It is here! Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!

Universal Reading 6-13 April 2020 You Are Needed Today!

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1.Do you know that you are the Son of God?

To acknowledge yourself as Christ is important.

Know that you have worth.

Know that God has faith in you to fulfill your creation.

Give up the struggle. And forgive the world.

Forgive Jesus, who gave us this place to sort things out.

Attack is the norm here, but you can neutralize this by knowing who you truly are.

See T 17, V-11:1-9 for a discussion on the effects of accepting this healing on yourself and others. Namely, peace, while recognizable it is beyond description. And unfathomable impact.

2.Gossip; when you speak of others are you seeking to lift them or to use them as entertainment?

Speaking of others to support, encourage, sustain, or teach is one thing.

To speak of others to bash, demean, belittle, or in any way harm them or their reputation is not okay.

Shunning is a form of gossip that is very detrimental and it is a way of teaching prejudice to our children. Its very meaning suggests one way of being is better than another.

3.You each have specific gifts that have been given to you to bless the Whole.

Let yourself shine.

Have expression in the way that you identify with.

We need your specific gifts and manner of expression in the world, right at this time.

Do not underestimate the effect. There is so much more going on than you can see.

4.Addictions, we all have them.

We all have them and they come in all forms.

Really “good” things can become addictions and cover-ups for unresolved issues.

The isolation that we are experiencing with Covid-19, brings out these in a big way.

Observe yourself and see what you have become addicted to.

What is it about isolation that troubles you?

It is a great time to explore where we really are at.


Knowing you are Christ is how to recognize him in others.

Lift others in your thoughts and in your conversations when you can.

What gifts do you have that the world needs right now?

(peace, cheerfulness, green thumb, music, organizing spreadsheets)

Let your light shine as a Child of God.

And remember, God believes in you!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 30 March through 5 April 2020 Stand in Truth

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1.You have significance and are a key part of the Atonement.

Do not underestimate your role. Your mind and your body are sharing things with the Whole Consciousness.

How you process things is affecting the world at large.

As well as your immediate world.

2.NOW is the moment to choose to be awake.

This is the time of your power. You make a choice, every moment, as to who you are.

Are you of the Christ Consciousness or are you of the Guilty Consciousness?

And yes, we are One, a Whole; who is trying to get all of its members on the same page.

Give up control, and frustration over your life.

It was never yours anyway. It is Christ’s.

Jesus has said if we give up anything here we will receive 100 fold in the eternities.

I believe him.

It is the confusion of Christ, through Jesus’ Plan, that you are living.

You do not have to be a Christian to “get this” or to be a part of it.

3.You are not alone. You have guides.

The Holy Spirit only asks that you are willing to hear Him.

Then there are your ancestors, angels, and those you chose to keep you on track with your chosen assignment.

4.As innocent children, we are capable of making mistakes.

You do not have to be perfect; to be perfect.

Read that again.

Do the best you can with the resources you have and be open to guidance, and you will be led.


Each of us is significant to the Whole.

NOW is the moment you can make your greatest impact.

Guidance is there, often they help because of previous agreements.

Just as often, they need you to be willing to receive the assistance or guidance.

This “life” is not as real as it seems.

There are no “permanent” markers.

It is okay to make a mistake.

We are here, in this state, because of a mistake.

God has it under control.

The divine within each of us can be trusted, as long as we are willing to remember that the confusion is here, and not feel guilty about it, or overlook it.

This is an inside job. If you call someone out, you could be dead, so do not get crazy.

This is for you to see, forgive, and hold in your heart as a witness of the truth.

Stand in the Atonement; the witness that God has not left His Son.

And forgive what is wrong in the world, it is just Christ trying on different ideas.

P.S. You will practice social distancing, by choice, once you understand who you are.

Not because you do not care about others, but because you do.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

61 Urtext of ACIM pg 43 We Are of God and in God. The Attraction Will Not Be Denied Forever.

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

Your idea about the real meaning of “possession” should be clarified.

*Helen and Bill are trying to clarify what is happening.

Your own denial of fear (this refers to a visionary experience of HS) introduced some error variance, but not really a significant amount.

*Helen’s unwillingness to recognize her fear created a block in her relationship with other’s, especially Bill and Jesus.

However, there is always a chance that as the size of the sample increases, what was non-significant before may ATTAIN significance, so we had better get this out of the way now while you are still within the safety margin.

*In others words, take care of the problem while it is small.

Fear of possession is a perverted expression of the fear of the irresistible attraction.

