting sex is a sign of feeling a lack often brought on by societal or familial pressure or boredom and confusion, wanting to fit in or belong to someone, which is denying the fact that we do belong in each other and in God.

This is because NOT doing the will of God IS a lack of self.

*Lack of who we truly are.

Sex was intended as an instrument for physical creation to enable Souls to embark on new chapters in their experience, and thus improve their record.

*This is a statement that, to me, speaks of reincarnation. Souls get new chapters or new lives to improve their record, their truth, their alliance with who they are as the Will of God.

The pencil was NOT an end in itself. (See earlier section.)

*The pencil, sex, has become the end in itself. The sixties brought free love and there has been constant confusion since and before.

*I have had to choose an attitude about sex all my life. Nothing was natural, it was choice and it was in response to what humanity was living all around me. Television had a lot to do with many of my experiences.

It was an aid to the artist in his own creative endeavors. As he made new homes for Souls and guided them thru the period of their own developmental readiness, he learned the role of the father himself.

*It is in living the role of the mother that the incongruencies of traditional Christianity where brought to my attention.

The whole process was set up as a learning experience in gaining Grace.

*Grace, that returning to the understanding that you are loved by the Father as Christ, His Son.

*We think that these bodies give us life and all we are doing is buying into the propaganda of the illusion.

*This topic is going to stay with us for a few weeks at least. It is going to say some things that we may not want to hear, because we are so addicted and drugged by our illusions. I do not teach as other teachers of the Course do. I teach not teach off their teachings. I choose to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in me and to fly above the circumstance of the day to day and look from a distance at what humanity is doing to itself.

*We have some choices to make. It cannot be stopped. It is already happening around the world. The shift will happen. We can shorten the duration of uncomfortableness if we are willing to look at what is going on.

*This is my prayer. Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

* http://www.miraclevision.com/acim/urtext/acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Universal Reading 7 October 2019 through 13 October 2019

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by C. B-R. Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Please invite the Spirit into this reading.


Trust is not something that the world comes by easily. Yet in the Manual for Teachers, ACIM says that Trust is developed over time. A period of undoing, a period of sorting out, a period of relinquishment, a period of settling down, a period of unsettling, and finally the period of achievement, where peace resides in a heavenly state. This is something that must be traveled and accepted by all. It is not something that many (if any) accomplishes in one lifetime. It begins by believing that there is something outside of what we believe ourselves to be and that this something is benevolent and kind. It happens as we give up what has no value and seek that does. It may require a time of testing or proving that gives confidence.The upheaval that we see in the world is a witness of this process.

As we relinquish what is not vital and necessary we are able to grasp that which is eternal and divine. This is something that humanity may do and it may be done in the flesh, it does not have to wait until after you die.

The Grail Knight; romance, illusion, seeking the sacred

We are currently in the state of the illusion. We chase things that are not lasting. We have a holy commission that will bring us to the Holy Grail eventually. We determine how long it needs to take to a great degree. Somethings in life we agreed to do for the sake of another’s journey, and some lifetimes do not allow the eternal to be found, but for those who are able it is a worthy endeavor. Romance is included here as well and not always of a romantic partner type. Why could it not mean enjoying and celebrating the journey of life. Alone or with another, romance is going the extra mile to delight.

The Bard; music, poetry, myth, history, the enchantment of storytelling

How do we communicate the divinity that humanity is? The BARD was the historian of the community and it was done in many ways. Is it possible that we might come to understand that it is His Story that we are relating and take our place as divine entities sent to awaken the sleeping Christ? His Story has its tragedies and yet, if it is only a dream, it has done no lasting harm.

It is my prayer that humanity will understand the truth about who they are and where they come from so that the story of Redemption becomes alive in all corners of the universe.


Love is the power that is God. It energizes everything. Love is the natural state of the Son of God, however, it is not allowed to flow in the earth to any great extent at this time. We can change that by accepting the Atonement for ourselves and by walking in that light and peace on the earth, igniting others recollection.


Trust that there is a divine essence that is mindful of you and yours. Walk the path of trust daily and let it establish a foundation in you that can not be shaken.

Seek for understanding the meaning of life and sacred things. Enjoy the journey along the way.

Know your history and understand it is not yours but the one who sent you. It is his story that you play out. Recognize the innocence and the dream state He is in and sing a song of thanks that this is so.

Let compassion and kindness lead you in all that you do, think, and feel.

Christ is awakening. The turmoil in the world testifies of this. Do not be afraid to do your part. Start right where you are and go inside and ask the big questions knowing you will get answers.

I pray this serves to lift and inspire.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 37 Urtext ACIM pg. 32 Jesus Knows The Whole Plan

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

38.Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind. By being One, this state of mind goes out to ANYONE, even without the awareness of the miracle worker himself. The impersonal nature of miracles is because Atonement itself is one, uniting all creations with their Creator.

*By impersonal he does not mean uncaring, he means all are a part of it and none are excluded.

39.The miracle is an expression of an inner awareness of Christ & acceptance of his Atonement.

*We are speaking of Christ here. Not Jesus. Christ is the whole of humanity.

The mind is then in a state of Grace, and naturally becomes gracious, both to the Host within and the stranger without.

*I sense that the Host within is Christ and that you see Christ in the stranger or those you meet or come across.

*The state of Grace comes from the recognition of Christ in what one considers oneself.

By bringing in the stranger, he becomes your brother.

*Bringing in suggests recognizing Christ within the other and knowing he is a part of self.

The miracles you are told NOT to perform have not lost their value.

*Jesus stated that we would be directed when the Miracle should be extended and when not.

They are still expressions of your own state of Grace, but the ACTION aspect of the miracle should be Christ-controlled, because of His complete Awareness of the Whole Plan.

*ACTION being what is manifested in the world of illusion that we currently exist in.

*This phraseology is what can be so misleading and creates confusion to mortals about Jesus and Christ. Jesus is definitely connected to Christ, in a way that none of the rest of us are. Yet he alone, is not the Christ. He uses that terminology because of his unique sense of the oneness that we are all together in Christ.

