Universal Reading 11 November through 17 November 2019 Believe in You, Others Do

Please bring a prayer and invite the Holy Spirit. He is the translator of truth.

Using Magical Unicorns by DV, Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Grandparent; You have a special bond with a grandparent that can never be broken.

This card says to me, in this universal reading that there are those that we consider passed on that are interested in our lives and that want to be of assistance where they can. Talk with them, write to them, listen for advice or impressions.

I know that children who have passed on can be very instrumental in your life today. My daughter is never far away from me.

Be comfortable with this knowledge because this is truth and not a fairy tale or wishful thinking.

Very Soon; What you’re asking for will happen soon in a happy way.

What is it you are asking for? I do hope that it is not to see your supposed enemies crushed. If it is peace, harmony, tolerance, and understanding in the world for all, I would take this card as very literal.

Do not worry about how it will be accomplished and do be sure to follow the promptings to read a book or send positive vibes somewhere, as you are an active part of the positive change that is coming.

Humanity is soon to “get over itself” and realize that it is more than it ever dreamed possible. There are no boundaries on the potential of humanity.

Believe in Yourself; See yourself doing well, and you will.

Do it! If you have concerns or feel panicky remember we all get butterflies before the performance but once the curtain goes up “We got this!”.

You have done the work and are prepared. Do not talk yourself out of being what you are or doing what you feel called to do.

Envision, with as much detail and sensory imagination as you can, what you want to do. Imagine it being received with much applause and rejoicing here or in the world of the non-physical.

You have a purpose and a place in the Grand Plan of Time.

Just Be Yourself; You’re a great person–enjoy being yourself.

Be you! You are awesome! Do not let other voices tell you otherwise. And if you must stand alone in the physical world, know that there is no way that you stand alone in truth because we are all One and soon we will acknowledge this openly.


There are many who are not on the earth in the physical at this moment in time who are at your side and sending you whatever assistance you are willing to receive. Do not forget to ask for it. You are so dearly loved!

Very soon the blessings that humanity has been waiting eons for will be manifest. Know this and keep your eyes open for the witness of them.

Believe that the Divine/God believes in you. That is why you are here at this time. And do not doubt that you are one of the chosen. All this means is that you choose to listen for the Divine assistance and be guided by He who knows the beginning and the end. Whatever name you call Him by. I call Him the Holy Spirit.

You are enough! You have just the right amount of gifts and weaknesses to do great work here in the world of the physical. Go inside and find out who you are. What do you believe, really? You have spent enough time be taught what your culture believes. Make sure you know what you believe and then act. The world needs you to stand in your truth.

It is a great time to be alive! Thanks for being here!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 42 Urtext ACIM pg. 33 and 34 “If you will tell me what to do, I will to do it.”

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

NOTE: Scribes have a particular role in the Plan of Atonement, because they have the ability to EXPERIENCE revelations themselves, and also to put into words enough of the experience to serve as a basis for miracles.

*This is about a very personal communication with herself and what may be called her higher self, I suspect, while she was giving the revelation.)

(This refers to experiences at the visionary level, after which HS wrote “If you will tell me what to do, I will to do it.” She had not known that the word “to” was inserted and had merely intended to write “I will do it.” This recognition had a terrific impact on HS.)

*It may be that he was showing her that she could have and did have spiritual experiences, which we recall she was not prone to in her worlds of professional academia and atheism.

This is why you EXPERIENCED that revelation about “I will to do” VERY personally, but also WROTE IT: What you wrote CAN be useful to miracle workers other than yourself.

*This may be a shout out to the writers of the world. As we share what we have or understand at this time, more is given to us, if we are willing to receive it. And others will benefit from what we share.

We said before that prayer is the medium of miracles.

*She was not inclined to recognize herself as a praying woman.

The miracle prayer IS what you wrote, i.e. “If you will tell me what to do, I will to do it.” *

*Whether she would understand that she had that deep of a commitment, in spite of the struggles she was having with the course in her day to day life, and that it came from deep inside of her is a question. Yet we know that she never gave up the work or even thought of discontinuing it, even though it caused her a lot of turmoil in her day to day life.

This prayer is the door that leads out of the desert forever.

*It is my understanding and belief that each of us has this in the deepest core of our being, this will to do the will of God. It may be covered up for the moment by other roles we are willing to play in this Plan that we live while time exists, but I do believe it is there is each and every one of us.

Pg. 34 (the * and (was removed to avoid unnecessary confusion)

Correction next day. This is not a complete statement, because it does not exclude the negative. We have already told you to add “and NOT to do what you would not have me do.” in connection with miracles.

*This suggests that there are things we do not want to do, obviously.

The distinction has also been made here between “miracle-mindedness” as a STATE, and “miracle-doing” as its expression.

*While in the physical there will be things that we can do to prepare something and to accomplish something.

The former needs YOUR careful protection, because it is a state of miracle-READINESS.

*You might say this is our offense. Our preparation.

This is what the Bible means in the many references to “Hold yourself ready” and other similar injunctions.

*Just a side note here: that term itself is not in the Bible, though there are many references to being ready for divine assistance. Or preparing yourself for a divine witness.

Readiness here means keep your perception right side up, (or valid), so you will ALWAYS be ready, willing, and able.

*This is a powerful state of mind that took me a lot of years to understand. It need not take that long, I just had to get beyond my fears and phobias. Depression or the weakness of thinking suicide rather than facing the worlds challenges are counter productive to this attitude.

*For me, it has led to being in a place of prayer and meditation, not at any given time, but at all times. Does this mean that I never experience sorrow? No, it is just that I do not accept this as anything that has to do with reality. I just let it run its course and do not get attached to it.