(Aside. Yes, this DOES apply to homosexuality, among other errors, where the whole
concept of possessing, or “entering” is a key fear.

*The irresistible attraction; there is a magnetic attraction when it comes to sex. I suspect the fear comes from the sense that another will consume us, or we them.

It is a symbolic statement of an inverted decision NOT to enter into, or possess, the Kingdom.

*Entering the Kingdom joins us, without overstepping our individuality or “being”. The world of sexuality cannot really make that claim.

In physical terms, which it emphasizes because of the inherent error of Soul avoidance, REAL physical creation is avoided, and fantasy gratification is substituted.)

*Fantasy gratification is an interesting term. Reminds me of the high of drugs or alcohol and the lack of any real benefit.

The truth is still that the attraction of God is irresistible at ALL levels, and the
acceptance of this totally unavoidable truth is only a matter of time.

*This does not mean that we do not get a choice. It means that there is not any other circumstance that is possible. Nothing besides God exists except in illusion/confusion.

But you should consider whether you WANT to wait, because you CAN return now, if you choose.

*This is where the miracle worker is able to help with shortening time and thus the suffering of humanity.

(Note to HS: You are writing this with improper motivation, but we will try anyway. If you are
to stop, do so immediately.)

*A powerful statement here by Jesus. Helen’s motivation is her affection and attraction to Bill. Remember this took seven years to accomplish. Jesus needed to know that she was determined to complete the task.

*Read that sentence again. It says a lot about their relationship.

*As we step into the Atonement, through the miracle, we stand beside Jesus, ready to kneel before God.

*Are we willing to complete the tasks that will be set before us? Will we make that determination now and move forward?

*All it takes is the desire to be willing.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 23 March through 29 March 2020 We Have the Power to Redeem Jesus.

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you. This is a bit longer, but an incredible hypothesis for the human condition.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. His Story

I have had some insights to this component that I do not know that I am able to fully elaborate on.

I will try.

I had been saying that it was Christ’s Guilty Conscience, a sort of glitch that went into the DNA of Christ’s creations. Which I still believe, with just a bit of a tweak.

I am being led to understand that Christ is okay. We can trust Him as we work together, the singular (us; including Jesus) WITH the Whole (which is Christ).

It is Jesus that is the carrier of the belief of separation. The belief of right and wrong.

The belief that a price must be paid, and a belief that he can make that sacrifice and make everything better.

We are simply in the habit of doing as Jesus bids from his place of confusion.

We take on these roles of subjection and shame in our bodies, and believe that is who we are.

It is not so. We are of God, as Jesus is. We can turn this around by forgiving him.

We can and must allow Jesus to guide us out of this confusion. He can do so, because he created it, and he knows the ins and outs of it.

We can do this because we know Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, and we know that God will not leave any behind.

Let’s play out the roles we were assigned in the Atonement. The undoing of the error.

It is not a religion, it is the untangling of a psychological entanglement, that can and will be undone.

I have been led by the Holy Spirit, as I recognize Him, to believe that Jesus is the one (and perhaps on some level, the only one) who got misled.

We are the ones who are the Ambassadors sent to free him from the belief that the Son has separated from the Father.

Jesus knows Christ well, Father of us all, and Son of God.

I believe it was Jesus who blocked the Love of God, in his own psyche, and projected a false experience (the Universal Plan) to play out the many forms of destruction that could be experienced, as if such a thing were possible.

The rest of us created by Christ, after Jesus, accepted his misconceptions as truth.

I propose that Jesus is the one who manifested the original error, as he was first in the creations of Christ. Hence, his superior power, even to the giving and taking of life of the body at his whim.

He understands the illusion that it is; for the body is a manifestation that serves the betrayer by dying or the Holy Spirit by lacking the ability to die, thus proving the Love of the Father for the Son.

Through forgiveness of the impossible error, he will be redeemed. As are we.

If Jesus was first thought of Christ, and the first manifested entity, he would have been the first and possibly, the only one who came through with the confusion of shame and guilt on the Son of God.

This would explain why Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.

It would explain why he is the God of the Old Testament.

It would give reality to why Jesus stated in the Urtext that he Is the Atonement.

It would explain why he stands with each and everyone of us through our challenges and why he knows all of the in’s and out’s of everyone’s role on earth.

It would explain why he must be the director of the miracles. And it would explain why Helen had such a time with him.

It would explain why each of us would need to go through him in the Atonement, since each of us has been hurt by Jesus by the simple fact we are here.

We must forgive him and ourselves for belief in the separation error.

