Why Do People Attempt Suicide? A Common Question.

17 March 2019
Sadly, a woman was reaching out in her grief at the loss of her brother-in-law on a group I follow on Facebook asked this question today. Another young woman, who is close to me, asked me this same question a couple months ago, when the daughter of someone she cared for at the local nursing home killed herself. Then there was the sister who stood in front of an oncoming train in a local community. Suicide is not an uncommon occurence now, if it ever was.
Our children are encouraged in this behavior by deviates online and elsewhere. I grew up in a household where that was the go-to answer for a step-mom that was living in hell. It is no wonder I picked up the monkey and had it on my back most of my life. So it is a question I do not take lightly. And over the years I have come up with some answers that I feel strongly about. This is the comment that I left on her post: 
If that was a rhetorical question and you just needed to express your pain, I extend my condolences and send angels to comfort you. If it was a real question, read on, at the risk of looking at life and what you thought it was just a bit differently. ……………. delete it, if it offends, blessings always, Yvonne…….…….
Why do people attempt suicide?
Thinking our purpose is something other than it is … lack of hope in being true to ourselves … thinking others have anything to do with our happiness or well-being … chemical mess-up that we agreed to … agreement to be a wake-up call to the people who will be most influenced by this occurrence … these and more and any combination thereof, brought on by Christ’s Guilty Conscience … which each of us has been sent here to release
… we confuse sexual attraction with love, when what we are seeking is connection, which we already have because we are all one but Christ’s Guilty Conscience threw us out of that memory
… love is of God alone and we have convinced ourselves we are separate from God, ergo, we are not capable of love in its fulness and settle for seeking cheap and short-lived substitutes which we convince ourselves are the real thing because otherwise we would all lose our sanity and end our lives, only to find we are still there, without a body, and determined to come back here and do it again until we figure out,
this is not life, it is a nightmare created by Christ, put into place by Jesus, who is the first-born in spirit and creator of the plan of right and wrong, sacrifice, and redemption
which is impossible because everything that God makes is eternal and perfectly innocent, so sin is impossible as is death, and
we are here, in the flesh, to wake up Christ by forgiving him for making the mistaken assumption that he could have separated from his creator and father.
As we understand this we become a light that triggers the memory that each of us has within us that knows that the only truth is that God IS and anything that does not reflect that is not real.
And that is how I feel on the matter on this St Patrick’s Day, 2019. May you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~
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Day 11 URTEXT ACIM pg. 19 Jesus Needs No Atonement, Why?

**see Urtext ACIM link and disclaimer below

The reason why YOU come before me is because I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case YOU fail temporarily.

*Jesus in spirit is our eldest brother. If this is true, and I believe it is, he would have no one to forgive anything of (which is pre-requisite to the miracle) because his being came about first and directly from the creation of Christ whose creator was The Father, God.

*Because of his position is this delusional, linear timeline, he is able to assist us all in ways just a bit beyond what any of the other of us can do. He has a unique and unmatched perspective as the first. Each of us, in our own way has gifts that bless those around us as well. Jesus’ just happens to be a bit more universal than most of us. Do realize though, because we are energetic in our truest state, we do effect all others, including Jesus to some degree. So do not underestimate your own power.

*In the paragraph following about the Special Explanation, Jesus states that to “atone” is to “undo”. As first, being of the illusion, he would have nothing to undo about his being, were the rest of us do. This may have been where the idea of the virgin birth came also, because he, in spirit, was not of any union. 

*Let me clarify here that I have no conceptual idea of how the others came about in the spirit world. Did Christ just think up another and another and Jesus oriented and organized them in the spirit world? I have heard no possible suggestions or revelations on this. Only that Jesus was first born in spirit and that all things have been created in spirit before they are created here. 

*My sense is that Jesus, himself, is the brains behind most of the organization the world is based on, which may suggest another reason why he is so involved and available to everyone.

*I have some understanding of being the eldest as I was so, in the household I grew up in. I also observed similar emotional behaviors (such as the need to protect and even idolize, their youngers) in my children. I suspect that a male would have the distinct edge of wanting to lead and prepare a way that may be different than the females goal to simply protect and nurture. 