*The Atonement is Christ-controlled, through Jesus, because Jesus, as firstborn in spirit, is aware of the Whole Plan for humanity. No one else amongst us has his perspective in linear time.

*There is no way that you are going to take Jesus out of the equation when you are talking about the healing of humanity. It does not matter what political or religious attitudes dictate or deny.

The impersonal nature of miracle-mindedness ensures YOUR own Grace, but only Christ is in a position to know where Grace can be BESTOWED.

*Helen commented that Jesus had an ego problem. It could be from these kinds of statements. Not being a Christian, she had no testimony or witness from the Holy Spirit of the teachings of Jesus and Oneness in duality is a difficult thing to fathom.

*The “can be” component aligns with where the miracle is willingly received. Jesus knows the Whole Plan and the hearts of humanity so that he knows when individuals will be willing to receive Grace. It will not be forced on people, because that is not the way of God. Because they are of God, they will all eventually come to desire it, but they will choose the timing of receiving it.

*A teacher of the Miracle will be willing to receive Grace unto himself.

*To extend it to others one must ask for the assistance of Jesus. Thus, the need for the recommended prayer in the Urtext, “Help me to perform the Miracles you would have me do this day”. Helen never reached this state because she was ashamed of Jesus and unwilling to receive his help in this way, except sporadically.

*Helen and others are still trying to take Jesus out of the equation in the Atonement. What I am sensing recently is that he must be a part of the equation because of his place as first born or first thought of Christ. All the rest of us brought in the conflict. We began the duality and the sense of the possibility of loss or scarcity. It is Jesus Plan that must be played out because as a world where the Law of Attraction is manifest, he was the first to create thoughts about this world and his desires will be fulfilled. Perhaps that is why it is best to identify what we desire and then let go of the how and such, because it is Jesus’ show or Plan. He knows there is no true loss in the eternal sense of things.

*He would have been without fear, guilt, or conflict of mind because he still knew himself to be of Christ. Without guilt? And yet, it is Christ’s guilty conscience that started all of this chaotic behavior. Somewhere in the subconscious of Jesus, guilt would have been, yet he crossed the line and forgave Christ, that he might partake in the Atonement fully. When did this occur? It appears that we do not know. Maybe his connection with Christ gave him recollection of the presence of God as well so that he did not have to question who he was in the presence of the Father of Christ. Maybe the deep seeded guilt brought the betrayal of Judas and the week that followed within the law of attraction. His forgiveness of Judas would deliver him as our forgiveness delivers us.

*I take what I do here very seriously and I will not testify of something if it does not make sense. I believe in God. I believe in Christ, the Son of God. I believe in the Holy Ghost. And I believe that Jesus is the one that oversees the Atonement. Beyond just letting us know that it is do-able and being an example of it. I believe his role is significant in the timing and while we may not understand the idea that we need a leader in this, that does not take away the fact that he is. One step at a time, not in blind faith, but in the witness of the light he has given me I will walk.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

* http://www.miraclevision.com/acim/urtext/acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Day 36 Urtext ACIM pg. 31 and 32 Do We Know What Our Goal Is?

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

Remember the story about the artist who kept devoting himself to inventing better & better ways of sharpening pencils. He never created anything, but he had the sharpest pencil in town. (The language here is intentional. Sex is often utilized on behalf of very similar errors. Hostility, triumph, vengeance, self-debasement, and all sort of expressions of the lack of love are often VERY clearly seen in the accompanying fantasies. But it is a PROFOUND error to imagine that, because these fantasies are so frequent (or occur so reliably), that this implies validity. Remember that while validity implies reliability the relationship is NOT reversible. You can be wholly reliable, and ENTIRELY wrong.

*Helen is a scientist and an atheist. She thinks in clinical terms and this is what Jesus is using here. The purpose of an artist would be to produce art, if all he is doing is sharpening pencils, he is not fulfilling his potential.

*Sexuality, which is such a strong urge among humanity, is often used to promote separation rather than any form of connection.

*Reliability can still be entirely wrong. A lot of what humanity bases the concept of happiness on could fall into this category. Just because everyone is doing it does not make it right.

While a reliable test DOES measure something, what USE is the test unless you discover what the “something” is?

*Does science and study of humanities give humanity any real answers? This is what I believe Jesus was asking Helen.

And if validity is more important than reliability, and is also necessarily implied BY it, why not concentrate on VALIDITY and let reliability fall naturally into place.

*Reminds me of dealing with the cause of an illness and not with the symptoms alone. In other words, heal the cause of the illness and the symptoms will take care of themselves.

Intellect may be a “displacement upward”, but sex can be a “displacement outward.”

*Be sure to note that he said, “can be”. This does not mean that it always is or that it must be. If it is seen beyond a sensory indulgence, or a means to produce a child, and looked at as a glue to connect people or hold society together, it is misguided.

How can man “come close” to others thru the parts of him which are really invisible?

*Noting that the body is not truly what you are.
The word “invisible” means “cannot be seen or perceived.” What cannot be perceived is hardly the right means for improving perception.

*Sex then, is not a good form of communicating.

*This statement really intrigues me. These “parts” are what process foods and fluids that we consume, and which produce and deliver newborns. The replenish the world of illusion, but do not do anything to bring attention to the truth of what man is as a spiritual being. I have stated before that I do not believe that nourishment or sexual behavior is natural to our being because as a part of God, we are self-reliant or self-existent. I suspect that we will eventually evolve out of their use. I do not expect it anytime in the near future, but I could see both tendencies being utilized less and less.

The confusion of miracle impulse with sexual impulse is a major source of perceptual distortion, because it INDUCES rather than straightening out the basic level-confusion which underlies all those who seek happiness with the instruments of the world.

*The confusion would be that of them being a source of connection.

*INDUCES = brings on … it brings on level-confusion by continuing to create the illusion of separation, as well as being a seedbed for envy, jealousy, and other attitudes where duality is seen as threatening to one’s autonomy and sovereignty.

