I cannot share it from anyone else’s point of view. This is my witness today. In sharing my understanding I am opening space to be taught by the Holy Spirit.

These lessons are meant to be done one per day to release the attachment to the world (an attitude that will not allow God’s Presence).

However, I suspect that they were compromised by over-editing because they were not understood and the scribes did not feel strong enough to maintain the integrity of what had been written.

I am in NO WAY proposing a re-write of the Workbook or the Course because it is the Holy Spirit that does the teaching and there are layers to that teaching.

It is only fair to say that I believe Jesus of Nazareth to be the primary author of the message that was given to Helen Shucman in A Course in Miracles.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you in these readings, please.

Maybe my view of ACIM is inverted like my photo. lol But it is what I have to share.

My Thoughts* on ACIM Workbook Lesson 1.

The Course is in two parts. The first is to break down the thought system that you have applied in the world. The second is to show you that you have assistance to move into a better one.

Part I
Lesson 1
Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything.

1. Now look slowly around you, and practice applying this idea very specifically to whatever you see:
²This table does not mean anything.
³This chair does not mean anything.
⁴This hand does not mean anything.
⁵This foot does not mean anything.
⁶This pen does not mean anything.

2. Then look farther away from your immediate area, and apply the idea to a wider range:
²That door does not mean anything.
³That body does not mean anything.
⁴That lamp does not mean anything.
⁵That sign does not mean anything.
⁶That shadow does not mean anything.

3. Notice that these statements are not arranged in any order, and make no allowance for differences in the kinds of things to which they are applied. ²That is the purpose of the exercise. ³The statement should merely be applied to anything you see. ⁴As you practice the idea for the day, use it totally indiscriminately. ⁵Do not attempt to apply it to everything you see, for these exercises should not become ritualistic. ⁶Only be sure that nothing you see is specifically excluded. ⁷One thing is like another as far as the application of the idea is concerned.

4. Each of the first three lessons should not be done more than twice a day each, preferably morning and evening. ²Nor should they be attempted for more than a minute or so, unless that entails a sense of hurry. ³A comfortable sense of leisure is essential.

* As this lesson has settled into my mind these nearly 10 years in the Course and three years in the Atonement with which I forgave the original error of Christ that separation from God was possible I find myself in a world where I see myself as a spectator rather than a participant.

* Be that as it may I do have an understanding that this work that I do in the Course is going to be the focus of the rest of my existence in this form.

* So, regards this lesson you will need to be willing to let go of what you believe you understand about existence. Not because you or they are not real but because the foundation of thought upon which the world we presently see was mentally wrapped around the idea that God’s Will and the Son’s Will are two different things or that there is separation from the Father in any way shape or form.

* This shift happens even while what you do experience in the world becomes exquisitely focused and very real and special to you because this is a world that is meant to be filled with delight and enjoyment. I am talking about celebrating life. You might talk to trees or animals and not be able to communicate with people.

* You will see and hear interactions with people that will rip you apart UNLESS you understand that all these things need to happen but THEY HAVE NO BEARING ON WHO YOU ARE or the FACT that CHRIST is ALIVE HERE AND NOW ALL AROUND US.

* Our children need to be taught this at an early age. That their reality and existence is dependent solely on what is INSIDE of them and not what is OUTSIDE.

* This will be a very rough time for people unless they tap into what is inside of them because unlike days past they are aware that things SHOULD NOT be as they are. Things are not being hidden away.

*We want to assure them that we are in a great shift in which we are all changing and they are part of the light. They want to shine that Light by listening well to the voice within and NOT the voices outside of themselves that seek to crush them.

* People are going through unnecessary suffering and I choose to stand up and say this does not need to happen IF we will accept where we are in our evolution and understand what we are dealing with. This is only the beginning.

Please understand that the Workbook is meant to be done one a day for 365 days. The goal is to have you walking with the Holy Spirit and extending God’s Love into a world that His Son thought He had forsaken.
Till next time, God bless, debi.