*For example, as a parent with adult children, their choices can feel so crushing because I know it will cause them pain and it may force me to make decisions I would rather not. As with meditative thoughts you do not need to get tangled up in these events. You simply observe them and eventually they will go away, because you know the truth about the illusion of the challenges of this world. This is when you are faced with things that you can do nothing about, of course.

These are the essentials for “listen, learn, and do.”

You must be

READY to listen

WILLING to learn

and ABLE to do

Only the last is involuntary, because it is the APPLICATION of miracles which must be Christ-controlled. But the other two, which are the voluntary aspects of miracle-mindedness, ARE up to you.

*To be ready to listen we need to give up the idea that we have all the answers. To others, this situation may look as if we think we are “know it all’s” or “better than” because we do not take their advice but seek to follow our inner voice, intuition, Holy Spirit, or what it is we choose to call it.

*To be willing to learn is huge as we must search, ponder, and pray about what we do. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have often had books or whole concepts (NDE, a specific channeler) come to mind that will open a new avenue of understanding for me. So, it was for me and ACIM though I prayed about it for four months once I knew for certain I had the prompting to obtain the book. I wanted to make sure it was the witness of the Holy Spirit and not just my looking for a way out (of the church, as it turned out).

*This last part I am not so good at bring to conscious remembrance. By this I mean that I have not trained myself to as Christ (or Jesus, as His CEO) to manifest this according to his understanding. And yet, this is the very thing I must do daily and continually, especially as I step out with my book in hand and teach and bear witness of the Father’s Love for His Son in a formal way.

*I want to remember to give it all over to Christ each time I rise by placing it all in the hands of Jesus. Jesus is not the only Christ, but he is the one who is closest to the mind of Christ and aware of the Whole Plan that restores us to readiness to awaken, as Christ, into God’s Love.

*Though others may find their way without knowing who Jesus was as a mortal, they will know him in the end because we are all one being. I am grateful that I know who he is, he is my dearest friend and companion, and has never let me down when I chose to call on him.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

* http://www.miraclevision.com/acim/urtext/acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

Universal Reading 4 November through 10 November 2019 In Hopes of a Blessed Tomorrow

Reading Angel Tarot Cards by RV, Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Please bring a prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to this (and all other communications) reading.

Four of Fire; Contentment, peace, and abundance. A happy home life, the successful completion of a project.

With the idea that we create the world by what we believe, we see we want to begin with the end in mind. Stephen R Covey taught this in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

We are here in the physical to have joy according to the Holy Spirit. And to testify of the Atonement by acceptance of it. Accepting the Atonement becomes our greatest joy, because it reminds us of our unity with one another and with God.

This does not mean challenges will not come, because UrACIM teaches us that we need to understand what others, who do not recognize the Atonement yet, are dealing with.

If we were in a prolonged witness of God’s presence we could not remain human. (See ACIM TM 26;3&4) In that way, we have reason to rejoice in our challenges. Thankfully, the witness of the Atonement gives us an entirely different way to look at life.

Four symbolizes stability and the Atonement can give us that stability in the midst of the chaos and confusion that the world appears to be in.

Knight of Fire; Passionate, Adventurous, Self-Assured, Restless A sudden event that needs immediate attention. Time is of the essence. Think things through carefully.

Immediate attention and time is of the essence, and yet one is advised to think things through carefully. I would suggest that we all know the Plan and our role in it. Follow your instincts knowing that you have angels assistance to keep on track.

The things that are not in your awareness about the Whole Plan are this way for the benefit of the Whole of the Son of God. Do not think that you can or need to understand what anyone else’s role is. Jesus has that job. Follow your heart.

This card suggests that a sudden event will prompt you into action. You have been prepared for what life will bring. As have others.

A lot of our energy is taken up in worrying about our loved ones, yet they have their angels as well and Jesus knows their every need. Even in the most dire of circumstances and His compassion is there to assist them.

Do what you can to uplift and then trust Jesus and rely on God’s attention. And remember, the body is not the permanent residence of an individual; God is.

Avoid the temptation to decide what is best for others or even yourself; insisting on your way or the highway or being angry when your ideas are not accepted or utilized. Confidence is good; just remember that there are things you are not aware of -by choice- here in this world of the physical.

Four of Earth; Being too frivolous or too cautious with money. Good business decisions. Giving to those less fortunate.

It is interesting to me how the very passages that are put on these cards can seem so contradictory. Being too much of something and yet, at the same time, making good decisions and choices? It seems to speak out both sides of the mouth at the same time.

There is logic to things that we do not always understand.

Here again is the four, representing stability and foundation.

Intrinsically we know our role, as do our children and loved ones. The physical world offers many resources and diverse ways of utilizing those resources.

This card suggests that we move on the promptings of offering others assistance. To cling to our property or people out of fear that there will not be enough or will leave us, sets us up in a mentality of scarcity that will manifest itself in that very way.

Be generous in ways you are able and live knowing that your needs and wants are known and will be met in an agreed upon way. Sometimes the appearance of lack is to allow us to stretch our faith so that we are able to recognize the blessings that come from that which is not seen.

Nine, The Hermit; Archangel Raziel, Spend time in quiet meditation. Spiritual teaching. Self-discovery.

If there is anything that humanity needs to do, it is to seek an inner life for oneself. The physical eyes and ears are not capable of receiving all the input that there is. Our precious autistic brothers and sister show this vividly in the physical sense.

Our oneness is obvious as we look at nature: the waters, the air, even that which is food circulates and recycles itself on a continual basis.

We have times when we need mentors and times when we are mentors. Learning and teaching go hand in hand. There is no end to what the inner world can teach us about ourselves.