A desert is a desert is a desert. You can do anything you want in it, but you CANNOT change it from what it IS.

*Sex creates duality which is in direct conflict with the Oneness of God and those in Him. It joins the body only momentarily. It joins something that is not eternal: it does not have eternal impact.

It still lacks water, which is why it IS a desert (Bring up that dream about the Bluebird. While HS was looking for this dream, she came across another. The message was to bring both, as an excellent example of how extremely good HS had become over the intervening 25 yrs. at sharpening pencils. Note that the essential content hasn’t changed; it’s just better written.) The thing to do with a desert is to LEAVE.

*She was staying in the same place and not expanding or growing in understanding is the impression that I am getting. Jesus is trying to get her to be willing to expand her perceptions.

*The question is put to us in turn. Are we willing to expand our perceptions to fulfill the purpose of humanity?


Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Universal Reading 30 September through 6 October 2019 Know Your Own Power

Angel Therapy by DV Reading by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Be willing to Forgive: Ask the angels to clear your mind and body of past pain in exchange for peacefulness.

We learn in ACIM that forgiveness is to understand that this world illusion is Christ’s dream of separation and thus all that is not of love is not real. This may be a difficult concept to grasp for the human mind, but until we are willing to give it a chance real healing cannot occur.

Vegetarian/Vegan: Fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life-force energy, which elevates your spiritual frequency.

It is interesting that this card would come up. I am currently choosing to go veggies and protein as primary items in my diet, along with the best water I can locate. Food and dieting have long been a battlefield for humanity, myself included. (I am just finishing off the last of the Neapolitan ice cream in the freezer. I do not plan to get any more, but you get the picture.)

It is important to search your own understanding of nutrition and then follow it as best as you can. You have to listen to your body and to your intuition, it will tell you what is right for you at this time.

Jesus said it is not what goes into the belly that defiles humanity but what comes out of the heart. If you feel energized and healthy, great. If you feel impressed that something needs to shift in your health habits, then do so.

Having your mind upon things of God and takes priority over what you eat though, in becoming spiritual from what I understand.

Archangel Michael: You’re working very closely with this powerful archangel, who’s protecting and guiding you through this situation.

Thank goodness for angels! Archangel Michael is known for taking his sword and cutting the cords to things and persons that no longer serve us. As we come out of the place of illusion it makes sense that he would be there to help us let go of that which no longer serves.

Personally, I will call on Archangel Michael occasionally, but it is the Holy Spirit that Jesus spoke of that I go to for guidance. If He sends A. Michael to help me I am grateful.

I have chosen my guides. They are Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God. I welcome all others that assist in the flesh and in spirit, I know that they work in God and under His inspiration. It is knowing that we have help that is unseen that is important and that we may call upon them to help us that we want to remember. However our relationship directly with the Holy Spirit is important because He is the one who knows us and is in God at all times as well. His voice is the one we want to follow and we can learn to recognize it within ourselves.

Manifestation Power: Use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.

You have the ability to manifest what you think about. Not only that but you do manifest what you think about whether you know it or not. Know your own mind. Know who you are and what you value. Listen to your emotions and let them teach you. Do not let them rule you though.

Understand that you are working within a Plan that was prepared at the beginning of time and that you agreed to step into this particular role and make choices that would lead Christ out of His dream of self-punishment.

Do you accept your own divinity? Do you know that you are worthy of good things and that your natural state is joy? Do you listen for guidance?

Have you developed the ability to trust the inner voice that guides you? Do you know the difference between the one that leads you into temptation and the one that leads you into light in the present moment, step by step?

Once you have done these things you will be able to follow the Spirit and will be blessed with whatever you need and more according to what you agreed to do here. Do not second guess or judge yourself. Be happy where you are and if you were to be somewhere else the doors will open. All of it is meant for you to know of God. Trust this and walk in joy, knowing you are a part of all that is.


Be willing. Will to set your enemy free, so that you might be set free.

Reflect on your health habits. Make choices that feel good to you. Do not forget to be picky about what you think and what you let fill your mind in terms of music, writing, news, and so forth. I am not saying avoid anything, I am saying look at how it affects you. Does it lift or does it bring you down?

You have divine assistance to break out of the illusion that has you believing you are unworthy and that you deserve to die. One step at a time let go of that which destroys your peace.

What are you creating? Understand that each of us individually and each of us united together are creating the world we have day by day. Learn about your personal power. Take control of your own thoughts. Stop self-sabotaging behavior.

The world is moving rapidly into a different state of mind. Into a different perspective. Be willing to move and consider new ideas. We will be creating fantastic things in the near future and beyond.

I pray this serves to inspire and uplift.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 23 September through 29 September 2019

Using Archangel Power Tarot Cards by RV Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons (Sorry this is out late. Too good not to post.)

4 The Emperor, Archangel Uriel: Stability and efficiency. Taking charge of a situation. Ambitious plans.

The world is our oyster! We create it. Once we recognize the hidden enemy and forgive Him, having compassion on the mistakes that He believes He could make, we will be at the beginning of creating anything we desire in the world and helping others do the same. Trusting God and accepting the Atonement only takes one step. It is important to believe in what may not be seen also.

What I mean by that is that it is important to believe that the Atonement is already fulfilled, even if symptoms of separation still remain. Otherwise we step out of trust and into the place of attack again. Accept the truth and move forward in faith.

Ten of Raphael: Love and blessings fill your life! Harmonious relationships with family members. Happily ever after.

Yeah, right! I can hear some of you! Lol, seriously, the blessings are there. Often it is a matter of seeing what is truth and not the illusion. Maybe knowing the truth in spite of what you see may be a better way to put it.

If you are not able to have the relationships that you want with your “blood” families at the moment, reach out to those who are willing to accept the love and attention you wish to share with them.

We are all one, after all, and it will all work out in the end. And do not forget to give thanks for all of them. Those who cause us the greatest challenges may turn out to be our greatest allies when all things are made clear.

