Each of us will eventually recognize our responsibilities to the Whole of Creation.

Every grain of sand has its purpose in the grand scheme of things, and so do you.

1. Power

Love is the ONLY source of TRUE power in the world and in A Course In Miracles Jesus tells us that FORGIVENESS of the belief in separation is the way we express Love here.

Now, there is power hunger and power addiction, which I have suggested are found in the Biblical story of the temptations that Jesus of Nazareth faced after a 40-day fast.

As revealed to me by the Spirit, they are Addiction, Power Hunger, and Depression which interestingly play out in our lives (stories) every day in some form or another. I am suggesting that all temptation falls into these three categories which, for me, simplifies my awareness.

Power hunger is different from power addiction because the addiction insists that ALL be under its dictation or it is simply removed while power hunger may choose one individual, area, or ideology to rule over.

We have seen this in conquerors who annihilate those who oppose them while we do not typically acknowledge the power addiction of those in our everyday lives.

Today, we do hear about narcissists (and I am not qualified to speak for what they are exactly) I do know that power addiction will have you “under” them, whether you understand it or not, or they will get rid of you and treat you as if you matter little if at all in their existence.

This may be the case, even while in your heart you know they need you desperately and are pleading for your assistance; as I understood with my daughter who I was not able to help in the ways I would have liked to because she would not let me in. Her fear wall was so developed that it separated us.

Fear is the opposite of love and one cancels out the other. The glue that we need to connect us is God’s Love and God is the only source of real love. This is why an awareness of God in our spiritual walk is not something that I compromise on though you may give Him whatever name or gender you feel comfortable with.

I also see this, some 40-plus years later, as a significant role that my daughter took in my life SO THAT I would be FORCED to reach out to Jesus for assistance like I would not otherwise have needed to do. I sincerely believe that this was preordained and agreed upon by both of us prior to entering the physical world. Because of this, I have deep gratitude for her and others who have “seemed to” oppress me in any way at all.

If you have had someone, a boss, or a family member, get everyone on their side, and have you not heard or “seen” you know what I mean.

We are becoming stronger internally and meditation has taught us to NOT get attached to the story our life is presenting before us.

Awareness is the core of meditation according to an expert I watched on YouTube the other day who was visiting Stanford College I believe. My apologies that I do not have his name.

Awareness without attachment, he said, comes by welcoming what you are feeling as if it were a friend. I suggest that this means WITHOUT JUDGMENT. He was speaking of panic attacks during his childhood and he asked his father to teach him meditation in the hopes it would help.

Anything that disturbs us or delights us could be included in this idea of awareness which I personally translated to being the OBSERVER in my short years of dedicated meditation practice. (I will say that I feel that I walk in meditation 24/7 as I walk in the awareness of God in all things. It really is an incredible experience!)

This does not mean that we do not engage with life significantly.

Rather, this way we are able to witness what is going on instead of excusing or justifying things and still be at peace and in a state of forgiveness which is demanded by the Atonement. In fact, we are able to experience everything more intently because we are truly Mindful and Present in what is presented to us.

I caution you to not get too carried away with this idea of Mindfulness and being Present because there is no separation and the awareness that you COULD have is beyond your capability of embracing while in the human form. Think of the autistic child who is bombarded with so many stimulating phenomena that he cannot communicate with those who are not privy to what he knows is within our sphere of experience.

Do not worry. There are many angels and guides that help us stay focused on the stimuli we agreed to in our pre-physical contracts. I suspect that those on the non-communicating side of autism have come to our awareness so that we may take a better look at what we “think” we want to call life.

Remember forgiveness of the original error of belief in separation from God and anything else, including self and all that resulted from that, is the basis of the Atonement.

It did not take much for my imagination to expand the analogy of awareness to be what Jesus has been asking us to do since the beginning of time and be aware of God in ALL THINGS for nothing exists without God and EVERYTHING exists within God.