*Bear in mind that Jesus also carries the psychic DNA of Christ’s Guilty Conscience, i. e. that of self-sabotage. Until this is recognized and forgiven we will continue in the cycle of suffering. The Son’s will would be done. He would be allowed to “imagine” a reality where beings had separated from God and all the diverse and insane ways that those beings could mess up themselves. Did he draw up all the particulars of this world and make the blueprints of who would do what where and when and how? Could it be, he does not need the atonement because he is the creator of it. 

*Jesus was in charge of the destruction of the human race and for its atonement. He is the foreman, the coach, the CEO, and so on. This thing we call life is not ours but the confusion of our creator. We are the ones on a mission of love and mercy, even though it seems quite the opposite. We each took roles where we understood what we would be up against. We were then in a place without form, knowing form was only temporary and we agreed. We also knew there would be an end to all of this insanity. And that it had no real or lasting effect in any form of negativity. I suspect that kindness continues and is a part of the never-ending law of creation that The Father, God put into place when He created His Son. Be careful what you call kindness from our earthly perspective also, I do not think it will be the same in eternity.

*Please note Jesus may stand at the end of the Atonement for you, because he also stood at the beginning. We agreed to this insanity and are all equally invested. The compassion of Jesus is great. It is well to remember that he is not whole until we each are as well. This does not take away from who he is, but maybe it lifts us up to where he is, because we are on the same level. Yep, I just said that my Church of Jesus Christ associates. And I stand by it, in my testimony at this time.

SPECIAL EXPLANATION: (In response to HS request re possible corrections.) 

*I love this statement that shows the working relationship between Helen and Jesus. The words in parenthesis would have been written by Bill since he was the acknowledged editor of the Urtext. HS is, of course, Helen. I find it interesting to note Bill’s use of “corrections” rather than clarifications. Not a big deal I suppose, still interesting to me.

Change the word “sin” to “absence of love”. 

*Isn’t this awesome! I think so! “Absence of love”. Just think about “Go, and sin no more.” would be “Go, and remember love is always with you, in you, about you, a part of you, you.”

Sin is a manmade word with threat connotations which he made up himself. 

*Made up by man! This is where Jesus, me, and this text have been in a rumble for a couple of weeks. 

*I would acknowledge that sin was originally made up by Christ, The Son, as an attack upon himself at creation, when he thought he abandoned or disobeyed The Father. And this information I got from ACIM. 

*Manmade, okay, in the context that all are in and of Christ. Jesus, as the eldest of us would have defined it first.

No REAL threat is involved anywhere. 

*When humanity and/or Christ (meaning individually and collectively), “think sin”, there is an intrinsic need for punishment. It is part of the very word. 

*This is absolutely contrary to all that God, the Father is, does, or stands for. Even when you mess up in your eyes, or in the eyes of the collective, it is only a mistake that can and is being corrected.

*The challenge of this text, as with any other communication of truth, is that everything is happening at once and until huge numbers remove their perception from a linear place we will have to recognize that boundaries and laws will still need to be honored in the meantime or until perception is corrected.

I pray this may serve you,

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

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Universal Reading 11 March through 17 March 2019

Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Eight of Michael, Action of our Thoughts, The Circumstance of The Christ Consciousness

You may feel as though you are trapped, but remember, we are in an illusion. Self-sabotage and lack of confidence can make things look more difficult than they are. Go for a walk, take a break, talk to someone who can give you another perspective. Make the choice to be free of doubt and open the door to your creativity. Archangel Michael stands ready to see that you are able to fulfill your destiny.

Queen of Raphael, Feminine Strength, Healing, Emotions, the Individual

Intuition and psychic ability are yours. Compassionate service to the self and to others. Healing is available. This card reminds us to tap into our emotional signals to know where the need lies. Family, community. Heal within to heal the whole. Could be we are giving too much to others and not paying attention to keeping our own cups filled as well.

Ten of Raphael, True Endings That Lead to New Beginnings, Emotions, The Whole Christ Consciousness

Blessings, harmonious relationships, happily ever after are possible. Trustworthy relationships are within reach. If healthy family life is the goal we are going in the right direction.