The Hermit reminds us to be aware and to nurture that part of us in ourselves and one another. We can do this in isolation or in a crowd.

I would suggest that a lot of mental illness stems from not allowing there to be diversity and openness within our inner selves. In other words, insisting we have reached our peak of comprehension, forces us into a box or paradigm, of our own choosing, that causes the psyche and even the physical to be blocked and become stagnant and ill.

Meditation and prayer are key. Meditation can teach you to be an observer that does not get brought down by what appears to be going on. Prayer can allow you a way let go of the ways and means to a situation, allowing the unseen to bring about a positive resolution.


We have a foundation to stand on. It is already here. To see it we must acknowledge that we have what we need. We testify of this to ourselves and others as we choose to be thankful for where we are today.

Stirred to action by events in our physical world we can be confident and move forward following our instincts. Just be careful to not let yourself fall into the trap of believing that you have all the answers. Because you do not have all the information while you are still in the physical.

The earth was created to give you sustenance in the physical. Your physical being is a part of the earth. Allow the resources to come to you and flow from you in a natural way. And do not beat yourself up when you mess up. Or think that you do.

I feel impressed to encourage us not to be afraid to sense the helpers here. Remember, the physical world is symbolic of spiritual things and leads us back to the remembrance of God, the Father. United we are His Son and He desires to bless us all. Now, being that the physical is not real, it may be that our challenge benefits the Plan in a way that we do not comprehend.

I know how strong the temptation is to want to see the world behave a certain way. And it can feel very dis-empowering to let things be what they are when we know they could be better. Yet, my perception of life at this time is that we need to be happy (I do not really like that word). Maybe content is better. Knowing that while we want to do what we can for ourselves and others, we also want to let go of the reigns and place them firmly in the hands of Jesus, trusting that all things are working out for the greater good.

This is my faith. And I share with you with hope of a blessed tomorrow.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 41 Urtext ACIM pg. 33 For a little while, the physical IS the form of expression. Enjoy it!

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have asterisk.

The love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another.

*Hear this, please! While not needing the body may be the ultimate, it will be a very long time before that will be a full reality and we will be led there bit by bit by the Holy Spirit. It need not be a traumatic thing. And I believe that it will be thousands or maybe even millions of years in humanities time reference.

*The purpose of the physical was to show that Christ could suffer and die for leaving God. Once all understand this we will recognize our part in Him and not need the body to attack. God, the Father of Christ, gave us the Holy Ghost/Spirit that we might use the body to remind Christ of His Father’s Love, Loyalty, and Affection.

*And while we still have bodies we will still have the challenges and joys of such things as food and sex and that which we believe in. I am not at all suggesting here that we go all the way and defy our bodies by ignoring these things. The Spirit will lead us, over time, to greater understandings. What I am so passionate about is relieving the concept of suffering that humanity has. Remember; time was given to humanity by the Father of Christ to bless us, not to frighten or demean us.

*This is very significant to me at this time. There are a lot of things that we will not need in our eternal existence. Sex, food, bathroom, being a few of them. Even with an understanding or at least a glimpse of what our true being is, we are still in this world while in the physical.

*Perhaps it is not so much that we must change our behaviors so drastically right now, but that we want to change our attitude or perception of them at this stage of the game. I am beginning to see that what we have here in time and physical is a symbolic reflection or shadow if you will, of our true being.

*For instance, food may be looked at as relating the concept that we are fully dependent one upon the other and not so “isolated” as we sometimes think or pretend to be. Sex and its reproductive abilities allow us to recognize that we are not solo either. We create who, what, and how we are in a joint effort; as well as expanding our being continually.

The love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another. (Repeated because I had gotten so wordy in my reflections.) That is because the real vision is still so dim.

*The real vision of what we truly are; the united being of Christ, the Son of God.

Everyone can use his body best by enlarging man’s perception, so he can see the real VISION.

*By remembering that we are the Christ and accepting the Atonement.

THIS VISION is invisible to the physical eye.

*It is a witness of the Holy Spirit that we are the Christ. It is a gift of faith.

The ultimate purpose of the body is to render itself unnecessary.

*That statement is so threatening to the ego because it believes that it means annihilation. It does not understand, as yet, that its beliefs were formed for the benefit of Christ to be able to come out of the false belief that He had separated from God.

*The other thing that the ego does not understand intrinsically, is that nothing that God creates has an end. This includes the ego, meaning your conscious identity, which you have with or without a body. It may need to be allowed to gain a different perspective, but it will not be destroyed because that is not in the will of God.

Learning to do this is the only real reason for its creation.

*Imagine. Learning to let go of its being is the reason it is. Here is the catch though, that humanity has such a hard time understanding. The body is only a type of costume that the Son was allowed to assume to carry out His thoughts of separation from God and the restoration in the Atonement. It was never real. It has no definitive part in creation, it was a tool, like the pencil Jesus spoke of earlier in the text.

*And fear not, as long as you desire a body, you will be given one because that is how generous and understanding the Father of Christ is.

*My sincere apologies to those who saw my last post before I updated it. I put that last quote from this text into the title. (I had meant to put these two together, but it got long.) A bad call on my part to put it in the title anyway. As I stated, it is so frightening to the ego. And understandably so at this time. God will not lead us into fear.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste


Universal Reading 28 October through 3 November 2019 You Create You By Small Choices, Step by Step

Using Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper Read by Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Please bring a prayer for the Holy Spirit with you. He is the translator and witness of truth.

One thing you want to understand about me is that I have lived my life in the companionship of Jesus. He has always been my faithful confidant and guide. I know there are angels and this deck speaks of them directly but I do not feel impressed to expand my relationships in such a way at this time.