Ten represents true endings that lead to new beginnings. Trust in the Atonement for all. There is a new day coming for each of us. We may not find it at the same time, but rest assured we will find it. 🙂

Three of Ariel: Do what you love! A time of great personal growth in your career or artistic endeavors. Working with others in a cooperative manner.

Do what you love or find ways to love what you do! Do not accept should’s in your life. Use “I want to…”. Watch your self talk and make it work in your favor. Do what you can and then let go. Your responsibility is to find the joy or be in the joy. It is there, I promise! Watch for inspiration and direction in all you experience. So many are wanting to help you on your path to the light. Do not allow yourself to remove your focus from the goal of bliss!

Three is the suggestion of two creating a third. You and the Holy Spirit are in that line of work. Your talents and gifts, and weaknesses, guided by the Holy Spirit can lead to something incredible!

Four of Ariel: When you give, you also receive! Being resistant to change. Extremes in how you save or spend money.

The world of illusion can seem so real. There is no scarcity and God wants to bless you. Open the doors by allowing yourself to believe in His Love for you! You are worth it. Four is foundation. Is your life in balance? Are you stable on all fronts. The Atonement gives you a firm foundation to work from. Just remember that sharing your joy, by whatever means your gifts and talents provide blesses you as well as those you serve.


You have the ability to rule the world as you rule the thoughts that you allow to take up residence in your heart.

Completion of the challenges is at hand. Acknowledge this and rest in the joy of the truth of the Atonement.

You and the Holy Spirit work hand in hand to create wonderful experiences in the physical world. Do not miss a moment of it. “Follow your bliss!”

Establish a foundation of abundance by responding to the subtle messages that show you where you can share and lift another.

We are entering a time long awaited where Christ is acknowledged and embraced. He is worthy of all that His Father has. What a wonderful time to be on the earth!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 35 Urtext ACIM pg. 31 Finally We Talk About Sex!

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments are asterixis.

*I know that I take a lot of liberties in this post to write my understandings of the workings of the human body and psyche as I believe Jesus taught it in several other parts of the text and as I have been taught by Spirit over a lifetime. What I share is done as testimony to what I understand today. This, like everything else, is a work in process.

I submit (I’m using Jack’s language in this section, because it always had a special meaning for you. So did Jack.)

*Note the very personal knowing that Jesus has of the feelings of another. He knows you as well and will assist you on your journey, if you will let him.

Your confusion of sex and statistics is an interesting example of this whole issue.

*Who would have thought that sex and statistics would go together, but where two or more are gathered there God is and sensory stimulation, sensuality, and even erotic feelings can be a part of that. This does not mean they need to be acted on or that it would be appropriate to do so.

*Why? I believe it is because it is the recognition of the energy of the presence of God. An alertness if you will, a heightening of awareness. Humanity has not understood this.

*Jesus explains that in this situation it was the fact that sexuality for these two intellectuals at this time was a concept typically confused with aggression. {See Helen’s note below.)

Note that night you spent in the scent of roses doing a complex factorial analysis of covariance.

*Covariance = in statistics, the mean value of the product of the deviations of two variates from their respective means. = continued evidence of Jesus using words that we can relate to when teaching us.

*The smell of roses, a sensory experience.

Its a funny story to others, because they see a different kind of level confusion than the one you yourself were making. You might recall that YOU wanted that design, and Jack opposed it. One of the real reasons why that evening was so exhilarating was because it represented a “battle of intellects”, (both good ones, by the way), each communicating exceptionally clearly but on opposite sides.

*I love how Jesus is using terms here that do not belittle one or the other, Helen or Jack, especially by means of their gender.

The sexual aspects were naturally touched off in both of you, because of the sex and aggression confusion.

*sex and aggression confusion (**These are my thoughts on the issue.) When sex is viewed in an aggression format, love is not present, spirit is not recognized, and real oneness is not manifest. We are caught in the illusion of separation which functions in a self attacking mode. When mutual appreciation is in the sexual act it becomes a method of feeling source/God’s energy in the physical form. I suspect this is why it has been called love making. The f-word that is known for denotes attack.

*I suspect that it is very possible for two people to be involved in the sexual act and each to be perceiving it in a different form. A few decades back it was a common societal notion that the male perceived it as aggression. Today the female is accepted in that role in society as well.

*I am speaking of aggression here. Using another as a tool or personal gain or satisfaction, not as a mutual enjoyment opportunity that acknowledges the divine in the other. I wonder if it is even possible unless one walks in Spirit. (This is possible without calling it by a certain name.) I am thinking it may not be. Not in my experience anyway.

*I am thinking of one relationship in particular where, when I was finally no longer afraid of the relationship, (I come from one of those “Me Too” places) my partner lost interest and felt I did not love him. His sense of stability in the relationship came from the instability of my fear. Read that again.

*Because what we are speaking of here is rape. Be it toward male or female, elderly or young ones, it is a form of aggression that needs to be looked at closer as a society.

(It is especially interesting that after the battle ended on a note of compromise with your agreeing with Jack, he wrote in the margin of your notes “virtue is triumphant.” (HS note re submission-dominance, feminine-masculine roles, entered into this.)

*I am sensing a reference to aggression in this statement, especially in Helen’s note.

While this (remark) was funny to both of you at the time, you might consider its truer side. The virtue lay in the complete respect each of your offered to the other’s intellect.

*Did you hear that?!? …complete respect (i. e. appreciation for, acknowledgement of). “Like”.

Your mutual sexual attraction was also shared. The error lay in the word “triumphant”. This had the “battle” connotation, because neither of you was respecting ALL of the other.

*The word triumphant brought in the energy or at least evidence of aggression. Jesus says they had respect for the intellect, but not for other things. The difference of the sexual organs of the body? This could have been. Helen did say the male/female roles and submission/dominance entered into this exchange.

*Sex as humanity now views it still rings of the submission/dominance factor. That is attack. Those who enter these relationships looking for love are lost and often confuse aggression with an expression of love, which it is not. I have long suspected that some of these dating site quizzes may link us with personality types that mesh with ours in this capacity, mistaking it for compatibility.