King of Gabriel, Masculine Strength, Action, Advise from the Ascended Masters (Jesus)

Keep your eyes on the big picture; leave the details to others. Attend to extending the Miracle (ACIM) and leave how things will clear to Jesus. He has helpers that will see to those things. This is an action card. Go beyond the contemplation and extend the Miracle. Forgive, because you know God IS and all else must fall away.

Be the leader in forgiving and let your light strengthen the resolve of those who may not be as strong and driven as yourself. Your generosity will make a dramatic impact on the Whole.


Change your thinking. You are not trapped. Choose to step out of the path you are on. Ask for help from AA Michael, you are not alone.

Follow your heart and listen to that small voice within that wants to guide you. Kindness and understanding will follow into your relationships with others. Do not relinquish your personal boundaries and self-care to tend to others. Remember that others may not see your self-care as kindness but that does not mean that you have let them down. Quite the opposite.

Blessings in relationships with others and with yourself are able to blossom. Do not under-estimate the impact of a healthy and compassionate relationship with yourself. Aloneness does not have to be lonely. This card holds the promise of positive relationships with others as well, with the effort it takes to maintain them.

The big picture will take some effort to see, but its worth it. Leadership of those with experience. I saw a post on Facebook today that said “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.” (Vine Deloria, Sioux, Native American Wisdom) This is the experience the card speaks of that makes for great leadership.

The circumstance of humanity is not near as dire as we are led to believe. It does take an effort to choose to have compassion and take care of one’s self so that you are available for others, if only as an example.

This hell we find ourselves in is only an illusion and it will be changed as we lift our hearts to a higher level by process of the Miracle in forgiveness.

I pray this serves you.
Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~

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The Light: Love or Unity i. e. Connection, Offering the Miracle to Jesus

Thoughts while working on URTEXT ACIM

When I study ACIM I have random “understandings” or thoughts that I get, that cause me to seek the Spirit to confirm, and that often change the way I view the world.

I also like to record my testimony as it stands today, in other words I do not like to keep things to myself, because I do not know when my time is up and I believe in the power of testimony in the flesh.

I originally put these in with the URTEXT ACIM post and then decided to make them separate so they did not confuse things.

You do not have to agree with anything. I am just saying this is where my journey is taking me.  

These things threw me for a loop for a few days. It is not like they have not occurred to me before. It just hit me kind of hard. I think I do not want to let go of the “bigger than life” image that I have of Jesus. And I have a deep respect for the fact that my words may influence others. I do not wish to take away the reason for their faith.

The only thing that allows me to put up this post is that I have dedicated myself to having an “eye single to the glory of God”. I “have to” reach for the truth, as I understand it today, and let the chips fall where they may.

Please invite the Spirit to be with you as you read.


Because ACIM teaches us that we are Christ’s thoughts and he believes himself separated from God in this lost moment that we call time, I no longer “buy” the idea that the light that surrounds Jesus, or even in the NDE, is love in its completeness.

Remember you and I are a part of Christ, just as Jesus is.

What I have observed in channeling situations, as well as my NDE studies, suggests that the light is not fully comprehensive either. And if they are still willing to come to time they have not escaped it yet either.

I am not saying that NDE’s do not get the understanding of the reason for this world and time. Though it is not remembered completely upon returning. I question if they have complete awareness of all “being” for they are still outside of God’s full/true presence. This will not occur until each of us fulfills our part in the Atonement.

Jesus, as the first-born in spirit, bears witness personally of our absolute oneness and unity. We would naturally be drawn to this with great emotion, as described in many NDE’s.

What I am saying is that what is being mistaken for “love”, because of our human context right now, is really unity, connection, and wholeness which is obviously very powerful.

I have to admit that this thought “rocked my boat” for a few days and even now, blows me away. Yet, it has to be true if all this is illusion, and the concepts taught in ACIM are correct. 

It is only fair that I share these things with you so that you know what is at my core belief system as I share my thoughts weekly on the Urtext ACIM and with my Universal Readings. It becomes a part of me and comes out in my writing.

