Universal Reading 2 January 2023 Because God IS Where We Are Is Not Real, Jesus Can Help IF We Let Him

A major thing that we want to do is forgive Jesus.

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Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

1. We cannot separate ourselves from one another by physical distance or by blocking each other online. Separation is impossible.

It only SEEMS that way and this feeds the fear-charged ego that says “I am alone, abandoned, and lost” or that these things that suggest separation are even possible.

This is the opposite of “I AM” which I suggest embraces the idea that “I am one with all that is” and “I am one with God.”

This is a critical CORE understanding that humanity needs to step into as we move forward in evolution.

The glue that binds us all as the “I am” is God, our creator, and provider of all that we are and need.

God is what gives us our voice and authority to speak for Him.

Healthy boundaries are required to sustain your relationship with the Holy Spirit and your true self while we “still associate our existence in the world of form” rather than in the mind of God.

Disrespected boundaries will harm both parties “in a true sense” only by causing a delay of the eternal life of creation that you are meant to be living NOW.

This should make it easy to place all errors into the basket of forgiveness and allow the Holy Spirit, Universal Plan, and Jesus to take care of the details of healing.

Our core responsibility then is to forgive and recognize God and His Son in all that is.

2. God IS.

Because God IS and we know that we have eternal life, we can look to His assistance instead of outside ourselves. We truly can become as little children.

This is important because if we do not accept God we do not accept our own existence.

I am not speaking about the punishing and vengeful God of the Bible but the One that is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere), and omnipotent (all-powerful).

If God is all of those things then there can be NOTHING outside of Him that is REAL.

He is unlike the gods of Egypt, which are only about 100 times greater than a human.

God is EVERYWHERE, not only here and there.

God is all-powerful not only just enough.

And all-knowing not just in a certain field of study.

Why can He not guide each of us in harmony with one another?

3. Jesus was the first to receive the Atonement.

Does it not stand to reason that this is so because he was the first to have the idea of separation?

This is not written anywhere that I have seen except by me. But doesn’t it make sense?

The Atonement (the undoing of error) was in place before it was needed.

Jesus, as the first to receive it, also had to be the first to need it. Therefore a lot of what we need to overcome currently came from him. So forgive him already!

When you feel tempted to get upset because Jesus is such a big deal please consider what I am presenting here and see if it does not make sense that it is crucial that each of us needs to forgive Jesus.

Maybe it would be better said we each need to forgive because he would have been the first one to imagine an existence that was outside of God’s Reign and it was his thoughts that have primarily been responsible for the history that we have found ourselves experiencing and trapped in.

Ouch! Is the world ready to hear this?

Jesus is perfect (as are we) but this does not mean he has not made mistakes in the “place of illusion” that we all find ourselves in, just like we do.

As our elder brother, he does the best he can to lead the way for us.

His opportunity for growth was to lead us out of the illusion he had seen and into the Atonement. We see some of his actions and results, yet just like for the rest of us, what we see is the “media coverage” and not what is really going on.

Let’s be sure to include Jesus in the forgiveness of the Atonement that we recognize and do not make him greater than ourselves.

At the same time, he is deserving of our attention and affection because of the devotion he has had toward us and our safe return to God, Our Father.

4. Depression

It is one of the three forms of temptation. Power-hunger and addiction are the other two from my study of the three temptations of Jesus after the fast of 40 days and nights in the New Testament.

I suggest that it is important to be aware of these and that they would literally consume the individual if God was not Who He is.

Understand that depression is a part of the illusion of separation from God and forgive it in yourself and others.

Then follow the Holy Spirit and your gut in how to self-medicate if that is what you must do.

Exercise, nature, hobbies, and breath work all can be aids. They each can become an addiction also that gets in the way of the rest of your life so you want to be aware of this.


We know a lot of people who are in this place and I suggest that we have all been there to various degrees because of the place we have found ourselves in, regardless if it is of our own making or not.

I know that writing has done much to help me with releasing so many things. It is very therapeutic. I cannot say it would be for everyone but I know it has been for me.

I will tell you this from my own experience. You can have many different types and degrees of depression and still have the peace that the witness that God IS can bring.

It may be locked away in that childhood place where faith and hope reside but it is there within us. Do not talk yourself out of it when you find it.

Fan it with meditation and visualization. Embrace it as you are given the inspiration to do so by the Holy Spirit.

And please understand that PEACE is your inheritance as a Child of God.

“Because God IS Where We Are Is Not Real, Jesus Can Help IF We Let Him” is the title I gave this Reading.

Let’s take him off the pedestal or off the cross and see him as our elder brother who has found his way back Home and is calling us to join him.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

  • This is a Universal Reading I have been doing for over three years from the points in a book I wrote in 2019. To edit the book and put what I have learned would be like stopping a stream.
  • The Holy Spirit has enhanced my understanding of the things I wrote then and it is from this premise that I share them with you.
  • My objective is to open our minds to the possibility that what Jesus has been trying to share with us may not be so difficult after all.

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