That does not mean that others who do are not totally spot on in their walk. I just want to be free to walk mine. AND I am not suggesting that others walk my walk, I just want the freedom to do so and thus far, I have it. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this. It truly means the world to me.

I hope the author of this deck will forgive me for not using its full symbols and access to the inner self. This goes without saying for any deck that is used. Physical or intellectual symbols are guides to help us understand our true being. They will be used differently by everyone. Do not be afraid to listen to another because you do not speak with the same symbols.

We are all heading to and from the same place. We are all of God and Divine Communicators of the Truth, even when we witness of the fictional reality of the illusion.

Rhinoceros; Be strong and courageous.

I heard on a nature show that the rhinoceros is the most fierce of animals and it has taken the most human lives. Comfortable on land and in the water means they are versatile. We might liken it to our physical and spiritual selves. Are we being true to ourselves, first by knowing what we believe in and then by bearing witness of it so that it can grow and develop to its full potential?

Badger; Bring your life into balance.

Another animal of fierce strength. Here suggesting the male/feminine that lies within all of us. That which stakes a claim in the world, while living in touch with its source and self. Self nurture and awareness can be balanced with a voice in the world through whatever means your role has given you. Have you longed to write or sing and just not made time for it? This is your call to be a voice in the world, even as you nurture the inner divinity that is you.

Cat; Be relaxed and independent.

Everything you need to know is already within you. The feline walks the spiritual and physical freely. You have the capacity to “be” without having to put a lot of effort into it. The greatest effort that you want to make is shedding the belief that you need to conform or be something that society accepts. You are you and that is wonderful. Know that being authentically you is fantastic and beneficial to all that is.

Parrot; Listen intently to understand.

When in the physical, and elsewhere, it is important to be observant. Not only to sights, but to sounds, tones, nuances. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye. We mimic to learn how to function in the world as the parrots do, but understanding of what we mimic comes from listening to the still small voice that is connected to all time and to the source of all that is. There is a translator, known in the Christian world as the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

This is the companion that helps you navigate within the world of the physical. He is spoken of as if he were a being separate from the self, but this is because humanity has so long felt himself separate from God. In truth it is a part of himself that has been closed off. It takes only a willingness to open the door to this part of being that will guide you, and all with whom you come in contact to, back to Father/God/Creator/Source/Self.

As part of the Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you are in fact all three for separation was never a part of the will of God.


Acknowledge your strength by having the courage to find out who you truly are and what you believe. Your strength lies in the ability to change beliefs so that they align with who you truly are.

Your masculine and feminine tendencies can be brought into balance to give you a resting place within yourself to nourish and strengthen yourself, while reaching out and having a voice in the physical world in the way that you are inspired serves to bring others hope and encouragement.

Be at ease with who you are. Your inner voice is something of value and your independence need not be given away, even if you choose to share your life with another. Honor your truth and you will honor others, whether they agree with yours or not.

Listen well to the world around you. Be observant. The day will come when all that you have seen and heard will come into alignment and make sense. Do not still that quiet voice within you and follow someone outside yourself.

Take what others share and what others are and pass it through your own inner guidance mechanism. You are not alone and you actually have more helpers that are unseen than the ones that are seen.

Know that you are loved and part of the great awakening of the One that we all are, even the Christ, the Son of God.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 40 Urtext ACIM pg. 33 and 34 Create the Good, the Beautiful, and the Holy

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy. Do not lose sight of this.

*We are of God, after all. In acknowledging the Atonement and our connection one to another and to God we release the need to compete or fear. Being in touch with you is one of the most incredible things you can experience.

You were right in telling B. to invite Me to enter anywhere temptation arises. I will change the situation from one of inappropriate sexual attraction to one of impersonal miracle-working.

*I love this. Invite Jesus into the situation. It gives me a prompting to invite him personally to walk with me daily. It is not that he doesn’t, but my invitation opens my heart to be receptive to his assistance. And to have confidence in that. I wish I could put into words the depth of the meaning of “you are not alone” is to me right now. I do not have to stand as a one drop in the ocean or breeze in the air, I can stand as the whole ocean and atmosphere. Not in a bold, bragging way, but in a confident, humble way knowing that I have assistance as needed in any situation.

*Jesus is speaking here specifically about the sexual temptation. It is really a spiritual identification; a connection to what is truth within ourselves. The feeling of being in the full presence of the Father.

*Does Jesus know this so well that he forgets to acknowledge that for us? I repeat: the sexual stimulation emotional factor has to do with getting in touch with our true essence as a being of God, not as a body needing expression of explosion through another body.

*That actually sounds pretty weird doesn’t it. From a human standpoint. And yet, if we step back and remember that we are not a body. A body is a vehicle that allows us to communicate with one another in this place of confusion and illusion.

*Even in spirit form we still have a sort of esoteric expression in form and this is not our complete truth either. It is only in God that there is complete truth. In complete submersion with him.

*My understanding is that we do not lose our identity there (in the place we truly belong, immersed in God), even though the ego thinks that it does die or forget itself. We will not know what this is like until we get there completely. And that will not happen for any of us, until all of us are awakened to who we truly are in/as Christ and we are taken into full remembrance of God, by Him, as the illusion of separation is banished.

The concept of changing the channel for libidinal expression is Freud’s greatest contribution, except that he did not understand what “channel” really means.

*Interesting, channel as we understand it here is really receiving assistance from outside of ourselves. Or is it inside of ourselves? (My Seth studies are showing.) What I mean is that it is not our ego that is conscious here, that we want to run the gambit on with our libidinal expression. We want actually to hand it over to Jesus, if I am understanding him correctly.

