Universal Reading 25 December 2022 Christ Is Here and You ARE a Part of Him That Will Help With His Healing

Love one another and love yourself. Forgiveness is key.

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

1. You are significant to this shift. Great faith is required to understand that you must “appear to give up” your life to the Holy Spirit before you will truly gain it.

This is something that you have the capacity to embrace.

The idea of life that you now engage in is of the ego and based on principles of separation.

The Holy Spirit knows who you truly are and will lead you to that awareness.

We each must go through this experience but some will pass out of this life before that happens. No worries. It is a part of the Universal Plan.

I have chosen to be a voice of interpretation of the teachings of Jesus, especially regarding what will be required to bring about the shift that takes the Son out of the continual cycle of physical birth, suffering, and death that the belief in separation from God has given us.

If enough of us accept the challenge and will do this by facing the illusion of FEAR that comes with this process we can bring the reign of suffering to a significantly rapid demise.

There are people that have that kind of faith and whether you are in the body or disembodied* I feel that your willingness to even consider this possibility you are a significant part of this shift that we ARE capable of once we are willing to deny that there is ANYTHING about God from which we ought to be afraid.

  • * I am one who feels that within the Collective Consciousness we are able to interact in a sort of telepathic way with All That Is and I am not afraid to speak in this manner because I do not know to whom this writing is meant to reach. I only know that I am supposed to do it.
  • * I will say that there is something that is greater than a sense of urgency within me at this time. It is more like a push to speak boldly and without softening what I feel inspired to say.

2. Everything is happening NOW. There is no true past and future.

This is why accepting the Atonement NOW and Being in God’s Presence once more allows us to free ourselves from generations of shame and guilt.

Everything can be corrected!

It already has been corrected. The Awakening is our realizing this actually could never have occurred because God IS GOD and His Will is all there is.

Atonement goes beyond repentance to undoing the original error which was belief in the possibility of the Son of God being separated from God, the Father.

This is why the healing comes to pass.

However, until all accept the Atonement we will need to stand in the faithful witness of this from within that the Holy Spirit gives us and learn to separate ourselves from the stories that are going on all around us.

3. Offer compassion and gratitude to self and others.

For those who shun you for the moment hold your boundaries and understand that this protects them and you.

As we walk in the Atonement our relationships will change because we will be relying on God’s Will through the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and not on the input of other people’s opinions or traditions.

We will have peace from the Holy Spirit that circumstances in the world cannot touch and the happiness of forgiveness and joy from the knowledge that the Son is innocent. Even though we may see things about us in our peers and family members that sadden us as their costumes become more evident to us.

These costumes can manifest in many ways. Jealousy, conflict, greed, meanness, apathy, and so on.

Do not let these things overwhelm you.

Trust what you know is the truth inside of you and over time or eventually (and remember it may not be resolved in this lifetime) the healing will be accepted by all.

Remember that while bodies cannot join ALL minds WILL eventually because we truly ARE only ONE Mind as Christ along with all of creation.

4. Having joy in the moment allows you to alter the experience of the entire Christ Consciousness.

That is a lot of power!

Even if you cannot FEEL the joy at the moment because some sort of emotion needs to process through you, REMEMBER the forgiveness that you have offered up to the Whole Consciousness of Christ. It was for ALL the results of the belief in separation which would explain any “crisis” you may feel weighed down by in the moment and allow you NOT to be trapped by it.

DO NOT accept the temptation to feel that you have no influence or purpose because that is TOTALLY BOGUS and incorrect.

Even for those who have not been drawn to accept the Atonement in this lifetime serve the greater good. It is all covered within the Universal Plan of Salvation. Who you are (whether that is positive or negative in your eyes) is meant to help another on their way to the truth about who they are which leads them back home to God and Christ/Self.

These are things that I am experiencing as well and I am experiencing them so that I will be able to share these things with you and help you have the courage that will be required of those who get this incredible ball of true faith in God rolling.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

Till next time, God bless, amen.

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