Universal Reading for Christ Consciousness 5 December 2022 Atonement Corrects the Original Error

Separation from God is an impossibility as is sin.

There is a Universal Plan in the works and we are all willing participants in it.
We have a renegade few who got stuck in the addiction, power-hunger, and depression that separation from God subjected us to.
We have been given the key to turn this around. Now is the time to understand the Atonement psychology and allow its healing to pour out on humanity.

Photo by Gabriel Meinert on Unsplash

1. The first and ONLY mistake was when a tiny part of the Mind of Christ believed that He had separated from God.

Jesus received the Atonement instantaneously BUT some of us got caught in the magnetic addiction of guilt, fear, and suffering.

It was the only mistake because God didn’t provide for anything but an instant of confusion.

The fact that we have worlds, galaxies, and dimensions, not to mention all the confusion on this planet, might give someone a glimpse at the magnitude of the power of thought within the Son of God.

The point I am trying to make is that we tend to think that forgiveness involves different people and situations but it truly only applies to the original confusion of belief in the possibility of separation from God.

Surely, we can forgive Christ this error at the moment of His conception?!!! All it takes is letting go of all that you thought the world was and choosing to believe in God more than yourself for only a moment.

That may be simplistic but the correction that we need to make in our thinking IS that simple.

It helps to remember that we are acting out a story that is for the benefit of the few that are trapped in the seduction of the impossibility of being separated from God.

They think that the intense suffering they put themselves through is justified because somehow they feel free and outside of God’s “influence”.

They will eventually have their fill of suffering and look to the Father of creation and understand like the Prodigal Son that all the Father has is theirs for the asking if they will return to God’s embrace.

2. There is a Universal Plan and a Plan of Atonement which each of us will and do travel.

You cannot be forced.

This means that willingness to receive the Love that God offers and that you literally are is required.

This is the literal acceptance of your existence. And we each must partake in it in this way.

There are many paths that lead us to this understanding but this is the universal experience that must take place.

It is simply the forgiveness of the original error of belief in the possibility of separation from God.

With that one has accepted the reality of God and the innocence and purity of His Son as His Father created Him.

One also gains constant assistance from the Holy Spirit to have guidance in their daily path.

Jesus becomes a friend as well and teaches you that you can perform miracles even greater than the ones that he did because they will be eternal under his direction.

It is truly an exciting place to be!

3. I had written, “In other words, it is right to desire to know how another is.” Today I understand that how they are currently is their “story” and it is my witness of their truth that knows they are perfect as God created them that I most desire to bring to them.

That witness comes to them as I live my life with healthy boundaries. No longer seeking to fix their situations and trusting that they have the same guidance and opportunity that I have had to accept the Atonement.

This is not the same as “thinking of someone as dead and no longer a part of your life.”

In fact, while you may need to put space between you it draws you closer and within you, there is a witness that we are not separate from one another any more than we are separate from God.

4. Like any child, we are free to make mistakes as we rest in God’s Grace.

The Atonement undoes the error of belief in sin.

It would have to be possible for us to be separate from God for sin to be possible.

This is where the sense or idea of oneness brings awareness.

IF we could be separated from God there would be the possibility of sin but this is impossible.

Our oneness with God, the Father gives us comfort through so many challenges that seem to separate us. NOTE that the idea of God as a Father points to the confusion and struggle that can be family in the world of separation. It is NOT a casual thing that Jesus has taught us about our reality by using the relationship of Father and Son.

It speaks to the heart of each of us and calls to a longing and a truth that we have not, in fact, truly forgotten.

Let each of us say, “Let me be the beginning of the healing of the Son of God.” And take our part in the Atonement beside Jesus and one another so that we may experience all that is our birthright.

To God be all glory, for Christ’s sake. amen.

Till next time, God bless, amen.

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