*As eldest and originator of the Plan, he is the one who can direct where it is to be expressed and where not. It seems like we are giving it up to someone else, but truth is, as Christ (which we all are) we are simply handing the responsibility of it over to our higher self.

*And responsibility it is, at least in the world of the physical, for it makes bodies for others to come and learn by means of contrast and struggle. Not only that, it creates groupings of families or enemies. It becomes the glue that appears to hold us to the world of physical and desperately cling to that which appears separate from ourselves.

*We will not be allowed to be of the world; meaning a part of the web of illusions we have told ourselves, in any way. We cannot keep the parts we like and let go of the rest. Each must and will make this choice for themselves; it will not be forced on us.

*These are not choices of opportunity that Jesus is presenting to us. They are realities that have to do with our creation and what we truly are as Divine Entities. May we have the courage to look and to receive our true inheritance sooner rather than later, is my prayer. In the name of Christ, acknowledging Jesus as eldest among us.

* http://www.miraclevision.com/acim/urtext/acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Universal Reading 21 October through 27 October 2019 You Are (Because He IS)

Using Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by DV: Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Please bring a prayer for the Holy Spirit with you. He is the translator and witness of truth.

Elevation of Spiritual Tendencies

This card is labeled Vegetarian/Vegan and says that this lifestyle is the one that gives the best spiritual opportunities. I do not agree with that and I will not promote it. What you eat is a personal decision. You body chemestry, cultural heritage, and personal inclination all come into play. And the biggest thing of all is how you think about any of it, so listen to your own inner guidance for the best fit for you. You will be guided.

Intent and letting go of expectations are the two keys that I have found. There are too many variables that humanity does not understand to try and lock anyone into one certain path as far as sustaining the human body goes.

We each have challenges and obstacles we wanted to experience in this lifetime as well. Who am I to insist that someone alter course? Follow your instincts and inner guidance. For your highest good at this time.

Workshops and Seminars: Be open to teaching and learning.

We all give and take in this existence. There is none among us who does not teach, although we can block our learning. And we can teach separation and despair, instead of compassion and hope, if we choose. Whether you are doing it formally in front of a class or isolated in your own environment, what you think and process in your mind affects all of creation. Choosing to see the bright side of things can become a habit, just as choosing to see the dark side of things can.

However you teach or learn, the immediate moment is your greatest and only arena. Be in the knowledge that you are a magnificent part of All That Is and that you are valued just in being.

Crown Chakra: Pay attention to your ideas.

You have a lot of things going through your mind at any given moment. Learn to distinguish the voice that holds your highest good. I know it as the Holy Spirit. It is a divine connection that gives you comfort and guidance along the path of life. You will get more help the more you are willing to follow the promptings.

Do not be afraid of instruction here either. I am in the process of learning just how connected my thoughts are to what comes in my near future. It is a matter of observing and holding thoughts on the back burner of your mind to see what develops.

We are all in a sort of jumbled and confused state of affairs. Do not let that trouble you. Accepting the Oneness of Creation and our impact on one another is a huge step for humanity at this time.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Feel safe in your personal power.

The third chakra is where your person power and center lie. Located in the navel and lower chest it is the core of your witness to the world. The color is yellow and I suggest it is reflective of the light of the sun as it affects all around it.

You have a personal energy that is unlike any other in this lifetime and, just maybe, all others. Your particular twist on things is unique to you and it resonates in the world. Do not be afraid to be who you are; in whatever capacity that you feel impressed to exist. Others may not understand or agree. That is not your problem. We can bring Christ to an awakened state, but only as quickly as we are willing to be true to who we truly are.


Be aware of your body. Use wisdom in keeping it in good working order. You are not your body, but your body is an important vehicle for expression in the place that you now are focusing in. Follow your inner guidance and know that your body will be as fit as your mind. And in the sense of the universal whole there is no way that anyone can put a definition to what that means. In other words, the ill body may be what is needed to declare the message that you wanted to express in this “time and place”.

You cannot stop your teaching, but you can block your learning. Keep the passage ways open as much as possible by accepting your place in the hands of God. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands. You are part of Him as He is part of you and you are meant to be acknowledged.

What you think matters. You will be inspired. Do not pooh pooh or discount those inspirations. Act on them in small ways. You never know what they will become. Acknowledge that you are worthy of Divine Inspiration.

Then do not be afraid to be. So what if you are not like anyone else. You were not meant to be. You were meant to be you, in this moment, just as you are. Thanks for “being” here.

I have just recently read the Seth books by Jane Roberts. When I teach or write I do so with the whole heart of who and what I am in the moment. I do not consider myself a learned person either. By this I mean that I do not believe I have gotten all the answers for me or anyone else at any given time. I consider myself a work in process. While at the same time I am what I am meant to be in any given moment and I seek to be open to being that and being okay with it at any given time.

Life is a great adventure. And it continues after the body is set aside. Wherever you find yourself at this moment, know that it is just where you are meant to be. That does not suggest non-action, it suggests acknowledgement of the Atonement that knows the Father and the Son are One.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 39 Urtext ACIM pg. 33 Pleasure in Sex is a Misunderstanding

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

*Please do not hate the messenger. These are the words of Jesus about the illusions that we have created around our true identity to block ourselves from the Love of God. This is not a message that I would have chosen to promote. With a dysfunctional start in life I had to talk myself into accepting a “healthy” sex life and I believe that I had done so. I am not trying to win any popularity contest here though. I want to know what Jesus was trying to teach us and that is what I am going to do my best to relate by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The pleasure which is derived from sex AS SUCH is reliable only because it stems from an error which men shared.