We suffer according to the plan that was laid out by Jesus, with The Father of this world who is Christ. (This is who I believe appeared to Joseph Smith Jr. in the First Vision.) Jesus is the one who set up the rules and said, if you follow me, we will get through this; I will get you all out.

This coming, of course, from the goofy self-sabotaging thinking of Christ’s Guilty Conscience where he thought he had separated from The Father, God/Source/Highest Self etc..

It sounds like the role that Lucifer played in scriptures I have studied. Which would be consistent with the teachings of projection in ACIM.


I have compassion for Jesus and I wish to end his suffering. He is as much a part of the reason for the work I do as are each of you. Makes it sound like I am placing myself above him doesn’t it? It places him as my equal. Which, understandably makes us who thought of Jesus as The Christ, cringe!

Forgiveness is the lesson of ACIM. To forgive the error, which could not have happened because we could not have left God’s presence. I forgive Jesus for his part in the plan of guilt, punishment, and separation. 

This way I offer the Miracle to Jesus, with all my heart. 

I am not really sure anyone has done this yet.

Perhaps Helen did. She took him as her peer, albeit a “confused and egotistical one”. Did she understand, witness, or live the depth of what he taught, as a Christian would? No, instead her heritage lived the effects of his being known as the Son of God. Helen is of Jewish descent.

Did she forgive him for “his” part in the damage that was inflicted on her ancestry and still is today? Will you, if that is your heritage? Forgive him because it really could not have happened at all.

Not, because it did not happen in reality, within the illusion. It did, and terrors were experienced by millions, but this is only a nightmare of The Son of God and all of its horrors will be erased.

I mean no ill will or disrespect to those who have suffered in those horrors any more than any other suffering this world of illusion has seen.

Our deliverance from this confusion requires that we give up the reality of our suffering.

Each and every one of us.

Develop healthy boundaries. Let trust be earned. But do not “remember” just to hold on to the illusion of separation and abuse. Attack is the term often used in ACIM. Let attack lose its sting.

I accepted for many years what was handed down as tradition, or the understanding of “the norm”, of Christian thinking in the society I lived in.

At 27 years old I was taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that Jesus is our eldest brother in spirit. That would make him the first of the “thoughts” of Christ in ACIM.

This would explain his gifts of closeness with the Christ, who is at the “head of the Matrix”, the “Chief Saboteur” of this illusion we find ourselves in because he believes he left the presence of God. He is the one who believes he can earn his way back. And he cannot, because he never left.

Christ, the god of this world, is who awaits our forgiveness truly. And it is in this that all of creation will be set free. 

I understand that this is a concept that challenges everything that we “comprehend, believe, and understand” about our beloved Jesus, as Christians. I do, however, believe that it is an important concept to understand if the healing is to really take place that has been prepared for humanity since the beginning of time.

Do not think that this takes Jesus out of his place in my heart as the big brother and savior that I have always thought of him as. Quite the contrary. I adore him and appreciate all his attention and compassion, even as I realize he may be in charge of a lot of the suffering we (seem to) find ourselves in.


Regardless of what one thinks about the virgin birth of Jesus in the flesh, I suggest that the virgin birth was first in the pre-existence, not on earth. Jesus, as first of the thoughts that The Son had in the instant of creation, was not the product of two non-real spirit beings, minds or even “bodies” coming together.

Jesus was the first thought of Christ as Christ accepted his own being. Actually, it would be after the thought that Christ offended God, The Father, by separating from him.

You are a child of someone. You were brought into being by another individual. Did you not grow into a place where you felt separate from you parents, then siblings, peers and so forth. We all did. If you were lucky, you found you were in a group; a family, a village, or some sort of community. However, you were one of many, not a part of the whole you felt you were as an infant. 

Well, so did Christ, or rather, Christ did first. You had to learn you were separate because when you were born you did not know that. You are taught it, life or the illusion seems to force you to accept that fact. 

I do not know if I have lost you yet or not, but did you catch a glimpse of what I am trying to say? We are of the body of Christ, along with Jesus, as Christ is of the body of God, The Father. There is no separation, no chance of offense, no way any portion or person may be lost or forgotten.

