I Believe It Is Okay To Feel Lost Sometimes

I feel a bit lost.
I admit that.
Do I stay in Washington state, near my mother and some siblings who have decided my visiting mom is detrimental to her welfare or do I return to the Midwest and focus on my writing while being able to see six of eighteen grandchildren and 1 of 4 great-grandchildren?
As a homeless person of the past several weeks, I have experienced a lot of things.
First off, let me note, I know there are others who would have confidence and resolve their issues quickly. Familiarity with Craigslist and the ways of the world make it simple. I acknowledge that I wade through my own sphere of demons and meet the day as best I can. Judge me if you must, I know others could live my life much better.
The ability to maintain my own sense of “Walking in Spirit” is a priority for me.
I desire to use this body form that I have for the benefit of the Christ of whom I know I am a part.
God is not a question for me. He is omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), and omnipresent (everywhere), even as He is silent knowing that I must choose the way back into remembrance of His love.
I know at the same time that He is not a part of this Hell that I have allowed myself to be a part of for it is only in my mind that it exists.
The god that we speak of here in this world is in-fact Source. The source of our sense of scarcity, shame, and self-loathing. It is The Only Begotten Son, who is seeking to awaken to the presence of the Father and His all-encompassing love. Sadly, it appears to be taking a long time because it is you and I who get to do the work to help him awaken.
Knowing I am a component of a multi-personalitied entity (meaning I am a partial manifestation of The Christ) and that those I seem to perceive outside myself are likewise a component of a greater Whole is something that is taking me a bit to adjust to.
My spirit is rejoicing in this witness. I gladly give away my identity to be absorbed into the Christ Wholeness. This may come easily to me as I have not been in a position where I felt a sense of real belonging in this sea that we call humanity.
I have not quite reconciled how to take care of the body so easily though. And which part of the continent would it serve the best?
All that I have prayed about and witnessed as I watch for signs from the angels says that the west coast is where I belong.
Yet I crave the comforts of having a space to myself and being available to plan my activities and have a secure space for my writing.
Is it true that I have no rights as a daughter to see my mother if my sister has power of attorney? Do I simply accept that and walk away from a woman that I believe knows and needs me now?
Living with your head and heart turned to the Lord is bound to take you on adventures that you only dreamed of and have yet to recall.
I rejoice in the witness that all is unfolding exactly as it should. And that all my needs will be met in abundance in their proper time.
Till next time.
Namaste~ God Bless us Every One
Debi, Debra, Deb, aka Christa-Ann
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Homelessness Sucks!

Being homeless sucks!
just sayin…..

Personally, I do not believe that homelessness is caused by economics, drugs, or such things though I agree that it would seem so on the surface and that you can point to those things in individual cases…..
rather, I believe that homelessness is caused by the lack of human engagement…the inability for humanity to see one another, more importantly, to see himself in the other person’s eyes.
then again I could be wrong. hahaha, but my thoughts matter in the realm of the world that we unitedly create.

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Affirmations: Light/Universal Power

~from Louise Hay ❤ Heart Thoughts cards

I let my whole being vibrate with light.

I know that the universal power is everywhere, in every person, place, and thing.

(See the magic and greet the light which each of us is a part of. ~CAG)


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Angel Reminder


Reaching out to the Unicorn in life.

Do you look for the magic?

Do you know it is there, every day?

Do you see the fun?

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Habits for Maintaining Freedom

I was a Mormon for thirty years. There I developed routine study habits of scripture, prayer, and journal writing. This practice serves me well currently, even though I no longer feel that I can live under the umbrella of that guidance any longer.

Moses said “I would be glad if they were all prophets.” and indeed we are. This is no sacred privilege for only a few. It is a sacred privilege given to all who profess Christ. The witness of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.

(Please do not think I speak only of Jesus. When I speak of Christ I speak of all “fabrication” as The One Son. Fabrication being that which decays and dies awaiting its awakening to the reality of that which it is as The Son of God.)

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When Are We Going To Decide Who We Are?

“Instead of letting the media do it for us?” Apparently I had been looking at a “long hair make over”, it is food for thought though. Who really decides who you are? Is it society, deity, Facebook, Pinterest? Remember school days, about 8 years old when you really start who you are compared to who others are. Who was in your life about that time? Who were your caregivers? Were they there for you or were you sort of babysat, without any real engagement with the people you were a part of?

Seems TV, addictions of all forms…legal and not, as well as tradition or convention decide who we are and what we will be in any given moment. Are we trapped, ugly, fat, misunderstood, struggling, competing, hiding, trying? Louise L. Hay has done a lot of work to open the doors and show us that we are what we think. Along with this, comes the understanding that as we change what we think we may change what we are.

The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us an understanding of The Trinity, The Godhead, The Three in One. Do you believe this? Do you profess it? Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; this is what this claims we are. People have not understood this. They have separated themselves from God and felt themselves even to be at odds with Him. That is a bit odd isn’t it! No wonder those who leave the faith find themselves often with no choice but atheism and a disbelief in God altogether.