*Is this the belief that attack brings pleasure or that we are here to suffer?

AWARENESS of the error produces the guilt.

*The error is actually the idea that we are separate from God and that we can find connectivity in that which is outside ourselves. The guilt comes from seeking satisfaction outside of God. I suspect a companionable relationship may be desired in a joint effort to testify of God’s Love for His Son. Would that not cause many relationships to alter course?

DENIAL of the error results in projection.

*Projection. That act we do to shift our own feelings of uncomfortableness outside into the world so that we think it attacks us, instead of realizing we are attacking ourselves.

CORRECTION of the error brings release.

*Knowing that God loves us where we are and that He has never left us, nor we Him. It also makes us content in our own skin, no matter what is going on. Life will still present its issues. For one thing, no one is isolated. We still are a whole entity, so experiences are going to come from places that we are not conscious of. It is in knowing what is real in spite of what we see or seem to experience (which is my definition of faith) that we can continue in a positive and confident manner.

The only VALID use of sex is procreation.

*Tell that to Hollywood! Sex is all we seem to live by from the time we are knee high. Why is that? Could it be that we are believing a hype that simply has no truth? Managing intimate details of our lives does give the market an edge on who will by what, in terms of merchandise or propaganda.

It is NOT truly pleasurable in itself.

*I mean, think about that for a minute. I remember when I first tried a cigarette. It was awful. But I came to believe that I enjoyed it. (I did quit over 30 years ago. I am not judging, just saying this was my journey.) I really believe this deserves to be looked at. Think of all of the challenges men and women face as early as 40 in the private areas. And disease of all sorts. It is a very addictive behavior, also, if allowed to get out of hand. And it often serves as a measure of our success as a human being. Now, what is wrong with that picture?

“Lead us not into Temptation” means “Do not let us deceive ourselves into believing that we can relate in peace to God or our brothers with ANYTHING external.”

*Relating, having a relationship with God or others is a psychological endeavor, not a physical one. Think about that for a bit. How often do we acknowledge this?

*The relating concept is huge. We are related to God because He is God. It is not based on our emotions, actions, words, thoughts, or anything else. Likewise, for all of our other relationships, even though humanity has tried to put all sorts of labels, definitions, and expectations on them.

The “sin of Onan” was called a “sin” because it involved a related type of self-delusion; namely, that pleasure WITHOUT relating can exist.

*Matthew 38, this is the brother-in-law that spilled his seed instead of giving his brother a name sake. We are not separate. When we give, we receive. Onan did not want to give up a son to his brother’s memory.

*This is a concept best understood in the heart than in the head. Again, a reflection on the psychological/spiritual experience of humanity.

*There seems to be a lot more to the statement “pleasure without relating” than we comprehend. To think that we can receive from another without acknowledging our oneness with them, perhaps? It seems to carry depths we have yet to discover.

To repeat an earlier instruction, the concept of either the self or another as a “sex-OBJECT” epitomizes this strange reversal.

*The idea that a body that attends to us gives, us greater meaning in our lives, is a bit odd when you put it that way, don’t you think? We need to understand that our value is intrinsic in our existence. Existence is proof that we are loved, that we are worthy, and justified.

As B. put it, and very correctly, too, it IS objectionable, but only because it is invalid.

*Being a sex-object is not the purpose of our physical being. It was formed by Christ to prove the many ways that He had separated from God, His Father. And the Holy Spirit takes that and makes the physical manifestation of all creation a witness or communication of God’s love for His Son. Our purpose is not procreation, but to eventually show that there is no need of the body. This frightens the ego who thinks and teaches that you are a body.

Upside-down logic produces this kind of thinking.

*Believing that humanity is a body and not a psychological entity.

*My health this past couple of weeks has not been the best so I may be writing in a bit of a brain fog, but I believe it is important to keep to this weekly as much as I am able. We are all learning here and food for thought is the making of the cosmos, so I think it is a fair attempt.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

* http://www.miraclevision.com/acim/urtext/acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Reading Seth Materials for the First Time

I have spent the past week reading two books. My first from this author, Jane Roberts, and her material on Seth.

Seth is the Biblical name of the son that Eve was given when Abel was murdered by Cain. Jane’s Seth never suggests that he was that Seth (that I know of). But it tickles the back of my brain anyway.

I have read The Seth Material and Seth Speaks. A lot of what he speaks of is things that I already knew. Things that I have felt confirmation of by the Holy Spirit.

His form of teaching and focus did expand some things for me. The political/psychological climate at the time of Jesus, for instance. As well as the concept of all things happening at the same time and all probabilities being allowed to be manifest somewhere in dimensional reality.

I am going to ponder that last one for a while because I believe that it will allow me greater ability to “let go” of the need for things to be the way that I want them to be or getting upset or anxious, if they do not.

These were journeys that I was on the way to anyhow. Seth just seems to be an answer for greater understanding on how to do these things.

There are very significant statements that for me totally confirm the information that I have received so far from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I loved his analogy of the atom being thought of as a micro second and how there are points of the atom that currently do not connect.

Not to mention the idea that we have the ability to change the past by what we are doing in the now, because time is an illusion. It is very exciting to me.

He even points out the “living dead” as I call them. Those who are more dead in life than they will be in death.

I have The Nature of Personal Reality here to read before I need to purchase others. I look forward to reading more of his material, as well.

During my reading of the materials my dream experience has really expanded and I have much greater recall. I have no desire to go consciously out of body. I lived with depressive thoughts much too long for that. This is a decision I made some time ago.

I do remember my father telling me that he had those experiences. And it would have been after high school, during the years when Jane’s work was popular. Though I do not recall him mentioning her work specifically, he may have. I believe he was inclined that way spiritually.