As we allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness of this truth we will find ourselves in a state of peace like none other. I suspect there was a moment when you felt it. I saw a *C. S. Lewis biography the other night and he said something like, “I felt this happiness, occasionally as a child and later in life, when I accepted Christianity. I will call it joy. It seemed to come from no where, it just was.” That I believe, is what I am trying to share with you here.

*C. S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia 2005 TVPG Special/Biography

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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Day 10 URTEXT ACIM pg. 18 … Do Unto Yourself AND ME

23. Miracles are a part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement.
*Doesn’t this make a lot more sense than one person taking the punishment for everyone else? Everyone has a part in the Atonement.
*Interlocking chain is really important in this statement. We are united and this chain reveals that unity. Mormons do that “chain thing” but they do it by family -sealed for eternity- and then, if you do not tow the line you are removed from “The Family”. As a parent myself, I no longer buy this concept. I still know, feel, ache, and pray for them. My connection does not end because my children do not want me in their lives. Nor when, they want me, but won’t allow me to be.
*The completion of this “project” is when all of us have a witness of who WE are as The Son, THE Christ, and will be taken up by the Father and restored.
This process works all the time and in all dimensions of time.
*It is totally comprehensive. I wonder if one of us does the work it may be energetically sent to those we have created and perhaps beyond? I suspect so.
(e.g. given of HS report rewrite for Esther! Esther had hurt something you loved, by writing a report you regarded as very bad. You atoned for her by writing one in her name that was very good. Actually, it was not your responsibility professionally to do this, but because you DO love the Shield you recognized that in this case, you AREE your brother’s keeper. While you did not cancel Esther’s sin (later defined as “lack of love”) you DID cancel out its EFFECTS. 
*In this case, Helen AGREES, that she is her brother’s keeper. This is unusual because that is a classical “Christian” protocol. Jesus is bringing it to her attention to show their similarities, despite what she may feel at the moment are so many differences. He is connecting with her on “common ground”.

Someday I want to tell Esther that not only is she forgiven but that the effects of all her sins are cancelled. This is what I have already told you. When I can tell her, she will be afraid for a long time, because she will remember many things, consciously or unconsciously, including the Shield report, a lack of love which you cancelled out in advance by a miracle of devotion.
*This is a personal event in the life of Helen. I suggest that she followed her intuition out of compassion for the work they were involved in and perhaps, for Esther as an individual.  
I am in charge of the process of Atonement, which I undertook to begin.
*Jesus started the Atonement by the thoughts he had while in the pre-existence or spirit world before any of us came to earth in a body.
My Atonement was for the canceling out of all sins (i.e., lack of love) which human beings could not otherwise correct.
*Why could human beings not otherwise correct this lack of love and how did Jesus know this? Because he was the one who laid out the clarity of what was sin and what was not, (from the context of Christ’s Guilty Conscience) and this, while he was in spirit and as first born of the illusion.
*Was the use of “My” a pronoun that may have been used by Helen as she struggled with the understanding that Jesus speaks in a “Oneness” identity? Or because of his closeness to the Christ, creator of this illusion, and his witness and knowledge of the reality that we are all one, did he communicate that way.
*I suggest that “Our” may have been a more correct transcription. Jesus does explain that each of us must participate for it to be accomplished. Or was it really the “role” of Jesus to take it on himself? I am not sure. I can see it easily being either way or both.
That is what the Biblical statement “underneath are the Everlasting Arms” means. (HS explanation: This means that He will backstop whenever human miracles will not suffice for atonement purposes.
*It is kind of like saying, “The buck stops here”. As our eldest brother, he has certain privileges that the rest of us do not. Remember that while we speak of Jesus as an individual differing from ourselves or to say more plain, we think of ourselves as separate individuals, we really are only one entity. 
However, it is perfectly clear that when a person can atone by miracles, both giver and receiver are atoneing. It is
better to atone this way because of the mutual benefits involved.)
*Both are benefited and he continues to explain how it does, in fact, reach him as well.
“Inasmuch as you do it unto the least of these, my children” really ends with “you do it unto yourself and ME.”
*We are use to hearing it “least of these, my children, you do it unto me.” When we here of Jesus speak of himself with high regard, it is easy to think he is lifting himself up. But I do not believe he is, he just speaks in the unified term of “I” for the whole of humanity. “You do it unto yourself and ME.” Because we are ONE.
*PS This begins with the second #23 in the Urtext. It is not always easy to find clear breaks without making the post too long.
TIll next time, God bless, Namaste~
(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)
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To Whom Do I Write My Blog?