Through faith in God and in His Son Christ, we can know that Jesus is one of us, and we will forgive him, because that is our Father’s Will.

It is also our will, because we are of the Father.

It would help us to recognize what we are as Ambassadors of the Father, to remind this particular part of Christ that there is nothing he can dream up that is so bad, that he cannot be forgiven, and be one with the Whole.

This will be most difficult for those who consider themselves Christians and who accept the Law of Justice that requires a payment for wrongs. And what about the ones who “toed the line” and made the sacrifices to obey the law? This reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son.

The only payment required is forgiveness of the original error of the belief in separation.

All is forgiven, because all of these things are not possible; because only God IS.

In case you were wondering, I have no problem calling Jesus, Lord.

I am grateful that he is willing to hold my hand through this and I welcome it willingly.

He is the “proprietor” (owner/author) of all that I can see.

It is Jesus’ false story that we are playing out, and that will continue until we honor who we truly are and do what we were sent here, by God, to do.

Which is to bring His Son back to Him, Whole and Complete.

Jesus is the one in the flock that is lost.

2. We each have a significant gift to share.

You are a part of the Atonement and what you are fills a spot that no one else can.

If you can (1) find it in your heart to have compassion for yourself and your neighbor.

(2) Receive the witness of the Holy Spirit to forgive Jesus.

And (3) have the humility to yield to the conclusion of the Plan that he devised to get us back home, as Christ to our Father. You will be fulfilling the measure of your creation in this sphere we call time.

3. God IS; You are of Him and in Him. You ARE His Will.

We think we have offended God, yet this is impossible. You are part of His Son, as Jesus is. Christ does not offend God. He can make a mistake that can be corrected, though.

You also think you are a body and that your “life” is that which can be found in a body and that is an error.

You are energy, and you are even something beyond that, which is not necessary for you to fully understand at this time.

You are more like a pilot for a living avatar, made up with trillions of cells and consciousnesses, that have chosen to come here together to do this work for God.

Each one of us is an entire universe and more, and we would do well to remember that, and interact accordingly.

There is no way that you can go wrong, even if you are, by humanity’s outlook.

You came here to show Jesus that there was no evil he could think up toward God (which includes all humanity as well as all other consciousness), that would separate him from his place in Christ or his Father’s Love/Will.

4. Allowing the Holy Ghost to take care of the future, by releasing your hold on fear, allows Him to clean-up the attachment and trauma that existed in the past.

Breath and know that you are in God and protected by Him, so that you can do what he wants you to do.

Errors will be altered, past and future, as we stay in the witness of the Atonement.

Yes, it is possible to stand in the witness of the Atonement, and to know that you are a part of the Christ, NOW.

In this world that Jesus devised, he is still the one who is closest to Christ, as the first thought.

He stands as the ultimate witness of God as well. He has, after all, created or rather fabricated all that we believe we see before us.

The power Jesus has to put forth the will of his thoughts is greater than ours. It is not greater than the Love the Father has for His Son as expressed in the Atonement.

Jesus can erase the board and give us a new slate to start with if we accept the truth of who we are and let go of the illusions we bought in to.


His Story; we are living a script that Jesus devised to show that the Son had betrayed the Father by leaving Him. It is a story we do not have to cling to or own. Our forgiveness of the story and of Jesus delivers our part in the Atonement.

Significance; we are each important and significant in the Atonement. Jesus may be the author and finisher of our faith, but he cannot complete it without us. In a way, this signifies our willingness to be born. Basically, to “Be”.

God IS, You Are. Know that you lack nothing. And that “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Release things into Jesus’ hands. He knows the whole Plan because he wrote it. The Holy Spirit will guide you, open your heart and mind to the idea that a new creation can be begun. And it will be, as soon as we “wrap-up” the old blueprints.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 16 – 22 March 2020 The Atonement Is For NOW

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. Gather in the Atonement.

First you want to be in a state of willingness to receive the Atonement, which is the undoing of the concept of separation and scarcity that we live in typically. God IS, United we are His Son.

United we can move into a better place as we accept the miracle and give Jesus the reigns to where it goes and when. He knows who is willing and ready to receive it. We want to consciously desire to extend it. The actual extension is an unconscious experience.

What the miracle entails is forgiveness for the consequences of the belief of separation.

As you meet others, greet them in the Atonement by knowing forgiveness is extended already. Then leave the rest to the Lord. And listen to the Spirit for direction.