I find that I am being taught many things and that I am being challenged in my ability to interface with humanity in a different way now. I am given the opportunity to redirect my thoughts so that I allow others to be who they are and still hold my own integrity.

I believe that I am embracing “being” in a greater way and I am grateful for it. I want to do these things for myself but I am also desiring and willing to be an example for my grandchildren.

I feel so tempted to shuffle off by myself and be very happy. I feel connected and in touch with everyone when I am alone because it is just me and the Holy Spirit.

But I know that I was given this form to be a witness and voice for truth and I need to get over the frustration with the subtle ways that I see my children hurting each other and not feeling confident and loved for just who they are. I cannot correct their behavior, I need to adjust my thinking.

I am grateful for the challenges that they give me.

The holidays bring terrific opportunities to test my spiritual learning. My PTSD shines at these times because my gut wrenches at the hypocracy and unkindness that I see. If we did not have the holidays though perhaps it would not come into our minds to be questioned, so they do serve a huge purpose.

And then I am discussing a very provocative subject in my Urtext ACIM material regarding sexuality. I am taught as I prepare these messages and it obviously shakes my foundational look at the human race at the moment.

I love my work though. I could not see myself doing anything else. I have the makings of another book in the works as well. A fictional portrayal of how to surf the world and its emotional roller coaster with the things that the Holy Spirit is teaching me.

My life is rich and full and I am grateful for each and every person and incident that has taken me to where I am today.

Thank you for letting me share!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste!

Universal Reading 14 October through 20 October 2019 Solitude Is Okay

Using Animal Tarot Cards by RV, Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Ace of Summer; Dove, The awakening of spiritual gifts and insights.

One on one this may be the first blush of love. To the Whole of Christ Consciousness I will focus on spiritual gifts. Though love is a spiritual gift that must be the foundation of all things real.

The dove represents peace and calm. The dove also represents the Holy Spirit, which brings us the gifts of the spirit and bears witness of truth. That peace in the midst of the storm tells you that you are on the right path.

The world is ready for this new beginning that will bring a more abundant life for all. Do not be afraid to walk your own life. There is no shame in this, contrary to what the world tells us.

Ten of Spring; St Bernard Dog, Working too hard, enjoy life.

These challenges are not brought on by happy events. We have been working on things that are unproductive. Maybe we are trying to change others. Or trying too hard to “fit in”.

Ten is the finish of something. Maybe we are more willing to look at the lives that we have and ask ourselves if this is what satisfies us. Take a long bath with some apple cider vinegar and indulge yourself. Times of relaxing and simple tasks can be where Spirit is able to get out attention.

Reach out for help if you need it. Find the joy in the cloud, its there.

7 The Chariot; Arabian Horse, Balance, Focus, You’ve earned the rewards you are receiving.

Bred for centuries for their raw strength with grace and intelligence, the Arabian horse symbolizes the journey humanity has taken to this point. We do have reason to feel good about who we are. While the race is not quite finished we can feel proud of what we have accomplished.

Seven is the number of inner work, soul searching. In the Major Arcana it carries that meaning in greater depth. Being willing to see “outside of the box” we have come a long ways. Do not be afraid to listen to your inner guides.

Where yesterday may have found you floundering, today you are able to weather the storms of opposition and change. Have confidence in your grace and ability to shine in the role you have worked toward over lifetimes. Keep your focus on the goal. Stand fast in the Miracle of the witness of the Son of God.

King of Winter; Humpback Whale, Professional communication, expert advise

Whales are ancient and represent wisdom of the ages. They are also known for their solitude and yet can communicate with others thousands of miles away.

Humanity is no less gifted. It is time to call upon the wisdom of the ages and share it so that it sounds throughout all of creation as a call to recall who and what we truly are. To acknowledge the Son of God and know that He was created for joy and peace, not suffering and destruction.


Peace and calm will represent a beginning of a new era of growth and abundance for humanity.

We will let go of the futile struggles of changing others and give ourselves permission to relax in the warmth of our inner peace.

We will give ourselves credit for the fine work we have done and stand in the winds of division and diversity. We will accept the warmth and accolades from others who benefit from our peace and the rewards of our choices.

We will not be afraid of the inner wisdom that allows us to be who we choose to be from the inside out and not merely puppets in societies expectations. As such we will be leaders of thought offering humanity options for perception and experience.

The Holy Spirit will continue to teach and reach out to those who are willing to listen and not walk in fear of the own shadow. We are on solid ground as we see Christ in everything and understand the confusion that the error of the thought of separation brought about. This is a wonderful time to be alive.

I pray this serves to lift and encourage.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Day 38 Urtext ACIM pg. 32-33 Instructions About Sex

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

40. A miracle is never lost. It touches many people you may not even know, and sometimes produces undreamed of changes in forces of which you are not even aware. This is not your concern.

*This is inner work that we are to be about. We have to give up counting on what the world “seems” to be. We need to listen to that inner guidance of peace and joy.

It will also always bless YOU. This is not your concern, either.

*This is where we count on the fact that God IS and that we are in his care as a part of Him.

But it IS the concern of the Record. The Record is completely unconcerned with reliability, being perfectly valid because of the way it was set up. It ALWAYS measures what it was supposed to measure.

*I suspect here that the Record is what will remain when all the illusion is wiped away. Validity or truth must be the measure of statistics. Just because it happens all the time does not mean it is valid or true, that is only reliability.

I want to finish the instructions about sex, because this is an area the miracle worker MUST understand. Inappropriate sex drives (or misdirected miracle-impulses) result in guilt if expressed, and depression if denied.