*For me the conversation felt like a bucket of ice water on my libido. I do not care to participate in a submissive/dominant activity. I want a mutually satisfying experience and I am not speaking about orgasm at all. (This is where I speak from a feminine place that I am not so sure Jesus can relate to. Remember his “tidal wave” comment?)

*I am speaking about feeling heard, seen, and valued and that being sexually fulfilling. In other words respect.

*No wonder guys get all worked up about whether a woman has an orgasm or not. And they call her dysfunctional and make her feel like she is not okay as a sexual partner, because her response is not physiological but emotional.

*It can feel like they want the physical response that basically says “I like getting abused, misused, attacked, ignored, etc.” And we are supposed to scream with passion and delight at the prospect. Being desired has been given an abusive slant. I am not just speaking male/female here. I am speaking of all sexual encounters. Does that really sound like a loving experience! It is a bit ridiculous when you think about it. Yet all too common in the human existence.

“Jesus points out very specifically that the body has not got a mind of its own. It makes no judgments, not even about pain or pleasure. It is the mind that does this based on the emotions one is experiencing and the way you choose to perceive them.

*If a person is in the mental state of accepting Christ’s Guilty Conscience format (subconsciously remember and no matter the gender or age), they will accept mistreatment as their due. As if that was what they had coming to them. And may even praise and willingly serve the abuser/attacker.

There is a great deal more to a person than intellect & genitals. The omission was the Soul.)

(*note that the front parenthesis was omitted, possibly before The.) The Soul or spirit of an individual chooses the definition/perception of its experience. Attack simply has no place in the Oneness of the Whole.

I submit (after a long interruption) that if a mind (Soul) is in valid relationship with God, it CAN’T be upside down.

*Academia at that time tended to see the intellect as an objective and scientific component, whereas today, the mind is thought to be free to utilize the brain as well the heart. (This is a good example how one needs to know the perspective of the era they are studying about because words change their meaning over time.)

Jack & the other very eminent methodologists have abandoned validity in favor of reliability because they have lost sight of the end and are concentrating on the means.

*Here may be a key to such of our dilemma as part of the human race! I just watched a program that suggested that much of our civilized world has been established since the Darwin Theory was accepted. That scarcity could create circumstances that effect DNA and the attributes of humanity as a species. The idea that focus on what the body needs will determine evolution.

*With the acceptance of the Darwin Theory we fell into an easy groove of concentrating on the means instead of the big picture or the end as Jesus stated. We focus on the body, what it eats, keeping it fit, what it wears, where it lives, how to educate the intellect to preserve it and we educate the intellect with the objective of understanding the body primarily while ignoring the spirit within the body.

*We have placed the body as our idol; it is our false god. We seek to respond to physiological reactions instead of looking at the spiritual meaning behind them, i. e. not putting spirit or the divinity within ourselves first.

*This is important because we lose the blessing of the Miracle when we do not start with the divine in mind first. The Miracle being the recognition of the Atonement and the Oneness of all humanity that would make any thought of attack in any form disappear.

*This will not take away our ability to enjoy the bodies we have been given. To acknowledge ourselves through our senses is one of the ways that we acknowledge the glory of God. And that includes sexuality in its proper form. With one whom you see as yourself, and as a part of God because you have accepted the Atonement and offer that recognition to them as well via the Miracle.

* Jesus has said in this Course that the only correct use of sex is to create children because it is always attack. It does not have to always be attack. It can be a celebration of life and physical existence as is eating. Neither is a requirement, in my mind, for true existence. And both are addictive and easily made into forms of self/other attack. But to tell humanity to stop either cold turkey is to end life as we understand it at this time.

*They may be used by the physical form to give pleasure adding to our joy through our ability to glorify God with our thankfulness, once we have accepted the Atonement for oneself and all others. They can symbolize the affection and blessings that the Father would bestow on His Son.

*As stated earlier this is my personal witness at this time. I pray it serves to uplift and enlighten.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Universal Reading 16 September through 22 September 2019 Jesus is My Hero

Loving Words from Jesus by DV Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

I drew the cards and then felt impressed that there was more that needed to be said. I dropped six cards and will be reading them as well. Maybe I just needed to hear them. I love the scriptures!!!

Ask, and it shall be given you. Matthew 7:7

What do you think about? Are you the master of your thoughts? You can have thoughts go through your head but which ones do you grab a hold of? As part of God, we have the ability to create. Being aware that you can choose your thoughts and that this can direct your life into a place of hardship or a place of joy is important.

The verse continues, “Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” I have asked for answers and I have found them. They are answers that bring me peace in the midst of chaos. I have joy that sustains me so that circumstances do not overwhelm me. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. John 10:11

The good shepherd. How many people are there in the world? How many are lost? How many need guidance? I used to accept the common understanding of this passage, that Jesus alone was the good shepherd.

Jesus knew of our unity, our oneness, by the power of the Holy Spirit. He also knew the unreality of death. The shepherd giving his life was a metaphor for the willingness to observe the challenges and suffering of others and to have compassion to relieve it, as much as you are able. We are all in this together, but more than that we are all one. Another cannot be lost or suffering without all of us being lost.

We are each shepherds to those that we come in contact with. We share the witness of their divinity in our recognition of them. He was teaching us the attributes of our true selves, not of him alone.

He came to teach us who we are. Gratitude and forgiveness of the error is our gift to our flock. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Mistakes are made in the place of illusion and separation. But mistakes will be corrected. They are basically of no consequence. How can they be when they were brought about by confusion and not in knowledge?

Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God. Mark 4:11

These are words Jesus said to his disciples. The verse continues, “but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables.” We have been taught that this was so that confusion would be had among those who were not disciples.

I do not accept this. The parables still contain the truth. And it is done in a story which is one of the best teachers because it can be absorbed and remembered best.

Verse 13, Know ye not this parable? And how then, shall ye know all parables? The parable in question was the sower of the seed. Jesus was explaining the concept of ask and it is given. Our hearts and minds need to be receptive to eternal or they will not seem to have an effect.