2. PTSD = Fear and Panic, This is not found within the Atonement

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder belongs in His Story. Your story is right now. In the present moment. Leave the past be, do not worry about the future and know that you are taken care of.

Breathe. If fear thoughts go through your mind, that is okay. Just do not jump on them and cling to them. Let them pass right on through.

3. Jesus IS the Atonement.

Atonement means and undoing.

He’s got this! He just needs you to be willing to see the need and accept what he is offering.

Together we will be presented to God, the Father, as His Son.

4. Power-Hunger, the Power Needs To Be Given Back To God Which Is In ALL

So all must be recognized to have their own power and authority, directed by the Holy Spirit.

In other words, we all should be able to choose for ourselves and that means having the freedom to make a mistake.


Gather in the Atonement.

PTSD belongs in His Story, not in our present.

Jesus Is the Atonement.

Power-Hunger withdrawal. Mindfulness. Focus on breath. Nature exposure. Each of these will help with the need to be in control.

To think that you are in control is only an illusion anyway. Do the best you can and be gentle with yourself.


Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

60 Urtext of ACIM pg 42 + 43 Would You Be Willing To Let Go Of Fear If That Could Save The World?

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

The readiness for faith, as for everything else that is true, entails the two steps necessary for the release from fear.

Denial of fear, in human terms, is a strong defense because it entails two levels of error:

That truth CAN be denied and That absence of truth can be effective.

*To deny fear or a witness of it, is to deny what you think is true. The challenge is we hide that fear under so many disguises.

*Then to believe absence of truth is a possibility at all, is the second level of error. The absence of truth would be the believing that the Son of God is not Whole, but divided and separated in Himself. And believing that He is functional in that form.

EXPERIENCING fear, which is more characteristic of B., involves only the second

*The fear needs to be witnessed and seen for the impossibility or illusion that it is.

*It will not be seen if it is hidden behind justifications. This is what the Holy Spirit can help us sort out.

However, these differences do not affect the power of the miracle at all, since only
truth and error are its concern.

YOU are both more miracle-minded, and less able to recognize fear because of your
stronger, but split, identification.

*This is a personal message to Bill and Helen. I sense that Jesus is identifying their desire to achieve unity among people. They each have a strong sense of self and self value (which the typical Christian of the time may not have had, seeing themselves as a sinner and all). Of course, they still identify as separate, not one with each other and the whole.

B., also characteristically, is less miracle-minded, but better able to recognize fear, because his identification is more consistently right but weaker.

*I suspect that Helen is not able to see herself as clearly and her weaknesses are hidden under strict logic and protocol possibly developed by her Jewish culture.

*Likewise, her Jewish culture with its basis in oneness through the One God, may give her the miracle-minded disposition that Jesus mentions here.

Together, the conditions needed for consistent miracle-mindedness, the state in which fear has been abolished, can be particularly well worked out.

*Together. Had Helen chosen to work with Jesus, she and Bill would have learned from each other and exemplified the true miracle-mindedness and right thinking required to step into the Atonement alongside Jesus.

*Jesus was the one being Helen would not treat as an equal. Perhaps this is where her Jewish descent did not work in her favor. I do not believe that the time was right for this to happen within the Whole of the Sonship, and so it did not. (Likely, choosing the Jewish heritage as her family of origin secured that situation.)

*It is acknowledged by all of the early ACIM witnesses (that I have read about), that Bill and Helen never made the peace that they could have. And from how they express it, it was not because of Bill’s choices.

In fact, it WAS already well worked out before.

*I suspect that the pathway for Helen and Bill to meet in peace had been established. I believe the way had been cleared and agreed upon. I also believe that once in the flesh, Helen or Bill, could have pulled away from it.

*Their commitment to this was immense and we owe them both a debt of gratitude. Yet something kept Helen ashamed of Jesus and thwarted his assistance. Helen eventually gave up on full resolution with Bill, and allowed Ken to have greater influence.

*It reminds me of, “Where two or more are gathered”.

*Is it possible that the One or the Two that are meant to trigger this Atonement fully have not manifested? Is it possible that you or I, in our forgiving of others, can become that trigger or catalyst for this explosive change in the human psyche?

*Is it worth the effort to find out?

*I finished the writing of this the week before and had not seen the fear and panic around the world that the corona virus was causing. Doe this not give us a good example of what being in a state of panic and fear can do?

*Fear and panic lies just below the surface of daily civility in all of us. Would not the peace of the Atonement be a better place to be? It only takes a few steps. Recognizing Christ and His error in ourselves and others, and forgiving Him. Then allowing Jesus the reigns on the miracles.