*From pg. 29 and 30: Sex & miracles are both WAYS OF RELATING. The nature of any interpersonal relationship is limited or defined by what you want it TO DO which is WHY you want it in the first place. Relating is a way of achieving an outcome. Indiscriminate sexual impulses resemble indiscriminate miracle impulses in that both result in body image misperceptions. The first is an expression of an indiscriminate attempt to reach communion thru the body. This involves not only the improper self-identification, but also disrespect for the individuality of others. Self-control is NOT the whole answer to this problem, though I am by no means discouraging its use. It must be understood, however, that the underlying mechanism must be uprooted

*Sex, if looked at honestly is a commodity that in great part makes the physical/illusional world go around. Governments and markets count on sexual activity to produce a crop of constituents, purchasers and bodies to fight. This is not anything new. We need to look at this and see if it is really helpful or if it is just filling someone’s pocketbook and ego.

*Today many are made to feel inadequate based on their sexual activity from the time they are fairly young, if not from birth.  

We said before that ALL real pleasure comes from doing God’s will. Whenever it is NOT done an experience of lack results.

*The very idea of wanting sex is a sign of feeling a lack often brought on by societal or familial pressure or boredom and confusion, wanting to fit in or belong to someone, which is denying the fact that we do belong in each other and in God.

This is because NOT doing the will of God IS a lack of self.

*Lack of who we truly are.

Sex was intended as an instrument for physical creation to enable Souls to embark on new chapters in their experience, and thus improve their record.

*This is a statement that, to me, speaks of reincarnation. Souls get new chapters or new lives to improve their record, their truth, their alliance with who they are as the Will of God.

The pencil was NOT an end in itself. (See earlier section.)

*The pencil, sex, has become the end in itself. The sixties brought free love and there has been constant confusion since and before.

*I have had to choose an attitude about sex all my life. Nothing was natural, it was choice and it was in response to what humanity was living all around me. Television had a lot to do with many of my experiences.

It was an aid to the artist in his own creative endeavors. As he made new homes for Souls and guided them thru the period of their own developmental readiness, he learned the role of the father himself.

*It is in living the role of the mother that the incongruencies of traditional Christianity where brought to my attention.

The whole process was set up as a learning experience in gaining Grace.

*Grace, that returning to the understanding that you are loved by the Father as Christ, His Son.

*We think that these bodies give us life and all we are doing is buying into the propaganda of the illusion.

*This topic is going to stay with us for a few weeks at least. It is going to say some things that we may not want to hear, because we are so addicted and drugged by our illusions. I do not teach as other teachers of the Course do. I teach not teach off their teachings. I choose to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in me and to fly above the circumstance of the day to day and look from a distance at what humanity is doing to itself.

*We have some choices to make. It cannot be stopped. It is already happening around the world. The shift will happen. We can shorten the duration of uncomfortableness if we are willing to look at what is going on.

*This is my prayer. Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

* http://www.miraclevision.com/acim/urtext/acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

Universal Reading 7 October 2019 through 13 October 2019

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by C. B-R. Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Please invite the Spirit into this reading.


Trust is not something that the world comes by easily. Yet in the Manual for Teachers, ACIM says that Trust is developed over time. A period of undoing, a period of sorting out, a period of relinquishment, a period of settling down, a period of unsettling, and finally the period of achievement, where peace resides in a heavenly state. This is something that must be traveled and accepted by all. It is not something that many (if any) accomplishes in one lifetime. It begins by believing that there is something outside of what we believe ourselves to be and that this something is benevolent and kind. It happens as we give up what has no value and seek that does. It may require a time of testing or proving that gives confidence.The upheaval that we see in the world is a witness of this process.

As we relinquish what is not vital and necessary we are able to grasp that which is eternal and divine. This is something that humanity may do and it may be done in the flesh, it does not have to wait until after you die.

The Grail Knight; romance, illusion, seeking the sacred

We are currently in the state of the illusion. We chase things that are not lasting. We have a holy commission that will bring us to the Holy Grail eventually. We determine how long it needs to take to a great degree. Somethings in life we agreed to do for the sake of another’s journey, and some lifetimes do not allow the eternal to be found, but for those who are able it is a worthy endeavor. Romance is included here as well and not always of a romantic partner type. Why could it not mean enjoying and celebrating the journey of life. Alone or with another, romance is going the extra mile to delight.

The Bard; music, poetry, myth, history, the enchantment of storytelling

How do we communicate the divinity that humanity is? The BARD was the historian of the community and it was done in many ways. Is it possible that we might come to understand that it is His Story that we are relating and take our place as divine entities sent to awaken the sleeping Christ? His Story has its tragedies and yet, if it is only a dream, it has done no lasting harm.

It is my prayer that humanity will understand the truth about who they are and where they come from so that the story of Redemption becomes alive in all corners of the universe.


Love is the power that is God. It energizes everything. Love is the natural state of the Son of God, however, it is not allowed to flow in the earth to any great extent at this time. We can change that by accepting the Atonement for ourselves and by walking in that light and peace on the earth, igniting others recollection.


Trust that there is a divine essence that is mindful of you and yours. Walk the path of trust daily and let it establish a foundation in you that can not be shaken.

Seek for understanding the meaning of life and sacred things. Enjoy the journey along the way.

Know your history and understand it is not yours but the one who sent you. It is his story that you play out. Recognize the innocence and the dream state He is in and sing a song of thanks that this is so.

Let compassion and kindness lead you in all that you do, think, and feel.

Christ is awakening. The turmoil in the world testifies of this. Do not be afraid to do your part. Start right where you are and go inside and ask the big questions knowing you will get answers.

I pray this serves to lift and inspire.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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