Mankind is the one who separated Jesus from the rest of us. That was not his choice. Aware of His innocence before God and man, He thought He could atone and take away the self hatred of mankind. This did not occur though. Man made Him into a super hero and the idol that we could cast stones at or worship as we look to him instead of acknowledging the love and omnipresence and omnipotence of God. Darlings, You are a part of The Three in One. You are God, Son, and Holy Spirit.

You come to see contrast so you can remember your mission and all it is is to forgive the Son for thinking He has separated from God, from what He is. The creation carries the DNA of the Creator. We are truly all connected and we have allowed ourselves to believe that we have separated. Yep, you are a part of that chocolate cake you made this afternoon. Awaken yourself, awaken the world.

Do not give up on humanity, do not give up on yourself. You are a significant component in the Salvation of the World. May we embrace what we are willing to receive and value ourselves right where we are today. The Spirit will guide us the rest of the way. Even our confusion and discontent is exactly where God wants us to be. He is not wasteful nor frivolous.

Till next time, God bless us all, in the name of Christ, Amen.



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Would You Have the Faith to say Cut the Rope?

This was four years ago…

“In Sacrament (the first hour of meetings at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints) we had fast and testimony. People from the congregation stand up front and share their faith promoting stories in Jesus Christ. Many wonderful testimonies were shared. One struck me powerfully and I asked permission to be able to share it. He gave it quickly and with a smile.

In his youth he enjoyed rock climbing. He was on a double date in college and, in the process of going up the mountain side, one of the girls hair became entangled in the figure 8. Those familiar with rock climbing will recognize that as the rope configuration that is just above you and keeps you attached securely to the protecting ropes that are holding you secure so that you do not fall.

The young woman was 15 feet in the air above a ledge where the two young men were and the other young woman was above where the rope was secured. These young people were church members and after assessing their situation and offering prayer and they finally decided there were two options. Cut the young woman’s hair, which she did not want to do or cut the rope.”

I did not write enough and do not remember what the outcome was of this real event but it does give me food for thought today. I feel like this is where I am in life. In my 61st birthday month I find myself at a loss. No closer to “fitting in” or blending with humanity than I did at 13 or 30, my relationships are fragile at best. All except my relationship with self and Spirit, they are stronger than they have ever been in my memory. Because of this I find I am not afraid to speak my truth.

My hypothesis and belief is ever evolving and not fully internalized at this point in time but is that not where life rides or resides? Ever evolving, linear in thought and deed, we believe we are creating a new scenario and yet are only remembering the possibilities of all that has ever been or ever will be. I feel the need to share what I understand today.

I have not found any theory that describes it quite in the way I have received it. In fact, it is rather inside out to what most have understood in today’s society or in what I have studied of known history. Yet, for me, it gives answers, real potential, and empowerment where only mysterious belief and hope in something outside ourselves has been accepted. We seem content to allow life to consume us and change in form and circumstance on a never ending cycle of existence shattered by decay. Even in my faith of yesterday, in the teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the hope was alive only for those faithful and strong enough to endure to the end. Somehow I believe that God and mankind are bigger than the evil and mistakes of the blinded human mind and inclination.

As we move into a new era, it is obvious that something quite dramatic is needed for humanity to let go of the ever prevalent life/struggle/destruction scenario. I am willing to “cut the rope” on that which holds me so frailly in the good graces of society and take a chance on believing in the grace and goodwill of our Creator and His origin. You will notice that I have not chosen to give up God or on God, but rather I have chosen to give up my clinging to an outdated societal mentality that declares this is all there is to existence. I am not bitter and feel only love and forgiveness; not for supposed wrongs but for our believing that anything but the Love of God even exists.

Yes, I am one who says the sorrowful things never occurred and that rankles some of us to the core. Please understand that does not mean that the psyche of man has not believed himself to be under duress and horrible victimization since Cain thought he could take something from his brother and Able believed it was possible to die and we have suffered greatly because of it. The joy of the true gospel is that truth will wash away all the affects of these types of belief and man will see himself abundant and indestructible.

The absolute beauty of it is that there are no boundaries placed on the potential of mankind and all of creation. The only thing that I know at this time is that suffering was never meant to be a part of it. Joy, rejoicing, and glorifying God in our eternal and abundant creation is our birthright, calling, and Being. A witness of The Son and gratitude to The Father is our only requirement as far as I can see. It is Grace in its true form. It is recognizing The Self in God and God in The Self, as well as The Self and God in all around you.

The point of the story in sacrament meeting was one of trust. Trusting enough to give the okay and let go. We have heard this principle before. As we move into an age of enlightenment for all mankind we will need to exercise the ability to let go. In doing so I believe we will find we have the capacity to FLY above whatever appears to be holding us down in this cycle of destruction today.

May God bless each of us according to our willingness to receive. In Jesus name, Amen. Namaste~

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