*I really believe that we could do it without too much challenge. And I have a firm faith that it will happen. When is the only question.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

59 Urtext of ACIM pg 42 What Would You Give Up To Set the World Right?

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

43. The miracle compares the creations of man with the higher level of creation, accepting what is in ACCORD as true, and rejecting the DISCORDANT as false.

*It sees only that which is of God.

This is why it is so closely associated with validity. Real validity is both true AND useful, or better, it is useful BECAUSE it is true.

*Jesus, while on earth, had no problem seeing the difference between the real and the false.

All aspects of fear are untrue, because they DO NOT exist at the higher creative levels, and therefore do not exist at all.

*Hard to wrap your head around that, isn’t it? But the concept of fear and the concept of God just do not mingle. It makes me think of being a little child about four or five and being so afraid of so many things. Especially what I could not see.

To whatever extent a man is willing to submit his beliefs to the real test of validity, to that extent are his perceptions healed (or corrected.)

*Most of us guard our beliefs like a badge of honor. I sustained the church and those leaders for many years. I was hiding behind their skirts. I think I knew that I needed something with clout to sustain me as a mother or I would have lost the children even earlier. I had nothing the world claims to be of value. But I did know who I was as a mother and I had the stamp of approval from Jesus himself, as far as I was concerned. And I still feel that way. (That is a story that will be out in my book this year.)

In sorting out the false from the true, the miracle proceeds much along the lines suggested very correctly by B., i.e.:

If perfect love casts out fear,

And if fear exists,

Then there is NOT perfect love.

But Only perfect love really exists.

Therefore, if there is fear, it creates a state which does not exist.

*The state that does not exist is what I refer to as the illusion.

Believe THIS and you WILL be free.

* This is a promise I hold fast to.

Only God can establish this solution, for THIS faith IS His gift.


*Faith does not even have to be manifested by us. It simply needs to be “allowed to be”. It is a gift from God, freely given.

*It is realistic and reasonable to have fear of the effects of wrong-mindedness in the world where ego runs the show and has us chasing around illusions.

*It is also possible to have love for what you know a person to be, while fearing the consequences of being near what the person “believes themselves” to be.

*I say this as a daughter of an very abusive man. As a child, I always loved him. I feared for my physical well being, as well as that of my brother and step-mother, very much in his presence. (I had no fear for the little sister -six years younger- because her mother would protect her. I did not see things as an adult. Contrary to the witness of my step-mother.)

*The love I knew and recognized was chosen as a child by me when the question was put to me by those in spirit who watched over me.

*Do you understand what I am trying to say?

*Very often children in desperate situations are given gifts by those who watch over them, if they are meant to stay here on earth. This was a gift and witness I received.

*I believe that it is possible to walk in the two worlds at the same time.

*The gift from God of FAITH is what allows us to do this.

Man must contribute to his readiness here as elsewhere.

*In other words, we must be willing to give up our belief in the truthfulness of what created the fear. We must be willing to believe that humanity may do, say, think, see, taste, feel, experience that which is not possible.

*That is not the same thing as saying “these things happened (and or but) these things did not”. I am not sure if anyone has really grasped this, but we have to be willing to say none of it has happened.

*Can you imagine all the healthy and wealthy and happy people that would be really ticked-off to hear this?

*Jesus said more than once that it would be the fallen and discouraged that would be willing to enter into heaven. Could it be because the righteous would not be willing to give up their “comforts” and “enjoyments”?

*Could this be where empathy and compassion helps humanity? As we understand that as One Entity, we cannot allow any to be harmed or have lack, or we are not in our true persona?

*How fast will we hold on to what is not so good in our lives, how about what is good in our lives?

*We cannot keep part of an untruth and hold it sacred. Yet, I do not believe that it will be pulled out from under us until we have been prepared to release it.

*This may be humanity’s ego fears the most. I choose to accept the faith that we have a benevolent (kind) God.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 9 – 15 March 2020 Embrace Your Joy

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. Having Joy in the moment allows you to alter the experience of the entire Christ Consciousness.

That means throughout all creation and throughout all time, dimensions, possibilities, and probabilities.

You can have Joy even if you do not feel “on top of the world”.

It is taking that breath and being in touch with that part of you that knows who you really are as a part of God.

2. His Story

His Story is a concept that can be difficult for us to embrace. To think that the life that we are living is ours is important to us and to our sense of identity. However, Jesus set up a blueprint that gave us roles to express various examples of separation and abuse. The object was to allow Christ to manifest what life might be like without God in it.