Blog professionals say to write to just one person. 
Like when we would have scripture study or homework.
I would write to my children.

They are strong now.
They have found their “life rhythm”.
My journey may not be compatible any longer.
I feel sorry for them in a way.
Not having a “real” mother.
But if that helps them be more compassionate to others because they wish to have maintain connection, that is good, I think.
I pray my being faithful to myself gives them encouragement someday to do the same.

But in truth, I do not feel sorry for them.
They are safe within the confines of the society that bred them. 
They will make their way just fine, as will their offspring.

I feel I have no means of reaching them anymore, emotionally or psychologically. Not with what I understand.
No hopes of being part of their society, so that all feel comfortable and uplifted.
And that is okay.
I have done my share to accommodate so that they could find their own form of stability and way in the world.

Now I need to continue with the work I was given to do.

Do not think that I play with the idea that they did not measure up somehow, or that they failed me.
Far from it, their independence I encouraged, and the gap that comes between us, in its several forms, was agreed to long before we came here so that we may each fulfill the roles we agreed to and receive the understandings that we could not get in the world of spirit.
(Okay, I admit, sometimes I get on my pity pot, but it is not for long.)

I do not sit at suicide’s doorstep anymore.
I no longer torment myself with thoughts of the inability to fulfill the measure of my creation.

And I do not carry fear with me.

I walk in the light of what I know as the Holy Ghost.
And do not think that I am saying, “Gee, aren’t I fantastic”. I am only saying I have found my niche.

I know that I travel on the boarder of sanity.
And still, I am not afraid.

Jesus has been my guide for so long.
And during my years as a single parent, the prophets of old were my faithful companions as I read my scriptures and tried to find my way.
I have always felt closer to those in spirit.
Whether it was my father, after he passed, in knowing that he would know I loved him.
Or the saints that struggled and grew along the banks of the Mississippi in Nauvoo, Illinois.
Or those in my bloodline who have passed and those yet to come.

I sense them, or feel them near me.
I am clairsentient if anything.

I know not what tomorrow brings but I know it will be interesting.

I find myself feeling like I am talking with Jesus sometimes when I write.
To him and others in the world of spirit.
Like an elder brother that I adore, and that sometimes joke with, speak firmly to, or even scold.
Scolding has only occurred once or twice and that is while I am working through the first parts of Urtext ACIM.
I suspect he and I will yet have a few words. Chuckle.
I send out a prayer that those who may benefit, be able to understand, or hear what I am saying will be drawn to my blog.
Beyond that I only move forward.

As a side note, life has honed my skills as an organizer.
Not of big affairs or events, but of simple things, like closets and bathrooms.
Give me a task and tools and I can bring about an environment conducive to it.

I use to think that hooking up with a partner, such as a mate or a friend would be helpful for me.
I found out that people really do not want what they say they want.
They defy it even.
And I am anything but a “chill” person.
There is purpose in my life.
I have no doubt, even though others I respect may say otherwise.
Abraham-Hicks for instance.

That’s okay. I have learned my lesson. I no longer seek to organize anyone’s space.

Those skills, I am thinking, were developed so that I might look to the task of being a part of aligning the human psyche. If I might have any influence on giving us a clearer understanding of who we are and who God is.
I will feel fulfilled.

Indeed, I can say that fulfillment is mine already, because I sit in a place of understanding and forgiveness and compassion that is nothing if it is not heaven sent.

So really, I write for me. I hope that does not offend anyone.