Lesson 2
I have given everything I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] all the meaning that it has for me.
1. The exercises with this idea are the same as those for the first one. ²Begin with the things that are near you, and apply the idea to whatever your glance rests on. ³Then increase the range outward. ⁴Turn your head so that you include whatever is on either side. ⁵If possible, turn around and apply the idea to what was behind you. ⁶Remain as indiscriminate as possible in selecting subjects for its application, do not concentrate on anything in particular, and do not attempt to include everything you see in a given area, or you will introduce strain.
2. Merely glance easily and fairly quickly around you, trying to avoid selection by size, brightness, color, material, or relative importance to you. ²Take the subjects simply as you see them. ³Try to apply the exercise with equal ease to a body or a button, a fly or a floor, an arm or an apple. ⁴The sole criterion for applying the idea to anything is merely that your eyes have lighted on it. ⁵Make no attempt to include anything particular, but be sure that nothing is specifically excluded.
* I have given everything meaning through my confused belief that God and His Son (me) are separate.
* And this happens to go back for generations and out to each and every one of us in the world at this time. It is a united scrambled thought system and EACH of us has our part in it restoring sanity.
Till next time, God bless, debi.

Lesson 3

I do not understand anything I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place].

1. Apply this idea in the same way as the previous ones, without making distinctions of any kind. ²Whatever you see becomes a proper subject for applying the idea. ³Be sure that you do not question the suitability of anything for application of the idea. ⁴These are not exercises in judgment. ⁵Anything is suitable if you see it. ⁶Some of the things you see may have emotionally charged meaning for you. ⁷Try to lay such feelings aside, and merely use these things exactly as you would anything else.

2. The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them. ²It is therefore essential that you keep a perfectly open mind, unhampered by judgment, in selecting the things to which the idea for the day is to be applied. ³For this purpose one thing is like another; equally suitable and therefore equally useful.

* “2. The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them.”

* Now, if you think that this Course is about taking you into lala land without needing and weed or mushrooms you are reading the wrong post. This Course is meant to tell you that you are in the Matrix and you have within you the keys to getting out of it AND they happen to be in YOUR mind.

* But first you have to be able to take the pill that opens your eyes and allows you to see that something definitely is not right here and there is nothing here that is going to fix it.

* If you are looking for me to soft-coat this you are looking at the wrong person. That is not my calling.
* Others need to take what I say and translate it for the masses IF it makes sense to you.

* We are going to ride a wild pony this year as I dive deep into the Urtext, the lives of the scribes, and my own sordid journey.

* I think it is Harry and Meghan’s Live and Lead that has me extra pumped at the moment. I used to buy the idea that you could get a voice and change the world but all that you do is change the world-appearance at best and give the Evil Ego time to put on another costume that ensures that humanity will stay away from knowing itself, its Creator and each other.

* I no longer believe in the concept of gathering either. I choose to believe in God and in One Mind, or Consciousness, of Christ and that all of Creation is a part of that.

* I hope that by clearing out the cobwebs in my mind I might ignite an idea in another’s mind that wants to join me. If I am wrong I take responsibility for that as I expect you to take responsibility for yourself.

* I do not understand anything in this world but I do know the one Holy Spirit who does.

Lesson 4

These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place].

1. Unlike the preceding ones, these exercises do not begin with the idea for the day. ²In these practice periods, begin with noting the thoughts that are crossing your mind for about a minute. ³Then apply the idea to them. ⁴If you are already aware of unhappy thoughts, use them as subjects for the idea. ⁵Do not, however, select only the thoughts you think are “bad.” ⁶You will find, if you train yourself to look at your thoughts, that they represent such a mixture that, in a sense, none of them can be called “good” or “bad.” ⁷This is why they do not mean anything.

2. In selecting the subjects for the application of today’s idea, the usual specificity is required. ²Do not be afraid to use “good” thoughts as well as “bad.” ³None of them represents your real thoughts, which are being covered up by them. ⁴The “good” ones are but shadows of what lies beyond, and shadows make sight difficult. ⁵The “bad” ones are blocks to sight, and make seeing impossible. ⁶You do not want either.

3. This is a major exercise, and will be repeated from time to time in somewhat different form. ²The aim here is to train you in the first steps toward the goal of separating the meaningless from the meaningful. ³It is a first attempt in the long-range purpose of learning to see the meaningless as outside you, and the meaningful within. ⁴It is also the beginning of training your mind to recognize what is the same and what is different.