Jesus is also the author and finisher of our faith by being the embodiment of the Atonement and undoing of the idea of separation and punishment.

We want to allow Jesus to have the ultimate reign of our sub-conscious life experience so that he can guide it to the fulfillment of the Atonement. We also want to trust that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. Again, a challenge for us in mortality, yet we are so much more than what we believe that we are.

Honor your role as an ambassador of God, the Father and His Love for His Son in this life.

3. While you may see the role that others are playing while they believe they are separate from God, your standing in the witness of the Atonement allows you to extend the Atonement to them. It will be delivered when Jesus knows they are able to receive it.

This is where trust comes into play as well. Do not expect the world to all of a sudden burst out in roses. (Though this can happen.) It is walking in your truth of knowing the challenges of the world are not going to take it or you down.

Bear in mind that all things do not need to be “fixed” for you to be okay. And for the whole world to be okay. Remember we are all in God’s care and He is all that there is.

4. Understand Time. It is given by God to the Son to clear up the confusion of the concept of separation or betrayal. Neither is possible and as Christ grows in understanding this (as we individually acknowledge this) healing will occur that erases pains of the past and fear of the future.

Separation and betrayal are unreal concepts. We can ask Jesus to step in and allow healing where it is accepted. Then we want to have faith no matter what things may seem to be. The smoke will eventually fade, but it may not be as fast as we want it to.


Being in touch with your Joy is one of the best ways to serve humanity. This may be enhanced with deep breaths, prayer of acceptance and gratitude. Meditation is a great tool to be able to observe your thoughts and realize that you do not have to get tangled up in them. You become the observer.

Recognize your moment is NOW. The rest is His Story. Let go of what is not yours to embrace.

Stand in the Atonement without expectation and give the directing of the miracles into the hands of Jesus.

Everything is happening in the NOW. When you find “time issues” closing in or threatening, it does well to recall this wherever we are in life.

Life is that we may have Joy. Christ is our Hope. The Holy Spirit taps us into God’s Love and guidance directly. Awareness and acceptance of this is my desire for us all.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 2 – 8 March 2020 Seeing Christ Is Our Task

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Time is really on our side. All time is actually in process at this moment and any effort we make to forgive the circumstances of His Story, whether in the past or in the future affects NOW.

Take a deep breath and feel the Present. This is where your power lies. It matters not what pain you may be feeling, whether it is physical or emotional.

Forgiving the error of separation will establish the connection to the sub-conscious miracle mind, which will be directed by Jesus, according to the Plan.

Jesus, alone, knows when people are ready to accept the Miracle.

Trust that it is in play. Do not be deceived by how things appear to be. Even your emotions can be deceiving. Be an observer and just let them be without trying to define or escape them.

You may see things about others that you wish you did not know. That is okay. Treat them the way you want to be treated, knowing they are confused by the Christ within.

You only need accept the Atonement for yourself, and realize that everyone has a part in it, to bless others.

Your witness of the error and forgiveness for it blesses the world.

Do not let the wars and rumors of wars, large or small, convince you that your “being” is without purpose or impact.

Trust that all are being looked after by Divine Hands.

You will witness great Joy due to the Atonement undoing the error. Do not fret that it is not permanent in your day to day. Trust that it is true.

Even if decades of trauma seem to make up your existence. The Joy is what is real.

Have faith and trust that witness of Joy. Do not expect that you must stay in that “wow” state or sensation continually.

If you did you would not be able to stay here in the physical. Your presence and awareness are needed to help others understand and accept the miracle of forgiveness and light of the Atonement. There is something about being in the flesh that intensifies that witness.

Imagine if when people came together, they came with the witness of the Atonement in their lives! Christ would be seen and forgiven!

It would not be an attack to point out something that needs improvement. Instead, it would be considered an assistance to our God, meaning Christ; even ourselves.

Feeling that you can help and be a part of something goes a long way in creating a bonded relationship.


The purpose of time is to bless humanity with the awareness of their place in the Creator.

Forgiving the error, by accepting the Atonement, brings light to the Whole Consciousness.

Trust those moments of great Joy and hold them close to your heart and memory.

Visualize a world where the Atonement is understood, where coming together with others is in the light; and not in the shadow of guilt brought on by the ego trying to cover its nakedness.