In my heart of hearts, I know that you are … me.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~
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Universal Reading 4 March through 10 March 2019

In preparing the deck for the Universal Reading I was given pause to remember the reason I have four cards which is to reflect stability that humanity craves, or at least I do.

Also, the spread. First card is the situation. Second card is for the individual. Third card is for the united consciousness. Fourth is for advise from Jesus. Since this is the only reading I do anymore accept for my own I choose Jesus, otherwise it was the ascended masters.

With this fresh on my mind, I nearly cried when I reviewed the cards that had come out. And each one had “jumped”. The first by itself and the final three, altogether, landed on the floor and I placed them down in the order on the reading from the top of the deck. In other words, I set them to be read, the opposite way they were in the deck. Of course, I did not look at the face of the card while doing so.

Incredible to me. My prayer was kind of interesting too. I asked Father, then angels. then luck, fate, or whatever to give us some guidance to hold on to. And this is what I received:

The deck is Animal Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

First card: Five of Autumn, Manatee … The Situation

Five is a number of upheaval. A lot of things are going on and it may be chaotic. Autumn is the fourth suit so that makes it earth or temporal, of the physical existence. Manatee’s are very trusting individual’s the card says and this card is suppose to suggest that if you find yourself alone, you might want to look around for support, as well as believing that there is a divine plan to all of this.

I resonate most with the latter part. I believe that there is a divine plan. I also believe that we have and need those that we cannot see like our guardian angels and helpers that get us through this life. I am not one to say “trust your neighbor”. The scriptures say “trust not in the arm of flesh” and I think we take that too lightly at times.

Second card: 12 Awakening, Giraffe … The Individual

In the process of Awakening things can seem a bit out of sorts. We are brought to a place where we may have to look at things from a different angle and this can be confusing. This is actually a good sign. Temporary time outs to adjust to the new information or sights is to be expected.

The giraffe on this card is looking out from an upside down position as she is chewing on the fruit filled fauna around her. Do not be afraid to partake of the fruits of your labor and if you change like the butterfly pictured, then celebrate the new you and do not be afraid to walk tall in who you are. You do not have to go around bragging or telling others “how it is”, just be true to your own understanding and be happy to be you. This is the essence of Awakening. 😉

Third card; Four of Spring, Otter … The Whole Consciousness

This is the suit of action. Have fun. Be playful and enjoy the company of those you hold dear, even if it is just you. In our true essence, we are not creatures who must struggle. This is foreign to our being. The confusion that has placed us here will pass. Have confidence in this and enjoy the moments that you have been given.

Fourth card: 6 The Lovers, Flamingo … Ascended Masters Council (Jesus)

Listen to your feelings. Do you know what they are? Ask them to guide you to your highest good. Is it important to embrace that special someone who has been devoted for so long? Are you alone and need to step out into new vistas to allow you to experience new things and perhaps find someone special. Is it time to embrace yourself and do the things that bring you joy?

Love is in the air with the flamingos. While very flirty, they are life long, devoted mates and which they show by their actions. This card can also mean that good health is returning after illness. Forgiving self and others brings emotional stability suggested by the flamingos as they stand on one let. Embrace what is good in life.


Basically the situation is a bit unsettling at this time. Still, be of good cheer and look for those circumstances, situations, or individuals who are willing to help you through the rough spots.

It is a time of Awakening. A time of looking at things from fresh perspectives. Who knows what delightful changes await the individual who dares to explore. Be confident in you new found identity, it becomes you.

A playful time is here. Loosen up on the expectations and enjoy the moment. If you have someone to hold hands with, do so and smile. If flying solo, give yourself a hug and do something fun. Success at completing the task.

Romance gives life its flavor. A moonlight walk. A stroll on the beach. Find ways to show others you appreciate them. Find ways to be kind to yourself. You have purpose and meaning without having to fill a role for someone else. Enjoy the art of “being” you.

Okay, its tough right now. Change always is, positive or negative. Don’t let life be such a struggle. Play. Laugh. Chuckle. Sing. Dance. Keep a happy jar and write things down on a scrap of paper in the jar to be read when you need encouragement. Tap your third eye when things are going well and retain that energy of joy.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~
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