This is me trying to understand what it is all about using my understanding of A Course in Miracles.

Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash

1. You may be able to see their role in the Universal Plan but please understand not all things will be “fixed” during this time.

I guess I am still struggling with this one. Everybody has their own time and way to come back into the truth that God IS.

Jesus says that we each will eventually get our fill of suffering and turn back to God.

For those who are hearing that call it may be very challenging that everything cannot just be organized and set right once we are finally willing to accept that God has the only power that there could ever be.

Sometimes disorder must come before the calm.

I find myself thinking that it is my place to teach others, especially my adult children or grandchildren but I have discovered that it is the Holy Spirit that does the teaching that matters in this world, and that the Holy Spirit has to be invited by the individual.

Then there are times that I do not correct a situation because they are old enough to know when something is inappropriate and I get looked at like I am a lousy mother, as if they would listen to me anyway. Chuckle, it is important to remember that God is there Source of strength even when they think it is supposed to be you.

There is nothing I can do to bring another person to the place where they are willing to receive God and His Guidance.

His Guidance is what I have lived by all of my life and when my adult children come to me that is what I share. Sadly, they just think that is a copout and do not come to me anymore. Or they fake it and I get the blame for some decision that I had no part in.

These are some of the things that I “think” I see in my experience.

It is not for me to fix things. It is for me to accept forgiveness, offer forgiveness, and to know that God IS.

There is peace in this and in remembering that we are all as God created us and not what we made of ourselves as Jesus teaches in A Course in Miracles.

Any other idea of what we are is of the ego and mistaken.

I suspect that it can be helpful to write down the things that are stressful or that we would like to fix and steam about them a day or two and let it blow away.

That is what I did, anyway. And a good part of why this Reading is a bit later than usual.

It can be easy for the illusion or chaos to be taken as real, or at least bothersome, even when we know otherwise, and it can be important to bring a break to the routine and find another way to engage in the world.

I plan on taking my own advice. haha

One thing I know for sure is that I would like to be seen as my own person and not as someone’s sister, daughter, or mother. Not even as someone’s wife to tell you the truth. Though I know well, the draw and sense of security that comes with that role.

But this only allows others to place me in a category and label me. And it is unfair and purely a false identity before God (who is the only one who truly matters) who sees me as an individual and the Whole Son of God at the same time.

God does not see me as “belonging” to anyone else because He knows that I “belong” to Him, period.

I am my own self and my relationship with God distinguishes and secures that Reality.

2. In the Atonement, we see others as Christ or Creation and understand that we are each supported in our “Being” by God Himself.

Embracing the Forgiveness of the Atonement taught by Jesus in A Course in Miracles allows us not to get caught up in what people think they know. And assures us that God will open their eyes when they are ready to acknowledge Him.

This is why RESPECT is to be given to all.

By doing this we acknowledge God in our own lives.

God created us as His Son. It is this that gives us value.

This extends to all of creation, including the earth, all of its inhabitants, and beyond.

We are living multiple stories wearing different hats throughout this lifetime. There is:

The one the ego thinks he got away with.

The one that is told in our various cults and cultures that we participate in.

The one that society has given us.

The one tradition has given us.

The one that our “caste” has given us. (And this system is in ALL cultures, whether it be known by this name or not.)

The one that our ancestors have left us through habits; physical, psychological, and all other forms of being.

Each of these layers MUST be and WILL be removed according to the timing of OUR willingness to see them and let them be acknowledged as untrue with the help of the “Wholly” Spirit.

3. Forgive the original error, which is the thought by Christ that He had separated from God.

This is where we begin.

It must be a Universal Forgiveness of all that you believe that you understand, or you will be “chasing the tail of the ego” around in circles.

Having gratitude and respect for all is one way that we accept that we too have been forgiven.

4. Like a little child, you will be able to make mistakes or take a fall, but you have a friend in Jesus who will help where he can. His goal is to have you stand on your own two feet and be able to kneel at the altar of God WITH him.

Understand that Jesus is there for each of us as an elder brother and still must be included in the Universal Forgiveness of the Atonement that each of us will be required to accept since this is the undoing of the belief in separation from God.

In the Urtext Jesus says that he was tempted to believe he was a body. I suspect that one of his gifts is that he literally remembers being one with all of us in God in the first place. No one else has that literal remembrance.

Granted I may still be weaning off of the false teaching of A Course in Miracles that has been taught around the world for 45 years which did not place Jesus in any kind of place of respect which the Urtext clearly does.

And not all of the Mind of Christ got caught in the addiction of separation from God. I still suspect he may have been the first to think of separation and acknowledged the Atonement immediately while others got trapped in the idea of being their own creator and did not accept the Atonement immediately as he did.

I will be studying nothing beside the Urtext from here forward. It makes me a bit frustrated, but it will not stop me from sharing my understanding of the Course material. I have no doubt that it will change as my understanding increases. As always, YOU are responsible for what you choose to believe. Please do so responsibly and with real intent.

I do know that Jesus is devoted to us because he is devoted to his own existence in God. And that this is how we want to be as well because returns to God Whole and until that is accomplished, we walk in faith and trust.

Christ (not Jesus alone but all of us with Jesus and all of creation) is perfect and without sin but not without the capacity to make a mistake. It is Christ in whom MANY have expression, unitedly seen as one Whole, the Son of God.

All of that which we believe has happened to our ancestors and ourselves, including past lives, and connections with the stars must be forgiven.

What that really looks like once healing is complete, I cannot say that I know because God did not create His Son to be controlled or constricted but to be creative, even as God is, and that eternally.

Time is a temporary tool given to humanity for the purpose of undoing the error of belief in separation from God. And it lasts primarily to undo the guilt for the past and fear of the future brought about by the ego. The forgiveness of the Atonement releases all of this and gives the Wholly Spirit the opportunity, with our permission, to lead us out of our confusion.

I want to let go of judgment even within my “story” and let God touch His Children’s hearts through the Wholly Spirit whenever and however they are ready to receive it.

According to Jesus in A Course in Miracles, spirit (or Souls) are what we are and they are one with God so Wholly Spirit just makes sense to me. It renders a meaning that embraces both the Son and the Father.

I suspect I will continue using this spelling because Holy suggests something different than what we are and has a sense of division and separation that I do not want to partake in.

I am learning right along with you and how I do that is by sharing what I understand today. Thanks for listening.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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