Universal Reading 15 December 2022 Do NOT Be Afraid of What Is Coming But DO be AWARE

We have been given a road map and a guide into the evolution of consciousness.

When we will take it is up to each one of us individually.

Everyone will eventually partake in this! ❤ The Holy Spirit will gently take us through it IF we will allow Him to.

Photo by Fiona Art on Pexels.com

1. Understand Time.

Time, like space, food, money, and sex are constructs developed by the Son to play out His separation from the Father and project a false self-sufficiency.

Talk about diving into the deep end!

Utilized by the Father through the Holy Spirit these individually and unitedly become a metaphor for the relationship between the Father and the Son that shows what the Father offers the Son in a purified form as the Joy of His (God’s) existence.

I see this as Eternal NOW (time), fluidity (space), synergistic existence (food), creative use of all that is (money), and eternal extension (reproduction). Which would be the inheritance of the Son of God whose Father has given Him all that He is.

Time, space, food, money, reproduction/sex are each constructs set in motion as replacements for God’s Reality.

Heaven on earth will be revealed as we allow this true error to be seen.

NOT to be JUDGED, LABELED, MISUSED, or however JUSTIFIED but to be seen for the error that it was so that the Holy Spirit has a chance to show us what God, the Father intended His Son to have access to.

And NO, I am not saying that the whole of life as we know it has to be stopped right now!

I am saying that the time has come for us to accept that God did not intend for His Son to have lack or to suffer and that we, as His Son, are the ones who have chosen suffering as a component of our existence.

Jesus has shown us the way to undo this error by acceptance of the complete forgiveness of the Son of God for belief that He and God could be separated in their goals or intentions in any way, shape, or form.

2. Illness of mind and body afflict us when we accept separation from God as a REALITY.

These are ways the Son has of punishing Himself. God sees no SIN only ERROR that He has made allowance for through the Atonement and undoing of the belief that the Father would be separated from the Son.

Today we hear of mind games that rob us of our authority to KNOW GOD. Gaslighting and narcissism, years ago it was called brainwashing.

I need not describe the many ways the body presents itself as ill and diseased.

Please understand that this is not how God, the Father meant for His Son to experience existence.

Do not take this to mean that we can or should judge one another, or ourselves if we are ill.

Judgment needs to be given to the Holy Spirit who knows that we are all a part of the Christ; innocent and the Holy Spirit’s guidance will lead us to our truth as the Son of God whole, complete, and innocent once more with PERFECT TIMING. We really want to allow ourselves to trust this.

3. Each of us has a unique way of sharing the truth.

That does not mean it is a different truth.

It means that there are many ways it can be expressed.

And each is valid and vital, important to the whole understanding of the whole Sonship of Christ.

There can only be one truth.

While there are endless ways of expressing truth.

God IS is the Universal Truth that needs to be recognized because without it all less lies in chaos and in ruins.

God is bigger than any single form and so is His Son for that matter.

Without the Creator being identified as a UNIVERSAL CREATOR of ALL THAT IS there is no HOPE or PLACE for FREEDOM which is an intrinsic part of being a fractal or component of the Son of God.

4. You can use the things that you are learning to give different perspectives on old issues.

Let your world change with the new understanding that you have been given.

As your view of the world adjusts others will be lifted along with you.

Do not be afraid of change.

Only RECOGNIZE that the change that is most vitally IMPORTANT is what is going on inside of your mind; the thoughts you think establish what will be.

Think of how you desire to FEEL rather than the form that it embodies.

Safety, sovereignty, joy, peace, and participation in something larger than yourself (or your body), these are things that you want to go after.

Do not start with the form of your desire first, but let the feeling that you desire be embodied and recognized.

This will open the floodgates of Heaven and allow the shift that we are waiting for.

We are moving in the right direction, I can feel it! ❤

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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