Mind you, eternal truths are eternal truths. Our belief in them does not alter them in any way. What is given to humanity is the ability to receive a remembrance of the eternal truths that always have and always will be in place, regardless of their refusing to see them.

We end up being disciples of Jesus, not because he is above us, but because we accept the Atonement as he has and share the remembrance of it with all we come in contact with as he does. Preaching does not do it. Knowing it does. It is something that is experienced like turning on a light that dispels the darkness. This is why ACIM says it is not a doing thing. Instead, it is a being thing.

We become as Jesus is. Aware of our oneness with Father, Christ, and aware of the oneness we share with each other.

I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Matthew 28:20

This sentence is not like our marriage vows that says “Till death do us part”. It is a declaration of our unity that is not being brought about but rather, simply is and always will be, even past the time when what we now recognize as the world has disappeared. All things will become new.

This is recognized as stated in verse 19 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” Baptism symbolizes the rebirth or awakening to the reality that we are one with God. It is not a washing away of filth from sin, but an awakening from the error of separation.

It is meant to be a loving reunion not a burden one carries for life in the name of the cross. There is only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

Peacemakers. Those who acknowledge the Atonement within themselves and by this share it with the world. They, in fact, recognize themselves as children of God.

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

The verse begins, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.”

No one will be given by the Holy Spirit what they fear. Truth will not be delivered to you as long as it makes you fearful. This is what has kept humanity locked in time for so long. It is also the concept that will shorten time and remove time.

This is not only a gift and endearment. It is a prerequisite to receiving your inheritance. I would even go as far as to say that without honoring the meaning of this verse, the two “greatest commandments” (to love God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself) are impossible.

I know that many believe that they love God and neighbor, but if fear is greater than peace; it is false.

This is very much in line with the concept that like attracts like.

God IS. It is the only truth that is iron clad. In that understanding is our peace, not as the world gives it.

Jesus could share this peace with us because, unlike the rest of us who have fear, it was absent in Jesus’ make-up. He simply knows that Christ is his Father as well as yours and mine.

My Father gives you the true bread from heaven. John 6:32

Do not be misled by the traditional teachings of this phrase. One must look at all of the teachings and walk the walk of them to know that he speaks as our brother, not as one who is of a different heritage than we are.

He simply speaks in the first person. What Moses gave to the people for bread sustained the body. What Jesus shared with us is that an understanding of who we truly are as children of God helps us to recognize that we would have to be eternal (and perfect), even as our Father is.

It is knowledge that gives us eternal life and that is the fruit/bread of the Holy Spirit.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:21

In full the verse reads: “His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” This is from the parable of the talents.

Symbolically speaking what we want to be faithful over is watching our thoughts. When we can master our thoughts so that, regardless of what is going on to ourselves or others we can be at peace and know that God is behind it all, we will have the joy of the Jesus.

He was the master of his thoughts. Not because he was better than us. Because he did not know what fear was, or guilt or conflict of mind.

Everything in the world and every situation is there to show us Christ and to show us what is real and what simply could not be, including death. It is our choice when we will be willing to receive this understanding. We will receive it, there is no doubt about that.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

This is the wonderful verse that backs up everything that the Law of Attraction teaches. You are of God. God IS. Period. Seek to accept this. Rid yourself of the fears, doubts, and shame that keep you from this. Your joy and happiness are your Father’s delight.

I think one of the biggest challenges that face humanity is understanding that it is Christ who is our Father and not His Father. That would be our grandfather in linear terms. There is no time though, in truth. Our Father, Christ is an extension of His Father, God. We are an extension of Our Father, Christ. Jesus is included in the We.

Christ has received all that His Father has. And he delights in giving us the same thing. Be still and know that you are of God.

Be not afraid, only believe. Mark 5:36

This is the story of Tabitha, the daughter of a nobleman of the time (the ruler of the synagogue) who was dead. Her father had come to Jesus to heal her and he was told by his servants that she had died. This phrase is Jesus’ response to the news that she had died to her father. Then he went to the house and raised her from the dead.

We want certain things in our lives. How many times do we tell God (or the Universe) the particulars; the timing, the size, shape, color? It is the timing that gets us messed up the most. Size, shape, and color is known as soon as we desire it. And it waits till we are truly ready and willing to receive it.

I mean that literally. Jesus had confidence and he had something else. He has access to a plan that was put into place as soon as the confusion/Fall/creation of Christ occurred. It confuses the rest of us here.

You and I have the ability to understand that the traumas and challenges of this world are not real. I know there are many who think that is impossible. There are many more that are open to that idea and many more are being born everyday with the understanding closer to the surface of their consciousness.

I repeat the words of Jesus: Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Be not afraid, only believe.

This got lengthy but what a beautiful circular message it contains.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 34 Urtext ACIM pg. 30 and 31 Spirit First Then The Body; Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments are asterixis.

All actions which stem from reverse thinking are literally the behavioral expressions of those who know not what they do.

*Hence, the prayer of Jesus, “Forgive them for what they do.” Could that not be said for most of life’s experiences? This world is built on body protection and survival. Its focus needs to change to the witness of spirit survival and thriving.

Actually, Jean Dixon was right in her emphasis on “Feet on the ground & fingertips in the Heaven,” though she was a bit too literal for your kind of understanding. Many people knew exactly what she meant, so her statement was the right miracle for them.

*Helen’s clinical and scientific mind did not like the esoteric. Bill was more willing to give it some possibility of credibility. Jesus taught “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…”. Jean Dixon’s comment would resonate with this as well.

For you and Bill, it would be better to consider the concept in terms of reliability & validity.

*Do they accept the concept? Have they tested and proven following the Spirit? No, Jesus is speaking about what they have tested which is the reverse thinking concepts or those that come from the body image first and do not put the spiritual personage first.

A rigid orientation can be extremely reliable, even if it IS upside down.

*This form is time tested by tradition and culture. It is reliable, but is it valid?