4. In using your thoughts for application of the idea for today, identify each thought by the central figure or event it contains; for example:

²This thought about _________ does not mean anything.
³It is like the things I see in this room [on this street, and so on].

5. You can also use the idea for a particular thought that you recognize as harmful. ²This practice is useful, but is not a substitute for the more random procedures to be followed for the exercises. ³Do not, however, examine your mind for more than a minute or so. ⁴You are too inexperienced as yet to avoid a tendency to become pointlessly preoccupied.

6. Further, since these exercises are the first of their kind, you may find the suspension of judgment in connection with thoughts particularly difficult. ²Do not repeat these exercises more than three or four times during the day. ³We will return to them later.

* “3. This is a major exercise, and will be repeated from time to time in somewhat different form.” I think it is important to realize the importance of this lesson. “ … the first steps toward the goal of separating the meaningless from the meaningful.”

* “³It is a first attempt in the long-range purpose of learning to see the meaningless as outside you, and the meaningful within.” This is HUGE. Humanity MUST be willing to live from the inside out because otherwise, we are IGNORING our very essence and manufacturing suffering that does not need to exist.

* It took Jesus and us a long time to understand this fully, in my understanding of the Course. We took millions of years to get to this state. Once we got to a dense enough level to manifest physicality it has still taken thousands (or maybe millions) of years to attempt every sort of reasoning with those outside. The Atonement is an inner awareness that unites us with the Holy Spirit, Who leads us to God, the Father, who connects us to All That Is. All of this is met in the Holy Instant when we know Who We truly ARE.

* “⁴It is also the beginning of training your mind to recognize what is the same and what is different.” Only that which does not change can be the same and the only thing that this could be is God, Himself. God is in everything regardless of form otherwise it is not real.

* Please understand that this year I have been prompted to share my testimony holding nothing back. Is it for this generation or another yet to come? Is it purely for me alone to prepare my soul for a different assignment in a different form (reincarnation)? I do not know. I know only that I must give my all. I mean no offense to anyone. I only seek to manifest what I believe is God’s Will.

Lesson 5

I am never upset for the reason I think.

1. This idea, like the preceding one, can be used with any person, situation or event you think is causing you pain. ²Apply it specifically to whatever you believe is the cause of your upset, using the description of the feeling in whatever term seems accurate to you. ³The upset may seem to be fear, worry, depression, anxiety, anger, hatred, jealousy or any number of forms, all of which will be perceived as different. ⁴This is not true. ⁵However, until you learn that form does not matter, each form becomes a proper subject for the exercises for the day. ⁶Applying the same idea to each of them separately is the first step in ultimately recognizing they are all the same.

2. When using the idea for today for a specific perceived cause of an upset in any form, use both the name of the form in which you see the upset, and the cause which you ascribe to it. ²For example:

³I am not angry at _________ for the reason I think.
⁴I am not afraid of _________ for the reason I think.

3. But again, this should not be substituted for practice periods in which you first search your mind for “sources” of upset in which you believe, and forms of upset which you think result.

4. In these exercises, more than in the preceding ones, you may find it hard to be indiscriminate, and to avoid giving greater weight to some subjects than to others. ²It might help to precede the exercises with the statement:

³There are no small upsets. ⁴They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.

5. Then examine your mind for whatever is distressing you, regardless of how much or how little you think it is doing so.

6. You may also find yourself less willing to apply today’s idea to some perceived sources of upset than to others. ²If this occurs, think first of this:

³I cannot keep this form of upset and let the others go. ⁴For the purposes of these exercises, then, I will regard them all as the same.

7. Then search your mind for no more than a minute or so, and try to identify a number of different forms of upset that are disturbing you, regardless of the relative importance you may give them. ²Apply the idea for today to each of them, using the name of both the source of the upset as you perceive it, and of the feeling as you experience it. ³Further examples are:

I am not worried about _________ for the reason I think.
⁵I am not depressed about _________ for the reason I think.

⁶Three or four times during the day is enough.

* There is a reason we are worried about something or depressed about something but it has nothing to do with the reason that I think it does.
* Why not? Because the only thing off in the world is the belief in separation from God.
* So the correction of this belief is where Jesus is taking us with the Atonement.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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