I bear witness that is humanities potential and it will be a glorious, industrious, and plentiful time. 🙂 ❤

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

58 Urtext of ACIM pg 41 + 42 Christ Will Wake; You Can Do It Today and Be Part of the Light

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

42. The miracle makes no distinction among degrees of misperception.

*I was going to put up two extreme examples of life circumstance, but I do not desire to just freak people out. Basically, we are all in a state of misperception because we do not understand that we are in God and nothing else is real.

*Wherever we find our self is false representation of what we are. This applies even to those who seem very innocent or very deviant.

*Do you see why it will be harder for the “righteous” to enter the kingdom of God than for the “sinner”? They will want to have “justice served” by demanding someone pay for an event that is an impossibility in God. Yet as a creator, as God is, what we believe is what seems real to us.

*It is a huge bite and a big deal to get over, but once you do; you will wonder how you could have ever understood it otherwise.

It is a device for perception-correction which is effective quite apart from either the degree or the direction of the error.

*No matter what form or time/age/race/sexual inclination/length of hair/shape of nose divides us in this basic need of perception-correction.

This is its TRUE indiscriminateness.

*This levels the playing field, all across the board. Age, sexual-orientation, height, education, occupation, heritage, lineage, nothing divides us.

Christ-controlled miracles are selective only in that they are directed toward those who can use them for THEMSELVES.

*Miracles are at the sub-conscious level and Jesus is aware of when a person is able to receive what they have been given. This means that no miracle extension is unsuccessful. And it acknowledges that we need assistance just as Jesus and everyone else does.

*Christ-controlled is not to be confused with the awakened Christ, for then we would all be in the presence of God, which we obviously are not. The confusion here is in Helen’s refusal (consciously or unconsciously) to acknowledge that it is Jesus that we are giving control to of the miracle’s timing. The correct statement would have said Jesus-controlled.

Since this makes it inevitable that they will extend them to others, a very strong chain of Atonement is welded.

*Hooray! Thank you, Jesus, for putting this into the Plan. Or at least allowing it, as it came from the Father.

But Christ-control takes no account at all of the MAGNITUDE of the miracle itself, because the concept of size exists only in a plane that is itself unreal.

*A reflection of the difference between where humanity thinks it is and where it is.

Since the miracle aims at RESTORING reality, it would hardly be useful if it were bound by the laws of the same error it aims to correct.

*Does that make sense? We want to recognize the distance (in concept) from our creator, source, and God. And acknowledge that this was never meant to be.

Only man makes that kind of error.

*Because of the preemptive source of guilt in Christ’s Guilty Conscience.

*preemptive[prēˈemptiv]ADJECTIVE serving or intended to preempt or forestall something, especially to prevent attack by disabling the enemy.

*The preemptive attempt to stop us from realizing we are in God and that this is a good thing. We are lacking nothing and attack is not possible.

It is an example of the “foolish consistency” his own false beliefs have engendered.

*The consistency we think we have in life is False, with a capital F.

Both the power and the strength of man’s creative will must be understood, before the real meaning of denial can be appreciated and abolished.

*Deny, is what Christ has done to the Father’s Love.

Denial is NOT mere negation.

*Denial “does not only say something does not exist in my world”.

It is a positive miscreation.

*It is believing a falsehood that we have given a face to.

*Think of someone who has accused you of not loving them or betraying them, when this is not so. Then you may recognize the false image they have created while they have also denied the love you have for them.

*This may be found in a lover’s situation. Yet, it is most poignant when it is between family members, i.e. siblings, parents and children, cousins, etc..

While the miscreation is NECESSARILY believed in by its own creator, it does not exist at all at the level of true Creation.

*You will live as if the falsehood is true. What is the difference if you are mistaken, if all your decisions are based on a falsehood? It corrupts everything and leaves no rock un-turned.

*Here one may get a flashing glimpse of what Redemption might look like as you contemplate the “aha moment” that gives new light and perspective to all that is and ever has been, whether it is in the life of an individual or the Whole of Christ Consciousness.

*Nothing will stop the work from moving forward. The Christ that is in each of us, will eventually understand who He is and embrace His Brother; and glorify the Father.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading 24 February through 1 March, 2020 Seeing Christ, Will Change the World

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Our ability to truly forgive allows us to bring awareness of Christ to humanity.

Wherever you are in life and society, your impact cannot be overestimated as you live in the Atonement moment by moment.


Often it is feelings of inadequacy that bring about the need or desire to show that you control “XYZ”. Give that over to the Holy Spirit and let Him bear witness of your worthiness.

All things are in their proper order and are being taken care of. Know that you can hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit, that can direct you into a place where you will be of the most use to humanity.