In fact, the more consistently upside down it is, the more reliable it is, because consistency always held up better mathematically than test-re-test comparisons, which were ALWAYS on shaky ground.

*This suggests the reason prophets have said that there would be an Armageddon is because of the psychological shake up that we will be going through. We want to have faith in God and in ourselves as we walk on the shaky ground so that we can “get our feet under ourselves”.

You can check this against Jack’s notes if you wish, but I assure you its true. Split-half reliability is statistically a MUCH stronger approach. The reason for this is that correlation which is the technique applied to test-re-test comparisons, measures only the EXTENT OF association, and does not consider the Direction at all.

But two halves of the same thing MUST go in the same direction, if there is to be accuracy of measurement. This simple statement is really the principle on which split half reliability, a means of estimating INTERNAL consistency, rests.

Note, however, that both approaches leave out a very important dimension. Internal consistency criteria disregard time, because the focus is on one-time measurements. Test/retest comparisons are BASED on time intervals, but they disregard direction.

It is possible, of course, to use both, by establishing internal consistency AND stability over time. You will remember that Jack once told his class that the more sophisticated statisticians are concentrating more and more on reliability, rather than validity.

The rationale for this, as he said, was that a reliable instrument DOES measure something. He also said, however, that validity is still the ultimate goal, which reliability can only serve.

*This is a good example of Jesus being willing to use terminology and the language of the individual he is teaching.

*Note the last statement that validity is still the ultimate goal, which reliability can only serve. So, even if everyone is doing it, that alone does not prove a truth. Where have we heard that before?

*Next week we get to talk about sex, YES! I actually did the lesson to work out what I was experiencing in working through this part of the text. I do not want to make the reading for my readers too great though, so I will leave it for next week. It’s good stuff!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Universal Reading 9 September through 15 September 2019 Possibilities

Please bring the Holy Spirit with you to this reading however you define him. I will be sharing some of my thoughts on Abraham’s teaching. I agree with much and have reservations about some of their use of the language.

Using Well-Being Cards by Abraham-Hicks, read by Debra Yvonne Simmons, card info in bold print.

No one else needs to KNOW this. It is not necessary for even one other person to understand these Laws of the Universe . . . for you are the attractor of your experience. Just You!

This is important to understand and it is basic and primal to all understanding. Jesus has said that this is a place where Law of Attraction works. I believe that he wanted all eyes drawn unto him so that Christ would be identified. Not that he alone was Christ, but that sooner or later a follower would understand and see what he was trying to teach. That we are each a part of Christ. As such we have all that the Father has, as does he.

All is WELL. Babies are Beings from the Nonphysical, eternally coming forth for the creation of that which they decide.

Is it coincidence that babies are the next topic? I do not think so. You and I came into the world knowing what we were getting into. We knew possibilities of horrendous acts, that would have no permanent meaning beyond witnessing that those things are an impossibility.

From our physical position it can be literally obscene to suggest that the painful and traumatizing situations humanity can find itself in were something that we were willing to experience. This is where the Teachers of God that Jesus speaks of in UACIM and The Teacher’s Manual are important because they shrink time, which  is only part of the illusion anyway. We will all partake in this, because this what we signed up for. All is Well, in an eternal sense, though in time, pain and what Abraham calls contrast rule.

The Law of ATTRACTION. The most powerful Universal Law is my friend. You create with your every thought. By the Universal Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn), you are attracting the essence of whatever you are giving your attention to–wanted or unwanted.

Once you know you asked for where you were born, understand that even if you never read a book of Abraham-Hick’s you are attracting your own life and its challenges. Did you notice the comment –wanted or unwanted? It is our natural inclination as spiritual beings to want comfort, peace, and joy. (Although, it would not surprise me if some chose to come into the world of the physical with the desire of pain only.)

Recall that this world of illusion was created because Christ thought he had separated from God, The Father. In the Manual for Teachers 2:2;3 it reads “Further, the plan for this correction was established and completed simultaneously, for the Will of God is entirely apart from time. “

What I am saying is that we can continue the path of suffering for an indefinite time, or we can choose joy and abundance and peace.

Another important thing to remember here is that there is only One; only Christ. (And the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit united. There is nothing else and yet within that understanding countless worlds are capable of being recognized and experienced. It is a bit challenging for the mortal to comprehend. Yet, how could it be anything else?) And that each one of us must accept that reality.

If your peace and joy rely on circumstances or others, you have missed the mark you are capable of.

Whatever I give ATTENTION to–wanted or unwanted–I am creating. You were born with a magnificent (emotional) guidance system that lets you know, in every moment, exactly what your vibrational content is, which is being matched by the Law of Attraction. As it is your desire to feel good, and your practice to choose good-feeling thoughts, only good things will come to you.

Yay for emotions! Pay attention to them. Observe them. Do not get locked into them, they are only guides. Like the angels who help us along our way, our emotions tell us if this is a good choice or if there is a better choice. You get to choose the type of emotion that you attract. As a child with no permanent home I remember being faced with a decision to be angry or be loving. I chose to love whoever came my way because I never knew when they would leave. I believe this decision brought me “easier” experiences than I could have faced otherwise. I am not saying that I never got angry I just know that was an underlying decision I made when I was very young.

I will also admit that I was a bit on the naive side and had to learn that there really are people with harmful intent in the world and they know it. I am still grateful for my choice to love because anger would have done me no good and only made my situation more challenging. I have seen that choice in others and it is sad to observe. Sometimes the children get stuck with the anger and they do not even know where it came from.

Think of emotions as sign posts, a personal GPS that tells you if you are going in the direction of joy or in the direction of pain and suffering. When you choose for the direction of joy (note I did not say of right or wrong) then you are participating in the shortening of time.


Law of Attraction works continually and constantly. It is never not engaged. That goes for each and everyone of us.

There is an overall plan and we all have agreed to it. ALL is WELL.

I guide and direct the GPS. Law of Attraction is my friend.