What grabs our attention is like the clouds that give us weather which changes continually, as the master meditator on YouTube described. Weather changes as do circumstances in our earthly existence but the space that holds the weather does not change and it encompasses all ~ in our linear, physical understanding, at least.

Likewise, God is in all the space and time there is, and beyond and God does not change. God is forever benevolent and loving to His Son, which we are a part of, and it is this that we want to remember.

Forgiveness of the belief in separation from God IS our truest expression of love here and now as well as the source of our only true happiness according to Jesus in A Course In Miracles.

Hence, true forgiveness is the source of our true power and the place that we want to stand from which we might help the united consciousness to shift into a more fluid existence where suffering is NOT the norm.

2. The evolution of the psyche of humanity will demand that the thoughts of the masses be exposed.

Do not worry!
It is already in process and we are very much in agreement with it.

Take a look at the internet communications we voluntarily put out if you question this at all.

Privacy needs to be reviewed from the unique position of realizing that we ARE all connected and that what ONE does or THINKS affects us all.

It must be reviewed with respect and compassion as well as wisdom and a sincere desire for the benefit of the whole of humanity, and ultimately all of creation.

It is already being deleted.

Cancel culture is actually a part of this evolution. I am not saying that I agree with it, only that it is symbolic of what I am speaking of.

Nothing is hidden and it is all up for review, and reasonably, sometimes consequences.

What we would do well to understand is that it is happening, not to destroy, but to bear witness to our unity and reliance on one another and how what one does or thinks affects the Whole Consciousness.

Consider the issues brought on by mental illness that are much more prevalent than we give ourselves credit for. Jesus says in A Course In Miracles, according to my understanding of it, that we are all in such a state of confusion and mental illness that the very foundation of our existence here MUST be based on FORGIVENESS of the WHOLE THING for healing to take place.

We would do well as a race to recognize that we are all on the spectrum of mental illness simply by being in the world of form/physicality.

This is a result of the belief in separation from God and deserves to be taken seriously and addressed. It will not be done until we are willing to be real and bring our awareness to what is going on right in front of us in plain sight.

We want to look at mental illness not as belonging to one individual, family, or group but to the Whole Consciousness. It truly is the only way to resolve these issues.

Humanity will continue to evolve out of this. We have made great strides in just the past couple of years if the truth is told. The pandemic forced people worldwide to stop and consider what their beliefs are. This is a good start but it is only the beginning.

3. Teach others to know themselves by knowing yourself, and your relationship to them and to all that is.

We each have a particular role that we have accepted in the Universal Plan that restores the Mind of Christ fully to His Father.

To the degree that we are our authentic selves, we will be able to fulfill what we agreed to in this lifetime in healing the Son of God that is All That Is.

4. Give thanks to each other by showing courtesy and compassion.
This is His Story.
Christ’s Story of Separation from God is an illusion and the source of the pain and suffering in the world today.

• Please note that A Course In Miracle students would not agree with me IF they are wrapped up in the idea that Christ is separate from themselves which is actually how a lot of the wording of the Course reads.
• I do not support the idea that this was Jesus’ intent and suggest that it was written this way because the information needed to be put out there. This was the only way the scribes would be willing to since they could not see themselves as Christ.
• I am referring to the three who had something to do with the wording of the Course which would be Helen Schucman, William Thetford, and Kenneth Wapnick.

Karma is a 3D judgment of behaviors that are part of a dream and not reality. Do not hold onto its judgments.

A judgment with punishment as a result of belief in separation that is NOT real or possible, so the punishment is not realistic either.

Until we are willing to acknowledge “a greater being that gives us our right to liberty” humanity will seek to claim that place through tyranny as they have in the past.

We must stop it by rejecting or denying its validity one person at a time.

This is done through the once-and-for-all-time forgiveness of Christ for the belief in separation from God. Then we may rebuild society on a format based on accepting the idea that we are all mentally ill and forgiveness must be our foundational strategy.

That is not an excusing of justifiable wrongdoings but acknowledging we are all in error believing ourselves separated from God.

Healthy boundaries will be a critical component of such a society.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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