Having joy in the moment allows you to alter the experience of the entire Christ Consciousness.

Breath, “be”, witness the presence of the Holy Spirit. You will bless the whole world and all that is.

Imagine if people came together and really recognized Christ.

What would that look like?

Would you see a Child longing to be re-united with His parent?

Would you have compassion on the confusion of the other?

Would you see differently, the person who stands before you?

Would you see differently?


Christ will be seen by the world through our true forgiveness.

Power-Hunger can be recognized for the sense of lack of power that it is. Then one can yield to the Holy Spirit for manifestation of the truth.

Standing in your joy, heals time; past, present, and future.

Gatherings where Christ is invited, witnessed, and welcomed will move humanity forward into an entirely new experience.

I do not know about you, but I cannot wait for humanity to come to grips with these truths!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Source for the reading is Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! by Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons. Available online, Kindle or paperback, or hard copy.

57 Urtext of ACIM pg 41 Do You Justify Fear or Seek Another Perspective

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

If you shift your own needs, some amount of corresponding shift in the need orientation of the other person MUST result, This will be beneficial, even if the partner was originally attracted to you BECAUSE of your disrespect.

*This comes after the statement; “Any relationship you have undertaken for whatever reasons becomes a responsibility.” (See 56 Urtext of ACIM pg 40-41 Any Relationship You Undertake For Any Reason Becomes a Responsibility)

*That shift is inevitable. Depending on your core beliefs and/or societies beliefs (at the time or that you each adhere to) you will stay and work out a resolution or you will separate.

*Did you note that Jesus says this will be beneficial. He may have been speaking specifically to Bill and Helen, however, I suspect it is a general statement. Is progression and change not a part of life?

*Bear in mind that as thoughts of Christ manifested to show He is unworthy of the presence of God’s love and deserving of punishment. I suspect a lot of relationships, especially romantic ones, are based on a sort of abuse pact. I know that mine were.

*Funny thing is, that I could see it from the get-go, but I blocked it and dived in for the connection that I thought had been ignited. Of course, that was not at all what had occurred. I have learned a lot from these experiences and look forward to sharing more info on this.

Teaching devices which are totally alien to a learner’s perceptual system are usually merely disruptive.

*Hence, why most attempts to correct a situation fail. It is simply impossible to get inside another’s head and see things exactly as they do.

Transfer depends on SOME common elements in the new situation which are understandable in terms of the old.

*What a beautiful description of development. In any relationship whether it be with the self, individuals, groups, or nations.

Man can never control the effects of fear himself, because he has CREATED fear and believes in what he creates.

*Read that again.

In attitude, then, though not in content, he resembles his own Creator, who has perfect faith in His Creations because he Created them.

*God believes in us! I love this! Isn’t that an incredible feeling!

All creation rests on belief, and the belief in the creation produces its existence.

*Consider the Law of Attraction. Kind of sad that people typically focus on using it to benefit themselves. Even if they seek to benefit others, it is with the intention to point to themselves somehow.

*This is where my concept of Christ’s Guilty Conscience puts us on an equal plain and there is the witness that the benefit of one reaches all.

This is why it is possible for a man to believe what is not true for anyone else.

*Wow! It would be true for him though!

It is true for him because it is made BY him.

*As a mother, that gives me a great deal of relief. I cannot be responsible for what my children believe about me, themselves, or the world. I can be true to my own journey, but beyond that they make their own choices.

*Do you understand what I mean? With a lover, if they believe they are useless and deserving of continual struggle, I cannot change that. I can still love them, but I need to decide for myself if I am going to accept that same reality and the challenges it brings.

*At this time in my understanding of the Course, it is easier for me to stay distant from others. I am finding out that I a a really cool person! 🙂

Every aspect of fear proceeds from upside-down perception.

*That means we can choose to see things differently and lose the fear.

The TRULY creative devote their efforts to correcting this.

*Are you willing to sign up?

The neurotic devotes his to compromise.

*Okay, here is the definition of mental illness. The neurotic devotes his to compromise. Currently, this is where most of us are.

The psychotic tries to escape by establishing the truth of his own errors.

*Doesn’t everyone defend his or her beliefs?

It is most difficult to free him by ordinary means, only because he is more stable in his denial of truth.

*Alright. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt that I could have understood the Course incorrectly prior to this. Holy Spirit, please help me understand which side of the coin I am on. Creative or compromising. In Christ’s name, amen.

*Sometimes you just have to ask outright and then let go and wait for the answer. The book I am putting together at this time will reflect what I understand at this time.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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