Look for the Silver Lining if you want joy in all things. The choice is yours. Observe your emotions, acknowledge them, allow them, and then choose if they meet your desires or not. Then you have the opportunity to direct your thoughts to that which lifts or to that which burdens.

As we become accustomed to listening to our own inner voices we will be more willing to listen to those around us and most of us will be able to choose compassion and make another’s journey smoother, ever as we make our own more joyful.

I say “most” because in this plan that has already expired there are those who come here to blantantly harm. Their role is to bring so much pain in a moment as to allow those involved to reach beyond it and see the truth that these things are not possible.

Will you choose to carry the banner of pain and claim a right to seek revenge or be burdened by what is contrary to universal laws or God? Will you carry the cross of your sorrows and wounds to lay it at the feet of Christ and declare your worthiness of his affection, while others bow in pain? Which treasure do you seek? The face of God or the stripes of your martyrdom?

We can worship body and trauma or we can worship truth and light. The choice is ours alone and we make it every day.

May this serve is my prayer.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 33 Urtext ACIM pg. 30 Uproot a Faulty Foundation

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments are *asterixis*.

*This is coming off the discussion that sex and miracles are forms of relating and that the why you want the connection gives you what you get. Directed or mis-directed) Body image enhanced is the result of misdirection.

ALL shallow roots have to be uprooted, because they are not deep enough to sustain you.

*What he is saying is that we want to plug into what we really are. Like a cord that is not in the right outlet, relationships (sexual or otherwise) are not where you want to put all of your energy. We want to be connected to our inner self and to Source (which are not necessarily two different things) first and foremost. If not, we lose all or at least delay our deliverance from suffering and understanding ourselves.

The illusion that shallow roots can be deepened and thus made to hold is one of the corollaries (*consequences, results, effects) on which the reversal of the Golden Rule, referred to twice before, is balanced.

*The Golden Rule = Do to others what you would have done to you. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Reversed = Do to others what you expect they want to do to you or treat others as bad as you expect to be treated.

*I used to attend the Mormon temples very regularly. It was very important to me. It was one place where I felt peace. They are all about promises and ordinances that have to do with the body. Blessings promised if you would walk a certain way. Do certain things, do not do certain things. And stand as a witness to all others that this was the way, the truth, and the life. The imagery of “the body” seemed very prominent there.

*I honed into the fact that all the ordinances and blessings were based on the body during a three-year period that I was also attending the Minneapolis Meditation Center that was run by a “soon to be” head guru in India. It was the real deal. One method attempted to put the body in its place as a vehicle or instrument to nirvana and the other attempted to put the body under the direction of the mind as directed by the Holy Spirit (and General Authorities/Apostles as this was a world-wide church). Both principles were commendable and helped greatly to get me on a solid spiritual journey.

*Sadly, humanity tends to take both of those paths and focus on what the thrills are for the body. You are somehow left with an understanding that a real connection with Divinity is for another time. And the principles can be used to hold others in bondage or to take advantage of a situation. Abide by this or you are not good enough. Do this or something bad will happen to you.

*The temple ordinances give some people the idea that all they have to do is get the ordinance and they are home free and do not need to tend to their relationship nor their spiritual one with Source/God/The Universe/Themselves. Likewise, with meditation. I remember reading of a famous yogi whose birth happened while his father was in meditation and he woke to find his wife dead beside him, somehow that seemed very uncouth to say the least.

*When we cling to the dogma as our claim to salvation instead of our relationship with the Holy Spirit and our understanding of Christ, Jesus, and God, we are upside-down.

*These ideas leave people feeling they have fallen short or not met the purpose of there

*A true connection with Source/God/Christ would connect you with the Divine in such a way as to work as a Guide throughout life in the body for oneself and for those that you can assist. Also, foremost, it testifies of the Son of God’s innocence. That does not mean that you do not feel the sorrow at the challenges humanity faces but that you understand Christ needs to be forgiven for the error of believing it is possible to be separate from God.

As these false underpinnings are uprooted (or given up), equilibrium is experienced as unstable.

*We feel as if we are giving up our family and all that we hold dear, yet nothing could be further from the truth. We have to be willing to give them up if we are willing to know them. It is part of the being true to yourself and knowing what is real and what is not.

But the fact is that NOTHING is less stable than an orientation which is upside down.

*Body first then spirit?!! No, spirit first, then body. He is not asking us to ignore that we currently have a body. A personal relationship that is based on a personality and not on a spiritual recognition of who you each truly are is on shaky ground, even if it lasts 70 years.

Anything that holds it this way is hardly conducive to greater stability.

*Finances, traditions, culture, family, there are a lot of things to stand as a foundation that is not divine.

The whole danger of defenses lies in their propensity to hold misperceptions rigidly in place.

*Defenses, justifications, reasons…finances, traditions, culture, society, family, they all may be used to hide behind.

This is why rigidity is regarded AS stability by those who are off the mark.

*Holding your ground and defending tradition or claiming and I.O.U. or perhaps vengeance or position.

*Think about relationships you know or maybe a favorite TV show, remember Dallas?

Note: The only final solution – (no, Helen, this has nothing to do with the Nazi use of the term.) You just got frightened again. One of the more horrible examples of inverted or upside-down thinking (and history is full of horrible examples of this) is the fact that the Nazis spelled their appalling error with capital letters. I shed many tears over this, but it is by no means the only time I said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

*How tender and personal is this relationship between Helen and Jesus. He knew of her familiarity and concern over the “Mark” as a person of Jewish decent, especially having lived in the era of the Holocaust.

*Note his concern and reflection of shedding tears. This tells us about the fact that emotions are felt by those who have crossed through the veil.

*Upside-down thinking causes hardship worldwide and in our own hearts.

*Note that the final solution was not actually given here. It will be covered in future discussions. This portion of the text is very lengthy, detailed, and highly subject to the individual’s perspectives on the sex drive and their understanding of the Miracle at that time, so it can get stretched out. I do believe there is merit here and that Spirit will teach us as we are persistent in our desire to understand. Thank you for sharing the journey with me!


Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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